Korn - Finally Free (Official Video)

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We’ve teamed up with World of Tanks Blitz, and traveled to the Burning Games in our new official video for "Finally Free." Experience it now through October 31 in the World of Tanks Blitz free-to-play game. Download it here: bit.ly/kornxwotblitz
Listen to The Nothing 🔲 lnk.to/thenothingkorn

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15 жов 2020





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Emil Loparski
Emil Loparski 3 години тому
Not a good snare sound. Great drummer, but Silveria's piccolo was half of the song!
BeHereNow Dragonfly
BeHereNow Dragonfly 9 годин тому
Jonathan’s voice is amazing!
Maciel Schatten
Maciel Schatten 10 годин тому
NEYOFY Music 16 годин тому
This make me free from everything
Luccas do carmo
Luccas do carmo День тому
It's so hard to see ❤
REV3RT 2 дні тому
Fucking great
Krystian Kopczyński
Krystian Kopczyński 2 дні тому
We can say that this video has a Polish accent, because we see a Polish actor in the main role - Wojciech Wachleda Korn's sound is as fucking awesome as always, it's great that they have been keeping the level for so many years!
Krystian Kopczyński
Krystian Kopczyński 2 дні тому
@Krzysiek Lebida zapewne nie tylko my tu zajrzymy ;)
Krzysiek Lebida
Krzysiek Lebida 2 дні тому
Dzień Dobry TVN przyciągnęło nie tylko mnie :))
M S'a
M S'a 2 дні тому
Mauricio Lewis
Mauricio Lewis 2 дні тому
August 2 дні тому
Только голос Дэвиса
ASHWIN JOHNS 3 дні тому
alexanna 3 дні тому
If you open your mouth again...
Isela Salinas
Isela Salinas 3 дні тому
Fuck yeah!!! Korn my favorite band!!!!
max355 3 дні тому
B M.
B M. 4 дні тому
Chola that Loves Korn been listening since I was 17
Sofia Buitrago
Sofia Buitrago 4 дні тому
Fantástico! ❤
Angel Vogel
Angel Vogel 5 днів тому
Head back is the new fresh, yet classy, air for KoRn needed, reminds me of Bruce and Adrian back on Maiden with Brave New World.
alley cat
alley cat 5 днів тому
The nothing is the worst album Korn have ever produced so many fake reviews promoting this garbage
Jack M
Jack M 5 днів тому
Only children can't accept the fact that others have their own opinion. Get over it and stop whining. Pathetic.
Janae Fechner
Janae Fechner 5 днів тому
Ester Passos
Ester Passos 5 днів тому
Beautiful, my dream, my life.👄❤💚💛💜👄
Ester Passos
Ester Passos 5 днів тому
Jonathan Davis, you is wonderful
Cristina 6 днів тому
this song is awesome. Been a fan of this band since the age of 11...going on 32 and im celebrating my 32nd birthday with Korn music!!
Гнев Народа
Гнев Народа 6 днів тому
⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪ 🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴 ⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪
DarKinn AMV
DarKinn AMV 6 днів тому
album BR ?:::
Paweł Zieliński
Paweł Zieliński 6 днів тому
Every fan of KoRn must comment this video: ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-j00sc6666Dw.html
SG BLADE 6 днів тому
Fucking good!!!
Phươc Sang Nguyễn
Phươc Sang Nguyễn 6 днів тому
World of Tank and korbs the nice song and not bad
pensive jacob
pensive jacob 6 днів тому
ok, it's fire, love it
hitoZ 6 днів тому
One of SVX creators for this clip, Pavel Kabush was detained in Minsk during the peaceful protest. He was marked with red paint as he was speaking belarusian language and beaten by the police: instagram.com/p/CHp-QuJgXWm/?igshid=2qmwt3qs01ex Please, spread the word.
NORDED 7 днів тому
So good.
Beef Supreme
Beef Supreme 7 днів тому
where is the HR GIGER mic stand?
nah bro
nah bro 7 днів тому
Getting untouchable vibes with this song.
nah bro
nah bro День тому
@Jack M that's what's good about opinions, right?
Jack M
Jack M 5 днів тому
I wholeheartedly disagree lmao
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 7 днів тому
dope to see head doing his thing, my brother in christ!
rideanyway cc
rideanyway cc 7 днів тому
Franço Lima
Franço Lima 7 днів тому
showww de mais .
Long Johnson
Long Johnson 7 днів тому
Korn changed their genre. They are no longer rapping. They are no longer NuMetal. They are more or less a pop band now :( Everything after Untouchables was kinda boring.
Long Johnson
Long Johnson 7 днів тому
I miss the old Korn so much. Did anyone notice that Korn actually changed their genre? They were a NuMetal band. JD would be rapping in their songs. For example listen to "Falling away from me" or "Trash". Combining Metal with Hip Hop was the whole idea behind Korn and something they more or less invented and that made them unique. Today JD is singing and I just don't like it. Also their songs don't sound as aggressive and dark as they used to sound. If you listened to a Korn song on one of the first three albums you felt like you were in the mind of a kid that is about to go on a school shooting. Today Korn is just another POP band :( Untouchables was the last album that I liked eventhough there already were a few of these "new style" songs on that album. Everything after that just doesn't speak to me in any way. Meanwhile the first three albums are true masterpieces and I will be listening to them until I die.
goober bloober
goober bloober 6 днів тому
Korn is anything but a pop band. Their music continues to be about extreme tragedy and hardship and has matured with the band's members. Korn will never be a "pop band". That's just not a mindset Jonathan Davis is emotionally capable of achieving. You should look up what this song is about.
Dr. Mantis Toboggan
Dr. Mantis Toboggan 8 днів тому
Still headbanging after all these years.
Ester Passos
Ester Passos 8 днів тому
Nota mil é pouco, para esse gênio da música, que talento. Meu Deus, Jonathan Davis você mudou minha vida. Te amo, tenho muito prazer e te ouvir. Não tenho palavras, estou tentando entender um pouco o Inglês, quero muito aprender e entender o que você canta, só sei que tens uma voz incrível.
Yuri 5 днів тому
A banda mudou minha vida também. Aprender inglês com música é bom porque é fácil de memorizar. Esse canal tem muitas músicas com as traduções ukvid.net/u-brunobrnkornvideos Depois é bom ler a letra em inglês e português ao mesmo tempo, no site Letras ou Vagalume
Eric Liberadki
Eric Liberadki 8 днів тому
Couldn't have said it better brother.
maria ruth vera
maria ruth vera 9 днів тому
when was en un Pz y "redepente": feindliche Rüstung zerstört!!
Mv SantanAlves
Mv SantanAlves 9 днів тому
This music remember the album Untitled
traumapool 9 днів тому
n engulo esse baterista hiperativo
Shannon James
Shannon James 9 днів тому
Ray luzier looks like the nerdy kid everyone picked on in high school until they heard him play then they all wanted to be his best friend.. Dudes a beast!! Killer tune guys.. cheers from Cincinnati Ohio USA..
alley cat
alley cat 5 днів тому
David’s way better Korn has lost its unique sound David was creative rays really generic
Gr4ve 9 днів тому
Janae Fechner
Janae Fechner 9 днів тому
Janae Fechner
Janae Fechner 9 днів тому
Rufus Styf
Rufus Styf 9 днів тому
Джусоев Давид
Джусоев Давид 10 днів тому
Всем дарова, вг молодцы что замутили с корном Блиц - сила Бб - могила
Maria Eduarda Guimarães
Maria Eduarda Guimarães 10 днів тому
Cai de paraquedas e gostei
IIOJIKOBHuK_41ru 10 днів тому
Хочу добавить крик души: если ,disturbed и slipknot эволюционируют, то Ваш проект падает в попсу, в самом нелицеприятном виде, что больно бьёт по фанатам...
IIOJIKOBHuK_41ru 10 днів тому
Джонатан! Ты пошел по наклонной. Избавь нас от этой попсы!!! Любил твоё творчество, люблю, но никогда не куплю это...
BloodBilly Bronx
BloodBilly Bronx 10 днів тому
Untitled sounded better
YouTuber 10 днів тому
Oh no, Anahilator and Spike
Josh Meadows
Josh Meadows 10 днів тому
Feel like Head wrote this song 😏
Pontius Pilat
Pontius Pilat 10 днів тому
Good guy's , but underground group #UnMetal XIII goodness.
1guysmilely 11 днів тому
Anarchy 11 днів тому
What happened to the grunge korn I loved so much. The last album I could actually bear from korn was the greatest hits, so basically only their old shit. Since then its all been garbage. Who actually likes this shit? I mean really
Papa Thunder
Papa Thunder 11 днів тому
I'm so glad Head is back!
taufik noise
taufik noise 11 днів тому
Indo hadir
Kill 'n Joy - Copyright ©
Kill 'n Joy - Copyright © 11 днів тому
That Korn style, is so satisfying for the soul, exactly what i needed for this november of 2020
jack sparrow
jack sparrow 11 днів тому
Where is rage?
Paweł Zieliński
Paweł Zieliński 12 днів тому
Every fan of KoRn must comment this video: ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-j00sc6666Dw.html
Veronika Collins
Veronika Collins 12 днів тому
I guess JD doesn't want his microphone stand anymore.
joe acker
joe acker 12 днів тому
I don’t hate their current sound but I do wish they would do a few more aggressive songs more akin to Follow the Leader
J Johnson
J Johnson 13 днів тому
why does he look like that one butler from scary movie 2 with the strong hand
NaTan Blažek
NaTan Blažek 13 днів тому
fucking commerce
MetalHeadKid8338 13 днів тому
One of the people in this band performed at my aunts church
Progamerkidd 13 днів тому
nice vid tho
Progamerkidd 13 днів тому
How can a spike 2 shot a annihlator? tier 5 vs tier 7?
Quico 12 днів тому
Wow, someone that actually plays the game
Marcin Hibner
Marcin Hibner 14 днів тому
Coolest stage setting right now in 2020.
hanky9991 14 днів тому
This song is so 2020
Alan Sturgill
Alan Sturgill 14 днів тому
where is the mic stand that they have always used from the time i 1st started watching them
SoaD Odadjian
SoaD Odadjian 14 днів тому
Where is the HR Giger mis stand?
Бешеная Белка
Бешеная Белка 14 днів тому
Its all around to be Biden or Bidet... Its all around your r not so tolerant like my facism, the truth is just something more thn to have very scare screenshots of the voice of truth
Sohaira Martinez
Sohaira Martinez 14 днів тому
Роман Калаш
Роман Калаш 14 днів тому
Роман Калаш
Роман Калаш 14 днів тому
Смотрите куда бежите
Kingwolf Gamer
Kingwolf Gamer 14 днів тому
Coming to a city near you.
Alex mpc
Alex mpc 15 днів тому
The incribel Korn the infant USA and Russia the Korn win the combat infant USA Korn the New metal top one the world the big success the hit
Sandeep Singh
Sandeep Singh 15 днів тому
You guys should collab with MIKE SHINODA and include some rap in your music. Please do this big change in your band and trust me you guys will top the chart.
Philip Harris
Philip Harris 15 днів тому
Amazing Thanks Korn@!
Michele Ball
Michele Ball 15 днів тому
Do I even have a say in this?? Im not going
Tomek Karwański
Tomek Karwański 15 днів тому
Very Good
Fariz Perwira
Fariz Perwira 16 днів тому
Stay strong JD 👊
Olivia Fairchild
Olivia Fairchild 16 днів тому
damn after all these years, jon is rockin the dread locks
Gian D
Gian D 16 днів тому
does anyone played World of tanks Blitz here?
Smegma Cassandra
Smegma Cassandra 16 днів тому
Good effort
Daniel Garcia
Daniel Garcia 17 днів тому
like dat bass
Питерякова Марина
Выстрелим зааааа любоооовь!
jean luc Garcia
jean luc Garcia 17 днів тому
Gian D
Gian D 17 днів тому
Necros Corner
Necros Corner 17 днів тому
Weirdest sh*t I ever saw. Come on what`s next - shampoo ads? Not cool. It`s just like Mario in Doom4 or Cannibal corpse at Jazz concert. I like band but it`s too much. Though I understand IMHO big money were offered.
Marduk Free Fire
Marduk Free Fire 17 днів тому
Yeaaahhhhhhh /,,/
Joogle Google
Joogle Google 17 днів тому
1:00 JD: singing about the loss of his wife, pouring his heart out Fieldy: D A N C E
Sapphire Glitter
Sapphire Glitter 17 днів тому
When Spike Beats Annihilator I dont think so XD Amazing ass video however. Just top notch (for those of you who dont know this video was made for world of tanks blitz, the tank names are (big tank: annihilator (t7) (small tank: spike (t5)
Wesley Maxfield
Wesley Maxfield 11 днів тому
actually I think the tank he was in was possibly Grave Digger
kiran dev
kiran dev 17 днів тому
K0TTNM0UTHQUEEN 17 днів тому
Love Korn always will but...Eh..
Tommy King
Tommy King 18 днів тому
I wish korn would make a real comeback. Their old shit fucking slaps. I guess it's hard to tap into that kind of creativity
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