Luca - Is It Good or Nah? (Pixar Review)

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William Pilling
William Pilling Годину тому
I will say that this film could do a lot worse and to be honest, I had a good time with this one. The animation was quite good and the story was basic but served its purpose well. The dad character was a breath of fresh air too, not citing some cliche about "sea monsters took it" or something along those lines. The villain did a good job on making me want to see him lose. Only thing that stuck in my craw like Schaff was how much of an jerk Alberto was being. Maybe it was just me but it felt like he took a complete 180 once Guilia came into the equation. To be fair, that was probably because his dad left him and he didn't know better, but still didn't sit right with me. Like many in this comment section, the betrayal caught me off guard, and I felt it was a bit much, but was definitely dramatic and that added a bit of spice in my eyes. Overall, solid film: *8/10*
Jacob Logan-Pratt
Jacob Logan-Pratt Годину тому
No, Luca is terrible!
Tin 2 години тому
“I don’t compare Pixar movies to eachother” *But also* “Luca isn’t like the other Pixar movies” No hate lol I just noticed that. Good video:)
Kawaii Emolga
Kawaii Emolga 4 години тому
I like Brave '-'
Kawaii Emolga
Kawaii Emolga 4 години тому
This movie is just a simple story about friendship and I like it
Malwi shorties
Malwi shorties 6 годин тому
4:10 thought he said skitter
Gabe Bish
Gabe Bish 9 годин тому
I love luca,its a good movie in my opinion
Charles Wiechert
Charles Wiechert 9 годин тому
I’ll never be able to comprehend why people hate cars 2 Jurassic park 3 and Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull
Dave Sison
Dave Sison 13 годин тому
Can we also just appreciate that we have a kids movie now where two male friends are just CASUALLY affectionate to one another? I feel like too many movies that show affectionate male friends give off this "oh but no homo though cuz obviously men aren't supposed to show feelings" vibe like no plz let me love my homies and not have to clarify my heterosexuality every damn minute.
Alex Gomez
Alex Gomez 3 години тому
Not just with males either. Close friendships of any gender are deemed romantic by hardcore shippers.
ahmed m
ahmed m 16 годин тому
But the ending... Luca left his best friend to go to school with julia like i didnt expect that :/
Matt Miller
Matt Miller 16 годин тому
Those sheep fish are cute
OceanVibes 18 годин тому
Luca is a 10/10 movie for me I loved watching it , normally I can’t sit down and watch a movie but Luca was a good movie 😩✋
AnDyItzDaRk 19 годин тому
6:26 My useless brain: but skinner is itali... *realizes how stupid I am*
Icnix 21 годину тому
I just like it because it really isn’t pointed to a certain genre of people and it shows many scenes that can be taken as metaphoric as in “not being accepted”“uncertainty”. and the feeling of loosing a friend or loved one and does are Just a few it really does present as anything and can be taken in as how the reader interprets it
sirius black7
sirius black7 21 годину тому
Onward was absolute trash. But brave? Come on man that was a good movie
Riley Durbin
Riley Durbin 22 години тому
Silencio Bruno 😌
Gruffalo Slayer
Gruffalo Slayer 22 години тому
My Rating:9/10
Unknown День тому
I honestly don't agree with the point that Alberto was a jerk I mean they kinda left the poor guy out and he barely knew anything about above surface so it's kinda understandable that he is jelous as his friend is being taken by gulia. Also just cause he was a slight jerk doesn't mean u leave u r friend for dead
TexMechs День тому
I really enjoyed this movie. It was just so simple and fun. A bit messy at the end but all around great.
PatchworkRose567 День тому
Luca is a fun, simplistic movie that reminds me of hanging out with friends and learning how relationships and the world works as a child. It also has a fun, children’s book art style to it
Viper 2 дні тому
It took me this long to realize the thumbnail has the octopus from Shark Tale in the bottom left corner.
balashibu yeeter
balashibu yeeter 2 дні тому
Bad batch supremacy
TMGClips 2 дні тому
though I think the film is very good and charming, the film does seem rushed
izuchan 2 дні тому
Who else is here after Chris Stuckmann's terrible review?
Zeeshan Aliawan
Zeeshan Aliawan День тому
PayBaf PVZimp
PayBaf PVZimp 2 дні тому
Where is it on the Pixar ranking
Mister WiZeguy
Mister WiZeguy 2 дні тому
Honestly, my favorite part of the whole movie was the end credits. And I’m not being sarcastic. If you’ve seen the movie, you know what I’m talking about.
TheSpiceAndRice 3 дні тому
They really didn’t need to be fish people for this movie to get its point across. I wanted to dive more into the world of the fish people. Seems like a wasted opportunity to me 🤷‍♀️
TheSpiceAndRice 3 дні тому
I was waiting for part where he would say he was being sarcastic 😐. Very disappointed, this movie just didn’t do it for me.
Emilio Linares
Emilio Linares 3 дні тому
Being a side of the sea, middel of nowhere, full of old people AND Italian, the everyone just accepting the rest as fish monsters part was a bit... yeah... unrealistic... but (I know schaffrillas would me for this excuse) it's a kids movie, fuck it, let them have a happy ending
N. H.
N. H. 3 дні тому
Idk bro... They're like, kids.... They make mistakes and are unlikable...... Alberto getting self conscious and jealous was pretty believable. The climax was pretty good as well idk
“He’s justifiably afraid of losing him to the heteros”
J ack
J ack 4 дні тому
Is it strange I never cried watching a moive
Dark Void
Dark Void 4 дні тому
I thought this movie was alright and good waste of my time
Funtrap 4 дні тому
5:49 Those were my thoughts exactly!
The Engineer
The Engineer 4 дні тому
He had us in the first quarter not gonna lie
stefano franzini
stefano franzini 4 дні тому
you order PASTA?
Twisted4kStudios 4 дні тому
I liked the movie a lot, but yeah, I feel like it could've been so much more; if the climactic scene wasn't just some race to win a trophy but instead maybe all the fisherman going on some mass hunt for the sea monsters, if we got to know more about Guilia and his dad (maybe a long time ago he fell in love with a woman that TURNED OUT to be a sea monster and she had to leave, and he's mad but that's also why he grows attached to Roberto, etc.), if the whole "betrayal" scene had a bigger pivot to the story instead of just a "hey, I'm sorry," Roberto: "Screw you" *then later just comes back with an umbrella*, and then if there was a longer transition and explanation of the humans no longer seeing the sea monsters as threats and so on... would've turned a good movie great, in my mind
I’m Tired
I’m Tired 4 дні тому
I feel like Alberto behaving the way he did makes sense for someone of his age (14). He was struggling with the idea of losing the only real person in his life and he acted immaturely as a response. I can see from an adults standpoint how it’s “too much” but you really can’t expect an early teenager to be emotionally mature. And putting him in mortal danger isn’t really what he deserved. This review is good for the most part but I didn’t like that take, I think it’s hard sometimes for adults to understand why a kid isn’t acting, well, like an adult (this is a common problem with Aang, he’s twelve and people get mad at him for acting twelve). You need to view it through the lens of a kid, not a parent.
Bretton Scrima da Roma
Bretton Scrima da Roma 4 дні тому
Wow. As "woke" as you are, I'm surprised you mentioned nothing about the cast not being Italian. How come the rules are different for us?
sof 🌙
sof 🌙 5 днів тому
7:20 ah yes, the country roads ghibli movie
Rayneworld 5 днів тому
I dunnooooo, I watched this with friends last night, and this movie asked you to not question a LOT of plotholes. It needed way stronger world building, but ig they didn't have time for it which I get. It also felt not on par with Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, etc, felt like a small company movie. Which btw I didn't hate it! I liked it, I just think it was fine.
Allen Sickle
Allen Sickle 5 днів тому
Why is no one talking about the obnoxious switching between fake-accented English and badly-mispronounced Italian?
Merletastic 5 днів тому
Luca made me feel. It made me feel happy, really happy.
Project: Komodo
Project: Komodo 5 днів тому
*S I L E N Z I O B R U N O*
A berry
A berry 5 днів тому
Can we talk about how Luca makes the " best friends have to their separate ways " trope so natural and well. It wasn't like some movies where it was out of the blue it felt natural that Luca wanted to go school and Alberto wanted to stay with his dad. The ending was honestly bittersweet and genuine, this movie is so cute and wholesome.
Rafael C.R.
Rafael C.R. 5 днів тому
Mate, my brother made me see this video because he said "the best definition about Alberto is Schaffrillas' one: 'he doesn't want to lose Luca for the heteros'". I doubted him but YOU ACTUALLY SAID THAT!!
Linaya Sehlstrom
Linaya Sehlstrom 5 днів тому
I will sue Disney if they don't make Luca x Alberto a thing. (I am legally obliged to say that is a joke)
Anxiety Pancake
Anxiety Pancake 5 днів тому
I loved Luca, my favorite character is Giulia. The first time i watched it i cried so hard i nearly vomited (i’m not kidding i was dry heaving)
Alyssa 6 днів тому
Okay, usually I agree with most of the opinions in your videos, but I think that there’s a another perspective that can be seen here. As a queer person, this movie wasn’t just a lighthearted, fun adventure with a simple goal to complete. To me, it was a clear metaphor of the experiences of many people in the lgbtq community. The wanting to be free to make your own choices, the fear that followed them everywhere, the bullies, the scene where Luca turned on Alberto to protect himself, and the eventual acceptance from the human community were all so emotional to me because I saw it reflected in myself, and I know that many others saw it reflected in them, too. I’m obviously not saying that your opinions here are wrong or not valid, I just wanted to point out how different perspectives can add a whole new depth to the movie!
Krueger Pool The 13th
Krueger Pool The 13th 6 днів тому
I actually appreciate one line in the end from the grandma saying that certain humans won’t accept him It was a very simple way to say:”yes, there is hate in the world, it exists” it really stuck with me
Scavenger Rx
Scavenger Rx 6 днів тому
The Animations looks like its was kinda rushed, but i mean i isnt really a HUGE movie
Victor737 6 днів тому
Tbh I really like a movie that people don't like. Cars 2. And you might not agree but, Cars 2 was the best of the cars trilogy.
SLAS S 6 днів тому
Disney make no bad movies
Allen Sickle
Allen Sickle 5 днів тому
That's your nostalgia talking. Most of Disney's movies are riddled with plotholes and make no sense. Pixar movies are better, though.
Krueger Pool The 13th
Krueger Pool The 13th 6 днів тому
Literally every sequel to an animated Disney movie is bad And Pixar movies don’t count
Mr paws 54
Mr paws 54 6 днів тому
I watch this with my best friend 5 feet apart cause we’re not gay and we had a fucking blast also do monsters at work
Ly Liz
Ly Liz 6 днів тому
Luca is like H2O mermaids, that was in my head while watching them trying not to get wet.
Pigeon cookie
Pigeon cookie 6 днів тому
me: watches this video. also me: cried when the city finds out alberto is a see monster and luca saves alberto
MattheJ1 6 днів тому
"Nooo you can't just make a Pixar movie that isn't deep or thought-provoking!" "Hehe fish people go mama mia"
Purplealchemist 6 днів тому
Luca gave me Studio Ghibli vibes, which wasn't a bad thing at all.
Sally Soapy
Sally Soapy 6 днів тому
Ngl luca did make me cry and think aha
Fūma 7 днів тому
This movie made me cry tf lol 😂
fe ,
fe , 7 днів тому
They seem like really good friends
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 7 днів тому
I don’t know why, but I REALLY like how the villain was a fully grown man instead of just a kid bullying the other kids. Usually we see the latter so it was kinda neat seeing something different. And plus it makes a lot more sense for the other kids to be intimidated by the antagonist, because he was a grown ass adult!
Dreemurr Reality
Dreemurr Reality 7 днів тому
"losing him to the heteros" i rewatched this part of the video at least fifteen times lmao
Thomas Jenkins
Thomas Jenkins 7 днів тому
I really love this movie love how it's essentially just a movie about summer friends and growing up.
john aplin
john aplin 7 днів тому
I haven’t seen Luca yet but I think I will like it and am excited to see it especially because it’s not a soul but I do like these kinds of Pixar movies just so long as they are fully developed and realized because that’s how I felt about Onward and it still makes me mad because that had so much potential wasted
TumbleBell 7 днів тому
I respectfully disagree with your opinion on Alberto’s jealousy The trauma of having a parent up and leave you really does F you up, and causes you to act out in harsh ways to have control. In my opinion, it was very well written, and i agree with a lot of what you said apart from this one bit :)
GARRET BRADY 7 днів тому
I kinda liked that they didn't push hints of a gay relationship. It was nice to just see another movie with just two boys being friends and having fun.
Raven Wolf
Raven Wolf 7 днів тому
The dad 100% silently threatened the townspeople to accept the boys. You know that no one is going to object when someone like /him/ says something, they know what will happen to them if they do. He's not exactly shy about brandishing his weapons, and he didn't need to actively say anything for his threats to go through.
maddie 7 днів тому
i love this movie so much. and even though its not totally confirmed, i think we all know that luca and alberto have something going on
sobbles 7 днів тому
u should make a video on if u think the movie had lgbtq+ vibes to it and why a lot of people could feel that way. i would love to here ur opinion on the matter and i think it would make for a great video seau g how much the comment section is ONLY talking about that
therapy friend
therapy friend 7 днів тому
"six feet apart cause theyre not gay" *press x to doubt*
That1guy 8 днів тому
I dunno man I liked Brave and Onward
Ultomato Souper
Ultomato Souper 8 днів тому
Slice of Life movie
Astral Skye
Astral Skye 8 днів тому
The second time I watched it I did notice the reaction of the town for accepting the sea monsters. It did seem a little quick but it made me think how long where those two older women staying in that town while hiding they were sea monsters.
Gluten 8 днів тому
“It doesn’t have to change the world” yet has broken 100s of molds, represented several groups and reversed loads of cliches, as well as going against the “Pixar” model for a movie by being so simple
Gluten 8 днів тому
Sometimes we just need a feel good movie… when you expect to cry watching a movie it loses its meaning
Mustafa Ahmed
Mustafa Ahmed 8 днів тому
Brov, I loved Luca-seen it twice already
yeet 8 днів тому
man...me and schaff really do not agree on much of anything movie wise.
yeet 8 днів тому
me starting this video: :) Me when he said he thinks brave was a bad movie: :( (obviously I get that it's just an opinion but I thought it was a really nice movie)
Syd the kid
Syd the kid 8 днів тому
This movie was one of my favorite Pixar movies. Just because Luca is such a relatable character, and the animation was too beautiful. Not because of the story, though. The lesson learned and the storyline wasn't amazing, but it was so good anyhow.
Lizu Mai
Lizu Mai 8 днів тому
Aflahul Falihin • 78 years ago
Mr Dino Otaku
Mr Dino Otaku 8 днів тому
"Luca is gae" "SILENZIO BRUNO"
TalesOfRandolph 8 днів тому
In my opinion, this movie has a refreshing level of complexity that doesn't come from the setting or plot of the film but rather its characters. Rather than focusing on the race or hunting fish, the story itself is about the two boys friendship. Throughout the film we see Luca and Alberto become closer and closer, only to be slowly ripped apart by there different ambitions. The emotional complexity, for a kids film, is very mature and easy to follow. Not only this but the characters themselves have such an adorable friendship that you cant help but smile when they share screen time. Going into the movie, if you focus on not necessarily the plot or the race and rather the growing love the two characters build for one another, the movie appears a heck of a lot stronger. So much so I watched it three times in a two week span at one point.
Izuku Midoriya that simps for Ochako
Friendly reminder that Luca and Alberto are straight
Insight Zoidberg
Insight Zoidberg 9 днів тому
Keith Gabrielson
Keith Gabrielson 9 днів тому
Personally disagree with this, I think it was a very emotionally compelling movie.
Celadon 9 днів тому
I liked this movie. It's not a fantastic movie, sure, but I quite liked it. It's nice and simple but gave me that warm and fuzzy feeling. It's a comforting feeling.
Trey Tipton
Trey Tipton 9 днів тому
I love all of your videos and agree with most of your opinions but I will never be able to get on board with you saying onward is a bad movie. It’s in my top 5 Pixar movies
Skullbaster 9 днів тому
You should do secret magic control agency. I tought the mouvie was but i am interessted to see what you think
Uncertain Zee
Uncertain Zee 9 днів тому
I didn't mind it not being gay, because 1) i think it was still relatable for some gay people, but 2) showing a close friendship between 2 boys is still such a nice, wholesome, and rare thing. I have a much older brother and watched the movie with my mom, who's told me many stories of my brother's funnier little blunders when he was a kid, and we would burst out laughing at many parts, especially at Alberto pretending to know everything and Luca just going with it because my brother had a friend like that, it was cute and fun and i cried regardless because it was just so charming. And personally, i really liked the final act.
Sweet “What in the Goddamn?” Tea
Move away Disney. At least Dosney has the balls to commit with gay representation.
Austin and Lucas's Channel
Austin and Lucas's Channel 9 днів тому
This is probably my most favorite Pixar movie
ZombieBrideXD Animations and Art
6:18 is that a jojo reference?
Janelle oduro
Janelle oduro 9 днів тому
isn't this just a replica of the little mermaid. SHE goes on shore as a human and wants to marry the prince ( she wants something ). Disney and pixar are just becoming less and less creative. Like cruella was just disney making something that already was.
Carmen Tin
Carmen Tin 9 днів тому
This movie is absolutely wonderful with heartfelt moments that make you leave the theatre feeling all kinds of emotions!! While the story is very simple and straightforward, the beats of this movie hit so well with its likeable characters and amazing soundtrack. Literally makes me wanna go to Italy right this instant!!!
jacob rohde
jacob rohde 9 днів тому
Luca was up their with soul and coco wtfffff, it was great
• rainchan-! •
• rainchan-! • 9 днів тому
Where can I watch the movie? I can't find any English dub, full movie and good quality ;-;
Prismatic Guy
Prismatic Guy 9 днів тому
You can find it on Disney plus.
lululemoncello -yt
lululemoncello -yt 9 днів тому
schaff, i think you should make a inside out vs soul. i always found soul as a sort of spiritual sucsessor to inside out
niki 9 днів тому
it's nah.
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