Making Buffalo Wild Wings And Sauces At Home | But Better

Joshua Weissman
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Homemade wing sauce is the most important component to the best wings of all time. It’s easy to make, but it requires the knowledge and technique to make it truly great. Today we go head to head with the coveted buffalo wild wings and their zing sauce, mango habanero wing sauce, and the parmesan garlic wing sauce.

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25 лип 2021





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天Ice GK Khan Freedom Fighter堂
天Ice GK Khan Freedom Fighter堂 Годину тому
Why not poke the wings with a toothpick hole them Drop them in salt vinegar and select seasoning or brine or pickle juice for wing prep first, then fry them golden brown in oil breaded With seasoning using seasoned flour egg white, melted salted butter, milk if you choose, then add dry rub, then add olive oil, then add home made sauce Best juicy flavors on the inside, crispy crunchy taste on the outside Use any ingredients for flavours in sauce,breading,Dry Rub and brine Breaded Roman Wing
stinkyfungus 4 години тому
Ranch is for trailer park trash. Blue cheese is clearly superior.
Mikayla Vandeveer
Mikayla Vandeveer 5 годин тому
I worked at Buffalo and everything there is frozen except the salad 😂 they just throw everything in the fryer and then into a bucket with sauce before throwing it on your plate
Daniel Magee
Daniel Magee 7 годин тому
I made the mango habanero and bottled quite a bit of it. What is the shelf life if bottled?
Alex 7 годин тому
buffalo wild wings is trash. only saving grace is their "challenge" hot wings are the only wings that i consider hot from anywhere. not a challenge, but actually hot.
Eduardo Vazquez
Eduardo Vazquez 9 годин тому
That fart sound at 8:59 killed me. Oh my god HAHA
william C
william C 11 годин тому
4:06 kinda went hard 😳
YurNewHero 12 годин тому
Love this series but had to stop a minute and a half in. No way you can make a proper wing without respecting blue cheese.
Jacob Richardson
Jacob Richardson 13 годин тому
I get the tingles when he says whisky whiskyyyyyyy buissnesssssss
Nathan Seals
Nathan Seals 15 годин тому
I really didn’t like how he spoke about the Asian zing
Theodore Moss
Theodore Moss 16 годин тому
That whisking song hit different
Thane Marshall
Thane Marshall 17 годин тому
Blue cheese is a big fat NO
muddi900 19 годин тому
Blue Cheese is better than Ranch.
Tay Vq
Tay Vq 21 годину тому
wait wait wait you wouldnt happen to be josh that use to work at jimmy johns ? in Georgia
Tay Vq
Tay Vq 21 годину тому
man i like youre videos but i love blue cheese "WING STOP BLUE CHEESE" at that .......BUSSSSSSSSSSSIN you tripping lol
Bessie Hillum
Bessie Hillum 21 годину тому
It's good, but fucking hell he talks a lot of shit.
NotYaAight 23 години тому
Blue cheese is ASSS
amber cotton
amber cotton День тому
I like my wings crispy to the bone lol...guess burn tf out of them
Golden Pun
Golden Pun День тому
I miss AYCE wing nights so goddamn much. *single tear* Obviously not at BWW. We have(Had) nice bars that did them up right and since covid and everything it's too expensive for them to do AYCE any more.
גיא הלפרין
גיא הלפרין День тому
He drives a nice Mercedes lol
Zoom День тому
Thats cool and looks good but Fast Food is fast
Taylor Blodgett
Taylor Blodgett День тому
Vicram, you remind me of Demitri from Anastasia
Gregory Olenovich
Gregory Olenovich День тому
You just aren't having the right blue cheese dressing. The blue cheese dressing I make is literally identical to your ranch except just swap the dill, chives and parsley for a nice blue cheese. Next time you make your ranch, take half and add herbs and the other half add some blue cheese.
Jake Determan
Jake Determan День тому
I’m surprised you didn’t speak on how NON CWISPY those Buffalo Wild Wings are. Literally NO CWISP EVAH
Jake Determan
Jake Determan День тому
Mmmmmmmmm 😋
Tristan Madden
Tristan Madden День тому
As someone from buffalo the fact that you have ranch with your “buffalo wings” is horrific
Joel Ramos
Joel Ramos День тому
Sorry I love buffalo wild wings blue cheese I always get like 4 sides
DADPOOL День тому
This video depresses me. I'm allergic to mango
Markiese Hershkovitz
Markiese Hershkovitz День тому
Beautiful. Those sauces are Amazing!
Luka Delic
Luka Delic 2 дні тому
Joey Diaz is looking for ur location
Preston Jones
Preston Jones 2 дні тому
Those wings look incredible
Myname Andstuff.
Myname Andstuff. 2 дні тому
Save those funky wings josh wooooo
jssymphony 2 дні тому
papa’s favorite 👄👂🏼
young. prince. mike
young. prince. mike 2 дні тому
Can you make a healthy junk food series or like a meal prep series/challenge?
Rhenheart Alvarez
Rhenheart Alvarez 2 дні тому
Ngl american mangoes arent good compared here
Rhenheart Alvarez
Rhenheart Alvarez 2 дні тому
Asian zing is korean sesame soy chicken mix kind of thing
Third Eye Awakened Tarot
Third Eye Awakened Tarot 2 дні тому
Ranch is for midwesterners and southerners with no flavor pallet. Leave the bleu cheese for us, pal.
Alexander Larkin
Alexander Larkin 2 дні тому
This episode was great and I sympathize with your disdain for blue cheese… but for the record blue cheese is the only acceptable condiment for wings and anything else is sacrilege.
Petey McEnroe
Petey McEnroe 2 дні тому
"It's either blue cheese with wings or go f*ck your mother" -Joey Diaz
Brian Biscuits
Brian Biscuits 2 дні тому
Flats are honestly better than drums anyone who says otherwise doesn’t know how to eat a flat
Jookie 2 дні тому
I wish I could make this and all the other recipes but I'm a child and can't buy the ingredients
Gordon Young
Gordon Young 2 дні тому
Buffalo wild wings is absolutely terrible, wingstop is leagues above them
Aidan Unknown
Aidan Unknown 2 дні тому
blue cheese, supreme
VSC Productions
VSC Productions 2 дні тому
I love your style of shooting videos.
AliLou Creations
AliLou Creations 2 дні тому
Flats are my favourite too , and I could not agree more on the blue cheese 🤢
Bread King
Bread King 2 дні тому
dude really made buffalo wild wings better but didnt make their buffalo wings 😂
Minushi Perera
Minushi Perera 2 дні тому
As an "Asian" thank you for emphasising WHATEVER THAT IS
Roman Marshall
Roman Marshall 2 дні тому
only one top comment regarding the bleu cheese dis, I have little faith left in humanity. who tf gets Ranch????
Dianne Hillman
Dianne Hillman 2 дні тому
What oil did you fry in? I thought Buffalo Wild Wings uses tallow. Why did you use canola oil instead of olive oil in the parmigiana-garlic sauce.
Jihad Toom
Jihad Toom 3 дні тому
Papa joshy just beating his meat
Curi Rodriguez Munoz
Curi Rodriguez Munoz 3 дні тому
8:26 has me dyingggg😭😭😭
Mohan Ramcharan
Mohan Ramcharan 3 дні тому
blue chese is better aka ranch but better
Turns Byler
Turns Byler 3 дні тому
Reef Therapy
Reef Therapy 3 дні тому
Buffalo Wild Wings has the best bleu cheese dressing. I always order extra… next best is Applebee’s
Dante Pascual Janolo III
Dante Pascual Janolo III 3 дні тому
Make a But Better: “Michelin Star Item” you won’t
Debjyoti Sinha
Debjyoti Sinha 3 дні тому
That blue cheese lady got fired last week.
Matrix Jockey
Matrix Jockey 3 дні тому
Now I'm hungry. I need to make these!!!
Jared Stollar
Jared Stollar 3 дні тому
Agave wpuld have been better to stabilize the mango habanero
Matrix Jockey
Matrix Jockey 3 дні тому
Agreed and skip the corn syrup
sam ross
sam ross 3 дні тому
They cook there wings for 12 mins and they dont get seasoned and sit in a heat draw
A L 3 дні тому
Bleu cheese is the only dipping sauce for buffalo wings you casuals lol
0:16 The ones in the right are hurting my eyes and my stomach.😝
Alexander Panzarella
Alexander Panzarella 3 дні тому
As someone from Buffalo, I can safely say that Buffalo Wild Wings is disgusting and a disgrace to the Buffalo name
Guled Osman
Guled Osman 3 дні тому
Whats the name of the intro song?
Joshua Conine
Joshua Conine 4 дні тому
Lol I work at a Buffalo Wild Wings
ACE112ACE112 4 дні тому
Ranch instead of beu cheese. its blasphemy
Lil Glue
Lil Glue 4 дні тому
Okay try doing that all over the country serving millions of people everyday . Let’s see how much your recipe will change.
Avery Rummy
Avery Rummy 4 дні тому
Blue cheese is superior to ranch in EVERY application. There are absolutely no exceptions.
Mayson Noeth
Mayson Noeth 4 дні тому
I love vicram but those elbows doh
Perla Cardiel
Perla Cardiel 4 дні тому
Okay you make every recipe super easy to cook! Gonna try making some wings with store bought sauce though😮‍💨 lol
Squi'rell 42K
Squi'rell 42K 4 дні тому
Resident of Buffalo, NY here. For shame! Buffalo wild wings is not from Buffalo, NY and their wings ARE ABSOLUTE GARBAGE. Do this video again and go to Buffalo, NY. Get hot wings from Duffs, medium or mild from Anchor Bar, and Mumbo wings from Young's “Wings N' Things”. Then try and make those better, you won't. I REPEAT, BUFFALO WILD WINGS IS GARBAGE. THIS VIDEO IS A DISGRACE TO CHICKEN WINGS!
Santiago Wasienko
Santiago Wasienko 4 дні тому
Blue cheese is better
Tunnel Rat13
Tunnel Rat13 4 дні тому
Oh the garlic parm wing sauce: Why would you use a neutral oil over olive oil or butter?
Bryan Baer
Bryan Baer 4 дні тому
Buffalo Wild Wings boxes are the absolute worst! They instantly get soggy when they put food in them!
XyAckhart 4 дні тому
For Vicram AND Josh: You're beautiful, wonderful, a true delight. KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK.
out_the_sea 4 дні тому
I hate blue cheese 🧀 😒
Joseph P
Joseph P 4 дні тому
The way you ate that first wing made me uncomfortable.. not sure I can trust someone who eats wings like that 🤷‍♂️🤣🤣
Oneil Nelson
Oneil Nelson 5 днів тому
Blue cheese > ranch any day
Saint_ D3L3ON
Saint_ D3L3ON 5 днів тому
I always hate these videos cuz you're comparing something that's mass produced on such a large scale that of course one single batch that's homemade by someone who cooks for a living is gonna taste better.
BenWard 5 днів тому
Blue Cheese is many times superior to Ranch bro
fordkd1 5 днів тому
Wow I just fell in love with this guy watching him make these wings, guess what I have having for dinner this weekend? Definitely not Buffalo wild wings but it will be Dicks wings, Georgia girl is my favorite favor
Keval Prajapati
Keval Prajapati 5 днів тому
Ok... I think my wings are better...
SenseiKai 5 днів тому
jacob kindsvatter
jacob kindsvatter 5 днів тому
Yeah but the difference is at bdubs you get a dui on your way home just because you wanted to watch a game and eat crappy food, with yours you can do the same thing but with out getting a DUI on your way home But better!
FlopBlox 5 днів тому
Sambal Oleg you mean Indonesian sambal ??
daniel szymanski
daniel szymanski 5 днів тому
I’m full we’ll aware this isn’t the newest video but I have to say I’m very happy that Josh has become so successful I love seeing someone passionate about their craft go from struggle to success honestly josh keep the hustle going you’re the man
King Hargun
King Hargun 5 днів тому
No hate josh I love your videos but I don’t think that fast food chains have a lot time like a day to make your wings fam and why are they called fast food because they serve you as quickly as possible that’s probably why you make it better cuz you don’t care how much time you are spending but the fast food chains so care otherwise they will get bad reviews and just to say again no hate to you it’s just my opinion absolutely love your content and keep Up the great work
Xenith R
Xenith R 5 днів тому
Disappointed to see them fried in oil
André Garcia
André Garcia 5 днів тому
Gosh, I love BWWs...
Zachary Tyge
Zachary Tyge 5 днів тому
Wtf no blue cheese?! I’m beyond offended, my feelings have become involved 🤦🏻‍♂️ 😂
MIchael Petco
MIchael Petco 5 днів тому
Love the recipes but a couple of these ingredients, most notably canola oil and corn syrup are going to lead to an early grave.
Stephanie Vahsholtz
Stephanie Vahsholtz 5 днів тому
Please do the Jammin Jalapeño sauce please!
Steven 5 днів тому
I have no idea where you got those wings at, but it wasn't Buffalo Wild Wings. The ones I order in Colorado at best have a drop of sauce on each wing. I have never seen them coated in sauce like that before.
baba tunde
baba tunde 5 днів тому
did someone say sus
Danny K.
Danny K. 5 днів тому
Me: You can't piss off an entire city by one video Papa: Hold my ranch cup
Kimberley Lizana
Kimberley Lizana 5 днів тому
OMG finally!! Blue cheese🤮
Jay Day
Jay Day 5 днів тому
Bro how can u hate blue cheese :(
Luisa GAC
Luisa GAC 5 днів тому
shake shack shack burger and fries with cheese and bacon please!!!
Pix La
Pix La 5 днів тому
Bro it's called fast food
xTessek84x 6 днів тому
I live in Buffalo buffalo wild wings are not Buffalo wings. Buffalo wings are hot, med or mild made with Franks hot sauce & butter. & if it's not Blue Cheese it's NOT Buffalo wings, it's sacrilege!
Tucker Means
Tucker Means 6 днів тому
Tell me if I spelled this right: kwithpietht
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