Leprechaun Returns (2018) KILL COUNT

Dead Meat
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17 бер 2019

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Aesthetic Trash
Aesthetic Trash 2 дні тому
Is 3:57 a Weird Al reference?
Giovanni Capote
Giovanni Capote 15 днів тому
6:56 you can see his feet in the upper middle before the shadow line starts
Darius Constantine
Darius Constantine 19 днів тому
I had no idea this movie was made, holy shit does it look campy.
K And G Turcios
K And G Turcios 21 день тому
Can you please do a phantasm episode
Aaron Taylor
Aaron Taylor Місяць тому
Are you no doing these every friday?
Fran 16 годин тому
Damn Meredith took a big one to the mouth.
Peter L.
Peter L. 16 годин тому
one time my mom was on an elementary school news program and she was giving the North Dakota weather for funsies, and she was like "do you know what the capital of North Dakota is? iiiiiiiit's BISMARCK" and SLAPPED the board they were filming with, and now that's an in joke in our family, and thank you for reminding me of that
toast_that_is_toasted •_•
toast_that_is_toasted •_• 16 годин тому
"your disgusting" "in a sexy way right"
Chloe Martinez
Chloe Martinez 18 годин тому
James talking about the original leprechaun: THIS MOVIE SUCKS James talking about the sequel: I just don’t have a dull machete.
DevolutionVII 21 годину тому
They made so MANY of these 🤣😭
hehehhehehe no u
hehehhehehe no u 23 години тому
U da best
Vaxus Kriegor
Vaxus Kriegor День тому
I think that's just supposed to be a bug screen, which of course brings up one more question than it answers "Where's the glass?"
tristin hernandez
tristin hernandez День тому
Honestly your videos are the only ones I can rewatch over and over again
Joseph Beck
Joseph Beck День тому
Hey it's summer here. Don't tell me
Keon Perkins
Keon Perkins День тому
I live right by Bismarck
Strong dud Zack
Strong dud Zack День тому
Magic motherfucker
mike mck
mike mck 2 дні тому
Leps voice is godly
Lizzy Elisabeth
Lizzy Elisabeth 2 дні тому
My fave part of this video, James says we should be studying for geography... I’m studying for my math test tomorrow 😂😂😂
FatAngryGeek 2 дні тому
I'm a new subscriber, your Leprechaun videos got my attention. I welcome myself to your channel.
Antoni Fugueroa
Antoni Fugueroa 2 дні тому
This channel is amazing not only does it show the kill count it gives u a summary of the movie
Damian Quick
Damian Quick 2 дні тому
Leprechaun:that's the car of the future? Me:yes Also leprechaun:shiit
Tigerfire75 3 дні тому
Hey the electric car joke is still timely
Tigerfire75 3 дні тому
That house doesn't have a single luxury? They are like Robinson Crueso primative as can be.
AchmodinIV SWE
AchmodinIV SWE 3 дні тому
I love the voice of lap
IAmAnOutsider s fan
IAmAnOutsider s fan 3 дні тому
I don’t study
Jhon Edwards
Jhon Edwards 3 дні тому
North Dakota capital actually helped
Spooky Boi
Spooky Boi 3 дні тому
"that geography test you should be studying for" gcse's are over biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch
Skippy :????!
Skippy :????! 3 дні тому
It’s the cash for gold place in the beginning of leprechaun 3
Colin Zecchin
Colin Zecchin 4 дні тому
at 7:42 it’s 8d ofmg
John Roman
John Roman 4 дні тому
A jaunty hat? Lep is Henry zebrowski confirmed
GamingGod45935 4 дні тому
Imagine Hornswoggle playing his WWE character as the little shit. Too campy
Gillian Fleischer
Gillian Fleischer 4 дні тому
I love leaps voice in this movie
ROL64 5 днів тому
dang it you should have posted this before the test for state capitals I fucked up with that part
HØØKED FOE 5 днів тому
Lemmie Plemons
Lemmie Plemons 5 днів тому
Pee-wee rules
Kitty Cat gamer
Kitty Cat gamer 5 днів тому
Layla:your disgusting Lep:But in a sexy way RiGhT? Me:hell no
brandon t
brandon t 5 днів тому
I watch these videos for James' smile, and his smile only.
Prometheus 1518
Prometheus 1518 6 днів тому
Give the dull mecheti to the gold Spade kill
Mike Brumley
Mike Brumley 6 днів тому
Me:nothing can scare me James:Hold my beer
B-Movie Madness!!
B-Movie Madness!! 6 днів тому
I wasn't excited for this one, due to the lack of Warwick Davis, but I was surprised how much fun it was. Linden Porco did a solid fun job and the kills were gory and well done.
Justin Chepke
Justin Chepke 7 днів тому
The story of why Warwick Davis did the first leprechaun movie is because he and his wife lost a baby so that's why he threw himself so much into it. Ron Howard saw it and told Warwick to not do any more of them.... Naturally Warwick did like 6 more lol
Mr. Incognito
Mr. Incognito 7 днів тому
10:08 this rlly got me lol
TSS_Thunder 7 днів тому
Roses are red Violets are blue AU stand for gold Lep had told
Hunter Tice
Hunter Tice 7 днів тому
Why would you in the hell let the drunk girl drive
one jellofist
one jellofist 7 днів тому
Omg her mom is Rachel from friends
Padraic Smith
Padraic Smith 7 днів тому
The Leprechaun series has a place in James' heart. It's near the bottom of it where all the hate goes. Well strictly speaking it is most of the hate but there you are.
Cretaceous Gaming
Cretaceous Gaming 7 днів тому
If lep came to my house i will be nice to him and give him any gold i have
Noah DeKamp
Noah DeKamp 7 днів тому
there better be another lep movie because i love these kill counts bruuu
NON SON 8 днів тому
4:24 Legitimate Pizza
Margarita Espinosa
Margarita Espinosa 8 днів тому
James: send that to Bob saget Me: (torrettes guy flashbacks)
ROBLOX gaming BUT YEAH 9 днів тому
How did Matt die by the roof thing and then gets decapited by the drone
Johnny Lozada
Johnny Lozada 9 днів тому
That pirate sound!!! Yaarr!! Dude you just got yourself a subscriber
Jason Vorhees
Jason Vorhees 9 днів тому
This movie sucks it's not Warrick Davis sorry
Breezo •
Breezo • 9 днів тому
Who Here In 2006
Hi 9 днів тому
He sounds like a granny
kind of a cunt
kind of a cunt 9 днів тому
Amazing cross over idea Leather face chucky and jason vs leprachaun mike myers and freddy kruger It shall be called civil gore
Kingdom of the champion
Kingdom of the champion 9 днів тому
After watching this movie today. I was like I wonder what James is gonna give the golden chainsaw to. I thought mailman based on how his head burst out of the mail box but after seeing Andy's death I was like definitely him that was like a mortal kombat fatality and I was right. I couldn't think of a dull machete either but I said Matt cause he screamed the whole time instead of dodging.
Kingdom of the champion
Kingdom of the champion 9 днів тому
Rose was a stressful character for me
Kingdom of the champion
Kingdom of the champion 9 днів тому
Katie was such a promising character until Andy came around then she slowly became a terrible character luckily she became better after he died
Kingdom of the champion
Kingdom of the champion 9 днів тому
I'm really sad to see Ozzie go so fast
Rodney Hoffman
Rodney Hoffman 10 днів тому
72 died in this franchise
Duck power
Duck power 10 днів тому
A rhyme here for you James hope you read this She said I was fat she didn't like the hat though she liked my riches also other son of a bitches I went to her room builded her tomb killed her with a machete just like freddy.
Quatizes Terrell
Quatizes Terrell 10 днів тому
This movie lookalike. a donkey.s butt and dumb fart
Seribean44 11 днів тому
Aw fuck my geography test is today
Sportsfan&GamerCA ANA55
Sportsfan&GamerCA ANA55 11 днів тому
7:40 but in a sexy way, RIGHHTTTT????? 10:06 We should get out of here, he's probaly really close by now
Basic Coding With Adam
Basic Coding With Adam 11 днів тому
Attention 🚨 if you’re under 38 you’re self absorbed and will be like James in that you will be
The Phoenix & Wolf Within
The Phoenix & Wolf Within 12 днів тому
SashaTheSausage 12 днів тому
To late had the geography test was today
coulton mcmanus
coulton mcmanus 13 днів тому
respect the lep
HARLEY'S GARAGE 13 днів тому
I live in grand forks north dakota and devils lake is a hour and 45 minutes from me
Riley Lowe
Riley Lowe 14 днів тому
I really liked the character Katie her comedy was good and the actress wasn’t half bad hope we see her again in a sequal
David Vargas
David Vargas 14 днів тому
This movie was pretty good
LegoesZombiesEtc. 14 днів тому
14:20 Edgar Wrightian
Fortnite the real d3th player
Fortnite the real d3th player 14 днів тому
where did you get that cool shirt if it was gold the leprechaun would be there
Spaghetti Man
Spaghetti Man 14 днів тому
thanks for the geography fact
Nicholas LoBaido
Nicholas LoBaido 14 днів тому
Not going to lie Katie is lime a 10
Giovanni Capote
Giovanni Capote 15 днів тому
6:56 upper middle you can see his feet at the beginning of the shadow line
Jimmy neautrons Homeless father
Jimmy neautrons Homeless father 15 днів тому
6:15 go, go gadget legs or whatever the fuck it’s called
Xybetrion 15 днів тому
Alcohol hallucinations are most definitely a thing
Special Boi
Special Boi 15 днів тому
Why does this movie have to get the honour and some of the best kills in a slasher flicks?
Hoodie Bj
Hoodie Bj 15 днів тому
One of the first movies where a black girl survives
awesome!! awesome!!!
awesome!! awesome!!! 15 днів тому
How did no one even notice when James said "Eat a dig assbaggins" along wit lila I don't know how to spell her name though
Joel Pritchard the dankster
Joel Pritchard the dankster 16 днів тому
Lila looks like a teenage version of my little sister keelie
Jared Hilley
Jared Hilley 16 днів тому
Your awesome James
Alexander Murray
Alexander Murray 16 днів тому
Thats a first, no dull machete
Jerzy Vaughan
Jerzy Vaughan 17 днів тому
Meredith was my favorite character ;-; R.I.P Meredith
zombie7ish 17 днів тому
ya this is definetly the best movie in the series by far
The Lord of Green
The Lord of Green 17 днів тому
Dead meat dull machine go's to rose because I don't see the golden spade trophy from the other side.
Water Glove
Water Glove 17 днів тому
Irony, get it.
JL Luna
JL Luna 17 днів тому
iM trYiNg tO cLeAn
TrueVali 17 днів тому
It's rare that the reboot beats the original, but this one sure does.
boy 18 днів тому
Did anybody else see the ad a year before the movie came out I did
Planet Nate
Planet Nate 18 днів тому
Anyone else think Andy's death was copied for Jacqui Briggs fatality in MK11?
Alexis Garcia
Alexis Garcia 18 днів тому
13:15 that's my I have a state test of capital and states
Leo 18 днів тому
Anyone else get his shirt lol
Basic Coding With Adam
Basic Coding With Adam 18 днів тому
Chuckie VS Leprechaun 🍀!!!!!!!
Samuel Holmen
Samuel Holmen 18 днів тому
Yeah the kills were pretty entertaining
RLPZ Lopez
RLPZ Lopez 19 днів тому
*They coulda just pull the necklace while it was in leprechauns head to cut his head off*
Emil Gabriel
Emil Gabriel 20 днів тому
Hey James can you stop cussing cuz if you dont i wont be able to watch your channel
Maya Cudjoe
Maya Cudjoe 18 днів тому
PACO SALEY 20 днів тому
i was legit shocked when james said i had to study for a geography test
Logan Hearring
Logan Hearring 19 днів тому
Ikr I used to live in North Dakota 😂
OriginalHomie678 21 день тому
Lol I actually have a geography test tomorrow
PurpleColonel 21 день тому
Y'know... The new Halloween kept the original in continuity because it was good, not because it was the first one...
Pyroflamer 21 день тому
16:34 Did anyone else notice the Return of the Living Dead: Rave to the Grave ending reference?
Axel Nilsson
Axel Nilsson 21 день тому
14:47 I think it’s suppose to reference leprechaun 2 or 4 and 15:46 I think it’s suppose to reference leprechaun 3
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