King Von - Back to the Block (Vlog Episode 1)

King Von
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21 тра 2020





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Dreee Jones
Dreee Jones 2 години тому
Y'all really think he gave them all that bread? Shit for the cameras trust me
Dankgardener 2 години тому
Man I thought this was a song I skipped like 1 minute😂
j laing
j laing 5 годин тому
Lmao always feed the team. But get a team that ant got there hand out. They got they bands ir there bams out. Every mf was quiet as hell as soon as they got some free guop now everyone is a kingpin lmao.
HOT ROD 666 12 годин тому
Hes paying for hits that's all
LN7 Sp0tl1ghtz
LN7 Sp0tl1ghtz 13 годин тому
Dave Gaetan
Dave Gaetan 18 годин тому
Why everyone pressed about him giving back these people probably made him who he is today
Lifestyle K Darkdom
Lifestyle K Darkdom 19 годин тому
Feed the guys!!- mando!! Hope they invest, legal proper investments!!, mando!!
Mac B Da Don
Mac B Da Don 23 години тому
Folk nem Eating 3’$💯💯💯
mario c gonzales
mario c gonzales День тому
Breaking bread with the family....best wishes
Jacob Brown
Jacob Brown День тому
That was some real ass shit 💯💯💯
Gggg Oooo
Gggg Oooo День тому
These men should use the moeny he gives them to invest start something
C H День тому
I’m so South Philly when I say it, know I mean that shit.💯 but my raq niggas (OTF/OBLK) got this shit signed and sealed. Bottom line nobody in the game they playing is fuckin with em. Von just shitted on every nigga that clame to be a boss. He know his wolves hungry he ain’t drop a crumb this lil nigga dropped a fuckin couple Loafs so they can feast. Oh and not to mention that was just so they flex “That” day. Ctfu yessss Von that’s how real niggas supposed to do it that was a major chess move 💪🏽80’s style. You my guy 🤟🏽 but that fact remains #SMURKIOYeahilovedaGOAT 😜 I see you soon at the fuckin top cause I’m omw nigga 😂😜🤟🏽💯 is all ❤️❤️
ImMrEverything ugh
ImMrEverything ugh День тому
kinda sad u ain’t see keef runnin it back for tha guys.. I’m sure he did stuff for his tho
Vintage День тому
Why he look at dude like that @7:22
somaliano99%auser king Kong lord of lords him self
The old Somali culture is. Wat. Habend. Right. Hier. You. Share. Wit. Your. Brother. You. Need ceep. This. Little man save
Jacobi Fudge
Jacobi Fudge 2 дні тому
I wish king von was my brother so he can give me money😂😂
Nene smith
Nene smith 2 дні тому
Da sean Pandy
Da sean Pandy 2 дні тому
Robert Turner
Robert Turner 2 дні тому
Song at end after broke opps
Marlon Williams
Marlon Williams 2 дні тому
God bless Chicago PD. These dudes look like a bunch of clowns.
Keelan Rawls
Keelan Rawls 3 дні тому
I'm a number one fan
Jacob Hall
Jacob Hall 3 дні тому
I mean you gotta respect dude, he went back to where he came from and passed out a little over a 100k to his people. You don’t see many artist do that these days.
77musica 3 дні тому
Black lives matter right? Yeah right!
Robert New nu chance nu
Robert New nu chance nu 4 дні тому
Malachi Falcon
Malachi Falcon 4 дні тому
Notice how none of em said thank you
Elias Taveras
Elias Taveras 19 годин тому
Cus they know over all they scream to they opps they go silent when the real racks come out or lmfao the most they seen
kayla Johanson
kayla Johanson 4 дні тому
Von and Asian are so cute together. They really suit each other.
domja 5 днів тому
kinda late but when von was givin them racks out everyone was silent, so real 💯
The man in the mask
The man in the mask 5 днів тому
The man in the mask
The man in the mask 5 днів тому
The man in the mask
The man in the mask 5 днів тому
The man in the mask
The man in the mask 5 днів тому
The man in the mask
The man in the mask 5 днів тому
The man in the mask
The man in the mask 5 днів тому
The man in the mask
The man in the mask 5 днів тому
The man in the mask
The man in the mask 5 днів тому
The man in the mask
The man in the mask 5 днів тому
The man in the mask
The man in the mask 5 днів тому
The man in the mask
The man in the mask 5 днів тому
The man in the mask
The man in the mask 5 днів тому
The man in the mask
The man in the mask 5 днів тому
The man in the mask
The man in the mask 5 днів тому
If you're a king. I must be God
xCam 5 днів тому
Yoooo this dude Is too real for this. But Bruh it’s sad, whenever dudes start giving back to their block. The people left out usually get envious and start bussin. That’s how a lot of dudes who make it out the hood, comeback and get killed bro. Von gotta stay safe.
Humble Goliath
Humble Goliath 4 дні тому
Yeah somebody in the background, aint liking they cut....
DBM Robotic
DBM Robotic 5 днів тому
In the beginning I was like, I hope they don't do him dirty when the vid cuts
TheRealGlockie 5 днів тому
Von take care a da gang
Keisha Jones
Keisha Jones 5 днів тому
I love this man. I truly do. Much love over here
Longview Thugg
Longview Thugg 5 днів тому
Bihh you da truth
Tre D
Tre D 5 днів тому
Chief keef ain’t shit
Cleveland Brown
Cleveland Brown 5 днів тому
8:07 what that song name?
Cristian J
Cristian J 6 днів тому
I don’t know who but I bet one was jealous and wanted more can’t make everyone happy
JayKashh 6 днів тому
Dats real nigga shii. I hate 2 see him go back 2 his hood tho🤦🏾‍♂️ i feel like all dem people in that video should be outta oblock and at least in the suburbs💯
Fendii Fellon
Fendii Fellon 6 днів тому
who knows if that song that was playin at 7:26 is unreleased or is it already out ?
Brazil Harmon
Brazil Harmon 6 днів тому
Why broke top couldn't bond out he got bread
askmyself whoisyouisthatme
askmyself whoisyouisthatme 6 днів тому
He'll always be good in his hood!💯🤷🏾‍♀️
Marquette B
Marquette B 6 днів тому
If you give you shall receive. Keep breaking bread Von.
ERE G 8 днів тому
Breaks off everyone stacks of cash Also everyone Takes food from the one homie eating
TreZveqs 5 днів тому
Bruh u must not be from the trenches it's like having hot fries or Takis or Gatorade everybody want some or a waterfall.
IBJus Dizzy
IBJus Dizzy 8 днів тому
"A Blessing gained a blessing gave". 💯
Excite 8 днів тому
Dislikes are the people from 63rd
Bacon 21 savage
Bacon 21 savage 9 днів тому
I love this type of loyalty kept it a hundred plus ten. Nowadays that’s rare. A message to all those brothers who got it look out for your people. When you didn’t have shit it was us, but when you get it now it’s you. Real people say what they mean and they definitely mean what they say. Stand on it.
Natasha Sichone
Natasha Sichone 10 днів тому
What track is that at 7:00?
Xavier Rainey
Xavier Rainey 10 днів тому
I can’t flex money another man gave me in keeping it in the tuck deadass
Jon Dough
Jon Dough 10 днів тому
Thats the defintion of breaking 🍞
Anthony Borowski
Anthony Borowski 10 днів тому
“Show him where we at dude”😭
Almighty G
Almighty G 11 днів тому
Man the build got 6366 yall is from 63 lmao
Chase Bank
Chase Bank 11 днів тому
Sam shit I woulda did 100 grand for the team
Jasmin Davis
Jasmin Davis 11 днів тому
This is so beautiful ❤️💯
Wow Man
Wow Man 11 днів тому
5:33 woah thats a 63
Jamie 11 днів тому
So many snakes watch the eyes 🐍
Ky Ne
Ky Ne 11 днів тому
7:20...Von like: CoRoNa?
black panda
black panda 11 днів тому
Stop killing your selfs fool
Dirty Ant
Dirty Ant 12 днів тому
I love dat Von.. Durkio the same way..
Santeri 13 днів тому
King Von is a leader
James Black
James Black 13 днів тому
Real nigga
Marque Phillips
Marque Phillips 13 днів тому
Real shit right here respect!!!
Kuincy Coleman
Kuincy Coleman 13 днів тому
This is what love looks like
MrCrow42 13 днів тому
that oblock chain is so fire
KevinIshere007 14 днів тому
if Von was a bank teller he would take forever.
Darrin Darrin
Darrin Darrin 14 днів тому
He should be careful everybody ain't on the same page
V tarik
V tarik 14 днів тому
King Von a real gd
BIIG CESS 14 днів тому
Yoppacv 14 днів тому
Real niggah activity
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