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Level up your IQ with these tricky brain teasers! If you want to have a good brain workout, then these cool puzzles are right for you. These tricky quizzes and brain games are pretty simple but only for those who have a high IQ score! To see how good you are at solving riddles, try these brainteasers out and share your answers to the most difficult ones.
00:14 - Kids always come up with the most cunning and unexpected solutions when they really want to get something😁Would you guess what two boys did to get the cupcakes? If yes, your mind is incredibly flexible and young! If not, don't get upset, because only two in every ten can get it right! Are you among the smartest ones? A hard riddle with an answer to check if it's so😜
01:17 - A terrifying crime riddle that will blow your mind away! It can often happen that a person you know well (you used to think so) surprises you a lot and shows their true colors. Here we go. Can you find out who is the suspicious one among Adam's friends and report his to the police before it's too late?
03:04 - A fun but tricky picture puzzle to test your logic and general knowledge base. You don't necessarily need to have a perfect eyesight, but you should have a common sense and think logically. I failed 2 of them, but I'm not the most attentive person anyway. What's your result?
04:22 - A mysterious riddle that will freeze the blood in your veins! You can be the next victim of the haunted mirror if only you crack this riddle and find out its secret. Will you? I would definitely trap as I had no ideas at all!
05:52 - Test how inventive you are with this tricky riddle about a genie and a smart man. If you had three wishes but was allowed to make only one, what would you wish? Can you imagine, this man managed to fulfill all of them! You have half a minute to come up with a solution for how all three wishes can be accomplished. Only a genius can solve this in time (I'm not one of them), so challenge yourself to see what you can do!
07:13 - A mysterious riddle that will make all detectives sweat and rack their brains. Something terrible is happening in the room, but two witnesses just leave the room without doing anything. What does this mean? You will have to use your brain power to crack this hard riddle and figure out the reason for this criminal omission. And yes, do you always step in when you see something bad happening?
08:21 - Take this short quiz with a personality test that will reveal some hidden truth about your personality. You will have to face some hard choices where you can choose only one option. Remember that you can't say 'I don't know'!
10:14 - Let's check how good your eyes are? This optical illusion test will show if your vision is sharp and your brain can detect different layers in multi-layered images. If you can cope with at least half of the tasks, your brain is still young and flexible and the vision is as sharp as the one of a hawk. Don't lose it!
12:14 - This is a fun picture puzzle to test your eyes and warm up your brain in the morning!☀️☕️ Think carefully to identify his wife which the clock is ticking. Only a quick-thinking one attentive to details will be able to crack this puzzle on time. Have you already guessed?
TELL me IN THE COMMENTS what kind of riddles you like most of all!
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25 вер 2018

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7-Second Riddles
7-Second Riddles 2 місяці тому
11:58 - What do you see here?
eduardo freeze
eduardo freeze 25 днів тому
Danananana Batman Batman
Xx OfficialSillyPup xX
Xx OfficialSillyPup xX Місяць тому
KitKate The Maniac
KitKate The Maniac 2 місяці тому
Batman logo
MTF Alpha-1
MTF Alpha-1 2 місяці тому
Lila Zante
Lila Zante 2 місяці тому
Batman symbol
Fire Nation Files
Fire Nation Files 5 годин тому
*Just here to dislike*
Jenn McIntyre
Jenn McIntyre 8 годин тому
4:44 The girls are all standing in front of the mirror. xD
Bekah Black
Bekah Black 10 годин тому
10:51 ayye its my bud t-man! (aka toothless from how to train your dragon)
KNA Ruiz
KNA Ruiz 11 годин тому
KNA Ruiz
KNA Ruiz 11 годин тому
KNA Ruiz
KNA Ruiz 11 годин тому
KNA Ruiz
KNA Ruiz 11 годин тому
KNA Ruiz
KNA Ruiz 11 годин тому
rahimaa nifa
rahimaa nifa 14 годин тому
I saw a batman symbol
Leea.s День тому
The Batman sign like if you agree🦇
Ruby R.
Ruby R. День тому
batman logo
Lyn 97
Lyn 97 День тому
5:42 so..lucys friends go home at 7.16...and lucy stayed from 7.16 to 4.44 Man thats quite a lot of work lucy that you stayed till 4:44 in the morning
shane oxina
shane oxina День тому
luiguz1 День тому
batman logo
Lindy Hanson
Lindy Hanson День тому
Batman sign
Rhian Mendoza
Rhian Mendoza День тому
Luna plays
Luna plays День тому
11:58 I see a Batman Logo/symbol I.D.I.D.N.O.T.C.H.E.A.T. I promise before I scroll down to the comments I already knew please believe me I didn't cheat.
Nouf Alhosani
Nouf Alhosani День тому
10:10 it makes sense since I’m only 13 Edit: 12:11 NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA Batman
Naran Bharwad
Naran Bharwad День тому
c right answer👌
Duck Butt
Duck Butt 2 дні тому
Your IQ has leveled up by 1.01%!!!!!! Congratulations
Wajiha Moin
Wajiha Moin 2 дні тому
Batman was hidden there!!!
Arianna Grace Bantay
Arianna Grace Bantay 2 дні тому
The wife is letter B
Arianna Grace Bantay
Arianna Grace Bantay 2 дні тому
Yhe hudden is batman
BB Wins
BB Wins 2 дні тому
LifeWithAva Taylor
LifeWithAva Taylor 2 дні тому
s batman sign
Sonam Tenzin
Sonam Tenzin 2 дні тому
Batman Sign
abby 2 дні тому
12:11 Batman
Gacha_studio Kitty
Gacha_studio Kitty 2 дні тому
If you think it’s a batman symbol than klick here ----------->
auni razak
auni razak 2 дні тому
I think the first riddle, one of the children had 1 dollar?
Lidia Gross
Lidia Gross 2 дні тому
Gaza Ansari
Gaza Ansari 2 дні тому
For whose hidden here it was Batman
지인시대 2 дні тому
Anita Kisses
Anita Kisses 3 дні тому
2:57 I love this channel but this doesn’t make any sense, First of all no one would go to a concert on a ship And second when I get sea sick I always go to my room
sigh824 День тому
Anita Kisses he said he was listening to a concert, not that he was at one
Lyn 97
Lyn 97 День тому
Exactly.what i think..he could go to the cruise for the destination...or the atmosphere etc..and he can sleep in his room...at least..as im told by friend..it helps a bit
Anita Kisses
Anita Kisses 3 дні тому
Love it! 1:12 they would have to lose a dollar To pay for the first cupcake though
Ria Nienienie
Ria Nienienie 3 дні тому
I got all of the riddles right
The little Flowergirl
The little Flowergirl 3 дні тому
I saw minions 11:58
Anya-Mei Johal
Anya-Mei Johal 3 дні тому
12:12 I see Batmans sign or logo whatever you call it
Shyloh Adams
Shyloh Adams 3 дні тому
Ramesh Gaikwad
Ramesh Gaikwad 3 дні тому
His wish could also be: Give my family what they wanted 🤔
Anna Lepro
Anna Lepro День тому
Ramesh Gaikwad ikr
XxMissHaileyxX День тому
Ramesh Gaikwad or make my family happy
Leah R
Leah R 4 дні тому
Bat simble
Mia Wolfe
Mia Wolfe 4 дні тому
It’s the Batman symbol
Gianna Tube
Gianna Tube 4 дні тому
In the second poem with Adam he was the only person who looked fake like Lana,josh and Mark all looked a little real
Like vine
Like vine 4 дні тому
For the one with lines if you move back you will see a shape.The one lined riddle that said comments was the Batman symbol.
Makeeda Wynder
Makeeda Wynder 4 дні тому
Who is his wife c
Zoey Calhoun
Zoey Calhoun 4 дні тому
The second riddle has no logic involved whatsoever. If you get seasick you feel nauseous and would probably prefer to throw up in private. Also there are many people who go on cruises and get seasick (me being one of them). Maybe he didn’t know he would get seasick, also there is medicine available (on board, provided by the medical team) that takes away the symptoms of seasickness.
iGlitchE 4 дні тому
batman signal
Nuha Ali
Nuha Ali 4 дні тому
I swear at 11:58 i saw the Batman symbol
Nuha Ali
Nuha Ali 4 дні тому
Who got 3Bs and 2As
deddy pakcie'
deddy pakcie' 4 дні тому
12:14 batman logo
Lord Paul Vincent Roberts
Lord Paul Vincent Roberts 4 дні тому
Saritha Rahul
Saritha Rahul 4 дні тому
I got everything correct 👧👧👧
Mira Sugia
Mira Sugia 5 днів тому
Portbecc110 5 днів тому
Julianna Pena
Julianna Pena 5 днів тому
It’s the Batman symbol.
Pjan Ahim
Pjan Ahim 5 днів тому
A batman logo
OrlandoX 260
OrlandoX 260 5 днів тому
Alejandra Amaya
Alejandra Amaya 5 днів тому
12:11 is Batman sign
Minn Syed
Minn Syed 5 днів тому
batman symbol ?
janelle_OMG !
janelle_OMG ! 5 днів тому
whats hidden here the last is batman logo, like if you think same
April descendants
April descendants 5 днів тому
Batman simbol
Myles Payne
Myles Payne 5 днів тому
batman logo
Joseph Paul Banilad
Joseph Paul Banilad 5 днів тому
bat man symbol
jyoti jha
jyoti jha 5 днів тому
The answer is Batman logo
Ezra Hilbay
Ezra Hilbay 5 днів тому
ShatterShard YT
ShatterShard YT 6 днів тому
11:58 i see dunununununuh BATMAN logo
ode sumail
ode sumail 6 днів тому
bat or batman
ZAD Tuber
ZAD Tuber 6 днів тому
Lala Latte
Lala Latte 6 днів тому
A B B Ummmmm...B??? A Of course I look at the world through the eyes of a child. I AM A CHILD! 11:07 Itsame, MARIO 13:00 I think C she and the guy have wedding rings
Mira Hadi Daou
Mira Hadi Daou 6 днів тому
Did they have to add the question 9:02
Cupcake Girl
Cupcake Girl 6 днів тому
11:58 batman 12:15 B becuz the girl in purple has the same wedding ring as the guy
adeeba ali
adeeba ali 6 днів тому
Free me de diye
Lifeofthetwo bestiesbestfriend
Lifeofthetwo bestiesbestfriend 7 днів тому
B. Because A and B dont have any rings yet
FunnehFan 101
FunnehFan 101 7 днів тому
For last one at12:11 it was the batman logo like if I'm right
CJSOCOOL FAN 7 днів тому
About the jack wish was so EASY!!!!!!!! LIKE
Francine Nicole Legaspi
Francine Nicole Legaspi 7 днів тому
Batman Symbol
Swarna Shree
Swarna Shree 7 днів тому
Lily Tait
Lily Tait 7 днів тому
Kara Wallace
Kara Wallace 7 днів тому
3:49 the girl by the eisle with blue ish hair looks like marionette from ladybug or whatever it’s called..😂
Navillus Beanz
Navillus Beanz 7 днів тому
Navillus Beanz
Navillus Beanz 7 днів тому
Beacause they are the murderers 😱DUN DUN DUNNNN
Navillus Beanz
Navillus Beanz 7 днів тому
For his family to get what they wanted
Rambabu T
Rambabu T 7 днів тому
batman's symbol is hidden
Lolcat Gime
Lolcat Gime 7 днів тому
Bat man
Sydneykitty 8 днів тому
11:58 batman!
طكخOmar.mohamed Hashem
طكخOmar.mohamed Hashem 8 днів тому
who,s hidden here answer:batman
Celia Esparza
Celia Esparza 8 днів тому
When it says who is hidden here I looked away and I saw what they look like
gabis TGA THE GOLDEN APPLE 8 днів тому
12:10 it's batman
portia the savage
portia the savage 8 днів тому
Batman logo
Jordin Daniels
Jordin Daniels 9 днів тому
12:13 is batman
Alison Moon
Alison Moon 9 днів тому
Adri Esco
Adri Esco 9 днів тому
7:07 i would have never guessed that wtf
Molly Jonsson
Molly Jonsson 9 днів тому
ape yt
ape yt 9 днів тому
ape yt
ape yt 9 днів тому
ape yt
ape yt 9 днів тому
tse2.mm.bing.net/th?id=OGC.bc5d28a7482ce599063f0e0f0884759f&pid=Api&rurl=https%3a%2f%2fmedia.giphy.com%2fmedia%2fBEob5qwFkSJ7G%2fgiphy.gif&ehk=xZnXkFQeTXMU%2f7WRwKvrww tse2.mm.bing.net/th?id=OGC.bc5d28a7482ce599063f0e0f0884759f&pid=Api&rurl=https%3a%2f%2fmedia.giphy.com%2fmedia%2fBEob5qwFkSJ7G%2fgiphy.gif&ehk=xZnXkFQeTXMU%2f7WRwKvrww tse2.mm.bing.net/th?id=OGC.bc5d28a7482ce599063f0e0f0884759f&pid=Api&rurl=https%3a%2f%2fmedia.giphy.com%2fmedia%2fBEob5qwFkSJ7G%2fgiphy.gif&ehk=xZnXkFQeTXMU%2f7WRwKvrww
ape yt
ape yt 9 днів тому
C G G Ff F F Fff F F F F F F F F F F F X X F X Xf Fxx Ff F X X X Haahaa
Chandre Clark
Chandre Clark 9 днів тому
Its Batman's sign
Harmoni Crump
Harmoni Crump 9 днів тому
I see toothless
Katelyn Shuffield
Katelyn Shuffield 9 днів тому
Ok so the first one is stupid I mean ya it's TRUE you shouldn't stay in your room if you have sea sickness but that's not gonna stop me if I have it imma give to sleep and just because he has sea sickness doesnt mean he cant go on a cruise lots of people still go thinking they are gonna have a good time...I honestly thought it was the girl cause why would she be chilling by the pool when shes on a boat if we are going with this logic
Рік тому
Never Trust Shadows !!! 😂
6 місяців тому
Try not to get satisfied - RELAX
6 місяців тому
Which Nickname Is Perfect for You?
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