Making Humans a Multiplanetary Species

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SpaceX Founder, CEO, and Lead Designer Elon Musk will discuss the long-term technical challenges that need to be solved to support the creation of a permanent, self-sustaining human presence on Mars. The technical presentation will focus on potential architectures for sustaining humans on the Red Planet that industry, government and the scientific community can collaborate on in the years ahead.

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26 вер 2016





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madokamagicafan6996 Рік тому
If humans survive long into the future, Elon musk will probably be the most remembered person in humanity's history.
Inflix 23 дні тому
He may be an intelligent man doing great things for humanity, but I would disagree.
Satoshi Nakamoto
Satoshi Nakamoto 24 дні тому
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Satoshi Nakamoto
Satoshi Nakamoto 24 дні тому
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Satoshi Nakamoto
Satoshi Nakamoto 24 дні тому
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Inflix 28 днів тому
No i will be lol
David Eranosian
David Eranosian Рік тому
4 years later he makes a 50 meter, 100 ton prototype hover down riiiiight to the landing pad after making it flip and bellyflop at 12,5km altitude. This guy is crazy
Lord Hagar
Lord Hagar 2 дні тому
It takes rockstar longer to put out a GTA game
RandomThings Місяць тому
Yep, against all normal rules of physics. More here. ukvid.net/show-UCgKWj1pn3_7hRSFIypunYog
Checheno 2 місяці тому
@Luige Ribeiro 😭
Archie Dentone
Archie Dentone 2 місяці тому
@Luige Ribeiro yeah. Rocket Jesus
Luige Ribeiro
Luige Ribeiro 2 місяці тому
I feel sorry for the hundreds of SpaceX's engineers who has no recognition, extreme Musk's fans do believe he's some kind of genius, a mesiah, but they have no idea the amount of bulshit and stupid ideas the man come up in a daily basis.
CassiniCode 10 місяців тому
Words cannot express how much I idealise this mans vision and ambition. By far one of the greatest minds that humanity has ever produced, in terms of his scientific goals and dreams, he is one of the most important men in human history.
bweR Місяць тому
You are his ideal target audience
RandomThings Місяць тому
YES, an amazing guy. This proves it. ukvid.net/show-UCgKWj1pn3_7hRSFIypunYog
Tezla 2013
Tezla 2013 Місяць тому
@Withnail1969 how exactly is he a con man?
Abigail R
Abigail R Місяць тому
I gotta be honest, it's easy to idealize his ambition and reaching for goals outside of current human grasp but I think the money is better spent elsewhere.
xNICAxMaX1MuS 2 місяці тому
Tesla isn’t one man!
ElStumpzz_ Рік тому
The Earth is billions of years old and I was somehow born around the same time that Elon Musk was alive. I’m grateful
Satoshi Nakamoto
Satoshi Nakamoto 24 дні тому
read more
Michael Heider
Michael Heider 3 місяці тому
I wouldn't mind looking back 50y after he was cremated on mars. ( might be a horrible times)
Salsadans123 4 місяці тому
This bible thing is getting boring. If this is not for you, that’s oké, I really am mesmerized by his vision too and grateful for some positivity specially in this time.
RedDeadOrAlive 4 місяці тому
@Isaac we can easily prove it, fossil fuels are a way to prove the earth is million years old idiot
SIDYfe4r 4 місяці тому
Oh no, with just a few words you caused an entire religion vs science debate. So simple yet so efficient, I somehow want to applaud you!
Indra Gunawan
Indra Gunawan 9 місяців тому
From being ignored by NASA in this conference, to being awarded Lunar Human Landing System. Elon, Gwynne and the rest of SpaceX teams really change the world.
Scion Dracos
Scion Dracos 6 місяців тому
Elon Musk has ignited within me a hope and excitement for the future. What an inspiration.
DM Gibbs
DM Gibbs 6 місяців тому
Five years later and SOOO much has happened! There are a few things that make Elon Musk amazing. Smart, dedicated, doesn't give up, truly truly cares, well spoken....and inspires greatness and respect from others. Sci-fi becoming Sci-fact...at warp speed. :)
Unknown Magic
Unknown Magic 10 місяців тому
The simulation is breathtaking. Can you imagine being in deep space, looking back at your home planet and heading towards a new one? Elon is my hero.
Tig D
Tig D 4 місяці тому
@Pixel Peely - Gaming that's also cool! Great perspective. :)
Pixel Peely - Gaming
Pixel Peely - Gaming 4 місяці тому
Imagine being on earth and looking up at the sky knowing someone is looking back
Every idea that Elon Musk comes up with not only makes perfect sense but also seems like a deja vu something we may have felt we have already accomplished. Thank you Elon for your dreams, devotion and dedication we're with you.
Nishant Jha
Nishant Jha 7 місяців тому
I am grateful to be born in these times, living in this era when Elon musk is alive! Planning interplanetary civilization, this is where history splits, truly a monumental phase in history of the Human race, Elon musk is the greatest visionary of this time and he indeed deserves all the wealth he seeks to achive this goal for us a species.
Aashish Dhawan
Aashish Dhawan 8 місяців тому
I have never in my life admired so much like I inspire Elon. And I don't think there'll be another person like him in the near future. I surely hope there is; because human civilizations advance because of people like him who truly care about humanity.
Hava Arifi
Hava Arifi 6 місяців тому
Your rocketship deployment is very organized. Very nice. Excellent job and progress. Keep up your ingenious efforts towards humanity.
Pongant 4 місяці тому
It's astounding how far you guys have come in roughly three years!
autotrance 5 років тому
Elon Musk is inspiring man. I wish him and everyone at SpaceX success and success only.
Mehrunes. Vlahdia
Mehrunes. Vlahdia 19 днів тому
@autotrance i wouldn't compare him to them either but he will be a name in the history books that will ring for a long time if he pulls this off.. It's very ambitious and I wish I could be a part of it
Pixel Peely - Gaming
Pixel Peely - Gaming 4 місяці тому
@Java Jake You don't really need to turn water into oxygen because trees exist and they consume carbon dioxide and turn it into oxygen
peedee 10 місяців тому
@nancy endicott Yes, there's a vid of the predicted long term settlement of Mars, ever-increasing numbers of 'willing volunteers' wanting to spend the rest of their lives in an in-hospital environment of extreme cold, dust and rocks. The first-ever Martian-born human visiting Earth and, of course, 'itching' to get back to 'home-sweet-home' - probably wouldn't have the option to stay anyway. While one has to be impressed by all the technological advances being made, it would be interesting to see if Elon Musk or any of his staff actually make the trip. Probably all be 'excused' because of their 'valuable work' churning out all these Starships. However, any new employees might be well advised to check the small print on their contracts.
Java Jake
Java Jake 10 місяців тому
@nancy endicott There is probably a sub surface ocean, and you can heat it up pretty quickly (40 ~ 1000 years) also there is water ice at the poles, you can turn that into oxygen.
nancy endicott
nancy endicott 10 місяців тому
They need someone with common sense there is no oxygen or water on Mars and it’s cold you can’t change that.
raw footage dot exe
raw footage dot exe 10 місяців тому
watching this after SN10 test flight. I say this seems more real every day than sci-fi, mark my words
Giant Dwarf567
Giant Dwarf567 2 місяці тому
It's a big fail, it's not going to happen. How can you build anything on Mars, and you need to keep people alive
Giant Dwarf567
Giant Dwarf567 2 місяці тому
Sarah Graves
Sarah Graves 6 місяців тому
There are a lot of naysayers for Musk but his biggest benefit is the ability to try shit over and over again, failing, but improving.
Travis Larson
Travis Larson 6 місяців тому
And this was 4 years ago.. he's literally been doing everything he's talking about since this, I fuckin love it.
Francis Lapointe
Francis Lapointe 7 місяців тому
Imagine after sn-15
AFGuidesHD Рік тому
"where were you born" "Elon, Mars"
ANONYMOUS 5 місяців тому
@Max B Lets see beaches wildlife multiple foods from different cultures or sand sand and more sand seems like an easy decision where you would want to be
Max B
Max B 5 місяців тому
Funny enough no one would ask where you were born, bc people born on mars wouldn't really be able to leave the planet. Especially not going back to earth.
Angie Saga
Angie Saga 5 місяців тому
I actually like it! 😆
Angie Saga
Angie Saga 5 місяців тому
@Just! Well,I like them both...They both have very interesting views and ideas towards the future..
ANONYMOUS 7 місяців тому
@AFGuidesHD not sure if that was just a joke but your comment is actually accurate.
Jason mcgee
Jason mcgee 11 місяців тому
Love looking back at this and seeing how much of the starship design has changed
John F
John F Рік тому
Just stumbled across this. Even being fours years old. Love the "Multiplanetary Vision". Have seen my own dream's "mirrored" in what you are attempting, for like forever. You have managed to put together a stellar team at SpaceX. Your willing to "put your money where your wallet is". Plus your willing to share what the future may hold. Hard to find fault with that dream, wish, endeavour or whatever you wish to call it. Thank you. :)
Mario Tomic
Mario Tomic 5 років тому
Excited to be living in this time!
Quoc Le
Quoc Le 10 днів тому
@Manuel Ledesma laughs in 2022 :v
TOMORROWVEIL 2 місяці тому
@Manuel Ledesma laughs in 2021
FordBronco95 2 місяці тому
Wish I was about 30yrs younger. I envy my 2 children. It used to be said “ The World could be yours”. Now we can say “The Universe is yours”. Simply amazing…
Jozef Mäsiar
Jozef Mäsiar 11 місяців тому
@Rickie Rich exactly
Luke fritz
Luke fritz 11 місяців тому
@aaaaa Yes
Ruben Braekman
Ruben Braekman 10 місяців тому
After this video it all seems way way more achievable! And I didn't know Mars had so much in common with Earth! The way Elon lays his puzzle pieces out for the rest of humanity is legendary! ❤
fritz eder
fritz eder Рік тому
In my youth talks like this was pure science fiction. Now it is reality - amazing!
Ipkiss Stone
Ipkiss Stone Рік тому
Thankfully Tesla has secured this mans wealth. "First get rich, then make your dreams come true". SpaceX cant be stopped, Mars will be colonised according to the schedule.
maquinsa ABB
maquinsa ABB Рік тому
2020 is here and we witnessed ITS becoming a reality as starship.
Mariano Saab
Mariano Saab Рік тому
That simulation gave me goosebumps. I trust Elon and everyone in SpaceX to make it happen.
Speckledpears 5 років тому
Huge respect for Elon here. You can see how nervous he was and how important it is that this goes well. This guy gives all he can to this goal and that's amazing. Hats off to you sir
Entity 99
Entity 99 Рік тому
@RADN are u being sarcastic or r u genuinely mocking him
Parveen Farook
Parveen Farook Рік тому
@RADN what do you mean by that
Nicole Diaz
Nicole Diaz Рік тому
@RADN obviously science is too advanced of a topic for you
Pepe the III
Pepe the III 2 роки тому
@RADN "my eyes are closed so everyone else's should be as well" right ?
RADN 2 роки тому
@Joshua Jireh Marasigan Oh, the irony...
Joachim Voldseth
Joachim Voldseth 9 місяців тому
Even though the vehicle has changed a lot the testing timeline seems to hold up great. They are soon about to start booster testing. Orbital flight test this year is the goal.
El Mostafa GUESSO
El Mostafa GUESSO 8 місяців тому
We're lucky to live with a man like Musk, a man who makes the future. Elon you're a great man, Thank you
Chancellor Palpatine
Chancellor Palpatine 5 місяців тому
This video brings back so many memories of years of speculation, whether it was called ITS, BFR, or Starship. It makes me so happy that after all this time, we finally have one fully stacked. This one goes out to all the haters
Nina Frangieh
Nina Frangieh 10 місяців тому
Thank you Elon for all the work you did for me to be able to go back to the red planet
Arzy 5 років тому
This is just absolutely amazing... this is probably the only time i have been happy to be a human being to see what we are able to do... some people just want to control the economy, politicis and have worldwide control.... then there are people like Musk who uses money to explore the depths of space and expanding human life to other planets. Truly amazing... this guy deserves some sort of prize for his efforts even if this doesnt work its gonna be a huge step forward
dragon Рік тому
Wow, 4 years ago. We've made such progress it's unbelievable. Can't wait for the next 4!
Jazzy Lev
Jazzy Lev 8 місяців тому
@dragon yup. a fantastic landing by sn10 (despite rud afterwards). i have hope for an orbital flight by the end of this year.
dragon 9 місяців тому
Here 4 months later, and WOW, I'm just speechless.
Ego Oidios
Ego Oidios Рік тому
This is quite a prophetic presentation. Four years later and everything starts manifestating. SN8 nailed most of the flight pattern, and SN9 awaits to complete the package. Lets see what happens by 2022.
SheCrimson -
SheCrimson - Місяць тому
It’s amazing how much I’ve learned in the short amount of time I’ve been watching Elon. I wish I could have learned at this pace in school
Ηλιας Λευκιας
Ηλιας Λευκιας 10 місяців тому
Here we are 4 years later with SpaceX landing successfully the Starship. What a time to be alive!!
Martin Ducharme
Martin Ducharme 4 роки тому
This conference will be on the first page in the book History of Mars
Satoshi Nakamoto
Satoshi Nakamoto 24 дні тому
read more
NMJagath 2 місяці тому
Your comment may be .. also.. ❤️
Chancellor Palpatine
Chancellor Palpatine 5 місяців тому
Thats why I've come back to reminisce. Spacex has come a long way!
capichow 9 місяців тому
They are watching us Everyone is Even before technology They are waiting
capichow 9 місяців тому
Moon we civilians will be able to first live They will have to move the aliens from Mars or we will be able to know them by then 🙏🏻♾❤️
Stretch Nj24
Stretch Nj24 Місяць тому
I am blessed to be alive at a time when human innovation has come to this!! There are so many questions for the future! I truly look forward to see what we accomplish! Having inspiration like Elon gives me great hope for the future of humanity! 🌎 🚀 👨‍🚀
Titan Knight
Titan Knight 10 місяців тому
Ever since I read Brandon Sanderson's skyward I have been concerned about the fact that humans have no backup planet in the eventuality of doomsday or hostile alien contact, SpaceX is aiming to change that and I am super exited.
imGekko 10 місяців тому
I love space and the idea of exploring, just wish people were as excited to explore within themselves and consciousness .
Tig D
Tig D 4 місяці тому
Unfortunately, exploring ourselves won't help humanity survive a global catastrophe. I think we need balance our inward- and outward-looking attentions. :)
Nislaav 11 місяців тому
Here after SN9 test flight. Crazy how Elon is sticking to his plan really tightly and doing exactly what he said 5 years ago, can't wait for the first fully working Starship.
Blake Miner
Blake Miner Рік тому
I remember watching this in 2016 thinking Elon was crazy. Now in 2020, Mars feels closer than ever before. SN8 flight has proven that the most challenging aspects of this dream are feasible. Elon has truly inspired mankind to push the boundaries of technology and extend our reach beyond Earth. Wow!
EimajOzear Рік тому
I'd say reaching orbit and demonstrating a safe re-entry and landing are more difficult than a botched landing attempt. Loved the bellyflop tho, quite the spectacle.
Angad Singh
Angad Singh Рік тому
Never bet against Musk. His timelines may not make sense or come true but if he said something, it IS going to happen. Because both Tesla and SpaceX are run in fundamentally different ways than other companies
David Tekaat
David Tekaat Рік тому
I have looked at a lot of videos about colonizing the moon & Mars. And I haven't found any with my same ideas. I think we should set up a moon colony on earth. We should have inflatable domes, which we cover with 3D printers with simulated moon mortar. The domes should be connected to each other by inflatable tunnels covered with simulated moon mortar. There should be living quarters, hydroponic green houses, gardens with garden soil for recreational gardening, a 5 acre pasture with one inch of garden soil and one inch of grass turf, a park with artificial turf and with small sections of real grass turf, and maybe even a very small zoo. All the domes will have plastic floors so no water is lost. Condensation forming on the ceilings will be drained into the water supply. All the domes will be blown up with compressed air from earth and will have a refresh system, which will refresh the air and maintain the air pressure. Humidity, Temperature will be maintained by humidifiers, heaters, fans and coolers. Light will be provided by multi-color LEDs, mostly white. Power will be supplied at first by solar power, and later by nuclear or fusion power. All water will be re-cycled, almost zero loss of water. There will be a bull, a cow, two sheep, and two goats, two chickens, two turkeys, two fish, and two rabbits. There will also be pets, two dogs, two cats, two bunnies, etc. (and maybe a small zoo) All of this will be set up by astronauts and robots before the colonist arrive. The first colonist will be 5 fathers and 5 mothers, and 90 babies. The parents will be good parents, gardeners, farmers, zoo keepers, teachers, etc.. During the first two years an exact duplicate facility will be built on the moon. When the babies are two years old, they will move to the moon and live on the moon. Or if it is proven that they will be too young to travel to the moon than the facility on earth will be added to, to accommodate 10 more parents and 90 more babies. The two year olds would move into the new addition. Every two years the facility will be either added to, or 100 people will move to the moon. This plan will allow the kids to grow up in the isolation of the colony, and will make it easier for them to live in the isolation of the colony on the moon. And will allow them to grow up on the moon and be better able to adjust to the lower gravity on the moon, although some artificial gravity maybe eventually provided. This artificial gravity will especially be good for the parents. The kids will have everything in the facility to keep them occupied and entertained. Also they could have some books, movies, games, etc., especially adapted for them, being careful not to give them anything that would make them feel isolated. After 20 years there could be 2000 people living on the moon, most of whom grew up on the moon. This program could be speeded up so in 20 years there could be 4000, 6000, or 8000 people living on the moon. This program could be simultaneously done to colonize Mars so we could have 2000 people on the Moon and Mars at the same time. For the moon we could send supplies every month, but for Mars we could only send supplies every 26 months. So I suggest we send 10, 20, or 30 rockets to Mars every 26 months all at the same time. We could have several refueling stations along the way to mars and orbiting mars so rockets could refuel along the way to mars and right before landing on mars so the empty rocket would have enough fuel to take off again, refuel in space and return to Earth. Eventually the colonist could grow trees, bamboo, and other plants for raw materials that could be used for making things. Eventually the moon and Mars could export minerals or small expensive items that were assembled on the moon or Mars, like jewelry, iphones, iwatches, etc. Or grown on the moon like caviar, marijuana, etc. What do you think ? :-)
Hersir Ivarr
Hersir Ivarr Рік тому
You have to appreciate Spacex. They're infectiously aspirational and it's incredibly motivating and uplifting.
BigTime Рік тому
@dhouse Same tech as the V2 rockets? Please show me a video of the V2 landing without immediately exploding upon hitting the ground
Franklin Margolis
Franklin Margolis Годину тому
Watching this today 1/18/22 it is clear that reusability of starships is unlikely. Watching how fast Elon iterates on rocket and starship design, there is zero chance that a starship made in 2025 will come close to competing in performance to the 2027 or 2028 version of starship as it will take months to get there and it has to wait for right time to launch back to earth which could be another 18-20 months. Afraid we are just going to reuse boosters and waste starships on Mars for many years. It can return early colonists and some Mars surface experiments and maybe terraformed material for analysis, but the rocket will be scrap when it comes back to Earth.
George George
George George Рік тому
I fell asleep watching youtube, woke up next day listening to Elon Musk's Mars case presentations...been watching it now for 3 hours...even though I've seen every video of his on youtube several times over...I really want this to become our reality! Currently I'm reading "The case for Space" and "Space Economy" and "Transition point" ... I really can't wait for this to become our reality!!!
Jeremy H
Jeremy H 8 місяців тому
3:15 I always thought going to Mars was a huge accomplishment. This made me think like... “wtf? That’s it?” 😆 Then I thought of the power of a star traveling species that potentially exists out there and that scares the shit out of me 😧
Bernard Sanke
Bernard Sanke 8 місяців тому
Elon is making my childhood dreams coming to life. I would have never thought to experience such drastic advances in space travel. However, Space-X and Elon fondly remember me of Perry Rhodan, a space opera from the '60s to the '70s, which had me spellbound from the moment I started reading it. Elon will truly be remembered as the one, who made true space travel possible. A brilliant visionary just like Steve Jobs.
Thando Reviews
Thando Reviews 4 місяці тому
I'm curious to know what happened to his initial idea of sending something like a greenhouse to mars and watch it develop through time? That would have been so interesting to observe.
Potcast_Tv 3 місяці тому
I had the same thoughts and similar comment as you. It would be amazing right
KyberGhost 5 років тому
I feel like Spacex is doing exactly what i wanted Nasa to do.
Irakleitos 9 місяців тому
@KarlderKastn NASA has a massive budget, way more than SpaceX
John Doe
John Doe 10 місяців тому
@KarlderKastn no nasa has a new competing vision every 4 or 8 years
KarlderKastn Рік тому
NASA has no money
United Space Pirates
United Space Pirates Рік тому
@John Toas gigavolt strength electric field is capable of inducing several tons of thrust upon ions created as cascade ionization occurs within the atmosphere. Currently the highest voltage humans humans have generated is only 20 megavolts apparently. Voltage is the measure of joules per coulomb of charge. Increasing the voltage imparts more force per ion. A sufficient electric field strength breaks atmosphere free of electrons and each ion is accelerated enough to ionize with each collision called cascade ionization.
zanesnep Рік тому
That is indeed the case.
Nelli 10 місяців тому
Oh amazing ...thank you for your hard work dear scientists ❤️
Steffny Wallace
Steffny Wallace 10 місяців тому
Wow. While I admire all this amazingness and am a fan of interplanetary exploration, I want Earth to survive and thrive and I don't think we should all assume that a catastrophic event is a given for our future. The illustration of the woman inside a dome looking out at a red landscape is most definitely not a way that I want to live. I need green. And blue. And fresh, crisp air.
StereohearT. 10 місяців тому
In 100s years its already going to be bad. Even if we stop everything now. And he has made so much progress. The last nasa starship cost 2 billion USD. And spacex's latest starship costs 5 million for each use. That's amazing isn't it. That's like 90 percent less costly. So we can use that money for reusable energy
StereohearT. 10 місяців тому
Space exploration help save our own planet. But I think its too late to reverse what has been done to earth. Innovation is the only thing that will help us. It doesn't even matter if we all stop using electricity, fuel etc. Innovation is the way. And space exploration just might help us.
Steffny Wallace
Steffny Wallace 10 місяців тому
And couldn't some of these billions be put toward restoring the planet we're all calling home now?
Patricia Rogers
Patricia Rogers 8 місяців тому
Have you consider the potential of the mission ending up being space pollution if your mission fails? For example, there are current NASA's space instruments that are stuck in space due to the lack of current knowledge to return them back to earth. I recommend exploring the possibilities that current NASA's technology offers you in your mission to Mars now and in the future on space pollution. If you can't bring the Dragon fly space craft back to earth? I would consider using a radio transporter to communicate between earth and mars like the current communications technology being used with cell phones? How do you feel about that?
Great Bumbino
Great Bumbino 8 місяців тому
Here after SN15. One step at a time to make history!
Kanchan Jangid
Kanchan Jangid 2 місяці тому
Lets go
Fallen Down
Fallen Down 8 місяців тому
Yep. Lets colonize some rocks!
Joaco Gonzalez
Joaco Gonzalez 8 місяців тому
Chad M
Chad M 9 місяців тому
Watching in 2021 and Elon is sending rockets almost weekly. Recovering boosters +90% of the time and I have no doubt he will take humanity to Mars in another 4-5 years. Maybe sooner.
JoeRyMi 10 місяців тому
While I love his thinking , even the moon is not yet feasible for affordable tourism, and technology is significantly more advanced than at the time of the Apollo missions. While I do believe people under 40 may see a successful maned mission to Mars in their lifetime, any sort of colonization could be a century or more.
Vozz 10 місяців тому
Elon is a genius but still a kid at heart. This man turns crazy fantasies we all had as a kid into reality. This man should be in every textbook
Sunborn Arizonan
Sunborn Arizonan Рік тому
If Elon Musk one day came on stage to announce that he is a humanoid extraterrestrial from the Pleiades. I would be perfectly okay with that. This guy is changing humanity. SpaceX is the future.
gigi black
gigi black 5 років тому
Elon Musk is one of those people who deserves to live forever so he can bless our Earth lol.
Daniel Miles
Daniel Miles 10 місяців тому
God helps those that help themself so they are able to help others
peedee 10 місяців тому
Perhaps he needs an extra Christian name. How about Moses?
ODL22 Рік тому
Daneer Corso and then a magnet could be the new gun
ODL22 Рік тому
Apostolos Mantzouranis your brain has memory space dipshit
Zattla Habibi
Zattla Habibi 2 роки тому
he does not want to live forever only a 100 good years :/
Top Secret
Top Secret 10 місяців тому
Wouldn’t pressurized earth air be sufficient to float in the Venusian atmosphere, considering CO2 has higher molecular weight, therefore somewhat more dense than earth’s atmosphere? That simplifies a design for a floating landing pad on Venus significantly. The main issue then would be how to get starship to hold lateral speed along with such a large float.
David Cantú
David Cantú 10 місяців тому
We have to keep this guy alive as much we can
Fifi Рік тому
This video will be iconic in the future just as Steve's Jobs presentation of the first iPhone is now.
gingnose 5 місяців тому
We are watching the future creating.
Stefantius 5 місяців тому
This guy will be one of the most famous historic figures, ever, period
Christian Svendsen
Christian Svendsen 11 місяців тому
I really hope to live a life of indentured servitude on a desert-planet.
Jack Ruotolo
Jack Ruotolo 5 років тому
I am 15, my goal is to at least make out of Earth's atmosphere before I die.
Satoshi Nakamoto
Satoshi Nakamoto 24 дні тому
read more
Stefantius 5 місяців тому
19 now
Withnail1969 5 місяців тому
Why? There's nothing in space.
Chancellor Palpatine
Chancellor Palpatine 5 місяців тому
Looks like your dream is getting closer and closer. I bet we'll have people on mars by 2026
Bing Si
Bing Si 6 місяців тому
Elon is God. Mars is the New Earth. Earth Will Die Anyways. TESLA and Tesla Holders will be Kings. Rest and their Family will be Our Slaves and power energy for Bitcoin!! Elon is Einstein, Edison, Newton, and Jesus combined. HE at least deserves several Nobel Prizes. Elon has more IQ than weight of Hater's Ug ly Prius and his F at Ho Combined!! HE is like Ironman who will destroy Thanos and critics are better off using their cash to wipe their a n us. JUST Worship Him instead of other silly god!! GOD Elon will Punish infidels!!
Kaushal Waradkar
Kaushal Waradkar Рік тому
But my question is, is it that easy to re-establish nature on Mars? If you think it's easier than approaching the mars then think about how difficult it is for us to heal nature on earth
RoxxSerm 11 місяців тому
Im very thankful that he and his loyal brilliant workers exist. Nothing makes me happier than the thought of Mars colonization. Especially the terra-forming part. Making Mars "green" might take longer than a lifetime or even a few but i wish i could be a part of making mars a "better" version of our Earth, because we can take the knowledge of our mistakes we made here over there, and make sure we dont repeat them.
Matthew Salvatar
Matthew Salvatar Рік тому
The thing about space, it requires a lot of patience. Even with the best engine on earth (RD-190 MTRE) it would still take about 5 months at best to reach mars, the orbital deceleration and descent would take at least a day and then landing would be a whole other hurdle. Fact is, it's much easier to use a trillion to kill 250,900 civilians in a pointless war, it generates political satisfaction among tax payers. Waiting an entire year for a mission to another planet would generate fatigue. If Elon wants to go to Mars, he should pitch the moon to everyone...then once a Lunar station is up...we have a space elevator and pitch the Asteroid belt and Mars. Don't get me wrong, I definitely think mars would be a wonderful industrial planet for Humans, we can keep earth green and fresh and greenhouse effect the hell out of mars till it has a functional atmosphere...plus I think it will be easier to have a space elevator on a low gravity planet, enabling belt mining and possibly interstellar travel at some point. But mostly it would be about creating a post scarcity civilization, and maintaining earth's beauty and capacity to sustain our species as currently constituted. So realistically, there's a lot more to Mars than the average person can fathom; but that also means we'll have to be satisfied with planting trees under whose shade our children will rest.
EimajOzear Рік тому
What makes you say the RD-190 is the best engine on Earth?
Dan Oechslin
Dan Oechslin 20 днів тому
What a legendary piece of a presentation, i agree with most of the comments and i still love it. Indeed i hope, that the SpaceX development progress and support will not slow down but speed up... I am looking forward seeing ppl. land on Mars like 69 our fathers with their families the Moon landing....
David Cardona
David Cardona 5 років тому
it is amazing that this guy here is actually talking about real plans, not just dreams or any type of an academic lecture. i thougth this was reserved for some future living people. it's nice to live in 2016
FullSizedGaming 10 місяців тому
5 Years later and I'm watching this for nostalgia. They missed launching dragon to mars in 2018 and 2020, but to be fair they completely abandoned it as a method of landing on mars for the Starship which is 1000 times bigger than dragon and will also propulsive land. At the time of this comment they had just recently landed their first Starship so its totally doable. So not only has Space X since this no only landed hundreds of rockets, they have launched thousands of satellites, resupplied the international space station dozens of times, and successfully landed a new version of their mars vehicle over 1000 times larger than what they had imagined doing here. What has any other space agency done? Who else has landed a rocket from orbit? Nobody? Where is Jeff Bazos? Is he still comparing a 100 meter hop to landing a rocket that was in space a couple minutes ago? Why hasn't Elon been approached at least to take over as director of NASA? I doubt he would want to but they should sure want him.
tomoyat1 Рік тому
53:58 "Complete the first development spaceship in maybe about 4 years, and start doing sub-orbital flights..." Progress so far is surprising close to on-track.
Angad Singh
Angad Singh Рік тому
@tomoyat1 Starship should go suborbital in early-mid 2020s. And orbit by late 2021
tomoyat1 Рік тому
Well, I guess not quite, since "sub-orbital" probably means above the karman line.
Angie Saga
Angie Saga 5 місяців тому
He is definitely one of the greatest minds of our times!!
Anonymous Nuclear power plant
I could listen to Elon for hours
Jack Xiao
Jack Xiao 10 місяців тому
Me too, because everything he says is insightful, researched and concise.
Frunkle McBunkle
Frunkle McBunkle 4 роки тому
I find it charming that he tends to stutter at times, and sometimes his brain functions too fast for his mouth to keep up like he just sounds so genuinely excited about this and he looks like he really cares for his projects. Its actually very inspiring :>
Anna Mauro
Anna Mauro Рік тому
Only Elon Musk can make 30 seconds feel like a whole 1 hour lecture
Sheldinator 10 місяців тому
This is what when we imagined our future. Elon musk is purely delivering. Please let me experience this trip before I die. I'm going to keep updated with this concept as it's just become my dream
Sanjay Місяць тому
I want to contribute to this endeavour, i believe in this so strongly this is the way to go ahead to humanity ❤️❤️❤️
Febu António
Febu António 9 місяців тому
Long Life Elon, the world needs more people like you
rohis akib
rohis akib Рік тому
Elon Musk is one of those people who deserves to live forever so he can bless our Earth lol.
Lenkn Gomez
Lenkn Gomez Рік тому
It’s all about getting humans ready on what they wanna do and their interests, back then everyone was interested in war and such, and yes that’s when the governments play a huge role with the people they “have and take care of” inside their government, influencing their people to like what they want you to like, some rebel but then they bring in some problems inside there to get your mind occupy from other things
Joseph d'Argy
Joseph d'Argy Рік тому
It's fun to be here four years later and watch him talk about his plans that have already happened.
MattCodes 11 місяців тому
Amazing work by Elon Musk.
she_be_rosie 5 років тому
It would be very fun to be on Mars -Elon musk 2016
wordscontrolminds Рік тому
It would be shit!
Edison Yang
Edison Yang 2 роки тому
PINSTRIPE 2 роки тому
@Hexoson Yes, however, it is kind of funny to compare it to the NIMH rat experiments. Close quarters, and high populations aren't great for sanity.
Hexoson 2 роки тому
@PINSTRIPE Well there would be hundreds of people, so it isn't like you would be bored with them right away. Besides, they are on the ship for the same reason, so I'm sure you would all have similar interests in colonizing Mars. I would assume they would have plenty of activities you could partake in, plus the ship is not all that small. Also, I HIGHLY doubt that there won't be any guards on-board to ensure the peace. I can almost guarantee they will have guards. Besides, SpaceX won't just choose anyone to go on the ship. They would likely do a background check to ensure that everyone's flight is safe, kind of like an actual flight on Earth.
Archeal Koen
Archeal Koen 3 роки тому
@PINSTRIPE It would be necessary, remember no cops, no fbi, no guards on other planets! so actually 150 days with the same people will make you have to deal with them and know them better. am I right ?
Aamir Hashim Khan
Aamir Hashim Khan 11 місяців тому
Elon Musk should bring everyone commenting on this video with him to Mars when it becomes possible. 😉
Deval Maheshwari
Deval Maheshwari 5 місяців тому
@Austeyen Mars would be a horrible place to die
Austeyen 6 місяців тому
@SneezyGibz then we should live out lives at earth, and at our last days we go to mars, experience the novelty, and then die there lol
SneezyGibz 7 місяців тому
What would we do at Mars though. I'm trying to live life as well before I die lol.
Sean Sargeant
Sean Sargeant 10 місяців тому
I'm here after the first successful landing (SN10); I remember watching this on the news, and it's amazing how far we've come
The Would 2
The Would 2 8 місяців тому
SN 15 !!!!
Eric Wood
Eric Wood 11 місяців тому
I imagine Jupiter would be a truly impressive sight in the night sky on Mars at certain times of the Martian year. Earth would look pretty neat, too.
Marc H
Marc H 10 місяців тому
Musk is a visionary! We have two types of humans - those who take, and produce nothing, and those who produce and move humanity forward! It's refreshing to see the things that Musk produces! There is hope! He is amazing!
Samuel Рік тому
I am just a regular person who struggles to pay my bills, yet I get excited when I see Elon's ambition and big plan for humanity. that being said it hurt me Elon is living Just like the rest of us, less than 100 years in this world. if age was transferable like money, I wouldn't hesitate to transfer some of mine to him. I definitely believe there are a whole lot of people who would be willing to do the same so this guy can live longer and do better for the greater good of humanity.
Cosmic Sailor
Cosmic Sailor Місяць тому
I'd say you'd be better off using your own time to make similar things happen and help humanity be greater. We all have unique abilities that could potentially change a lot of things.
Jan Smit
Jan Smit Рік тому
Are you for real ( or musk AI ? )
Common Sense Skeptic
Common Sense Skeptic Рік тому
You must have a very sad life to be willing to give it away to man so selfish and petty.
George Chrysochou
George Chrysochou Рік тому
You have a beautiful soul Samuel
Red Apples
Red Apples Рік тому
Same. I wish I was rich enough to help fund SpaceX
Rahul Thomas
Rahul Thomas 3 місяці тому
5 years since this was announced - Orbital flight is happening next month and next Mars opposition will be in December 2022, hopefully 1st cargo happens then! Then the Neil Armstrong of Mars could travel in the next window at 2025. All the best SpaceX!
Modern Prospector
Modern Prospector 2 дні тому
That ship has to withstand 63k + mph through unknown space and atmospheres… would certainly rip apart or explode right ? If we could make it. I anticipate the first several groups of martians will die fairly soon after arrival. Being their only resources would come from the same ship they arrived on. 100 ppl and most of them ill from numerous conditions. The learning curve will be extremely harsh even though adaptability is one of human’s strongest traits, there is a limit. There are soooooo many unknown variables in play. I suppose the only way to learn is to try but astronauts go under intense training to withstand the journey. Let alone I’d bet they’re mostly all incredibly intelligent. The average person is no match for this. it’s obviously ambitious and who knows maybe one day it is possible but it wil take centuries to pull this off. I believe building massive space stations occupied by humans and further exploration should be our focus. Therefore getting us that much closer and cutting down the distance to mars ….. don’t worry guys I’m working real hard to make my first trillion dollars to make it happen, don’t you worry 🙃 and I’m totally qualified 😜
C N Рік тому
I'm glad SpaceX exists. We'd never get these kinds of presentations, goals, and openess with NASA, Boeing, Blue Origin or any of the other Aerospace companies.
Zia Ur Rehman
Zia Ur Rehman 11 місяців тому
it's big challenge to go to mars but i really apricate this man dedication.
Abigail R
Abigail R Місяць тому
I think the time and money is better spent elsewhere...
Quetzalcoatl 5 років тому
Iraq war cost $1.7 trillion. Just imagine what Elon could have done with a fraction of this money.
Patrick Modin
Patrick Modin 8 днів тому
Give it a few more years and he’ll have that money
Cody Banks
Cody Banks 9 днів тому
Look what we have spent on covid now. We could have left the planet to social distance by now
Abulfaz Interesting
Abulfaz Interesting 13 днів тому
This person fulfills not only his own, but also the dream of all of us. I really want to buy Tesla stock.
Sayandeb Halder
Sayandeb Halder 15 днів тому
@Usman Khan it's islam problem
Kony Stark
Kony Stark 22 дні тому
Self Driving Cars, Self-Landing Rocket ships, monkeys that can play video games with their brains, etc. Should I continue? Lol idk why people hate on this man for just being rich. There’s plenty of other rich people who actually waste money or just hoard it. People should hate on them not Elon.
BootlegFilly7 11 місяців тому
One day we may be on those moons on every planet. All different environments and ways of living. Imagine being born on Mars and then going to live on a moon on Venus maybe even Neptune, no idea how it would be possible. But we could literally travel to any planet we would want to just because we can one day... maybe just some insight.
Viking Ghost 117
Viking Ghost 117 10 місяців тому
I'm not saying it's not possible, I genuinely believe all things are possible the more we advance. My only perceivable concern about living on Mars is what that would do to our bodies even if the atmosphere was made sustainable, specifically the affect of less gravity on your body through prolonged periods of time. Science has shown that the less gravity/stress on the human body the weaker your body becomes, specifically the bone structure... So although we may be able to be like super humans at first when arriving on Mars, eventually our bodies would adapt to the gravity, and ultimately become weaker.... in theory your (i forget the ratio but just for the argument's sake) 100 lbs on earth converting to whatever that was, 20 lbs on Mars, eventually that 20 lbs may actually begin to feel like 70-100 lbs on our bodies. It would require much less traumatic force on our bones for them to break... we'd essentially all become as fragile as glass. SO, we would need to find a way to either safely adapt to that, OR, we will need to create something that controls the gravity of a planet... which to my knowledge is, size... we'd have to literally make it bigger unless we come up with some kind of breakthrough, and can find a different way to control gravity.... OR we'll have to find a way to increase the gravity in our own living quarters... wherever we spend the most time, which could be artificially simulated.... Then there's the issue of a day being 24.5 hrs rather than 24... arguably very close to Earth, however just the effect on our bodies sleep schedule/pattern. Would our bodies just naturally adapt and we'd stay up 30 minutes longer every day? What kind of stress would that put on your mental state, as well as your body.... if you don't get enough sleep that literally lead to all kinds of health problems, and ultimately a shortening of your life.... OR we could just have a clock we live by that's still just 24 hours and take that factor out of the equasion but does it really? If any of you are familiar with the statistics of daylight savings connected with increased amounts of heart attacks when you lose an hour, as well as a decrease when you gain an hour, as apposed to the average (normal) amount of heart attacks hospitals typically record having per day/week/month/year.... then that evidence suggests, that 30 minutes loss of sleep each day would ultimately have similar results.... But say we don't lose our 24 hour period... that means the sun will be at a different position in the sky every single day when we need to go to bed, and our bodies circadium rythm (our natural connection between the rotation of the earth as it orbits around the sun) would not be screwed up once or twice a year like it is in some places on Earth with daylight savings... it would be screwed with literally EVERY DAY. I am a programmer so I litterally don't look at problems as a bad thing, but something to eventually solve, or else the program will not work, not the way it's supposed to at least... and this my friends is a very large intense program type, and it needs to function exactly the way it's supposed to, when it comes to means that our bodies are not meant to adapt to. As an after thought we could artificially create our own sunlight and put that on a 24 hour timer, and do a virtual sun within our living environment and perhaps that's an answer to that problem. To say the very least THIS IS EXCITING, and I look forward to seeing how we solve those problems! Nothing's impossible... every problem has a solution. Glad people like Elon Musk are around to have both the vision and the resources to devote to such exploration. He is the modern day pioneer. We should make a Captain James T. Kirk award and give it to him if he pulls it off.
Pico 5 місяців тому
Man I really really liked this starship design. Looked so cool and futuristic
TWU1 Місяць тому
Nah it looks really retro
Enigma 10 місяців тому
He Did Do Everything Almost He Said ... Love You Elon❤️❤️
Eugene Minton
Eugene Minton Рік тому
still think that modular systems should be used in some parts of the deployments. instead of having the starship burn the fuel it gets from refueling, why not another booster shipped up as cargo with its own fuel (solid or liquid) that would attach modularly to the starship and act as its thrust provider for the journey?... multiples of them could be stacked, and put into orbit around mars and earth for return / send off ... trips.... you'd still want to fuel the starship for lift off and landing purposes, and for controlled slow down manuvers ... would just not need to refuel them as much because of the modular docking? / add on units that would optimize fuel use.... i am also curious if the solar arrays can be deployed a 2nd time on planet? at least for ships that are not meant to be used for return but as part of a base / settlement structure.
Keyboard runner
Keyboard runner Рік тому
_"why not another booster shipped up as cargo with its own fuel (solid or liquid) that would attach modularly to the starship and act as its thrust provider for the journey?."_ That would add unnecessary mass and costs. Just refuel Starship in orbit with tankers.
wolfrig2000 Рік тому
Watching this after SN8 has already flown and seeing that belly flop in real life was amazing, can't wait for the 2023 Mars mission!
221 b
221 b Рік тому
No launch window in 2023. The planets align every 26 months, so 2020, 22, 24 etc...
Sir Endor
Sir Endor 9 місяців тому
It's crazy how we're already at a point where we can safely land boosters
Piotr Masłowski
Piotr Masłowski Рік тому
Deadlines: 34:20 Falcon Heavy - -early 2017- February 2018 2020 Mars window - -Dragon- Ship+booster construction and testing times shifted by about a year
Lil NoFap
Lil NoFap Рік тому
Elon will become the most important man in history if the mars mission is a success
Piotr Masłowski
Piotr Masłowski Рік тому
Nice, but half an order of magnitude is times ~3 (= √10), not 5. You can easily see this by going one order of magnitude - it's times 10, so if you went first half and then the second half, times 5*5 or 25 would make no sense.
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