Kyler Murray is 'too small' to be No. 1 pick in NFL draft - Stephen A. Smith | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith of First Take says the Arizona Cardinals should not take Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Kyler Murray with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2019 NFL draft because the 5-10 QB is "so short." Max Kellerman says Murray is more athletic than other draft prospects including Ohio State Buckeyes QB Dwayne Haskins, but remains unconvinced that he will be a better NFL quarterback.
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10 січ 2019





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Martin Edwards
Martin Edwards 9 днів тому
Try bleaching your teeth a little more.
Dennis Scafide
Dennis Scafide 11 днів тому
Will Cain made the most sense once again.
Jimmy Jones
Jimmy Jones 13 днів тому
I like pizza .
ronbos raiders money
ronbos raiders money 14 днів тому
Wow who ia that woman. Fuckn I'd pound the fuck out that pussy
Kid Jae
Kid Jae 14 днів тому
If this guy succeed this gonna be in a montage vedio
Janoy Cresva
Janoy Cresva 15 днів тому
3:47 whoever did this mans makeup did him DUUURTY.
The FPV Life
The FPV Life 17 днів тому
Hey Will Cain what is your opinion on our current president? I haven't heard you or seen you on UKvid or anywhere speaking about our current president.
Jon Saunders
Jon Saunders 17 днів тому
Stephen a smith is so un classy. Unidentified that Murry was an out fielder. Said Haskins is more of a Runner. Smh
thalegacy6 17 днів тому
Oops, will Cain is on, I'm gone.
Pete P
Pete P 20 днів тому
I think it's good that they doubt this guy. More fuel for the fire.
Sir Toliver
Sir Toliver 22 дні тому
Two words... Russell Wilson 🤗
WalterM529 22 дні тому
He's too small for the NFL period! He has no business entering the NFL! He should play baseball where he could be great! He could give pitchers, and basemen nightmares with that speed!
WalterM529 19 днів тому
+nalim lattarai Please name a quarterback that small that runs a lot in the NFL that could stay healthy. Michael Vick is perfect example of why I seriously doubt that boy will make it in the NFL. If he wants to play football that bad, then he would be a better fit for the CFL where it favors offenses more than the NFL does. The defensive players in the NFL would rock his ass anytime he tries to run wild! Want another example why I think someone his size has no business entering the NFL? De'Anthony Thomas. Please tell me more how I'm dumb. What would be dumb is if a team drafts Kyler Murray in the 4'th round, let alone the 1'st.
nalim lattarai
nalim lattarai 20 днів тому
WalterM529 dumb
Joe Jones
Joe Jones 25 днів тому
His hand size worries me. Idc...im still using him on my franchise on madden.
nalim lattarai
nalim lattarai 20 днів тому
Joe Jones dummy. He has the same hands as Matt Ryan.
Anthony Mecca
Anthony Mecca 27 днів тому
Kyler Murray Should be the Number 1 Pick. Arizona Sporting News Website. bit.ly/meccaadvocate12343143212
Daniel Vincent
Daniel Vincent 28 днів тому
They said the same thing about Mike Vick. Not saying he's that good but its true
Eyes to See & Ears to Hear
Eyes to See & Ears to Hear Місяць тому
The fact that Steven A. doesn't like Murray's height, just makes me think Murray is the best QB in this draft. The perfect stamp of disapproval. Dude is an entertainer and doesn't know shit about football.
kevin perry
kevin perry Місяць тому
Size clearly matters to a pocket QB with Brees being the only outlier I can think of, but as a dual threat and the rise in popularity of college offenses in the NFL he can be the difference maker in at least 5 teams off the top of my head. (Jags/Giants/Dolphins/Bucs/Cards)
Ray pope
Ray pope Місяць тому
why Місяць тому
That's what they thought about Steve Smith sr actually idk if anyone thought that
Triumphus Here
Triumphus Here Місяць тому
Max should stick to boxing 100 percent and let will take that spot
Cozy Cool
Cozy Cool Місяць тому
Will Cain ....you don't know football , no one would do that dumb sh*t because you would lose out on a good position player @ #4 , that's not to football savvy - where the heck did he come from ?
Ethan Weeter
Ethan Weeter Місяць тому
I think Haskins is not nearly as athletic as Murray, but he is a little more accurate on I intermediate to deep throws. He needs to work on slant throws though, his short passing game maybe lacking slightly.
Sean Craven
Sean Craven Місяць тому
Size doesn’t matter at qb in nfl anymore ... but 5’8” is a different story....
10GALLEN81 Місяць тому
I can't listen to will cain........I just can't do it
The size argument is being destroyed by Drew Bress, Russell Wilson, Baker Mayfield, and finally Kyler Murray who at 5.11 tall is probably going to be the smallest quarterback to play in the NFL sense Doug Flutie.
Solider Miami
Solider Miami Місяць тому
Size does not matter
Ryan Briones
Ryan Briones Місяць тому
Will Cain’s voice makes me want to punch him square in the nose. He always disagrees with max and steph
Chad gamble
Chad gamble Місяць тому
Make sure those babies r brown or abort🦁 Black power!!!!
John S
John S Місяць тому
Wilson is probably 6 foot with cleats on. Murray is no where near that. Wilson is also much heavier. The comparison is stupid. Having said I'd still take Murray because he was great, the best QB in college and Rosen looked like garbage last year.
arnold oliver
arnold oliver Місяць тому
Size doesn't matter look at Russell Wilson
lamar chapman
lamar chapman Місяць тому
Stephen a is bold this why they keep him on the air
Melisa Rodriguez
Melisa Rodriguez Місяць тому
Wow will Cain is so dumbe
U Stunod
U Stunod Місяць тому
Doug Flutie
Holden Radford
Holden Radford Місяць тому
Stephen A is always saying ppl r to small 🖕
Sam Gardner
Sam Gardner Місяць тому
Will Cain is a fucking moron.
Burnzem & Friends
Burnzem & Friends Місяць тому
Yet Russel Wilson is a superbowl champion......hmmm?
Dark Simmie
Dark Simmie Місяць тому
What a stupid philosophy. That's like buying multiple lottery tickets, cause you increase your chances of winning. Ive always been a big believer in taking the best available player. Don't reach and don't trade up. I'm trying to think of a team that trade up and gave away multiple high round future picks that it helped their team out immensely and didn't hamper them for the future.
Jim Scott
Jim Scott Місяць тому
I am told that Max Kellerman knows a lot about boxing and is a sound boxing analyst...but man with everything else he's just an idiot. How he got this job is beyond me.
hollywood fats
hollywood fats Місяць тому
i'd take haskins over murray. i'd love murray and he would be super exciting, but can you get longevity out of a dual threat QB?
tonyagaston78 Місяць тому
Like if stephen.a's edgeline is running
tonyagaston78 Місяць тому
Russell Wilson is the shortest qb to win a superbowl
DjGmoe 2 місяці тому
You guys sound like a bunch of idiots, thinking you know what an NFL Quarterback should look like just stf up & let them play Ball!!
dmurphy1578 2 місяці тому
Is he shorter than Doug flutie?
McKeal Lyons
McKeal Lyons 2 місяці тому
Max is useless
Smile Games
Smile Games 2 місяці тому
Why are people saying the cardinals should draft another qb? Didn’t they draft one already
Austin Seidel
Austin Seidel 2 місяці тому
Wasn't Baker Mayfield too small?
AlexMTBNW 2 місяці тому
Height is overrated. Anyone remember Doug Flutie? Everyone said he couldn’t play or he’s to short. They were wrong. Hail Flutie
ATOM TROUBLE 2 місяці тому
Michael vick was small too
E.J. Blacktalian
E.J. Blacktalian 2 місяці тому
Why wasn't this the narrative when Lamar Jackson was coming out? 6'3 212 but too small? FOH! Then who had the better resume Murry or Jackson? These ppl ain't shit!
Spice 0o0
Spice 0o0 2 місяці тому
To small? Explain Russell Wilson, Drew Brees, Tyreek Hill, (retired) Steve Smith those two may not play the same position but height does not matter smh 🤦🏽‍♂️
Tyrell Simanu
Tyrell Simanu 2 місяці тому
Giants wont take a qb this year, think they should wait until next year
Chayton Weber
Chayton Weber 2 місяці тому
Yoda was undersized too but look what he accomplished
AB Compound
AB Compound 2 місяці тому
Steven A dont know shit about football. I played a little ball in college. More important than his size are the pieces around him and can they use what he does well to full benefit. Also he was short a long time before now and I think it hasnt been a problem. You idiots who never took a snap, dont know how to line up, dont say anything cause you dont know ...Stephen A, Max, and Mr. Cowboys Cheerleader. Well you can say something but you will be wrong because you dont know the game. Ive watched pilots fly planes, want me in the cockpit?
MrBlazzin101 2 місяці тому
I agree in drafting a qb every year. QB can set your franchise back for years. Were still trying to recover after Marino. And we completely bombed after not signing drew breeze.
rathemar 2 місяці тому
You sir are an idiot!
Chey Heyway
Chey Heyway 2 місяці тому
Stephen A looks like the Pringle man
Mary Malone
Mary Malone 2 місяці тому
And he ready oh oh the shit
Mary Malone
Mary Malone 2 місяці тому
He can throw the rock and run with it
Damian Giraud
Damian Giraud 2 місяці тому
Broncos should get him I mean look at Phillip Lindsay too small for running back but he shut my ass up all season
Jashaun Murrell
Jashaun Murrell 2 місяці тому
Don’t discriminate ball players come in all size💪🏾‼️
Johnwilliam Carroll
Johnwilliam Carroll 2 місяці тому
Will won this debate hands down.
surreality 2 місяці тому
Hey look, they're regurgitating the same bullshit they were spewing about Baker. As usual, they were wrong. Sports opinionators are just like the weather man. He can make a million guesses, but it's never going to be accurate.
webbsightful 2 місяці тому
Murray has proven he knows how to pass over the lineman at Oklahoma. They are pro comparable as far as size. He has got the arm and what makes him compelling is he is faster then Watson,WILSON,Jsckson,even Mariotta,.
Wowxaa 2 місяці тому
Will Cain is the most reasonable analyst you guys have. He your future.
andrew blunt
andrew blunt 2 місяці тому
Anthony Braceful
Anthony Braceful 2 місяці тому
"THEY SAID", "Russell Wilson was too short and Kyler Murray is only 1 inch shorter than him, AND Russell Wilson DIDN'T WIN THE HEISMAN TROPHY!!!
Chris Lilly
Chris Lilly 2 місяці тому
Kyler Murray is a center fielder not a shortstop Stephen A You always wrong
TB sports Show
TB sports Show 2 місяці тому
I don’t understand the whole small argument NFL lineman are not that much taller than NCAA lineman. When your in college you stop growing as far as height. I hate that argument
SeidlNJ 2 місяці тому
he’s only an inch shorter than brees but ok lol
AverageO 2 місяці тому
why risk a career of concussions when you can be in the MLB
mrblackalchemist 2 місяці тому
I think Murray is too short. I also think he is entering the draft to leverage the Oakland Athletics.
Casavion Brown
Casavion Brown 2 місяці тому
Yeo Molly Is fine asf
Aaron Benavidez
Aaron Benavidez 2 місяці тому
Heart over height my brotha
Mr. Placenta
Mr. Placenta 2 місяці тому
At least he didn’t make it about race.
T DUPREE 2 місяці тому
Did anybody watch him against Alabama? I hope he gets a decent O line 🤔
Michigan 01
Michigan 01 2 місяці тому
Bs man I think that if he think he can make it hell he’ll make it I doesn’t even mater how tall he is
OutlawStarkiller 2 місяці тому
when are sports analysts/personalities gonna get over this "too small" argument
Fred B
Fred B 2 місяці тому
Drew Brees called, laughed at this, hung up and went back to prepare his second superbowl trip. RyanLeafWhoWasThePrototypeQuarterbackSize is trying to call ESPN collect from his jail cell
Demarcus Barnes
Demarcus Barnes 2 місяці тому
If you’re talking how big 12 coaches impacted the nfl, I think the man most responsible for the is Art Briles
_ Real1ne
_ Real1ne 2 місяці тому
Stephen a is the type of person that would make you want to kiss in his cereal
ajnewi 2 місяці тому
Josh Rosen had the worst QBR out of all starters... including the rest of the rookie class. He has not had a sneaky good year Max.
Koby Howard
Koby Howard 2 місяці тому
Stephen A. Smith does not even know BOOMER SOONER
Scott Franceschini
Scott Franceschini 2 місяці тому
Didn’t we go over this last year
one-eleven111 2 місяці тому
Will is a diamond in this rough
Ma At
Ma At 2 місяці тому
Anddddd once again Stephen A shows he’s a complete idiot for the 1000th time
RonnyDonny13 2 місяці тому
People saying Baker is too small yet he's taller than Brees and Wilson
Daniel Bostelman
Daniel Bostelman 2 місяці тому
Will Cain is absolutely the best listen to him fill in on shows before his show was established.
Seth Martin
Seth Martin 2 місяці тому
Kyler Murray is 4 inches smaller and 30 pounds lighter than RG3. ROBERT GRIFFIN III!
51BombersDavi 2 місяці тому
Baseball future as a short stop ? He plays center field. Please Stephen A do research before coming on set .
Apathetic Millennial
Apathetic Millennial 2 місяці тому
Yeah and Stephen A is too (insert any reason) to have his own show on ESPN but here we are. 🤗
dan chill
dan chill 2 місяці тому
Too small and play ordinary vs Alabama in a big game!
Cleavon Brown
Cleavon Brown 2 місяці тому
I think his height should be irrelevant, considering if he 6.0 he would probably go number 1. I feel for the QB who go number 1 to teams with no supporting cast of course there going to bust. Baker only did so well because the Browns is the idea team for a rookie QB.
Maureen Elam
Maureen Elam 2 місяці тому
cardinals don't need a quarter back
Kylie Garrison
Kylie Garrison 2 місяці тому
I don’t get why you would choose his size over his speed he is a good football player and I have grown to be a OU fan so I honestly will love if he chooses baseball or football because I have grown up on both. But he needs to learn size doesn’t matter
Cody G
Cody G 2 місяці тому
Kyler is an undersized quarterback who’s going to get crushed in the nfl. He weighs 185 on a good day and is 5’8. Yes their are exceptions to the great quarterbacks list based on size but don’t mistake anomaly’s for normality’s. The facts show that the bigger quarterbacks last longer and are better quarterbacks. Kyler was an amazing college qb but many of his skills will not translate to the nfl like many think. He is a 4th round guy but this hype is why he will be drafted in the first round. He played under Lincoln Riley and his stats may be better than a lot of quarterbacks but he is not the prospect that teams should be looking for.
Jeremy Ansah
Jeremy Ansah 2 місяці тому
When he said"you're both wrong" lmao... Like it was a right or wrong answer 🤣
DAWGSZN 2 місяці тому
Im glad will cain is not the brown GM because then we'd have taken baker and rosen or allen with the 1st and 4th picks. I like denzel. You scout well, you will find a gem. Having busts happens to every team.
Rari 2 місяці тому
Stephen A. Is right, the other "short" quarterbacks are at least 6''1 .. at least .. This kid isn't even 5"10.. that's the point he's way too small he won't be able to see the field.
Tyler Wilson
Tyler Wilson 2 місяці тому
They also said Russell Wilson and drew brees were too small. And we all know how they turned out
Josh From dunder mifflin
Josh From dunder mifflin 2 місяці тому
I haven’t heard one good will cain take.
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