Life in the womb (9 months in 4 minutes) HD - Presented to You from PSNX

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Life is truly wonderful! In fact, the development of human life in the womb is just amazing. Did you know that everything about you - including how tall you would be, the color of your eyes, and the color of your skin-- was all determined at the time of fertilization? Month-by-month you grew in the safety and comfort of your mother's womb until the big day of your birth finally arrived!
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14 січ 2015





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Dildora Isomiddinova
Dildora Isomiddinova День тому
Allah Hu Akbar. SubhonAlloh
Red City
Red City 2 дні тому
My guys still a feetus and he got a bigger PP than me
XxMidnight GachaxX
XxMidnight GachaxX 4 дні тому
So when the baby comes out. He\she is like OHHHHH so that’s where I have been kicking all along
David Ndhlovu
David Ndhlovu 8 днів тому
Yoh this video is inspiring can't wait to see my little angel in three months time my wife is expecting
The people who dislikes seems to be alien. They came from donky asshole instead of a mother.
Noufi Shafi
Noufi Shafi 11 днів тому
Masha allah
Shariq Alam
Shariq Alam 13 днів тому
God is great..
Queen Malia
Queen Malia 13 днів тому
All my complaining about pregnancy symptoms etc seems like baby has it harder being so cramped up
Barisingi Merigrace
Barisingi Merigrace 14 днів тому
Bujji kanna I am waiting for u Nana .......
Yash Jaiswal
Yash Jaiswal 16 днів тому
How to open his eye it's not possible
BROTHER TN 21 день тому
This is so beautiful, I’m 8 weeks pregnant and can’t wait for my baby to be born! 😻😻😻
Jim Chumley
Jim Chumley 21 день тому
Its horric how someone can murder a small human. Its the worst holocaust in the history of mankind since the very beginning of time untill now and each day that passes untill the return of Jesus, who created and gave life. Such an amazing video.
Valetina Guerra
Valetina Guerra 21 день тому
That's incredible Amazing Creation from God hands😊😍😘 I expecting in September 20 2019 my baby Girl so excited 👸😍😘💓💓❤❤💞💞
Aishwarya Gharat
Aishwarya Gharat 23 дні тому
Very nicely shown
SoupTube 24 дні тому
So you tellin me, I used to look like megamind and don’t look like him anymore. Thank god
Kelia The Fennec
Kelia The Fennec 25 днів тому
I didn’t realize what can be like in the womb
Rekha Boghra
Rekha Boghra 26 днів тому
Nice informative video👍
Ayan Mohamed
Ayan Mohamed 28 днів тому
Allahu Akbar
Jesus My king
Jesus My king 28 днів тому
God is great ❤️✝️🤩
Naomi Ruehlen
Naomi Ruehlen Місяць тому
*i never knew that a fetus could chew on its toes in the womb XD*
michael armstrong
michael armstrong Місяць тому
Then here come the child support payments
CastlesCablet Місяць тому
suddently search for "porn"
My Nuggets
My Nuggets Місяць тому
Why is everyone praising me? Like tf I know I’m a god but fr I didn’t do this shit.
My Nuggets
My Nuggets Місяць тому
This shit lookin like some Iron Man suit up sequence lmao
lakshmikantha chandramohan
lakshmikantha chandramohan Місяць тому
No more words. Ladies is great 👍. Thanks to my mom. & wife. 🙏
Epiphany Ravenous
Epiphany Ravenous Місяць тому
Why did she let him cum inside at the first place?
n yeza
n yeza Місяць тому
Harvahja Clark
Harvahja Clark Місяць тому
Dose this make you pregnant
TaeTaejamms boiii
TaeTaejamms boiii Місяць тому
I can't believe I was. A little worm i-i won the race and I beat my trillion brothers and sisters wowowow
Jyoti Biswas
Jyoti Biswas Місяць тому
Nkhumbwizga Mulenga
Nkhumbwizga Mulenga Місяць тому
This is awesome
Kadija M
Kadija M Місяць тому
This was so beautiful 😍🙌🏽
Seema Rebirth
Seema Rebirth Місяць тому
Nightmare Gaming
Nightmare Gaming Місяць тому
Anyone looking at this comment this would kinda blow ur mind but it could be that ur family never dies 1.ur mother gets a baby 2.ur daughter gets one 3.its repeats only if they not saying it
jattalways1st Місяць тому
Mother nature
The Straight Path Of Islam
The Straight Path Of Islam Місяць тому
Ellie Rushing
Ellie Rushing Місяць тому
I'm scared
Crystal Lee
Crystal Lee Місяць тому
Im so amazed how an innocent life grows from reproduction. I love all my babies so much and I will love my baby in October when she comes
syeda ayesha
syeda ayesha Місяць тому
Allah made us ..a miracle indeed
syeda ayesha
syeda ayesha Місяць тому
which of favours og ur lord will u deny♡♡
Christian Pfefferberg
Christian Pfefferberg Місяць тому
Sweetha D
Sweetha D Місяць тому
Oh god.. tears
Akhrienuo Vitso
Akhrienuo Vitso Місяць тому
God's work is marvelous!!!!
Lexi_Mocha Frap
Lexi_Mocha Frap Місяць тому
This is going to be inside me at one point? I’m speechless. This was me at one point also. Wow it’s amazing what the female body can do
Kiona Tyler
Kiona Tyler Місяць тому
boys be asking if they can have a baby right but if they watch this video they will see that shit hurt shit i just had a baby and it was twins fuck that shit
Geraldine Brown
Geraldine Brown 2 місяці тому
Someone please tell me y is the baby breathing and open opening it's eye in the mom liquid that does not happen until it is born but what do I know im just a 13 year old
Epiphany Ravenous
Epiphany Ravenous Місяць тому
Their lungs are full of this liquid. They can breathe water.
Debbie Deal
Debbie Deal 2 місяці тому
There is no way that anyone could watch this miracle and realize it is without a doubt the creation of our Father in heaven. It is thrilling to my spirit to see all the love and positive comments on here, regarding how beautiful and marvelous the creation of a child is. Life is so precious. Thank you God, for this treasured gift.
MONA'S LIFE 2 місяці тому
Love for all moms for giving birth its so hard time
Duhsaki Sailo
Duhsaki Sailo 2 місяці тому
Being 4months and 3 weeks pregnant..i'm smiling while watching the entire video...am soo pround to be a MOM...❤❤❤
Lita Nichole Vankopp
Lita Nichole Vankopp 2 місяці тому
That was really neat
D.knight Ingram
D.knight Ingram 2 місяці тому
I remember when the moment that I was born that I saw red. In which is my mother stomach and Then i saw a light and I was born in hawaii!
Bre D
Bre D 2 місяці тому
Nice to know I had elevator music playing for my 9 months of enjoyment.
Somnath Gholap
Somnath Gholap 2 місяці тому
Why I goose bumb we are most complicated mahine god make ever❤❤
sahitya 2 місяці тому
Happiness Assah
Happiness Assah 2 місяці тому
this baby is overreacting 😂😂😂
laura maltez
laura maltez 2 місяці тому
Proud to be a woman and being able to give life 😍 expecting next month! 🥰
Sdot Amory
Sdot Amory 2 місяці тому
Epic boss battle for sure.
Mahi Jashvant
Mahi Jashvant 2 місяці тому
эшкэрх 2 місяці тому
эшкэрх 2 місяці тому
эшкэрх 2 місяці тому
kallybloome 2 місяці тому
This is awesome! Thank you for making it! I just wish the week # was put on the side
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