Leprechaun Returns (2018) KILL COUNT

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17 бер 2019





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2 Friends Productions
2 Friends Productions 3 дні тому
Dead meat why don't you do a kill count on the movie legion
Deavin Warren
Deavin Warren 9 днів тому
Hey dead meet do drive thru i is so good
Giovanni Gonzalexz
Giovanni Gonzalexz 11 днів тому
Dead Meat 2
KingOli 1st
KingOli 1st 12 днів тому
Can anyone send Dead mea 2 do Michael ersus Jason it’s a fab made film about Jason oorhees and Michael Myers
Brian Avail
Brian Avail 12 днів тому
Final destination kill count pls 😊
Tamara Anderson
Tamara Anderson 2 години тому
It was bad 👎😤😂
David Flykid
David Flykid 3 години тому
Can you do the us movie kill count
Fuckme Papi
Fuckme Papi 6 годин тому
Do silence
Ryan Packer
Ryan Packer 14 годин тому
15:04 reminds me of army of Darkness
Adoring Fan
Adoring Fan 16 годин тому
Hey, it'd be great if you could do a kill count on the movie 'The Blob'
Jakob Rosenbaum
Jakob Rosenbaum 16 годин тому
Ill go and rewatch i gotchu man
Harrison Liang
Harrison Liang 17 годин тому
mate you should do world war z
United gaming 12
United gaming 12 21 годину тому
Lauren Ann Kattner
Lauren Ann Kattner День тому
rip ozzie
Lauren Ann Kattner
Lauren Ann Kattner День тому
wow i was about to tell you to do freddy vs jason but thats alredy a vid you made
danteelite День тому
I thought at 5:30 you were gonna mention how they are installing a solar panel on the only shady part of the roof. Right next to a tree. Facing the wrong way. Yup. Lol
_Chlpz _
_Chlpz _ День тому
LMAO werid al yankovic referance at 3:55
XxdepressedroseyxX I’m ok
XxdepressedroseyxX I’m ok День тому
I remember watching this when I was little and I wasn’t scared is that normal?
Yanna AuJouNee
Yanna AuJouNee День тому
You should do a kill count on the wrong turn movies
Lala Welsh
Lala Welsh День тому
Used to do the good son
Ichigo Kurosaki
Ichigo Kurosaki День тому
You should do a kill count for the nun
vugibu oip
vugibu oip День тому
Im honestly surprised this was an enjoyable movie.
Jonas Duffy
Jonas Duffy День тому
KingOli1999 2 дні тому
Honestly, I liked the original movie and this movie. I mean it’s not the best horror movie, but it’s so bad that it’s good. The others including Leprechaun in Space were just terrible.
Thomas tom
Thomas tom 2 дні тому
Yo jj. absolutely no need to ultra explain the whole connection between the witty stuff you said in the first lep vid and this one. Kinda pathetic you thought you had to explain that to the degree you did for us peeps who been following from the start. Stick to what you know and how you do....I say....that's why your so love in the frist place.
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts 2 дні тому
Did anyone peep the leprechaun from Alabama shirt he had on I fucking love you dead meat and everybody involved with this content
Brandon Sutton
Brandon Sutton 2 дні тому
I swear everytime I see that video of all them people and the dude says it was a leprechaun right y'all? I cringe, that is like the most hood place I've ever seen on a short clip, I guarantee there was a crack house and gangsters staring each other down with guns in the background.
ToothierTuba21 Xbox1
ToothierTuba21 Xbox1 2 дні тому
Oof I live in nort Dakota Edit: Bismarck has metro?
1000 subs with no videos
1000 subs with no videos 2 дні тому
The ''im James A. Janisse'' line never gets old
Devin Johnson
Devin Johnson 2 дні тому
This was honestly the best leprechaun movie
APT_Hacker_YT 2 дні тому
Can you do a #Brightburn plz
Tyler Barker
Tyler Barker 2 дні тому
You rime bitr then him
Kashing Maldonado
Kashing Maldonado 3 дні тому
Do a kill count for Terrifier
Debra Rigo
Debra Rigo 3 дні тому
JwGacey1 3 дні тому
gotta clean my shoes after killing mailman
Shock Stream.X
Shock Stream.X 3 дні тому
When the new pet sematary comes out you should do it
destinedfan 3 дні тому
💩 on our 👞 👞 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Darth Jaxon
Darth Jaxon 3 дні тому
Top of the mornin to ya... Oh wait.
Kimjungung 696969
Kimjungung 696969 3 дні тому
Leppy was dead and tried to kill you But you lit him on fire and then he went boom
Eden Hester
Eden Hester 3 дні тому
You should do the mummy. It’s not a horror movie but it has a good amount of kills.
kya beauchamp
kya beauchamp 3 дні тому
Do the silence
Jinx Black Rose
Jinx Black Rose 3 дні тому
You should do a kill count on The Terrifier.
Henpeckedrhys 3 дні тому
Do a kill count on the omen
Andy Candy
Andy Candy 3 дні тому
Julie Sargent
Julie Sargent 3 дні тому
Do leprechauns revenge
Raha NOWADAYS 3 дні тому
ное ное ное мо вамва вітсн а ноІе тцтц арр
String Surgeon TV
String Surgeon TV 4 дні тому
you should play mortel kombat
SOUL Defrost
SOUL Defrost 4 дні тому
no UKvid is better
last word
last word 4 дні тому
I love this could you make a kill count for World War Z , thank you !
Diamond Wolf Spyro and Crash
5:11 I'm trying to clean. 🤣🤣
Eduardo Díaz
Eduardo Díaz 4 дні тому
No Warwick Davis, but at least it isn't that abomination unto God our Lord that is... whatever the hell the thing from Leprechaun: Origins is.
David Sanchez
David Sanchez 4 дні тому
Can you do a kill count about before I wake a Netflix movie
Banana Lord
Banana Lord 4 дні тому
Can u pls do the remake of pet sematary 2019 for kill count
Reed Parrott
Reed Parrott 4 дні тому
Do jeepers creepers
deadborg 5
deadborg 5 3 дні тому
Dylan Cisneros
Dylan Cisneros 4 дні тому
Dead meat
TEL_ Juan
TEL_ Juan 5 днів тому
#Deadmeat can you do a kill count on us the movie
Jame the killer/crazy/pretty/sweet
This it's no damn sleepover😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑
The Bird
The Bird 5 днів тому
I love how the boxes say, "Legitmate pizza." it's great.
_ THEGR33NKRUNTH _ 5 днів тому
So leps blood is like a xenomorph face hugger
The Shadows Of Regret
The Shadows Of Regret 5 днів тому
James A Janisse looks a bit like Pee Wee Herman the more you look at him
Magnus Gjevre
Magnus Gjevre 5 днів тому
Hey could you do the puppet master franchise
Bree Pamdragon
Bree Pamdragon 5 днів тому
This is actually my favourite movie cuz I’m from Ireland XD and like all my friends call me leprechaun cuz I’m so fucking short -.- and sometimes when they just want to make me angry as fuck they call me clover
Ikari1423 5 днів тому
I have a question Is a movie supposed to be an hour or more long for it to be considered one?
Thanos 5 днів тому
You should count the kills on the Hellraiser series some time.
no no
no no 5 днів тому
Awe leppy went through leprechaun puberty
Jose 5 днів тому
What do you do guys think he’ll do when he runs out of scary movies to do?
HDP Datsansboi
HDP Datsansboi 5 днів тому
Tremors kill count like if u agree
wolfie 354
wolfie 354 5 днів тому
Someone pissed off jacksepticeye
Jason Sulham
Jason Sulham 5 днів тому
I have to watch this
Ahmad Badrul Hisham
Ahmad Badrul Hisham 5 днів тому
"Office uprising"kill count pleaes
Jaedevon Simmons
Jaedevon Simmons 6 днів тому
Jason: kids back to crystal lake Lephercaun: Hitchhikes the back of a van
Nishan vidz
Nishan vidz 6 днів тому
do truth or dare
Shannan Stovall
Shannan Stovall 6 днів тому
I can't really believe this video was really made up 3 weeks ago really right here this time.
Shroompie1235 ___
Shroompie1235 ___ 6 днів тому
So the little shit is back huh? Well time to stomp him back to hell like penny wise
The friendly Metroid
The friendly Metroid 6 днів тому
What the frik they made another leprechaun how?
BoreD 6 днів тому
do us dude
Andy Alvarado
Andy Alvarado 6 днів тому
Thx man I got the answer right
Rootbeer Braxton
Rootbeer Braxton 6 днів тому
BullseyeBuck 6 днів тому
I don't like leprechaun new face make up i liked the old original ones from 1995
Cure Hana
Cure Hana 6 днів тому
Is it bad that I laughed at Lila’s Shamrock Shake joke? I just love seeing Lep get a corny one-liner thrown in his face that’s not too far off from his own. 😅
Anthony D
Anthony D 6 днів тому
next vid should be the 9/11 kill count
spud the dug
spud the dug 7 днів тому
Hey James I suggest the lost boys it's about 3 vampires hope you do a kill count😁😁😁👍👍👍👍
On the Daily
On the Daily 7 днів тому
Hey there’s another channel like crypt tv. It’s not to bad you should check it out. It’s called alter
Axlinvintoz Shockley
Axlinvintoz Shockley 7 днів тому
Do silence
David Milliard
David Milliard 7 днів тому
You should do an escape room kill count
Aaron Denny
Aaron Denny 7 днів тому
Legit dead meat your my favorite channel and I can't stop watching you your commentary and everything is soooo good your legit the only reason I got over my fear of horror so keep up the good work and hope you have a good up coming weekend oh btw I love your videos with or without the beard and dont let the hate get to you mate :)
The Skrilltrap
The Skrilltrap 7 днів тому
This is definitely a good Leprechaun sequel. Great kills, amazing makeup, and one of my favorite kills now in the Leprechaun series.
Maggie 7 днів тому
CB Productions
CB Productions 7 днів тому
16:01 that’s mesh
Nick Ninja
Nick Ninja 7 днів тому
You have to do us
Emerald Blaze
Emerald Blaze 7 днів тому
Speaking of Ash, he’s now on Dead By Daylight.
FBI IS GONNA FIND ME 8 днів тому
So there's a movie Called cell and I was wondering if you could do a kill count on that
Sean Brantley
Sean Brantley 8 днів тому
Hey James I'm a huge fan I was watching the bye bye man and was wondering if you'd do a kill count for it
Steven Commins
Steven Commins 8 днів тому
That frase was from wired al
panda girl playz
panda girl playz 8 днів тому
Do a kill count on hannibal
michael d
michael d 8 днів тому
You should do Tucker and Dale vs Evil
Carole Spickerman
Carole Spickerman 8 днів тому
do a kill count of war of the worlds
Rikka Chan669
Rikka Chan669 8 днів тому
Adil Saga
Adil Saga 8 днів тому
Omg he looked so sad at the end when he was walking down the street
yougot goku'd dude
yougot goku'd dude 8 днів тому
Do a kill count on the movie (starved)
YEET BOI. 8 днів тому
This is the most graphic movie in the series by like 1,000,000%.
NoobHashtagPLS 8 днів тому
downfall kill counts?
Axel Nilsson
Axel Nilsson 9 днів тому
All the sequels were ignored anyway
Erin J
Erin J 9 днів тому
James A. jannisse is so cute 😍😍
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