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In a game that featured 87 combined points and a Heisman shootout for the ages, the No. 2 LSU Tigers marched into Tuscaloosa and took down the No. 3 Crimson Tide.
Thanks to an electric performance from QB Joe Burrow, who passed for 393 yards and 3 TD on the night, LSU coach Ed Orgeron left the field with a career-defining win and the Tigers' first victory over Bama in 8 years.

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9 лис 2019





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Donovan Lennox
Donovan Lennox 7 годин тому
That catch by Thaddeus should not have been a completion
John Douglas
John Douglas 16 годин тому
How does Florida not get pegged higher than bama at the end of the season when they played with a QB in Death Valley that had never started an away game in his life yet plays LSU better than bama did n bama n UGA n GA and had the same record hmmmmm
John Douglas
John Douglas 16 годин тому
Copeland is gonna burn stingley on that false start go next year we’ll him or X. Henderson
John Douglas
John Douglas 16 годин тому
Didn’t Florida play LSU closer at home with a QB that has never started an away game hahahahaha
Eric Williams
Eric Williams День тому
Not and LSU fan..... but the touchdown song is addicting 😂😂😂😂
Joel C
Joel C День тому
Bring back Verne!!!
J Fred Knobloch
J Fred Knobloch День тому
This was a really extraordinary win for LSU… Anytime you win in Tuscaloosa is great! But the way they did it was really extraordinary.
Hopper830 День тому
best game of the entire CFB season.
Rylan Kent
Rylan Kent 5 днів тому
This is why people don’t understand sec is the best conference
De'Kendall Fox
De'Kendall Fox 5 днів тому
Alabama’s defensive injuries buried them before the game even started.
Scott Winne
Scott Winne 8 днів тому
Ya but lsu will suck again this year.Bama will be great again this year.your great quarterback has left while ALABAMA second quarterback get lots of playing time when tua was hurt.I bet lsu can't win back to back national championship.
Ryan McDaniel
Ryan McDaniel 9 днів тому
18:57 got me dead😂🤣
Na Bi
Na Bi 10 днів тому
Alabama beat they self.. smh... 5 points ain't bad considering what they did to everybody all year....
Dylan Br23
Dylan Br23 11 днів тому
Why is the SEC so notoriously bad at special teams I know Alabama has always bad kickers but geez
michaelsrvq 15 днів тому
As a lifelong bama fan this game(to me) signaled the beginning of the end. Tua was done injury wise and we knew he was going pro, and our defense was the most unSaban’esk defense I’ve ever seen. And on top of all that........Joe Burrow is a damn beast and that was a hard pill to swallow, but it’s true. The guy is a bonafide player. All great things must come to an end and this game (again to me) is the catalyst to the end of an amazing ride. As always, Roll tide.
Corey Thomas
Corey Thomas 16 днів тому
I was at this game with my Dad.. We drove from Pennsylvania down to Alabama in his brand new 2019 Challenger to watch this game .. 1 of 4 college games i’ve EVER been to.. What an amazing experience.
SaintsForum 16 днів тому
Beating Alabama alone is a massive accomplishment given their long dominance in college football.
Sun from our solar system
Sun from our solar system 18 днів тому
3:36 As a buckeye fan: OWCH!!! Glad hes alright
Malone Hardick
Malone Hardick 19 днів тому
Games like this is why I prefer big time college football over the NFL
Bill Blass
Bill Blass 21 день тому
LSU's vaunted secondary almost blew that game for them! Good thing LSU's offense came thru cus Tua was slicing up them LSU DBs like butter. Burrow had God-tier stats (31-39 for 393 YDS, 3 TDs, 0 INTs) and LSU still almost lost cus their DBs collapsed. This game dropped all of LSUs DBs out the 1st round
Bill Blass
Bill Blass 21 день тому
Also i cannot believe this is the first time in 8 YEARS that LSU beat Bama
Bill Blass
Bill Blass 21 день тому
Man both these LSU and Bama teams were stacked. Thats why I'm a little wary of Burrow and Tua's chances of success in the NFL. In college they had elite talent around them. In the NFL, they are going to the two worst teams and expected to turn them around. I hope they do succeed are become stars but its gonna be hard for them.
Russell Hughes
Russell Hughes 23 дні тому
The mans face at 9:39 told it all lol 😂
Kevin Quinn
Kevin Quinn 24 дні тому
595 angry UGA fans that wanted to lose to Alabama again dislike this video
Lil Calvin
Lil Calvin 24 дні тому
Alabama could beat LSU if they wanted to
Michael D. McIntire
Michael D. McIntire 26 днів тому
After this game, I knew LSU would win the national title. Congrats to them and the State of Louisiana.
Texasflapjack Flapjack
Texasflapjack Flapjack 26 днів тому
World better watch out for najee Harris 👀
Jessica Kepilino
Jessica Kepilino 26 днів тому
LSU got lucky to have won.
HYBRID Rogue 26 днів тому
Game of the year
TheKoolaidman371 27 днів тому
Edwards Helaire is a fucking force of nature holy shit.
Rich Wil
Rich Wil 27 днів тому
Great ass game!
Gamecock Nation
Gamecock Nation 27 днів тому
Definitely the 2 best teams this year. Bama would've mopped the floor against Clemson and Ohio State.
Mike Lee
Mike Lee 16 днів тому
Charles Bolds
Charles Bolds 27 днів тому
I wish college football start this year because Alabama Crimson Tide will make LSU pay for last year's lost.We are going to beat the 🐅 really bad.Nov 7 👶 Roll Tide🐘🐘🐘
Nathan Xia
Nathan Xia Місяць тому
Greatest NCAAF game of the 2019 season.
Gigi Rodrigue
Gigi Rodrigue Місяць тому
Alabama hung in there but after looking at the highlights, much later, it occurred to me that Bama stayed in the game because they burned LSU on several big plays (including a punt return and a fake audible that tricked freshman Stingley). In other words, that is how Bama stayed in the game. Honestly, even for die-hard Bama fans, LSU was much, much better. At least thus year. Next year? Who knows.
Steven Vicijan
Steven Vicijan Місяць тому
This felt like an amazing game with display of cathartic emo(emotion) at the end
Dave Jordan
Dave Jordan Місяць тому
Love re-watching this game!!! bama faced a very good team not like the pansies teams they play 90% of the year, then Auburn beat them made it even better to bad they always play div. 2 teams like they do and think they are a good team
Ashlee Clay
Ashlee Clay Місяць тому
If tau never fumbled I think Bama would've won good game LSU barrow is really good can't wait to c how he is going to do in the NFL tau as well
ab9957 Місяць тому
for not calling a facemask at 3:37, shouldn't somebody be fined for that.
Megan Dunklin
Megan Dunklin Місяць тому
I remember watching this in a bar in Los Angeles, everyone went nuts and cheered so loud when LSU won.
Gene Cole
Gene Cole Місяць тому
Look like Moss was out of bounds & came back in.
G Bama Boy
G Bama Boy Місяць тому
As bad as Bama played in the first half. If Bama would gotten the onside Kick. Bama would of won this game.
Leon Roberson
Leon Roberson 12 днів тому
Bama scored on all lucky big plays lol gtfoh
Leon Roberson
Leon Roberson 12 днів тому
@Akam Killa 😂😂 lsu was way better! Bama scored on a punt return and two long passes that was luck...
Akam Killa
Akam Killa 19 днів тому
Or if they score on there first possession the score would’ve be 48-46 Alabama wins
boosted3fifty z
boosted3fifty z Місяць тому
Was a good game boi that Tua fuck up literally was the decider though. Tide literally was playin from behind but way better in second half that touch down was the saving grace. Its all good we'll be back yall got 1 on us RTR...Glad to see trophy back in the SEC though fr fr
Aceem2death Місяць тому
College Football 🏈 is the new plantation. Young men putting their health on the line to make old white men billions. “Come play for us for at least 3 yrs and maybe you can make it to the NFL and then you can take care of your family. “ 🤦🏾‍♂️
Mason Mason
Mason Mason Місяць тому
This was our real national title Geaux tigers 💜💛
MrWalt Місяць тому
Think Cam Newton goes in on that tackle that Burrow did on the fumble @ 9:55? Me neither.
Sam Місяць тому
Alabama is the biggest sham of a university. Paid for sports for HGH and Dodge Chargers.
Sam Місяць тому
A) Smith is going to be better than Waddle, and I know no one believes that B) Chase is going to be better than Jeudy, Ruggs, Waddle, Smith, Cooper, hell even maybe Julio. Dude is special.
Malone Hardick
Malone Hardick 19 днів тому
Ok what ever
Bruno Mars
Bruno Mars Місяць тому
Lol Chase
Scotty Shaver
Scotty Shaver Місяць тому
These announcers sound like they nut in there pants everytime they say Alabama.
CharismaticWonderman Місяць тому
LSU fans, including myself, were partying after this hard-fought victory game. Now that I think about, I wish I would have got drunk at the Double Branch and yelled, “GEAUX TIGERS!” 😍😭💜👏🏿
NickyGuy Місяць тому
Tua fumbling on the opening drive indirectly lost us the game:/
Leon Roberson
Leon Roberson 12 днів тому
Lucky big plays the only reason y'all kept it a game
William Stalvey
William Stalvey Місяць тому
Wait till bama has to go to L S U this year, if and when we have football....go tigas
Paz Cavejitto
Paz Cavejitto Місяць тому
Louisiana the toilet bowl state ....
Paz Cavejitto
Paz Cavejitto Місяць тому
That’s the mentality pay coaches more than educators 👩‍🏫 Mr . O will be guaranteed an obscene compensation that is historic the highest uneducated state compensated individual
Paz Cavejitto
Paz Cavejitto Місяць тому
Not at Harvard or Yale, Dartmouth, Stanford , Princeton that will never happen....
Paz Cavejitto
Paz Cavejitto Місяць тому
Mr .O is the highest paid uneducated individual in the State ...owns Louisiana it’s pathetic ....hug his wife then divorcing give us a break ! LSU topped puts if it was a publicly traded company y sell it
Paz Cavejitto
Paz Cavejitto Місяць тому
Louisiana GDP 200 billion an impoverished middle class lives paycheck to paycheck ....
Paz Cavejitto
Paz Cavejitto Місяць тому
Big Deal ! LSU finally got emancipated from slavery to Alabama they will lose again hahahahaha LSU has its own decrepit curriculum anybody can go to LSU
Upper Echelon
Upper Echelon Місяць тому
I wonder how many NFL stars were going to see in the league from this game alone.
Daddywood2230 Місяць тому
Burrow was amazing the whole season. Hats off to Ja'mar Chase. Clyde Edwards was the x factor
Jess Carnes
Jess Carnes 2 місяці тому
SEC is the best
bonezfromga 2 місяці тому
having lived in bama it's alwaays gud wen bama gets an L, r0ll tears r0ll? They might try again.
Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott 2 місяці тому
Can't wait until week 13 this upcoming season, Miami hosts Cincinnati and we'll get to see the first NFL matchup between Tagovailoa and Burrow Also Devonta Smith's performance in this game makes you believe that he'll be the top wr prospect in the 2021 NFL Draft
William L.
William L. 2 місяці тому
Why did LSU play Press-man under two minutes against arguably the best WR corp in the country? I am going to weave a thread that ties everything together because who the F!@# could you let a true freshman, up by two scores play press-man with no safety help.
William L.
William L. 2 місяці тому
The reason I came up with all this because it still makes way more sense THAN PLAYING PRESS COVERAGE UP BY TWO SCORES WITH LESS THAN TWO MINUTES LEFT. I seriously cannons reconcile it in my mind why Dave Aranade would do that
William L.
William L. 2 місяці тому
But the real goal was to make the SEC to look better. The commissioner called into Dave Aranda to probably cover up some skeletons. 46-34, blah Alabama is done. 46-41. The Elephant deserves another shot.
William L.
William L. 2 місяці тому
SEC biased, obviously. LSU dominated 3 of the 4 quarters, but ESPN still needs their money. Once the powers at be decided they didn't need to ask a coordinator to choose between conference and winning, they found the LSU D Coordinator. Everyone knows Alabam's are elite, no one would think to question playing man coverage against one of the fastest players in CFB, right? Well. yes because LSU won.
Deejay Corpuz
Deejay Corpuz 2 місяці тому
Wtf. The chiefs steals a beast 🤦🏽‍♂️
simon rhee
simon rhee 2 місяці тому
that interception at 10:20 is awesome
john doe
john doe 2 місяці тому
wow, tua has so many weapons. good luck to the dolphins. he wont have all those weapons to save his ass.
john doe
john doe 2 місяці тому
@Gamecock Nation same with dak prescott if hes dumb enough to leave the cowboys
Gamecock Nation
Gamecock Nation 2 місяці тому
Same with Joe Burrow which he won't have all that time in the pocket like he did at LSU or all those weapons.
stevemtc1 2 місяці тому
I’d ❤️ to see this one but I can’t ima tide fan 😢
Tom Wolfe
Tom Wolfe 2 місяці тому
Considering the ridiculous amount of injuries and out of character errors, Alabama should not have been an onside kick away from winning. LOL, I felt sorry for those poor freshmen linebackers. If Alabama didn’t have so many injuries on defense, would they have won?
Jayden Duncan
Jayden Duncan 2 місяці тому
This doesn’t look like nothing I seen on tv
TXguy82 2 місяці тому
Great fn game!!
Malcolm Radosevic
Malcolm Radosevic 2 місяці тому
What the hell is defense?
Truevillany 2 місяці тому
Malcolm Radosevic Two explosive offenses buddy.
Patriot for Truth
Patriot for Truth 2 місяці тому
LSU greatest team in this history of college football. 15-0 and beat how many top 10 ranked teams.
chiaotzu224 1
chiaotzu224 1 2 місяці тому
Only game I saw Stingley struggle
Clifford Yawn
Clifford Yawn 2 місяці тому
LSU was damn lucky to win that game! Tau played a great game for a crippled qb
chris 2 місяці тому
Excellent game. Cant wait to beat bama again in 2020 : ). Well bama no longer has their wonder boy (Tua Tagovaloa) and no longer has the guy that pushes their limits in Scott Cochran.
Bill W
Bill W 2 місяці тому
Alabama was a few injured players away on their defense from beating these guys and doing what they do best, win it all.
amoroso66 2 місяці тому
Sorry Im just still so damn bitter!!! Good job TIGERS
amoroso66 2 місяці тому
Im looking at quarterback play and anyone could argue for both qbs. I do think LSU DEE is wayyy better than BAMA DEE...that is obvious. Heisman Burrow vs BAMA DEE or 90% Tua vs LSU DEE. TUA SMASHED YOUR LSU DEE on one leg. LET"S GO DOLPHINS!!!
ImmToxicc 2 місяці тому
Seeing Trevon Diggs get exposed the whole game kinda scares me as a cowboys fan
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