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A Grappling Gun, a new Absurd Recurd and a box full of snakes make this our best Overtime yet!
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5 Best Friends and a Panda.
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20 тра 2019

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Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect 3 місяці тому
Coby here. Yikes that was rough 👊🏻🙇🏻‍♂️ 🚨 COME SEE US (no snakes) ON TOUR! 🎟 DudePerfect.com/Tour
Israel Romero
Israel Romero 9 днів тому
I will send you a 40 billion dollars to setup your own on the Dude Perfect moon base
tonya taylor
tonya taylor 11 днів тому
Dude Perfect 👌
Fidget Spiner1
Fidget Spiner1 14 днів тому
Rohit Bohra
Rohit Bohra 4 години тому
Best part of the video 19:56
Nathan Healy
Nathan Healy 10 годин тому
I went to the one I San Jose
Kayla Nguyen
Kayla Nguyen 17 годин тому
Ned: Son of a biscuit my bottle broke in my pocket. Me: 😂😂😂😂😂😂
arbri kokona
arbri kokona 17 годин тому
plz stop with overtime this is so boring
Money Boy
Money Boy День тому
Do smelling bee
Ben Nick
Ben Nick День тому
Can I get a shout out I watched every one of your videos
That one person
That one person День тому
Sneks are cute
Money Boy
Money Boy День тому
He wasn’t really hurt that bad when you hit him
Jennifer Long
Jennifer Long День тому
Y’all or the best👍🏻🤑🤠😅😎
Awesome Andrew
Awesome Andrew День тому
Awesome Andrew
Awesome Andrew День тому
Oh wait he did this episode
Roblox & Fortnite
Roblox & Fortnite День тому
GodlyBoyCody День тому
why does nobody on tour go to canada
big Hippo
big Hippo День тому
All of the character's are played by ty
Manan Singh
Manan Singh 2 дні тому
I do know why every time I see your videos I just got extremely excited 😂😂
Jeonghan Kim
Jeonghan Kim 2 дні тому
I love the intro
Aubergine Man
Aubergine Man 2 дні тому
He looked like Homer Simpson’s wife in the shaving cream thing
Kowalds Bus
Kowalds Bus 2 дні тому
Australia Adelaide is where you should go
kieran scrap
kieran scrap 2 дні тому
Tem bred
Yeterson Peterson
Yeterson Peterson 2 дні тому
Cody is like Jim from the office
Archemist 2 дні тому
Thank you Jason for geting coby getting a world record
Aqeel Ashkanani
Aqeel Ashkanani 2 дні тому
Andre Legault
Andre Legault 2 дні тому
Come to Sudbury Canada
Md Sam khan
Md Sam khan 3 дні тому
Bro iam watching your chenel for 4 years
Leonardo HHH
Leonardo HHH 3 дні тому
3:11 teutonic knight
AD Game
AD Game 3 дні тому
22:35 1% batery Dude.
Ajin Sriarimathanan
Ajin Sriarimathanan 2 дні тому
Colin Peterson
Colin Peterson 3 дні тому
Dude f Cody in some of these cool not cool vids
Connor Borden
Connor Borden 3 дні тому
20:00 thank me later
UMKB 3 дні тому
eric august
eric august 3 дні тому
The panda is Ned Forrester.
Nelli Draws
Nelli Draws 3 дні тому
Did you guys keep the hamster?
Glen Cumbie
Glen Cumbie 3 дні тому
Hi dude perfect
Unni Horgmo
Unni Horgmo 4 дні тому
Overtime Cool not cool: 1:09 Absurd Recurds: 7:58 Smelling Bee: 12:00 Wheel Unfortunate: 16:41
Drift Blaze
Drift Blaze 4 дні тому
I live in the GB
Giovanni Martelli
Giovanni Martelli 4 дні тому
hi dp it is giovanni martelli
Philip Lim
Philip Lim 4 дні тому
Fan from Philippines 😁
hockey champ macinnis 123
hockey champ macinnis 123 4 дні тому
I love you guys
Stephanie Hill
Stephanie Hill 4 дні тому
Dude 888111
Jeremy Lauten
Jeremy Lauten 4 дні тому
Coby beat Cory
XBOX SNIPER 4 дні тому
in the smelling bee why does ty sound like Herbert from family guy
Noooscap 101
Noooscap 101 5 днів тому
Dude perfect in 3969: intergalactic trick shots 4
Chaoscillation Games
Chaoscillation Games 5 днів тому
Ned’s voice got increasingly higher as wheel unfortunate went in
Henry Hassmann
Henry Hassmann 5 днів тому
my favorite was the listening device
Joanna Williams
Joanna Williams 5 днів тому
yusha alam
yusha alam 5 днів тому
yall told my friend who panda is
Izzy Sprayin
Izzy Sprayin 5 днів тому
My birthday is August twelfth
Jacob Geisen
Jacob Geisen 5 днів тому
Deonath Ramoutar
Deonath Ramoutar 5 днів тому
Liam Wardle
Liam Wardle 5 днів тому
Anyone whatching in 2019 cause i am
Lloyd Sequeira
Lloyd Sequeira 5 днів тому
Please visit India
Kitty Volleyball
Kitty Volleyball 5 днів тому
Did anybody see between 18:11 and 18:17 on the wheel the cards changes?
Dazzy. Jack Swan!
Dazzy. Jack Swan! 5 днів тому
That wheel unfortunate had me wrenching with laughter....oh man that was funny.
Mighty Lorcan
Mighty Lorcan 5 днів тому
Imagine being the guiness world record staff.
回答島巣 6 днів тому
Ali moaied
Ali moaied 6 днів тому
تكو عرب بالقناة
Saving Our Planet Earth
Saving Our Planet Earth 6 днів тому
When I tell you that I laughed out loud at the point with ned
clayton christo
clayton christo 6 днів тому
Cory is an idiot
Kent Daniel Padua
Kent Daniel Padua 6 днів тому
Make a video of your everyday life
PJ Does stuff
PJ Does stuff 6 днів тому
I think the panda is Chad
Parker Hanzalik
Parker Hanzalik 6 днів тому
No MN? to cold for you guys?
markeye 6 днів тому
You Guys are Rich AF 😂
xDrops 6 днів тому
3:34 Cody is getting a little bit of tears
Mal and Eli
Mal and Eli 6 днів тому
5:19 notice how he hits his shield instead of the button
R0bdegod 99
R0bdegod 99 6 днів тому
Ned is the best
Artin Mardani
Artin Mardani 6 днів тому
I feel offended he dose not like Science
Atele Wetsah
Atele Wetsah 6 днів тому
Man i want to know who panda is *curious*
Fire eye Gaming
Fire eye Gaming 6 днів тому
'Remember the space land I bought' 'You mean OUR land' SOVIET UNION ANTHEM INTENSIFIES 1:45
iUnify *-*
iUnify *-* 6 днів тому
Fire eye Gaming u stole my comment from b4 and I copy righted it. It’s ok it’s our patent fellow communist
Sergio Quinones
Sergio Quinones 7 днів тому
I live in Colorado springs Dude perfect
Gamer X
Gamer X 7 днів тому
I ment nc
Gamer X
Gamer X 7 днів тому
I live in no
Zeeshan Shaikh
Zeeshan Shaikh 7 днів тому
I am in Atlanta
Abigail Thomas
Abigail Thomas 7 днів тому
Come to West Virginia I am one of your number one fans that live in West Virginia I would really like to see you I can't really go to any one of those places because we have stuff to do on those days when you go on tourjust please come to West Virginia I really feel bad if you aren'tare going to come but I get it you have other stuff on tour du du
Emma Oliver 48 (STUDENT)
Emma Oliver 48 (STUDENT) 7 днів тому
At 5:48 Cody: hey those are my cars dude 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
my pp really small but
my pp really small but 5 днів тому
yes, i too saw the video
Blaze Playz
Blaze Playz 7 днів тому
Will the cheese weasels be with you on tour?
Melanie Jack
Melanie Jack 7 днів тому
Dats my dream
mahamoud ali
mahamoud ali 8 днів тому
Dude purfect your the best you tubers
조정원 8 днів тому
cool not cool is getting worse....
tblacher 8 днів тому
The editors are amazing 😉 so why can’t they take part
Rachel Ramsey
Rachel Ramsey 8 днів тому
Cory looks and sounds like Jim halpert
Hector Salvador Escobar Valenzuela
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