Kenan Thompson Becomes a Card-Carrying Spiceman While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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Kenan Thompson is a bonafide TV legend. From his roots at Nickelodeon to becoming the longest tenured cast member in Saturday Night Live history, he's been making us laugh for over 25 years. He also stars in a new comedy series from NBC-it's called Kenan, Tuesdays 830/730C. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as entertainment vet takes on the wings of death, regales Sean with tales of cooking Gordon Ramsay's eggs, and even busts out a Steve Harvey impression for good measure.
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First We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.




25 лют 2021





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First We Feast
First We Feast Місяць тому
Besides Kenan, which SNL cast member-past or present-would you most want to see on Hot Ones?
Ilya Kamil Soeriaatmadja
Ilya Kamil Soeriaatmadja 7 днів тому
Bill Hader and John Mulaney
Shawn Michael
Shawn Michael 12 днів тому
Please get maya rudolph after her Beyoncé hot ones sketch i want to see how she’s really handle it
I Come From The Mountain
I Come From The Mountain Місяць тому
@Cliffy Leathersons 😢
Chris Drury
Chris Drury Місяць тому
Will Forte
big fish
big fish Місяць тому
Bill Hader
Tyler Hansen
Tyler Hansen 9 годин тому
yoooo!!! its dababy
Dani Xoul
Dani Xoul 20 годин тому
So if the guest don't choke, that spirit catches Sean! 🤣🤣
Tristram Coffin
Tristram Coffin День тому
I respect Kenan so much even before this episode. However, dude didn't even break a sweat. Wutz up with dat?
Gabriel Hernandez
Gabriel Hernandez День тому
Do Mr.Beast
J D День тому
Original tradition: dab on the last wing Newer tradition: dab every wing Keenan T: "RUB IT IN, RUB IT IN 🎶"
Christopher Arnott
Christopher Arnott 2 дні тому
Kenan you mad bastard! Love it. Top man.
Rene Gonzalez
Rene Gonzalez 2 дні тому
These video chat episodes fuckimg suck
Wake Up
Wake Up 3 дні тому
I always thought this dude was hella annoying but I must say he’s looking excellent these days!! I’m proud of him for always staying so even and not letting fame ruin him! I hope he keeps that shit up! 👍🏽
F3tty Clarke
F3tty Clarke 4 дні тому
The 1st Eddie Huang episode was the funniest/best hot ones
Uncle Neff
Uncle Neff 4 дні тому
Heavy Weights 😁
Juan Louis
Juan Louis 5 днів тому
"Herd mentality" he didn't really like that word "reliable"
Bobby Stephenson
Bobby Stephenson 5 днів тому
When he pours all that Da Bomb >.
Satina Turken
Satina Turken 6 днів тому
Cash app $napalmneezy love you
Twig MN Berries
Twig MN Berries 6 днів тому
As always, an absolute legend! Thanks for another great!
Tyler Burns
Tyler Burns 6 днів тому
Fucking dig at the chiefs or just Mathieu??
zouavee 6 днів тому
why do i stil feel like kenans still in his 20s when hes 42 already
Nolan 6 днів тому
keenan sounds like lil wayne speaaking in a dave chapelle cadence
DixieHighway 10, 10, 10'z
DixieHighway 10, 10, 10'z 6 днів тому
Kel says wash it down with some orange soda
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn 6 днів тому
Grew up with him and love him❤️👍
Carlos Danger
Carlos Danger 6 днів тому
what did he mean by "darker ones" when referring tothe advice tracey morgan gave him?
Sarah '93
Sarah '93 7 днів тому
His goal should be mostly Hollywood as guests👌🤣
Šånțï Äğo
Šånțï Äğo 8 днів тому
This dude might be the worst comedian ever. He has literally used the same jokes his whole life and is a walking example of a token black person on TV, often times to an embarrassing degree on SNL. Yet I love him.
Carly Coppi
Carly Coppi 8 днів тому
My favorite is when they get to Da Bomb!!!
Carly Coppi
Carly Coppi 8 днів тому
I love Kenan so much he’s so freaking cute 🥰🥰🥰
Justin Hitoki
Justin Hitoki 9 днів тому
Goddamn, Kenan KILLED IT! Mt Spicemore!!
g7thebeatmaker 10 днів тому
Eating a spicy chicken sandwich and watching this made my nose runny
Liz Jo
Liz Jo 10 днів тому
Much respect for Kenan!!! especially going back in on that last sauce, damn...
Chad Steele
Chad Steele 10 днів тому
The smoothest guy to get through all 10 to date! Bring back Kevin Hart when Kenan guest hosts. #instantclassic
Dusty Hughes
Dusty Hughes 10 днів тому
I like Kenan in all that and Kids sitcom Kenan & Kel
Justin Driscoll
Justin Driscoll 10 днів тому
No Kenan and Kel questions?! Come on Sean!
Soyboy 11 днів тому
I met this guy while working at the airport, nothing crazy happened but he was for sure one of the nicer celebs I met doing that job. And he actually tipped me unlike most others
Shawn Michael
Shawn Michael 12 днів тому
If Keenan was gay.....ooooh girl I’d beg him to be my man! His personality is so soothing to me
William Alarie
William Alarie 12 днів тому
"i'm a tourist." fuckin love that so much.
Horror Movie Scream Queen
Horror Movie Scream Queen 12 днів тому
Omg sneaking into Halloween horrors nights haha haha haha
Sarmad Habib Khan
Sarmad Habib Khan 12 днів тому
No Kenan and Kel questions? I'm disappointed.
Michele JM
Michele JM 12 днів тому
Kristin Wiig Eddie Murphy Chris Rock Amy Poehler Bill Murray Leslie Jones.... The list goes on and on....
MrShakurd80 12 днів тому
I was sweatin watchin this shit
iRON MiC TYSON 13 днів тому
Patrick Akpaette
Patrick Akpaette 13 днів тому
Conan O'Brien!!!!
Paige Rogers
Paige Rogers 14 днів тому
Honestly this is awesome. He ate his wings. He went all in and is a great guest. Loved him since the very beginning of his tv career.
rangerlcfc 14 днів тому
Who put the screw in the tuna?
Sifiso Kheswa
Sifiso Kheswa 15 днів тому
I'd like to see Barack Obama here
Sifiso Kheswa
Sifiso Kheswa 15 днів тому
Da Bomb got that leg shaking hahahaha
David Robertson
David Robertson 15 днів тому
I think if there were to be a King of the "Spice-men" , you're looking at him! Slathering not blathering - like a Champ!!! Well done Kenan! Well done!
Steve Stadler
Steve Stadler 16 днів тому
prob the best one I've seen in a minute
Shan Hussain
Shan Hussain 16 днів тому
17:07 is perhaps the first time I've ever heard Kenan swear.
acepilot1 16 днів тому
I’d like to see the last dab be like da bomb “the final answer”, much hotter than da bomb “the final answer”
britturk123 16 днів тому
Keenan is such a sweet warm character. Legend.
Dr. Braxy Gilkey Cruises
Dr. Braxy Gilkey Cruises 16 днів тому
@ 16:02, you can see Kenan's soul leave his body for a while. 🤣😂🤣
Horror Movie Scream Queen
Horror Movie Scream Queen 16 днів тому
As a child of the 90s I grew up watching kenan!!!
Warren Gray
Warren Gray 16 днів тому
Kenan is great, will Kel guest star on the show!
D aucoin
D aucoin 16 днів тому
He killed all the wings. I was intrigued to see once he took the first bite of da bomb and then went back !!! Big ups
Pete moss
Pete moss 17 днів тому
great job.......HUGE balls
Cailen Blackwell
Cailen Blackwell 17 днів тому
KENAN is the GOAT !
Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow 17 днів тому
Killed it Keenan
gaelgarseeya 17 днів тому
So much respect for this one! Not a wing wasted! Each coated with sauce! Double wings on the final one! Beautiful
gaelgarseeya 17 днів тому
I love when guests do not waste the wings with just like one bite.
Taylor Sumner
Taylor Sumner 17 днів тому
MsDaniMarie02 18 днів тому
Other SNL cast members to have on: Bill Hader, Kate McKinnon, Mikey Day since he was Sean in the recent SNL skit (what whaaaaat?!), Maya Rudolph, Eddie Murphy, David Spade, Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Jason Sudeikis, John Mulaney (writers count too), Fred Armisen (preferably with Bill Hader), Bill fucking Murray.
ana 18 днів тому
Please feature Lisa Nguyen!🙏🏽
한지훈 18 днів тому
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Savvy Turtle
Savvy Turtle 18 днів тому
not able to comment on all of these but love every one of them. and even though I have problems with hot food nowadays after this video if K's castmate can do it so can Savvy I'm game anytime!
Michael Denczek
Michael Denczek 18 днів тому
It's called, chili- head...
Hoetrice 18 днів тому
ofc a taurus would build a platform around eating fucking food
Spicy McHaggis
Spicy McHaggis 19 днів тому
No Fat Albert or Good Burger, though. Still, not disappointed!
miata350 19 днів тому
I've never seen Kenan this serious before
Sadman Habib
Sadman Habib 19 днів тому
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Polk High #33
Polk High #33 19 днів тому
Loved the beyonce interview. Best episode yet.
Mark Claudio
Mark Claudio 19 днів тому
I choked when he dropped da bomb sauce I knew that was gonna burn son!
Joseph Collins
Joseph Collins 19 днів тому
I had no idea Sean shared the same birthday as me!
Luckie_MD 19 днів тому
Definitely my favorite interview!!
breadbutt 20 днів тому
Kenan killed it. ate the entire wing every time, went in for a 2nd last dab, and still made it to the end without a meltdown. hero shit.
Splandrocity8000 20 днів тому
Aww, I was hoping for a bit more geeking out on origins on All-That, ask him more about Kel ..... Lori Beth Denberg etc ... Still a great interview.
Owl Ampersand
Owl Ampersand 20 днів тому
Kenan is such a legend!
Maureen McLennon
Maureen McLennon 20 днів тому
Sean called us "Hot Ones Fans" not "Spice Lords" and I'm LIVID!
unknown player
unknown player 20 днів тому
Nick nick nickelodeon
JQ 21 день тому
He ate all the wings in their entirety, and didn’t have water or milk.
Tyrant60 21 день тому
Kenan's energy is still 1000, hasnt cuanged since All That.
Tami Tamayo
Tami Tamayo 21 день тому
Damn he's killed it!
Anthony Bottigliero
Anthony Bottigliero 21 день тому
Nobody likes Da Bomb, why do you guys keep using it? I guess it's a test, if nothing else. [edit] Ok, you guys addressed my question in the video.
Elijah Adams
Elijah Adams 21 день тому
Was it Kenan idea to do the Hot one sketch on SNL
Jen Bailey
Jen Bailey 21 день тому
He plays the same affect over and over. I don't know why people regard him so highly as a performer.
Yusuf Gaffar
Yusuf Gaffar 21 день тому
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Redkurtain 21 день тому
I’m convinced Kenan is a vampire. Why does he still look like he’s 20?
Philip Polychroniou
Philip Polychroniou 21 день тому
How did they ignore the Hamm photo bomb in the "explain that gram" segment?
Roy Mustang Ackerman
Roy Mustang Ackerman 21 день тому
ezy. mac
ezy. mac 21 день тому
Are you guys starting to show that Sean's not a robot? If so I appreciate it! Cause it was something watching those earlier seasons where he's just cool as a cucumber the ENTIRE time like Captain America "I can do this all day."
rob062388 19 днів тому
Sean usually tries to match what the guest is doing (which I'm guessing is, on average, probably on the tamer side), but Keenan went all out, covering the shit out of those wings and eating them all. So Sean probably had a bit more of a challenge than he's used to.
Zach Haller
Zach Haller 22 дні тому
Same birthday Sean let’s gooo
Back Door
Back Door 22 дні тому
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Tom Kuzeja
Tom Kuzeja 22 дні тому
Kenan is the freakin' best! That guy is top-notch. No two ways about it!
Finding Her Flow
Finding Her Flow 22 дні тому
why does the background music for this episode stand out so much to me?....good choice.
prince Prince
prince Prince 22 дні тому
The bomb shit is fuckin hot. I feel it in my ears. They handle it like it's nuthin yikes
Josh Juarez
Josh Juarez 22 дні тому
Just an upstanding guy. Love to see him spreading the love. Glad to see him up on Hot Ones
shawn williams
shawn williams 22 дні тому
Kenan is the absolute best. What a gentle spiceman.
State of Israel
State of Israel 22 дні тому
Kenan and Kel was legendary show!
Lost Scvng
Lost Scvng 23 дні тому
7:47 got a lil dark
Lost Scvng
Lost Scvng 23 дні тому
lookin good though
Lost Scvng
Lost Scvng 23 дні тому
im just say what everybody else has been thinking for years . . Kenan Thompson < Kel Mitchell
S.J. Lee
S.J. Lee 23 дні тому
I have been watching Keenan perform since All That. I am so proud of his success. He defeated this challenge like a savage!
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