Live PD: Gang Member Tattoos Blow his Cover (Season 3) | A&E

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When an officer pulls over a car for a minor traffic violation, he recognizes the passenger has tattoos tied to the Tango Blast gang in this clip from "8.2.19". #LivePD
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13 сер 2019





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A&E 2 години тому
Like Live PD? Catch Live Rescue, returning on Monday September, 23rd at 9/8c!
Mac Guffin
Mac Guffin 38 хвилин тому
The Tongo gang apparently has no physical fitness standards.
Dylan Reeves x
Dylan Reeves x 5 годин тому
That dap was smoooth tho
Pickleton Pip
Pickleton Pip 11 годин тому
I swear I’m going to get epileptic
Dark Star Pyro
Dark Star Pyro День тому
George Murphy
George Murphy День тому
Easy stop. Just cooperate. Save your "rights" thing for a rainy day. Yes, he was polite and honest. I have more respect for him than those in the usual dramatic stops.
Driving Across America
Driving Across America День тому
Yet all the cops are bad. I see from this video what everyone was talking about.
Kyser Ehrhardt
Kyser Ehrhardt 2 дні тому
Cops like these are why I hate it when people say all cops are killers
Edgar PC
Edgar PC 2 дні тому
Nah we just friendly in Portland RIPCITY 💪🏽💪🏽
Я does not equal R
Я does not equal R 2 дні тому
Honestly asking, why did the cop take the dude out the car when he was not driving and this was just a routine stop? Is that illegal? And then he took pictures of his tats and stuff. Could the dude have refused all of this and went home just fine? This just looked fishy to me.
Max 2 дні тому
I never seen a good cop dab up a murderer...
Rodrick Evans
Rodrick Evans 3 дні тому
Gen Xers........ha ha ha.....stupid comments with a stupid mentality. You all put so much thought into your words and sentences....I mean the one's who can make a sentence without skipping words or misspelling.
Get Money Ball hard
Get Money Ball hard 4 дні тому
That’s an example of a good cop
Playyvh 5 днів тому
these are the type of cops we need.. it would be less violence
Blake Killion
Blake Killion 2 дні тому
Playyvh why would he take pictures and document that he is a gang member, so they can discriminate him if he ever runs into law enforcement again, even if he calls the police, they will be thinking, oh this is a violent gang member, for the rest of his life he will be watched by the police, even after admitting to not be in the gang anymore
David Speigel
David Speigel 5 днів тому
That is how a traffic stop should go
Thoughtful Aquarius
Thoughtful Aquarius 6 днів тому
Passenger of car isn't legally required to provide name or identification. Nor are they required by law to pose for a photo shoot.
Matthew Hamilton
Matthew Hamilton 6 днів тому
What law was broken in order to search the passenger or run his name?
C 3 дні тому
Uh the tattoos of his gang moron
Saki630 6 днів тому
not even a drug dog called in. What is this travesty!?
Julio Hefner
Julio Hefner 4 дні тому
There was no reason for a drug dog
Americanarmenian818 6 днів тому
Like the mutual respect
N B 6 днів тому
I guarantee he ain’t banging too hard these days with that ascites and liver cirrhosis.
Tax Free Productions
Tax Free Productions 7 днів тому
land of the free. don't completely stop at a stop sign and get your tattoos documented
Alrachid 7 днів тому
Nice civilian, good police officer. I like seeing stuff like this. Honesty, and some trust. The cop could have pressed him more, or trying to make up BS like other cops to get a dog there and try to search. But no, he ran his name and let them on their way.
Kylo Bedo
Kylo Bedo 7 днів тому
Hes an og, they do it a little different than "other gangsters "
Bruce Leroy
Bruce Leroy 7 днів тому
The gang member looks pregnant 😅
Everyday PH
Everyday PH 7 днів тому
Omg. A gang member who respects the officer, gets the respect back and then doesn’t have any issues 😱. You don’t say.
Gomez 7 днів тому
Beautifully done.
El Chapo King
El Chapo King 7 днів тому
If you’re gonna be a gang member, be like him
VCVortex 7 днів тому
Never ID yourself in the passenger seat. The US Supreme Court has ruled that you do not have to. People need to learn their rights...
Matthew Moore
Matthew Moore 3 дні тому
Yea and catch 2 in the torso for making the armed cop fear for his life.
Tom Smith
Tom Smith 8 днів тому
Professional cop.finally!
Kory Kloth
Kory Kloth 8 днів тому
Praying to Lucifer hands tattoo. Very common.
oh ok
oh ok 8 днів тому
That's why I have no tattoos.. lol
oh ok
oh ok 8 днів тому
2? I cant just figure out 2. Charley bucket..
DON LMASTER 8 днів тому
Cop : how many hits u got ? Gang member : 2 Cop: just 2.. I got 20 .. Gang member is ashamed!!
Mathewmartialart 8 днів тому
you know when the cop fears for his life but actually using common sense and isnt trigger happy when he repeatedly saying "no disrepect"
Eddie The Esh Lad
Eddie The Esh Lad 8 днів тому
Wish I had someone to tell me they appreciate me...
Bluecavemen 8 днів тому
He didn't kill no one. Just a guy with crappy tattoo and a fat gut
The Shiv
The Shiv 8 днів тому
Should have got a picture of his huge gut.
SMOKEY WONDER 9 днів тому
Normal traffic stop huh?
G. Brooks
G. Brooks 9 днів тому
What's the big fuss..? Just one gang member showing respect to another 🤷🏽‍♂️
Mickey Elkarany
Mickey Elkarany 9 днів тому
Probably the coolest cop in any of these Live PD videos
Bram Copermans
Bram Copermans 9 днів тому
1:20 he really went “hehe I killed 2” lmao
GreenMan 0352
GreenMan 0352 9 днів тому
Did that coo even have a magazine in his gun??
Sean 10 днів тому
Take note! See ,ya don't have to be a c@(ksucker if you're cop, that cop was straight up
Manuel marquez
Manuel marquez 10 днів тому
Is that guy pregnant?
Matthew Molloy
Matthew Molloy 10 днів тому
Plot twist the cop took pictures of the tattoos so he can show the tattoo artist what he wants
Carly Mackk
Carly Mackk 10 днів тому
I have a question, why do they always touch the back of the car
Horse is Crazy
Horse is Crazy 9 днів тому
To leave finger prints on the vehicle . The vehicle is linked to that officer if the stops ends up bad.
MACMETALFACE 10 днів тому
Is killing so uncommon there in America? I always only see mostly us dearhs
Noah C
Noah C 10 днів тому
Very common
LukeSumIpsePatremTe 10 днів тому
So can you deny police officers, when they ask to document your tattoos?
Kostas Kitrakis
Kostas Kitrakis 10 днів тому
Wow a gang member that did what the officer told him and nobody got shot! Crazy right!?
Shahzeboy 1
Shahzeboy 1 10 днів тому
It's literally this easy to not get searched or escalate a traffic stop yet so many idiots get caught with stuff simply because they act like idiots.
Adam Easton
Adam Easton 10 днів тому
4th Amendment questions....I got em
Desert Hugh Freeman
Desert Hugh Freeman 11 днів тому
I don't know mannn... She was driving so why card him a passenger? Tattoos? Cop wasn't aggressive but I don't think thats legal. I guess its different in every state. I'm just saying if we are free, we got rights. Just saying.
Desert Hugh Freeman
Desert Hugh Freeman 10 днів тому
You got to give me more then that. I don’t think it is.
NerdBash2020 10 днів тому
Desert Hugh Freeman it is legal. On a traffic stop he can ask for identification of anyone in the vehicle. He clearly saw tats affiliated with a gang. This goes for every state
BAJ BAJ 11 днів тому
Nice cop 👮
TimeGhosts 11 днів тому
That man had every right in the book violated lmao 😂
Tyler Tyner
Tyler Tyner 7 днів тому
dude agreed to everything sooooo
Jarrett Graham
Jarrett Graham 8 днів тому
Aint putting me down as anything
Frankie Jimenez
Frankie Jimenez 8 днів тому
TimeGhosts What right’s were violated exactly?
Crazy Butter72
Crazy Butter72 11 днів тому
Basically the irl of “pshhh hail sithis”
W (Twin) H
W (Twin) H 11 днів тому
This is a 100% reality check. Goes to show you that if you respect and obey the officer's orders you will most likely get the same respect back and everything will be 👌. No tickets, No warnings, No Nothing. Just a Thank You, Have a Safe night and you will be on your way.
Abby Amaya
Abby Amaya 11 днів тому
Oh shoot tango? That’s the gang my step dads in I think he in tango blast 💀he in prison tho
Eli Chadwick
Eli Chadwick 11 днів тому
If you haven’t committed a crime you do not have to show the officers your slave ID
DawsonEdiger 11 днів тому
Cop was kind of disrespectful with his “hood talk” other than that he seemed nice
Johnny 9 днів тому
DawsonEdiger were not talkin about you dipshit were talking about a police officer
DawsonEdiger 10 днів тому
Johnny bro I’m a 180 pound 6’1 white kid and if I went around talking to people like that where I live I’d get my teeth kicked in. Fact. Maybe you’re just extra sheltered by your momma.
Johnny 10 днів тому
DawsonEdiger thats racist? You must be a professional victim if that qualifies as racist to you
DawsonEdiger 11 днів тому
Johnny because he’s a white cop who obviously doesn’t talk like that most of the time. That’s racist there little buddy
Johnny 11 днів тому
How is communicating in a way the guy is comfortable with being disrespectful? Whose he gonna be more open with, a cop asking him things in a way that goes over his head or a cop who talks to him like his buddys do at the garage.
Captain Cake
Captain Cake 11 днів тому
Let's go Blazers! Let's go Blazers! Let's go Blazers!
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