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Lil Nas X and Jack Harlow’s “Industry Baby” is their latest hit, and it’s already racked up over 10 millions Spotify streams to date. It is produced by Take a Daytrip and Kanye West and will appear on Lil Nas' upcoming album, Montero. On the track, Lil Nas X and Jack Harlow rap about their success and being on top.

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Jennifer Rose Shipman
Jennifer Rose Shipman Годину тому
I love these two so much
GREEN-G 3 години тому
Thought he said since I been gay not since I began
Jimmy Bob
Jimmy Bob 3 години тому
I feel like Nas stole Eminems flow yall can say "he talented though " 🤣🤣
Jen 4 години тому
Is it me or did I think that verse 1 was Jack Harlows line? 😂
Nu3 senpai
Nu3 senpai 4 години тому
Wait jacks gay?😭
not gavin
not gavin 5 годин тому
jack said “we feel eachother”
Maria Lacona
Maria Lacona 6 годин тому
I love these two together. You can tell they are not faking the friendship.
cla!re 8 годин тому
let us all just take a moment to appreciate lil nas x's hands hehe
Chidz Hustle
Chidz Hustle 8 годин тому
my fav gay couple 🥰 u go kweens 💅🏽
Kid Cifra
Kid Cifra 12 годин тому
Seeing how they express themselves and that security they have and that communication between Lil Nas and Jack Harlow, I would say that more topics like this please, because they broke it on the topic
Olivia Morales
Olivia Morales 12 годин тому
Lil nas x is so 😍
WarmLavender 13 годин тому
I can't lie y'all when I saw it was featuring Jack I was wondering how their styles would mesh. The song is insanely good and their energy works well together on the song. I think it's funny that they're both kind of known for their social media antics & joking. The song very much felt like they were saying "I'm established, you're going to acknowledge how good I am whether you like it or not."
Tony Run
Tony Run 13 годин тому
Bruh I love these guys
jessethecomet 14 годин тому
Analise Ferguson
Analise Ferguson 15 годин тому
Thanks brother lol
SPASSA DAZZA 17 годин тому
walking Ws for both
Mary J. Jones
Mary J. Jones 17 годин тому
why does jack look like he wants to die inside in the beggining
Elle-Rose and Dimi’s channel
Elle-Rose and Dimi’s channel 18 годин тому
Lovely both of them! Bless them
Jasta Ykotuce
Jasta Ykotuce 22 години тому
My album in december came out
Em Tylenda
Em Tylenda 23 години тому
I love them both so much! They're just brilliant!
Josephine Muniz
Josephine Muniz День тому
I love them !!
JuIcY_UwU День тому
these two are the definition of Naruto and Sasuke, a duo you can't really see together, but they're fire together!
kody scot
kody scot День тому
i can't wait for the lil nas x world tour. please come to afghanistan , the taliban love u over here
djexclusivee День тому
I still think he’s straight. Just doing it for the industry wow factor fame haha.
DannyDiabla День тому
Awwww Jack Harlow seems like a really nice guy
Sunic День тому
Nas: Thanks brother Jack: yeah.
cogs День тому
jack trying to prove how straight he is omfg.. literally so annoying BRO WE GET IT
Strangest_ День тому
They doesn't even need auto tune
y4nck Byr
y4nck Byr День тому
i love this guy, he seems so cool irl
Peenwald День тому
imagine running this yt account and seeing how hard the views drop after nas' part
GrampsWolf День тому
Ikxanz День тому
When he say other artist and switched voices I was like man Dey don’t sound like that
Iyanna День тому
I love a man that’s comfortable with his sexuality. Gay and straight! So sexy.
C_j3 Carda
C_j3 Carda День тому
Wait bro his personality and attitude is not gay at all, if i wouldn know him in this video i would think he is straight af. ps. Srry for my english.
Women empowerment sports Fan
Wow what a incredible duo!
Rose Anderson
Rose Anderson День тому
The Confidence
Mr.Carrot День тому
Deym tiktok, i was waiting for the drop in the chorus
Shamosa День тому
I love Lil Nas X🐥❤
Sumeet Paste
Sumeet Paste День тому
We feel each other?
eBic День тому
What kind of shirt is nas's wearing? Looks cool
Ryan День тому
Deconstructed please!!!
Josephu Joestar
Josephu Joestar День тому
Broooo i thought it said “I told you long ago Montero” lmao
Cachito 409
Cachito 409 2 дні тому
If lil nas wasn’t bi I’m pretty sure this man would be stupid stupid stupid even more famous
Baguette Gott
Baguette Gott День тому
What exactly makes you think he's bi and not gay?
Brainframe1 2 дні тому
I resonate with everything they said fr
its Skxz
its Skxz 2 дні тому
God loves u and Jesus is coming soon and repent to God
El Wichon
El Wichon 2 дні тому
Is so cool bro
TikTokMixes 2 дні тому
He sounds just as good without audio tune
Death chain
Death chain 2 дні тому
Y’all are the best brother in the world no cab once so ever.
Shakeena the alchemist
Shakeena the alchemist 2 дні тому
I agree it’s the lyrics for me🖤
Kryštof Hořejš
Kryštof Hořejš 2 дні тому
5:03 nah he tweakin
Red 2 дні тому
i thought after holiday it proved to me lil nas was just a one hit wonder i was wrong simply put and i’m happy i was wrong
𝕍𝕆𝕃𝔸𝕀ℝ𝔼 2 дні тому
I've had this song stuck in my head since its release but I'm not complaining haha
LikeNoOthersGaming 2 дні тому
Love how humble Jack is
AniGamer 2 дні тому
I don't care what you think about his sexuality but if you don't like this song you have issues
Sofia from Pluto
Sofia from Pluto 2 дні тому
Lil nas will only end his career if he wants to. He just needs to call the lgbtq community. The alphabet mafia is here for him. And guess what he is problematic. Like every other celebrity
Lulu Robson
Lulu Robson 2 дні тому
I always thought he said gay yea
lol 2 дні тому
how has it already been a month?!
Randa Mohamed
Randa Mohamed 2 дні тому
I can tell y'all nerds in real life
John Wiese
John Wiese 2 дні тому
Nas really said "thanks BROTHER"
vrisrezi 2 дні тому
João Dias
João Dias 2 дні тому
These mans both high as hell
Velo 2 дні тому
Sorry y'all, L + Ratio, YoungBoy better.
Billybo 2 дні тому
This is a cringe compilation right?
Sean Dsouza
Sean Dsouza 3 дні тому
Lil Nas' voice so clear Damn
Charlene 3 дні тому
this was already a month ago? 🤦🏻‍♀️
Insomniatic 0206
Insomniatic 0206 3 дні тому
He is the epitome of the fine line between confidence and cockiness
XXXTentacion forever
XXXTentacion forever 3 дні тому
Why wasnt the kid laroi verified for stay
raynika 3 дні тому
i love you nas
Yanks are goated
Yanks are goated 3 дні тому
When jack talks it sound like he be spit in bars
Quinten Jackson
Quinten Jackson 3 дні тому
Jack Harlow is so FINE 🤩🥰
Mundus Stellae
Mundus Stellae 3 дні тому
honestly the "im the industry baby" is such a good line for having two meanings. On one hand hes a child of the industry, taking in the experiences from generations of rappers before him seeing how they rose and fell. on the other hand hes THE industry, hes had such a meteoric rise to the top and is changing up the whole game as he does it
Jay Bryant
Jay Bryant 3 дні тому
Jack is such a good guy
xoxolaiii_ 3 дні тому
I thought he said” I ain’t lost since I been gay” I been singing da lyrics wrong this whole time😭.
ExWaifuPillow 3 дні тому
It’s funny because I haaated old town road but call me by your name turned me. That video was one of the greatest too. So beautiful.
Someone ig
Someone ig 3 дні тому
I THOUGHT IT WAS “And you know since ive been gay yuh” WHATTT
Dylan Dodds
Dylan Dodds 3 дні тому
“I feel him” pause
Bubbleyum C
Bubbleyum C 3 дні тому
The duo we didn’t know we needed
Poke smoke
Poke smoke 3 дні тому
Nah jack 🔥 no cap
Morne Le Roux
Morne Le Roux 3 дні тому
Aylin Mamedova
Aylin Mamedova 3 дні тому
i like their voices
Джусси Пусси
Джусси Пусси 3 дні тому
What I RUS
FaZerbaby 3 дні тому
I just love how he wasnt a one hit wonder! ✨✨
Incognito Secret
Incognito Secret 3 дні тому
Excellent gentlemen!
Nelcanaz TV
Nelcanaz TV 3 дні тому
Guys can anyone tell me if lil Nas x is real a gay because I am not sure he express him self like a gentleman I think concept of being a gay it's like a gear of blowing in the game he created that stuff so that he can trend on the media & become famous I think he wanted to come out like that
Nelcanaz TV
Nelcanaz TV 3 дні тому
Ok but his personality doesn't like that though
jimmothy 3 дні тому
he's had boyfriends before. and I think he has one rn
jimmothy 3 дні тому
he's definitely a real gay.
Dylan Mark
Dylan Mark 4 дні тому
And the facts that People called Jack Homophobic is just ridiculous 🤡
AY 4 дні тому
Adam B
Adam B 4 дні тому
Jack Harlow; holding onto coattails
rainee 4 дні тому
2:39 I thought it was ,any losses id be gayer👁👄👁
ArA Reagan
ArA Reagan 4 дні тому
These two remind me of Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. Have a cool public friendship, NAS being Taylor as he's not afraid to be who he is just like her. And then Jack just being really chill and supportive of Nas like Ed is.
Trever Jackson
Trever Jackson 4 дні тому
Number one he did it again
Pug Life
Pug Life 4 дні тому
Pog duo
melody b
melody b 4 дні тому
nas is genuinely so attractive
Amar Smith
Amar Smith 4 дні тому
Thanks brother
Jayden Chaffin
Jayden Chaffin 4 дні тому
Smile o
Smile o 4 дні тому
i don’t like listening to this song but i have to admit its a good song
Gussie3503 4 дні тому
I notices Jacks ring switch fingers half way thru the lyrics
mo 4 дні тому
Meliy Con-Roma
Meliy Con-Roma 4 дні тому
i relate to lil nas sm
PhanToNGame 4 дні тому
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Robert Wilson
Robert Wilson 4 дні тому
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