Kansas - Dust in the Wind (Official Video)

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Official music video for “Dust in the Wind” by Kansas
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Dust in the wind
All they are is dust in the wind
#Kansas #DustintheWind #Rock




7 лис 2009





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Black2 _blue
Black2 _blue 3 години тому
Hagrid has been busy.
Del Shoemaker
Del Shoemaker 9 годин тому
still thanks everything!
Savyo vw
Savyo vw 9 годин тому
Ed Gama canta muito
Jinae Park
Jinae Park 11 годин тому
elainebelyeu 11 годин тому
I just heard Tim Hawkins parody of this song & came to check it out. I had never heard it before. Wow. Tim is an amazing musician. Thanks for posting!
**Cristhian ツ**
**Cristhian ツ** 12 годин тому
i listened this song at my 5 years with my father, im 15 now, my dad is so far in another country and i find this song randomly today... i remember him in this moment :"")
Kendall’s Cookies
Kendall’s Cookies 23 години тому
this was my mothers favorite song before she died.
연육주 День тому
democracy for myanmar
Patricia Moran
Patricia Moran День тому
This is definitely one of the greatest , most beautiful , sentimental , supreme , touching and legendary songs EVER ! 😢😢😢 Simply an anthem for humanity 🙌 I LOVE IT TOO MUCH ....Speechless ! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Maria del Carmen Pérez Vicente
Que verdad más grande👌♥️
saggy nuts
saggy nuts День тому
They should have played this in infinity war when thanos snapped
Am Columbo
Am Columbo День тому
love love love
Cayne День тому
Final destination 5 😂
Victor Esquino
Victor Esquino День тому
Wilson gabriel Valencia Domínguez
Lindos recuerdos de juventud... ...A mis casi 50 años lo escucho con mi hijo y aunque en su época no entendía la letra ya comprendo que somos polvo en el viento, pareciera que la guitarra y el violín llorará. Me encanta!
Eric England
Eric England День тому
For you George Floyd. Go see your mamma.
Fikli Adam
Fikli Adam День тому
Ohhhh jadi ini asal muasal nama dri seorang zero logic 😂
Jeff Martin
Jeff Martin День тому
We are all on the same trip with the same final destination.
Alex Lyutsik
Alex Lyutsik День тому
Gods:-) like from DNIPRO:-)
Тимур Шерхан
Тимур Шерхан 2 дні тому
Fujin in MK11 says: "You are dust in the wind", easter egg? hmmm...
Fafá 2 дні тому
Gracias a los músicos por hacer nuestra vida mejor! Sé por experiencia propia que la vida puede ser muy difícil, pero cuando estás acompañado de buenas canciones se la pasa mejor y te ayuda a seguir adelante! Armé listas de reproducción en mi canal para diferentes momentos de la vida. Los invito a escucharlas y dejarme su opinión. Recién estoy empezando. Gracias! Thanks to all musicians for making life better! I know from my own experience that life can get tough, but if you listen to good songs you can get through it and keep going. Made some playlists for many moments in life. Come listen to them and leave me your opinion. I'm getting started. Thanks!
Half Trip
Half Trip 2 дні тому
I'm here because of how this was used in the 90's Highlander series. Very touching in the context of the show.
Rick Beal
Rick Beal 2 дні тому
Summer love Stevie b
Silvya Bonnici
Silvya Bonnici 2 дні тому
Amazing 😁
Tyler Creaser
Tyler Creaser 2 дні тому
You're My Boy Blue!
Shivam Sharma
Shivam Sharma 3 дні тому
Why no one is talking about final destination???
Kyaw Lin
Kyaw Lin 3 дні тому
Fab DuLacdeVassiviere
Fab DuLacdeVassiviere 3 дні тому
Michael Lawson
Michael Lawson 3 дні тому
Dust in the wind.................. but the spirit lives on .
Lipe S
Lipe S 3 дні тому
2021 alguém? ❣️ Música perfect
Del Shoemaker
Del Shoemaker 3 дні тому
Steve Walsh is a great singer!
Maria Mendoza
Maria Mendoza 3 дні тому
My favorite song in the whole wide world 🌎. Simple lyrics but amazing voices and stunning sound!
Kanan Tube
Kanan Tube 3 дні тому
Eh, good memories
gwoodworth1107 3 дні тому
amazing stupendous glad to be here in this moment. @rottenapples @gab
gwoodworth1107 3 дні тому
excellent i am live. thank you
Jahna 3 дні тому
Used to listen with my friend, at her funeral they played it. It's not uncommon, but how and why she's gone is. For Melanie - love ya kiddo.
Ken W.
Ken W. 3 дні тому
Truly this band is what I call EXTREME TALENT ! They play practically flawless together. I always find new surprises in thier music because they are in the same category as Emerson Lake and Palmer when it comes to thier lyrics, and sophisticated instrumentation. It's when you sit down without distractions put on a decent pair of HEADPHONES .... EAR BUDS ARE OK BUT MUST BE HIGH QUALITY ONES AND SIMPLY LISTEN TO THIS. YOU WILL LEARN QUICKLY JUST HOW MUCH TALENTED KANSAS IS! Very little if any groups today can come near this ! Groups today need to sit down and listen to music of the late 60's- late 80s. And get educated on what great music is .
Sinem Yıldırım
Sinem Yıldırım 3 дні тому
19.04.2021/ Ugly 🕊️
Killerkarotte1 3 дні тому
What kind of d-bag would vote this down?
Petra Matijević
Petra Matijević 4 дні тому
In memory of my guinea pig Simba who passed away 20.12.2019. :(
The_Iron _Never_lies
The_Iron _Never_lies 4 дні тому
ഇവിടെ മലയാളി ഉണ്ടോ.?!?
Verónica Raquel García Gutiérrez
Wolfgang Trubshaw
Wolfgang Trubshaw 4 дні тому
And again: wrong _color_ on the faux-VOX. (You *repeat* your mistakes now even, Faex Mundi …)
Alba Trejo
Alba Trejo 4 дні тому
I' from El Salvador I living in San Miguel
Harry Murray
Harry Murray 4 дні тому
Very depressing song, opening the eyes of the arrogant, the foolish and the cowardly.... In the end, we all return to dust from whence we came.
Gian Carlo
Gian Carlo 4 дні тому
Ade Ilham
Ade Ilham 4 дні тому
Perrrrr janji neng mput Ke ondangan
Ade Ilham
Ade Ilham 4 дні тому
The winter legend as here 8 indek prestasi. IP D3 5 Doktor m.abdul Ade ilham
jeannie costa
jeannie costa 4 дні тому
I Love... 2021
Edilaine Cintra
Edilaine Cintra 4 дні тому
Love Kansas!!!!
Rosiane Ferreira
Rosiane Ferreira 4 дні тому
Sobrevivendo ao covid, e apreciando essa pérola musical.. ✌🏼🇧🇷
Amanda Lemos
Amanda Lemos День тому
Slim Reaper777
Slim Reaper777 5 днів тому
Gotta make the earth better same with ourselves everyday... because this is all we are and we are what we love & who we love
Connie Neeley
Connie Neeley 5 днів тому
If they don't play this at my funeral, I'M NOT GOING
ATN AQUI 5 днів тому
Uma leve impressão de legião urbana 🎸
Nacho 123
Nacho 123 5 днів тому
Extraordinaria canción !!!!!!!
Edson Junior
Edson Junior 5 днів тому
saudade do oq eu não vivi
Bambang Alqahiri
Bambang Alqahiri 5 днів тому
Lagu bagus
Will Powell
Will Powell 5 днів тому
Final destination 4 brought me here
Raquel Oliveira
Raquel Oliveira 5 днів тому
Never get tired. 💖💖💖💖
WillyM79 5 днів тому
Tony 5 днів тому
2021 ❤
Raicarlos Durans Rousseff Polansky
I remember this songs forever... BY RAICARLOS DURANS DO PARÁ E NO BRASIL em Marituba. I from Brasil.
Raicarlos Durans Rousseff Polansky
I loved this songs forever... #Lula 😍😍😍😍🎶🎶🎶🎵🔊
Laurent Bosc
Laurent Bosc 6 днів тому
Cette chanson m inspire, une journée un peu "triste" , en Lozère, mais tellement belle, d une certaine manière, le repos de l ame !!!!!!! Et la sérénité, retrouvée !!!
PooDot StinkPants
PooDot StinkPants 6 днів тому
Hello future person, yes we are still listening in *[insert date here]* . You have great taste in music too. Have a lovely day!
T 6 днів тому
Nothing last forever = 諸行無常 = しょぎょうむじょう。 ”Dust in the wind” means similar to "Kou ? = 空 = くう I guess. Anyway it's a beautiful song. I love it.
codzy dee
codzy dee 6 днів тому
love the guitar playing on this great classic
Kevin Nash
Kevin Nash 6 днів тому
Imagine listening to this when you're in a bridge or in a plane.
Acary da Luz
Acary da Luz 6 днів тому
One of the most beuatiful songs of all time, I think.
Dustin Hesse
Dustin Hesse 6 днів тому
Im dust in a werlwind hurricane
suzany 6 днів тому
FlipStar26 6 днів тому
Harsh reminder of our mortality.... PS: Always get chills during that violin riff...
christian walker
christian walker 6 днів тому
If they don’t play this at my funeral, I’m not going.
Monica Call
Monica Call День тому
My sons have a list of my favorite tunes for when the time comes for my “graduation party” to another state of being. This song is on it. I’m so glad that I grew up when music was beyond good.
Mandeep Padam
Mandeep Padam День тому
God bless you... u have many more beautiful years to see.... but ya will keep this in mind... god bless u bro
Maria Mendoza
Maria Mendoza 3 дні тому
Evan 4 дні тому
@Nicolas Roman Segura wholesome
Evan 4 дні тому
Thank you for the hearty laugh 😂
Rosario, Ashley Jermaine V.
Rosario, Ashley Jermaine V. 7 днів тому
This song brings memories when I was small. My grandfather used to play this song everytime we drove somewhere
DuduPaiva FiscalizadorCapixaba
DuduPaiva FiscalizadorCapixaba 7 днів тому
richard alvarado
richard alvarado 7 днів тому
Dedicado a los EDADHABIENTES.
Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson 7 днів тому
anyone here from the old subaru tribeca commercial?
misssuzu 7 днів тому
In memory of my beloved father who passed away in 2019,he used to play this song in his guitar, now i'm just counting the days to be together again in eternity.
Zz o zZ
Zz o zZ 7 днів тому
This should've been on avengers : infinity war lol
TheOzzburn1 7 днів тому
Best Song, ever!
Miguel Zaian
Miguel Zaian 7 днів тому
Will Ferrell brought me here
john esperanto
john esperanto 8 днів тому
Hello from Bosnia...beautiful song
aung kyaw san
aung kyaw san 8 днів тому
We also have a Myanmar version of this song . The name of this song in Myanmar version “Until the end of the world “ .In Myanmar ကမ္ဘာမကြေဘူး၊which is famous for protesting against military coup in Myanmar .
Rivaldi Mawardi19
Rivaldi Mawardi19 8 днів тому
ini lah asal muasal nama si dustin wkwkkw
John Gibson
John Gibson 8 днів тому
One of the few songs that evertime I hear it, I actually stop and listen to it.
Saucey Pants
Saucey Pants 8 днів тому
Mary Uhlik
Mary Uhlik 8 днів тому
Love the Violin
Ty Holt
Ty Holt 8 днів тому
back when me and thanos were roomates he would play this song a lot and i never understood why
se avexe não
se avexe não 8 днів тому
Outras dimensões que só estes gênios nós levam com a voz e alguns instrumentos
Levi Johnson
Levi Johnson 8 днів тому
You’re my boy Blue!!
Sandy Hammond
Sandy Hammond 8 днів тому
This is what we are when we leave this world
Sandy Hammond
Sandy Hammond 8 днів тому
Love this song by Kansas
TRuth The Black
TRuth The Black 8 днів тому
WOW 180M views!
TRuth The Black
TRuth The Black 7 днів тому
@Epic Arts True dat!
Epic Arts
Epic Arts 8 днів тому
180 million grains of dust!
Joe Coughlan
Joe Coughlan 8 днів тому
Анна Рвачева
Анна Рвачева 8 днів тому
Да, мы все пыль на ветру...
Анна Рвачева
Анна Рвачева 8 днів тому
Я влюбилась первый раз в эту песню, мне 56 уже, но когда слышу эту музыку, мне снова 16...
Adrian Ulloa-Hernandez
Adrian Ulloa-Hernandez 6 днів тому
Miss Lisa
Miss Lisa 8 днів тому
Final Destination movies made this song scare TF outta me
Joel Bascon
Joel Bascon 9 днів тому
this reality; whether you are rich or poor, winner or loser in life hero or villain, great people and lesser people a of every walks of life all our effort our labour our works and anything that might leave a mark on history great works and monuments! everything we put in our efforts, the fruit of our hands everything will fade and end in the cemetery and will be forgotten as time pass by.
Herbert D.
Herbert D. 9 днів тому
Nicht schlecht, aber von den Scorpions um einiges besser !
leslie graham
leslie graham 9 днів тому
Wow, love the violen
Luisa Chacón
Luisa Chacón 9 днів тому
Escuchar esta canción es trasladarse a otro mundo, es mágica 🥰👌
john esperanto
john esperanto 8 днів тому
Kao s drugog svijeta,jest lijepo...svaka cast,pozdrav iz Bosne
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