Protests Continue In Twin Cities After Death Of George Floyd | NBC News

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Protests on the streets of Minneapolis and St. Paul continue for a third night after the death of George Floyd in police custody. Warning: Video may contain strong language.
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Live: Protests Continue In Twin Cities After Death Of George Floyd | NBC News



28 тра 2020





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Dj Shooon
Dj Shooon 10 годин тому
Ok how is this helping?? You can be upset like I am to! I am extremely upset about this mans death but you shouldn’t start buildings on fire! Your message will be taken seriously when you peacefully protest! Have a march! Make a point! Don’t run around like idiots! Don’t make fools out of yourself. Y’all are making 2020 worse!
Cool Beans
Cool Beans 10 годин тому
They accidentally wrote protests in the title instead of riots!
Conner Broeker
Conner Broeker 10 годин тому
People talking about this year crazy. The world has always been crazy people are just becoming more aware
Joseph Parr
Joseph Parr 10 годин тому
Lol the aftermath of these RIOTS will be hilarious as usual. Hurt your own community and expect sympathy
el loco
el loco 10 годин тому
Good Job protesters?
Jake McKay
Jake McKay 10 годин тому
The rioters are exploiting George Floyd's death so they can steal from stores and businesses. It's disgusting. I feel so bad for the Floyd family, they never deserved any of this. Peaceful protesting is the way. We need to train our officers better so we can avoid instances like this again. All lives matter!
Conner Broeker
Conner Broeker 10 годин тому
These are riots not protests
barbara thompson
barbara thompson 10 годин тому
Protest continue in St. Paul , Minnesota after the killing of GEORGE FLOYD.
彭文皓 10 годин тому
As the Lighthouse of world civilization, how could the United States have such a "beautiful scenery"? Five demands are indispensable!
Waffle Pancakes77
Waffle Pancakes77 10 годин тому
It’s crazy to think one tragic cause was done and this is the effect of it...
Yerf Hdjs
Yerf Hdjs 10 годин тому
China is made up of animal eaters; America is made up of human killers? 👀
jdmpapa1938475849 10 годин тому
Watchin this reminds me of the la riots
Roxy Reyes
Roxy Reyes 10 годин тому
Ugh why go this route though. I understand that anger and outrage but this is to much.
Geralt of Riverwood
Geralt of Riverwood 10 годин тому
Riots going on in both Minneapolis and Hong Kong. People destroying local businesses, smashing cars, looting stores, burning buildings, beating up their own people who are against the agenda, in the name of "Human Rights". Somehow the western media doesn't report any of those violent acts of the Hong Kong riot, only the CCP is portrayed as the big bad guy over there. We're living in a world where everyone is heavily brainwashed, the double standard is SO OBVIOUS, however, people are still too blind to see them.
Wednek 10 годин тому
This one was in Boone County KY. No charges. ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-rr9V247_6i4.html
A M 10 годин тому
RealIllyrian4life 10 годин тому
"No justice! No peace!" Breaks into stores and loots. Yes. It makes perfect sense! So much for protesting police brutality
toy tv
toy tv 10 годин тому
Subscribe my Chanel and I will subscribe your
Chilly Pimp
Chilly Pimp 10 годин тому
Rodney king part. 2 all we need now is another O.J. trial and history will repeat exactly lol
Elle C
Elle C 10 годин тому
Yall really out here tryna get paid from this by using a bunch of ads.
Howto readbible
Howto readbible 10 годин тому
VIOLATED- Bill of Rights 4th Amendment - NO SEARCH WITHOUT warrant 8th Amendment- NO EXCESSIVE FORCE Learn your American Bill of Rights!
Robiel Rodríguez Abreu
Robiel Rodríguez Abreu 10 годин тому
Aprende a ganar dinero instagram.com/manuel_08rodriguez?igshid=nenxck4abj26
Liz Z
Liz Z 10 годин тому
They don’t look like they’re 6 feet apart. What what that about selfish protestors endangering the lives of others by being out in the streets in large numbers? The double standard is ridiculous.
jay07 10 годин тому
Stay safe news team..Don't get to close it's not worth it
K L C 10 годин тому
It’s an awful thing that happened. But why destroy other people’s lives by destroying there city.
thebullybuffalo 10 годин тому
Probably the gangs coming out to exploit the situation. We get angry at cops but far more lives are taken and ruined by gangs...
D S 10 годин тому
So......millions of dollars to rebuild city structures and cleanup. Guess who foots the bill......the protestors, the taxpayers. Brilliant!
AavantiRah AavantiRah
AavantiRah AavantiRah 10 годин тому
Power to the people💕
Nejat Agha
Nejat Agha 10 годин тому
Corona : oh man that's my place
Tru_mind Beatz
Tru_mind Beatz 10 годин тому
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K L C 10 годин тому
No sound
mphmi100 10 годин тому
The cities where will be riots like this city, have to be punished NO STATE HELP. So they learn something and next time they are going to organized better to protect the local businesses and the people from those tugs .It's very easy to destroy things but let me see you to build something to do something what is going to help people in those bat times the whole world is going through
boycott china
boycott china 10 годин тому
Now this is so stupid burn down Buisiness's that have 0 to do with this they arrested the cops geez
wegoall 10 годин тому
How is it chauvins neighbors didn’t even know he was a cop?? Ex club owner said Floyd and chauvin both once worked security for her?? Cops in bulletproof vest jump out of the ambulance instead of paramedics?? Anybody, please??
Joey B
Joey B 10 годин тому
Riots ... riots continue
tony hawks
tony hawks 10 годин тому
heiii if you going to RIOT please where your mask and gloves...
rirdan1 10 годин тому
Two simple ways to avoid being killed by the police regardless of your skin color: 1. Don't brake the law. 2. If you broke the law, don't resist the arrest. Pretty simple, isn't it?
LOGANO TUTT 10 годин тому
Thank you
CripticPotato 10 годин тому
Reminds me of Spider-Man ps4 after all the super villains escape
JaÉl Thomas
JaÉl Thomas 10 годин тому
@ 1:25 :35 that zoom on that camera is mad lit 🔥⚡️
Jeff Buchholz
Jeff Buchholz 10 годин тому
That social distancing thing kinda went out the window, eh?
haley brooke
haley brooke 10 годин тому
R.I.P. George Floyd. Fly high🙏
No Role Modelz
No Role Modelz 10 годин тому
"I just keep moving forward. Until my enemies are destroyed." - Eren Yaeger
Just.a.regularcowboy 10 годин тому
Run em over...
Robert Schaefer
Robert Schaefer 10 годин тому
Someone tell Kendall to get those people a pepsi ASAP.
Andrew Moses
Andrew Moses 10 годин тому
I knew it was only a matter of time until this comment showed up 😂
AS CS 10 годин тому
That's not justice and everyone was right and police a mistake when I see the video I feel I'm not breathing like this man that's very heart and racism
Gee Man
Gee Man 10 годин тому
What we need Now is change in the law that if a police officer get 3 civil complaints of excessive force against him/he they are taken off the force and looked at by the special forces unit made up of 1 senior police officer and the rest civilians to determine the liability of that officer. We need this as LAW so that this type of tragedy never happens again and this amount of civil unrest does not need to happen
Francisco Abreu
Francisco Abreu 10 годин тому
History is repeating itself
marshall metcalf
marshall metcalf 10 годин тому
Burn only government buildings im ok with that...not regular businesses and stuff like that
Frank 10 годин тому
trump is blaming chn for this riot.
Fortsoft 11 годин тому
I just dont understand why they burned innocent stores and vehicles!? I dont know burned derek chauvin house or police station not car or stores of people who did anything
Your Mom's Tits
Your Mom's Tits 10 годин тому
..... The Boston Tea party was what?
marshall metcalf
marshall metcalf 11 годин тому
Sometimes violence and war is the only way to change things, we need another revolution...history repeats itself!
LOGANO TUTT 10 годин тому
Wait, your revolution is burning down the city. Maby we can call it the ghetto wars.
Nyzzie 123
Nyzzie 123 11 годин тому
2020 is the worst year smh 🤦🏾‍♂️
Ihad asandwich
Ihad asandwich 11 годин тому
whats funny is when the police on the roof shot off something and the crowd scatter. People are sheep and we just gotta corral our herd back to there homes....
Ihad asandwich
Ihad asandwich 10 годин тому
@ZeroDarknezz ok. i just said it was funny and made a comparison.
ZeroDarknezz 10 годин тому
That's called instinct you dombass
ksun4651 11 годин тому
Black guy dies because of a police officer? I know what I shall do! In order to bring justice and reform I shall loot my local target and burn down small businesses that have no relation to this problem in the first place
LOGANO TUTT 10 годин тому
That is so true, maby you can be the leader of the ghetto war.
Maristela Braganca
Maristela Braganca 11 годин тому
Stupid show
Lana Joliet
Lana Joliet 11 годин тому
They are chanting Who screams for Ice cream lol
Adrian Garcia
Adrian Garcia 11 годин тому
The sleeping beast has awaken
Amaury Hawkins
Amaury Hawkins 11 годин тому
this is divsion game but irl life...im kinda hyped
Maristela Braganca
Maristela Braganca 11 годин тому
Go home!
Jake Schlotzhauer
Jake Schlotzhauer 11 годин тому
When you burn buildings, it’s not a protest it is a riot.
Django 10 годин тому
Elle C less stupid then you
Elle C
Elle C 10 годин тому
@Django police did start fires there are actually videos of them doing it. Your precious police are not innocent they want you to believe the fires are all started by the protestors.
Elle C
Elle C 10 годин тому
@Django how stupid are you
Big Brother
Big Brother 10 годин тому
Elle C yup 100% if it’s my business and people want to loot it, they all face a machine gun
Big Brother
Big Brother 10 годин тому
Lunar hypocrite, look wtf is happening
BasicallyABeaver 11 годин тому
I wish we lived in a society where there was no racism. We didnt have to refer to someone as black or white but a person cause thats what we are.
Goodest Boy
Goodest Boy 11 годин тому
2020 will be the most infamous year of our time. Continent sized wildfires, tensions between countries, a pandemic that has taken hundreds of thousands of lives, and now a protest that will rival the LA riots.
Franksta281 11 годин тому
Almost like the LA riots. They had enough.
Irwan ali Hafidz setiawan
Irwan ali Hafidz setiawan 11 годин тому
hanna! 11 годин тому
hours ago in indiana, a protest in downtown fort wayne escalated as police officers released teargas to disperse an angry crowd. windows broken, walls spray painted with profanity, literal trash in the middle of the streets. what started as a peaceful protest ended in slight chaos. this is america.
RM Q409
RM Q409 11 годин тому
It’s absolutely embarrassing how people react to this. It has seemed that America Has gotten so weak that just because two black people died doesn’t mean you go out and destroy jobs and hurt innocent people. I bet the hero’s hidden from these terrible people are moving out. Idiotic people they are
Kristen Densely
Kristen Densely 11 годин тому
People acting like this is what changes the law....and one day that law just may lead to communism. But then you'll still have people rioting and fighting for freedom....(People had enough of police corruption). Which side will you be on if it ever comes down to people shooting and fighting for equal justice when corrupt police walk free from all crimes?
Your Mom's Tits
Your Mom's Tits 10 годин тому
They will be like the stupid colonist who complained about people fighting for freedom against the British.
Realsteel609 11 годин тому
You can tell people are getting drunk just for the fun of it and rioting. They are staining George Floyd's name and it sickens me. People who truly care about the future of the United States would protest peacefully and would not get drunk and begin riots in the name of any occurrence. I can't believe Minneapolis has come to such an irrational outcome. As on of the youth in this country, I am truly afraid of where this country is going.
Luke Rock
Luke Rock 11 годин тому
George Floyd Tribute " Freedom " featuring Trezz Larry and Queenzflip : ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-N7Ccw4Oz-BQ.html
OneDeep 11 годин тому
Vote Red for Jobs. Vote Blue for Mobs.
Realsteel609 11 годин тому
Continues to say protestors but every single person that causes harm to any person, business, building, etc. is no longer a protestor but a rioter. It's unacceptable.
Clown World
Clown World 11 годин тому
Lmfao what a pathetic human race
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf 11 годин тому
Ya can be mad at me for saying this but it needs to be said why is it that when a black man dies from police brutality it's all over the news and a lot of protests for it but when it's a black woman it's like nobody cares about it when a black woman dies from police brutality at the same rate as black men.
Karl Wheeler
Karl Wheeler 11 годин тому
Wait why are there so many dislikes
Nutcracker’s Crack
Nutcracker’s Crack 11 годин тому
Black person: Makes an action The police officer: I give you 6 stars
Jewel Hunter
Jewel Hunter 11 годин тому
This is what happens when the police work for the elite 1%. The ppl will rise up and remind them who they get their paycheques from!
Gavin Magnus
Gavin Magnus 11 годин тому
a sad story indeed
The Pacoman!
The Pacoman! 11 годин тому
God looking down on us disappointed 😔
Paul Fitch
Paul Fitch 11 годин тому
How can Texans organize against these thugs?
Tadgh B
Tadgh B 11 годин тому
Quit calling these protests. These are riots. This is all the evil that the left has instilled these people. Anyone who aligns with the left needs to be jailed.
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