Lee on Leaving the Podcast to Pursue Comedy | Joey Diaz

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Dey knight
Dey knight 39 хвилин тому
I cant believe lee is only 9 maybe 10 years older than me
J W День тому
Gutted he’s going 😭
Lu Bu
Lu Bu 3 дні тому
Joey always gives the truest and real advice great man
Matvall 9 днів тому
I love their relationship.
pspgoman100 11 днів тому
Although we all see uncle Joey as the crazy cock sucka he is. We all also see how much of a positive impact he has on the people around him. Best of luck to lee if he ever commits to comedy 700%
Robert Mirabilio Tyranny
Robert Mirabilio Tyranny 12 днів тому
Lee!! For real 😳 Remember that Cemetery Back In April “95” What Does That Have to do With LEE SYATT LEAVING!!! Nothing!! NOT A DAMM THING!!! Joey needs you Brother!!! So bad that you can see the LOOK 👀 ON HIS SOUL!!! Tremendous!!!
Inrry Torres
Inrry Torres 13 днів тому
Just go on the road with joey
Inrry Torres
Inrry Torres 13 днів тому
Lee lowkey ungrateful
Lorna Levi shoeswomen
Lorna Levi shoeswomen 14 днів тому
lee you hang around with a lot of comedians that's good your good with podcast sort off are you sure your going to be comedian
Jonas Henderson
Jonas Henderson 15 днів тому
That cocksuckka rlly helps the day
Jonas Henderson
Jonas Henderson 15 днів тому
Is the podcast going to stop plz no it's all I got for true inspiration it truly is
Zachary Hurley
Zachary Hurley 16 днів тому
You’re the god damn beans lee!
John Torres
John Torres 16 днів тому
Who keeps telling Lee he can be a comedian? He's never said anything funny on the podcast
i 1
i 1 16 днів тому
Is he leaving?
Daniel 17 днів тому
I love how beta males change their accent all of a sudden when they talk like they have an initiative of their own, Lee speaks in australian now he is a big comedian apparently
Mr S
Mr S 17 днів тому
This shit is so boring
Papito Diaz
Papito Diaz 9 днів тому
Mr S then dont watch it dumbass
PrEmIuM.PeNgUiN 18 днів тому
I love how the edibles make Joey's jaw hang open 😂 coke made it tighten, weed makes gravity take action
PrEmIuM.PeNgUiN 18 днів тому
*" .... in nineteen eighty.......five "*
Rude Boy 707
Rude Boy 707 20 днів тому
This was some real shit big joe
cucho1967 20 днів тому
So when are you guys gonna start auditioning for his spot? Please email me.
GamerWordDotNet 20 днів тому
I think Lee is leaving because he's gotten too fat sitting on his ass for a living. It's obvious too. He used to regularly show himself on here, but after he got super fat, he would rarely appear on camera anymore. Last time he only showed himself on camera for 30 seconds a few months back - and all the comments on the podcast weren't talking about the podcast but just talking about how fat Lee has gotten. Lee should know better than anyone he doesn't have a chance being a stand up comedian. For one, he can barely stand up. Two - he has interacted with enough standup comedians to know he isn't one. He's a behind-the-scenes guy, and that's all he will ever be.
tinktwiceman 20 днів тому
Nice to see Joey supporting Lee like he always has.
Arthur92 20 днів тому
damn lee getting really fat
Brian Cheng
Brian Cheng 21 день тому
I like Lee and I'm rooting for him to do well. But he doesn't seem like he can be a professional stand up comedian or even a comedian. I do hope he proves me wrong though.
Tom 21 день тому
This talk is real shit that people need to listen to. your never make a mistake
Lil Machty
Lil Machty 22 дні тому
buddy said tigers den lol.
forseenlife 22 дні тому
Joey, riding the boats and unloading barges in Texas isn't the same anymore. I do it. Too much bullshit nowdays. No time to yourself for 30 days 😪
j p
j p 22 дні тому
I’m available for hire coco
Jake Hill
Jake Hill 22 дні тому
Good riddance. Hated listening to lee. Dude is for brain dead people.
Aleks Petrovic
Aleks Petrovic 23 дні тому
Man if this isn't the most sincere father to son conversation I've witnessed! The respect Lee shows for Joey and vice versa is heartwarming. Now let's munch a few stars for old times sake.
craig lee
craig lee 23 дні тому
Everybody wants to be a Comic now, and the bad part several shitty one's now good luck bro:)
conr16 23 дні тому
*Good bye my lover, Goodbye my friend* 😭😂 someone needs to fucking record Lee doing stand up.. to be honest it could just be him bursting into fits of giggles and going red in the face making Jew noises 🤭
M w M
M w M 23 дні тому
Lee is a nomad, I wish him best
TMT 1 23 дні тому
That was my nice post Joey is being a good guy He knows Lee doesn’t have it and how hard he worked as a actually funny ass guy to make it. Lee been his ginnie pig test subject corrupted little cousin type. Joey just wanted someone that could hang around with him at his age listen to his stories all the time and get high with and teach some shit.
TMT 1 23 дні тому
Why the hell would he leave the podcast lmao I don’t see it getting any better for him than this. Best of luck with the comedy but come on man I’ve never heard him say anything funny the funny shit that happens with him is joey shredding him and him sitting around too high. I could never see him have the stage presence or personality for it.
Derby City Wyatt
Derby City Wyatt 23 дні тому
Salute Lee!!!
Trevor B
Trevor B 23 дні тому
Yeah..I havent seen the flyin jew do stand up but hes never said anything funny here. You gotta give props to anyone that takes the step into the unknown though...We all fear change...The unknown
Todd ZiLLa
Todd ZiLLa 24 дні тому
Was Lee the guy in the Bagel store yelling at everyone?
Aaron Iverson
Aaron Iverson 24 дні тому
A little bit over dramatic guys. Lighten up ffs,you’re both supposed to be comics 😳🤣
Alejandro Cardenas
Alejandro Cardenas 23 дні тому
They treat comedy too seriously, it's just show biz. You should take pride in any profession you do but keep some perspective.
Adam Rasmussen
Adam Rasmussen 24 дні тому
Go and be free, Lee. Chase those god damn dreams. Good luck!
Wavering Centurion
Wavering Centurion 24 дні тому
Go into the tigers den Lee
Mario M
Mario M 24 дні тому
See ya... don't let the door hit ya in the ass.
Armando Cast
Armando Cast 24 дні тому
Are you fucking serious you quitting this
Aprender Inglés Learn Spanish
JOEY DIAZ.....this is the BEST ADVICE POSSIBLE. That’s an unselfish good friend and mentor.
Luis Ortiz
Luis Ortiz 24 дні тому
Great fucking shirt Joey!!!! Clemente 21
Nick 24 дні тому
Lee is the most retarded human in existence, gonna love to see how this plays out. *car crash*
Imight Realperson
Imight Realperson 24 дні тому
damn man holding back the tears through this one boy
Tina Clogston
Tina Clogston 24 дні тому
Way to make it all about you Joey ya prick!
Space Ghost
Space Ghost 24 дні тому
why the hell would you want fame ??
Cool Breeze
Cool Breeze 24 дні тому
This fuccing Lee guy talks on the podcast like a scared , gay guy. Jesus he's going to do comedy now. I actually have to see this I need to see his Stand up. There's not one thing funny about Lee except his strange awkwardness. And its not funny its weird
Smug Overdose
Smug Overdose 25 днів тому
I don't think Lee has ever made me laugh (by his words at least). But I wish him the best on his journey. And where do we fill out the application to take his place?
Pup Pup Man
Pup Pup Man 23 дні тому
exactly! i love Lee, but he isn't funny
barrel dreamz
barrel dreamz 25 днів тому
Don't go to Houston Lee, you'll die from a heat stroke. Is Lee looking extra thick nowadays?? Looking rough
conr16 23 дні тому
Yeah I've watched since early days with a split screen on Lee and Joey at the same time back then Lee would have to get up and do jumping jacks for uncle Joey.. Now I'm sure he gets tired moving his head from side to side.. 🤭
Inglewood Oz
Inglewood Oz 25 днів тому
Joey looks like a Neanderthal
mxamiss5 25 днів тому
Don’t think he can be a stand up, he can’t say a fluid 4 words in a row
Pup Pup Man
Pup Pup Man 23 дні тому
don't think he can stand up. period.
Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor 25 днів тому
No offense but I stopped listening to this cos Lee's voice and laugh was irritating as fuck.
Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor 23 дні тому
@Pup Pup Man no thanks. The laugh Lee has is the most horrible thing I could hear. Love joey! But fuck this lee guy well irritating voice can't read the adverts properly. The last thing I Wana hear is episode's of his voice
Pup Pup Man
Pup Pup Man 23 дні тому
watch the Ryan Sickler episodes
Big V
Big V 25 днів тому
Lees comedy career will be over before it even starts.....stick with what you've been givin
Big V
Big V 25 днів тому
Lees definitely not ready....
BTS Army
BTS Army 25 днів тому
wtf? why does literally everyone think they can be professional comedians all of a sudden? I blame Joe Rogan
Victor 25 днів тому
He'll still be better than Schaub
jpaulglobal 25 днів тому
LMAO. Classic MacGrubber.
Joe Naborre
Joe Naborre 25 днів тому
BadgerBadgerBadger 25 днів тому
You can do both if you have the drive, Joey and Rogan both prove that. You don't have a singular pursuit, you have many.
Dougaldinho Fishdinho
Dougaldinho Fishdinho 25 днів тому
Joey spoke non-stop to avoid crying.
Randy Watson
Randy Watson 25 днів тому
Lee got tired of being called a cocksucka on the internet.
Proenit310 25 днів тому
ill fill in uncle. for free
André Pinto
André Pinto 25 днів тому
Go Lee! Fuck yeah grab the world bro! Also come to Europe! You both should! Love from Portugal
Tay Kitten Diaz
Tay Kitten Diaz 25 днів тому
I don't think Lee will last a week, how would he survive without conveyor belt sushi and lizard tacos? Not even being mean, being on the road is like being homeless on purpose yknow
Rickety Cricket
Rickety Cricket 25 днів тому
I love how Lee tries to quit but Joey goes on to tell a bunch of random stories about death, fighting, and a bunch of random other shit lol
Pup Pup Man
Pup Pup Man 23 дні тому
there is always a goat or a mule and Joey always mentions selling cars
Jamal Sufi
Jamal Sufi 25 днів тому
Rickety Cricket
Rickety Cricket 25 днів тому
I love you Lee, but even if you're 5x as funny in stand up as you are on here, you're still gonna have a very rough time. He has no 'schtick'. He's just a painfully average guy that blends in with the wallpaper. I don't know how many people are gonna want to pay for that
Rickety Cricket
Rickety Cricket 23 дні тому
@Jesse Leyva by that I meant personality, something that sets him apart. And yes, comedy absolutely does need you to stand out.
Jesse Leyva
Jesse Leyva 25 днів тому
Rickety Cricket funny doesnt need a “schtick”
Cody Gooding
Cody Gooding 25 днів тому
I love when Joey gets serious, because all I can read is the cocksucker sign lol.
Dirte Deuce
Dirte Deuce 25 днів тому
follow ur dreams but this guy isnt funny ...
PHresh Start
PHresh Start 22 дні тому
Dirte Deuce hshsha exactly
Dirte Deuce
Dirte Deuce 23 дні тому
@PHresh Start I was thinking the same thing. He can barely form a coherent sentence. I know i know coco has him on 1000 mgs of THC each ep but still.
PHresh Start
PHresh Start 23 дні тому
Feel the same way best of luck to him always follow your dreams but not only is he not funny he barely talks asks dumb question has zero personality, charisma, or stage presence. Lmao the only thing funny about him is joey ripping on him or him sitting around too high. I don’t see it getting any better for him than the pod cast as far as comedy.
Danny Crook
Danny Crook 25 днів тому
Way to fucking go Lee!
WolfOfWiddy 26 днів тому
All love Joey and Lee ❤️
shawn mcclanahan
shawn mcclanahan 26 днів тому
Man I hope all you cocksukas eat a bag of dicks when lee makes it he is a stand up guy and everyone that knows and hangs with diaz they are good people and everyone that hates on UKvid is pathetic you will never be a comedian so stop trying to be funny
Tyler Bennett
Tyler Bennett 26 днів тому
I was just thinking about this earlier and it’s crazy this comes up on my suggestions.
Bitcoin Kong
Bitcoin Kong 26 днів тому
Lee you need to relax you are Redban just accept it and enjoy being around brilliance and make your money.
Tay Kitten Diaz
Tay Kitten Diaz 25 днів тому
BB1349 26 днів тому
Lee Syatt looking like a melting Tom Segura
Reece 26 днів тому
Joey gave great advice - gahdamn
riz h
riz h 26 днів тому
Lee is the loveavle guy you laugh at. I don't think he's got it in him to be a real comic like the great Brendan Schuab. If you don't believe me, check out his special on showtine
Death-NVK3 25 днів тому
J Bee
J Bee 26 днів тому
Lee. We got u
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