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Level up your IQ with these tricky brain teasers! If you want to have a good brain workout, then these cool puzzles are right for you. These tricky quizzes and brain games are pretty simple but only for those who have a high IQ score! To see how good you are at solving riddles, try these brainteasers out and share your answers to the most difficult ones.
00:14 - Kids always come up with the most cunning and unexpected solutions when they really want to get something😁Would you guess what two boys did to get the cupcakes? If yes, your mind is incredibly flexible and young! If not, don't get upset, because only two in every ten can get it right! Are you among the smartest ones? A hard riddle with an answer to check if it's so😜
01:17 - A terrifying crime riddle that will blow your mind away! It can often happen that a person you know well (you used to think so) surprises you a lot and shows their true colors. Here we go. Can you find out who is the suspicious one among Adam's friends and report his to the police before it's too late?
03:04 - A fun but tricky picture puzzle to test your logic and general knowledge base. You don't necessarily need to have a perfect eyesight, but you should have a common sense and think logically. I failed 2 of them, but I'm not the most attentive person anyway. What's your result?
04:22 - A mysterious riddle that will freeze the blood in your veins! You can be the next victim of the haunted mirror if only you crack this riddle and find out its secret. Will you? I would definitely trap as I had no ideas at all!
05:52 - Test how inventive you are with this tricky riddle about a genie and a smart man. If you had three wishes but was allowed to make only one, what would you wish? Can you imagine, this man managed to fulfill all of them! You have half a minute to come up with a solution for how all three wishes can be accomplished. Only a genius can solve this in time (I'm not one of them), so challenge yourself to see what you can do!
07:13 - A mysterious riddle that will make all detectives sweat and rack their brains. Something terrible is happening in the room, but two witnesses just leave the room without doing anything. What does this mean? You will have to use your brain power to crack this hard riddle and figure out the reason for this criminal omission. And yes, do you always step in when you see something bad happening?
08:21 - Take this short quiz with a personality test that will reveal some hidden truth about your personality. You will have to face some hard choices where you can choose only one option. Remember that you can't say 'I don't know'!
10:14 - Let's check how good your eyes are? This optical illusion test will show if your vision is sharp and your brain can detect different layers in multi-layered images. If you can cope with at least half of the tasks, your brain is still young and flexible and the vision is as sharp as the one of a hawk. Don't lose it!
12:14 - This is a fun picture puzzle to test your eyes and warm up your brain in the morning!☀️☕️ Think carefully to identify his wife which the clock is ticking. Only a quick-thinking one attentive to details will be able to crack this puzzle on time. Have you already guessed?
TELL me IN THE COMMENTS what kind of riddles you like most of all!
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25 вер 2018

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7-Second Riddles
7-Second Riddles 26 днів тому
11:58 - What do you see here?
Perfectgymnast 3perfectgirls
Perfectgymnast 3perfectgirls 19 днів тому
Batman logo
MTF Alpha-1
MTF Alpha-1 20 днів тому
Lila Zante
Lila Zante 20 днів тому
Batman symbol
Hamsters 101
Hamsters 101 20 днів тому
Da Batman
Riley Gradin
Riley Gradin 20 днів тому
7-Second Riddles Batman signal
Taylore Belanger
Taylore Belanger 58 хвилин тому
Its batmen
Jessie Reane
Jessie Reane Годину тому
Everyone who reads this u are truly amazing and worth people’s time don’t te the world put u down instead let ur waves lift u
Angel Avery
Angel Avery Годину тому
Batman symbol
Ruby Bojorquez
Ruby Bojorquez Годину тому
TAYLOR BRADY 3 години тому
I Im Im b Im bo Im bor Im bore Im bored Im bore Im bor Im bo Im b Im I
drawing 101
drawing 101 3 години тому
Kermit thefrog
Prasad B
Prasad B 4 години тому
Prasad B
Prasad B 4 години тому
Malsbary Family
Malsbary Family 4 години тому
Batman is hidden.
The Gamers Mix
The Gamers Mix 4 години тому
I saw Batman
Elcentry Benjamin
Elcentry Benjamin 4 години тому
*The 2nd one is straight up bs* I get invited to go on a cruise ship I'd go and I get sea sick. Of course I'll spend most of my time in the room or bathroom. How does that make one a killer how????
ginger blanchard
ginger blanchard 6 годин тому
11:58-12:12. its the blurry face alb- I mean its a character from teenage mutant ninja turtles
Mar Gé van der Zwan
Mar Gé van der Zwan 6 годин тому
12:13 you're welcome
Lizzy Barron
Lizzy Barron 6 годин тому
11.58 it’s dat man
Shiela Singh
Shiela Singh 6 годин тому
I saw a bat man signal
Mackenzer 7 годин тому
Mark, because if they are on a cruise how would he be at a band concert? Nvm... I didnt get it xD
Abbie Howie
Abbie Howie 9 годин тому
12:12 it's batmans logo
Saskia Buttolph
Saskia Buttolph 10 годин тому
The people from the past... They all could just be fashion choices. What a load of rubbish
Kawaii Gacha
Kawaii Gacha 12 годин тому
11:58 I see lines, just me? Edit:Oh wait I see batman logo
Lolly dizzy Yt
Lolly dizzy Yt 13 годин тому
erina çollaku
erina çollaku 13 годин тому
it was batman's symbol
Super Bacon Gamer
Super Bacon Gamer 13 годин тому
But on the first one one of them will have a dollar
Adrian _PH
Adrian _PH 14 годин тому
At 12:10 that is the symbol of batman am i right?
xea 31
xea 31 14 годин тому
13:22 amm they don't need to have the same rings to be a couple
rojina maharjan
rojina maharjan 17 годин тому
Mahesh Saini
Mahesh Saini 17 годин тому
Batman symbol
Alyssa Castillejos
Alyssa Castillejos 17 годин тому
Maggie Films
Maggie Films 19 годин тому
Batman sing like if you agree
Mawin Srisomboonkul
Mawin Srisomboonkul 20 годин тому
yeah turn your head quickly and for a long time you will see
B S 21 годину тому
B cause she has the exactly same ring duh
Abigail Thoma
Abigail Thoma 21 годину тому
Alisson Lozano
Alisson Lozano 23 години тому
Batman bro
Carla Williams
Carla Williams День тому
It's Batman
Jacquelyn Valencia
Jacquelyn Valencia День тому
11:58 it was the Batman symbol
Carline Moon
Carline Moon День тому
The one with the sea sickness is dumb. Just because you have sea sickness you cannot stay in your room? And if you know you bring dramamine, but that does not mean it works. I have that problem with movement in movies and games, not on a boat, though, but it does not always help to take the medicine. The second hiding was the only one I could find, they gave me a migraine. The third figure for the wife question you cannot see her hand well enough to tell if she has a ring.
Elcentry Benjamin
Elcentry Benjamin 5 годин тому
Carline Moon I get sea sick,car sick and all. I guess I have motion sickness. So I will stay in my room until we reach land. How tf does that make me a killer?!
Internet Introvert
Internet Introvert День тому
13:19 I got it right😁
LOVE GIRL День тому
MAGie Loves
MAGie Loves День тому
True love no sex💓
Into The BlytheWood
Into The BlytheWood День тому
9:10 my life is already B, and although I naturally want to have sex, my partner doesn't because of her past traumas, and honestly I'm fine with that because I love her and I'll live. 😊😊
Sophia Uy
Sophia Uy День тому
I see those two boys getting diabetes
Maria elena Cardenas
Maria elena Cardenas День тому
Joseph Madrid
Joseph Madrid День тому
It is the bat sidel.
Sakina Nazari
Sakina Nazari День тому
Arinna Brigges
Arinna Brigges День тому
Bat man was the last one
Daivy Cristle Gonzales
Daivy Cristle Gonzales День тому
Batman is he answer
Fluffy Cuddly
Fluffy Cuddly День тому
11:58 I think it’s Batman
Marisa Ramli
Marisa Ramli День тому
Ninja turtle, homer the simphson, toothless from how to train your dragon, mario bros ,charlie chaplin? , kevin&stuard minion, batman logo
Allison stills
Allison stills День тому
Bat man
Fortnite Fan
Fortnite Fan День тому
Nice vid
Ro Dog
Ro Dog День тому
Oscar Murga
Oscar Murga День тому
Batman logo
Jake Animations!
Jake Animations! День тому
0:02 goood
Jake Animations!
Jake Animations! День тому
0:03 ehhhhh
Jake Animations!
Jake Animations! День тому
0:01 ehhhhh
Helen Kang
Helen Kang День тому
I see batman
the_blank_man День тому
11; 58 is ur mom
Ethereal-Oils День тому
This is M A T I L D A 👁👄👁 Matilda has no friends. One 👍 = one 🤗 One ✨S U B S C R I B E✨ = one 👭 Tank u ✨👌✨
Sully creates
Sully creates День тому
C is hes wife, tho it seems stereotypical and that's why were lead to believe its not her. Shes the only one that has a ring on her left hand, and is not scared of him, neither a or b has a visable ring on the left finger, but also b seems scared of the man. Meaning the only possible woman how is that man's wife is c
Lilly's lovely world of crazy and stubs
Batman sologan
Lilly's lovely world of crazy and stubs
Batman sologan
Jose John
Jose John День тому
and it's also the Batman simble
Jose John
Jose John День тому
11:58 it's 11:58 because turn your phone back really far then youll see some thing
Jessa skeen
Jessa skeen День тому
Sjaak De Winter
Sjaak De Winter День тому
I wish that all what I wish came be true.
Jessica WILLATS HOGAN День тому
it's bibibib batman
Mommy Alexandre
Mommy Alexandre День тому
In the last question it asks "Who is his wife?'' I know it is B because B has a ring on.
XxDaRealProGammerxX jones
XxDaRealProGammerxX jones День тому
It is Batman symbol
emma perez
emma perez День тому
batman symbol
Tiffany Davis
Tiffany Davis День тому
Batman sign
a vine to watch 202
a vine to watch 202 День тому
3:57 wow is that maranette and chole from miraculas in the back holding that board with the 💡
Sigrid Rosesky /XxUnicornLover450xX
Its B cause you can see a marigge ring
Nandini Yadav
Nandini Yadav День тому
His wife is B
Kim&Natie День тому
Batman sign
LilacTheGamer 1
LilacTheGamer 1 День тому
My friends would most likely pressure me into going on the cruise if I was sea sick...
Lynn TEW
Lynn TEW День тому
The bat man symbol
Rachel -_-
Rachel -_- День тому
Hiw tf is there a whole ass concert on a cruise
Random Guy
Random Guy День тому
Lindsey День тому
Oops I thought it said commets XD
Lindsey День тому
Who is is wife?Number B has the same color ring as his ring.Number B must be his wife.
Star Trout
Star Trout День тому
9:14 good thing I'm asexual lol
Alex. TV
Alex. TV День тому
11:58 Batman logo
Celina Price
Celina Price День тому
Mushaf Shaikh
Mushaf Shaikh День тому
At 12:13 its a batman sign Like if you agree☺
Dani DIY
Dani DIY День тому
Batman logo
kisten palm
kisten palm День тому
11:58 it's batman
Nya Vazifdar
Nya Vazifdar День тому
I see Batman signal
ali a Fan number one
ali a Fan number one День тому
Na na na na Batman
Marck Garduque
Marck Garduque День тому
Like my comment if you are from philippines!
Daniella Pangilinan
Daniella Pangilinan День тому
11:58 yeah that was batman's sign
Anju Dhadwal
Anju Dhadwal День тому
It is a batman sgin if you agree Like and agree
Youtuber Mimi
Youtuber Mimi День тому
I thought the last ones are always unanswered
Ninamimi mi
Ninamimi mi День тому
2:55 - it's Lana ..How did she chill in a pool if they were on-board in the sea..
Gamertube День тому
11:58 I see lines -_-
liezel delacruz
liezel delacruz День тому
i think is batman
Bijoyeta Dhekial
Bijoyeta Dhekial День тому
symbol of badman
Kirstie Dunne
Kirstie Dunne День тому
ilove pug
ilove pug День тому
Batman's batarang
esmeralda de cuba
esmeralda de cuba День тому
is the batman symbol
Eclipsa Moon
Eclipsa Moon День тому
This is it...
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