Life in the womb (9 months in 4 minutes) HD - Presented to You from PSNX

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Life is truly wonderful! In fact, the development of human life in the womb is just amazing. Did you know that everything about you - including how tall you would be, the color of your eyes, and the color of your skin-- was all determined at the time of fertilization? Month-by-month you grew in the safety and comfort of your mother's womb until the big day of your birth finally arrived!
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14 січ 2015





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Saba begum Saba begum
Saba begum Saba begum 13 годин тому
Allah Malik hai har chiz Ka kadir hai
Lian Enzo
Lian Enzo 2 дні тому
Omg I was scared of delivering my baby girl but now I feel sorry for her to enter the world through this tiny hole. That must hurt for her too rofl.
Abdulfatah Osman
Abdulfatah Osman 8 днів тому
Allah is all merciful.
S P 10 днів тому
Intactivists 4 Reparations 4 Descendants of Slaves
Anyone who would circumcise a baby after watching this is a monster.
akasya gedik
akasya gedik 11 днів тому
the music tho😂
JayIs AboutIt!
JayIs AboutIt! 12 днів тому
So thankful for women when I get my wife pregnant I’m making sure she eat healthy so the baby could be functioning an healthy
JayIs AboutIt!
JayIs AboutIt! 12 днів тому
This is pretty interesting
Brelyn Willis
Brelyn Willis 12 днів тому
Know itd be crazy but can you imagine our earliest memory is of being in the womb?
Comfort Quarshie
Comfort Quarshie 13 днів тому
Oh my God
Patootie Pipiripo
Patootie Pipiripo 19 днів тому
Now this scares me.. gosh i should stop..
Patootie Pipiripo
Patootie Pipiripo 19 днів тому
Looks like a dragon at first 🤣🤣🤣
Annonces Magazine
Annonces Magazine 21 день тому
Thank you God for all your creations.
Jayson Comilang
Jayson Comilang 21 день тому
God lives! Amazing!
Trebla Gammet
Trebla Gammet 22 дні тому
i like the music
AZEEZ GANIYAT 22 дні тому
Ma sha Allah
Nneamaka Mordi
Nneamaka Mordi 24 дні тому
I can't wait to meet my munchkin!😭😩🥰❤
Baby Time FYI
Baby Time FYI 24 дні тому
This video is very educational specialy from pregnant women like my mother hope so many can watch . Thank you who made this video.. my channel have a video but in health tipsukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-NSsWOAQIo2E.html
Nurul Amni
Nurul Amni 25 днів тому
Can't believe i went through all these before i was born
Abdul Samad
Abdul Samad 25 днів тому
Amazing video
Sophia 26 днів тому
so I’m guessing my sisters are doing that right now except for their due next week
Christabel Mbachu
Christabel Mbachu 29 днів тому
God is awesome!
Bhawna Chy
Bhawna Chy 29 днів тому
phindile makhaza
phindile makhaza Місяць тому
This amazing I ddnt know they can slightly open their eyes. ..so cutie man and suck up the thumb. ..im 25 weeks pregnant and I now understand what my bby is going through. ..thank you guys
patience and Adriano
patience and Adriano Місяць тому
God is great thanks you god for the Life you gave to us
gene vulaca
gene vulaca Місяць тому
Ahhhhhh the pain at theee end...n I’m counting down the days!!! Fuuudge
Fatma Nur Öztürk
Fatma Nur Öztürk Місяць тому
This video made me cry. I really believe in Allah. ❤
tzüma Місяць тому
Mom are your proud of me
scr1231 Місяць тому
It’s amazing my daughter is 5 1/2 months old now.
Shaima Mustafa
Shaima Mustafa Місяць тому
Amazing 😍 god bless our mother’s and RIP to those who already passed away
Doris AB
Doris AB Місяць тому
This is so beautiful....indeed God is Great 🙏🙏
Namastey Suckers
Namastey Suckers Місяць тому
God is great
Kiki Burns
Kiki Burns Місяць тому
Am I the only one that cried when the eyes opened and he smiled 🤧🤧
Ravi kumar
Ravi kumar 2 місяці тому
Nicholas Kartel
Nicholas Kartel 2 місяці тому
Walid Bitar
Walid Bitar 2 місяці тому
in god we trust
Pata nahi kon hu m
Pata nahi kon hu m 2 місяці тому
Syed Hamza
Syed Hamza 2 місяці тому
ALL GLORY TO ALLAH ❤...But Indeed carrying a baby for 9 long months is absoloutely solid stuff from Women....I feel like I should Thank my Mom every second for going through all that trouble ❤
Diamond B.
Diamond B. 2 місяці тому
God is so good and a magnificent creator
Venice Aira
Venice Aira 2 місяці тому
In the next 5 months i would be able to meet my first baby im hoping and praying for safe and normal delivery.
XxXShevampXxX 2 місяці тому
Lmfao...goddamn this shit has always freaked me out. Pregnancy in general has always weirded me out and literally every single person who has known this has told me the same thing "Oh, don't be ridiculous! It's not weird or gross, it's the most beautiful experience in the whole world. You'll see, once you're pregnant with your own baby, you'll change your mind and forgot all about how weird you thought it was!!!" And I wasn't fond of hearing that shit because to me, it's condescending as fuck and kinda invalidates my feelings a way. Like I'm a child that just said something crazy that needs correcting. I'm a grown ass woman, I know my own feelings. If I wanted to be a little petty, I'd message all those people and tell em "Hey there. Guess who's currently pregnant and just as freaked out about the whole thing as I was before? Yep, it's me and you were wrong all along. In fact, it freaks me out and gives me the heebie jeebies EVEN MORE now that I'm pregnant so in your stupid overly sentimental face 🖕🖕"
CUTE GACHA STORIES 2 місяці тому
SHOWBIZ TRENDS 2 місяці тому
Latorre. Sheena
Latorre. Sheena 2 місяці тому
9 months baby girl.. Waiting u this day or a.days being mother im so excited to hug u baby girl love u😍😘😘😘
ikke_sant ?
ikke_sant ? 2 місяці тому
lmao love the boss battle music
Widia Mustika
Widia Mustika 2 місяці тому
Alvina Kurniawati
Alvina Kurniawati 2 місяці тому
MasyaAllah..Allahu Akbar..😭😭
Sarguna jai
Sarguna jai 2 місяці тому
rissa .
rissa . 2 місяці тому
I’m scared to get pregnant now . 😩😂
Whit h
Whit h 2 місяці тому
I didn't think they burrowed out like that with that triumphant smile
Marta Behr
Marta Behr 2 місяці тому
Terrible music
Moulali Kakad
Moulali Kakad 2 місяці тому
Allah akbar
Heiddy F Peña
Heiddy F Peña 2 місяці тому
God is amazing ❤️
Jennifer Barnwell
Jennifer Barnwell 3 місяці тому
I tell that's a 👧 because it has a vagina.
victoria cook
victoria cook 3 місяці тому
So we was a shrimp
Iqra Javed
Iqra Javed 3 місяці тому
MA SHA ALLAH .... Allah ki qudrat 😇
Anjolaaa 3 місяці тому
God is amazing 😍
gamingboi YT
gamingboi YT 3 місяці тому
U copy the vid -_-
Jamal Eddie
Jamal Eddie 3 місяці тому
Mohammed Hafiz shaik
Mohammed Hafiz shaik 3 місяці тому
فتبارك الله أحسن الخالقين
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