Making Valentines that work EVERY TIME! - Ten Minute Power Hour

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Well, that's messy.
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Arin ► ukvid.net/u-Egoraptor
Danny ► ukvid.net/u-NinjaSexParty
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Mystery Sax Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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11 лют 2019

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Dave! Yognau(gh)t
Dave! Yognau(gh)t Годину тому
12:27 hot
Just A Bro
Just A Bro 4 години тому
So is Ashley Brian or Arin...
gingerboi destroyer
gingerboi destroyer 6 годин тому
12:27 when u accidentally walk into that one cobweb over your door
awkward potato
awkward potato 6 годин тому
you guys make me laugh so hard i love you both in a platonic way obviously because you both are in relationships and i should stop rambling and GOD DANMIT I KEEP WANTING TO SPELL BOTH WITH AN E bothe is not a word and if it is and just hiding from us all then it's not the word i was looking for you guys are the best.
Randall ODS
Randall ODS 10 годин тому
my friend jugged like 5 fun dip powders
Orzuie 11 годин тому
My body can't digest corn so yes it is unbelievable that you would eat that stuff
Peridot 15 годин тому
Jade Has Sum Squirt
Jade Has Sum Squirt День тому
Everyone is talking about how Dan is talking about Ashley, but they are really cute together. I love them together
N3rdy Zuki
N3rdy Zuki День тому
I really want Arin's shirt.
Ender День тому
11:08 September 11th, 2001 Colorized
Gabby Dangelo
Gabby Dangelo День тому
I can understand Arin's pain. I got glitter glaze from my ceramics class at school on my shorts. But it's okay, my mistakes look cute and shimmery
CupCake Kitty
CupCake Kitty День тому
Xander French
Xander French День тому
Basically GMM but definitely way more professional
Hannah Norton-Barker
Hannah Norton-Barker День тому
I made my mum watch this because she swam the English Channel in 2012 and she just said "actually over a thousand people have swum it so erm he's lying"
Brandon Wane
Brandon Wane День тому
Giving Dan sugar is a bad idea
Your friendly neighborhood soup bowl
My real question is if Ashley is the same Ashley that sent Dan the "Does Bruno Mars is Gay" article
Your friendly neighborhood soup bowl
+Jenni Locke That's okay!
Jenni Locke
Jenni Locke 2 дні тому
She's not
TheLivingApocalypse 2 дні тому
Honestly arin trying to tie those bottles together is me doing my graphic design projects for school
bat shad09
bat shad09 2 дні тому
I wonder if arin was actually mad
Smoking Lemon
Smoking Lemon 2 дні тому
12:26 confirmed dan is a furry
AdibasWakfu 2 дні тому
9/11 2 11:07
Vx Phoenix vX
Vx Phoenix vX 2 дні тому
The only sad part is finding out Dan's not single anymore. You were supposed to wait for me!!!
JamezPlayzGamez0 2 дні тому
12 minute & 43 second Power Hour
Alex Forrester
Alex Forrester 2 дні тому
Donut worry Arin, the CEO is a guy named Michael V. Warren.
XxLittleGuvnorxX 2 дні тому
When Arin folded his heart it looked like a love taco
noisyturtle 3 дні тому
Brent totally ruined their shirts on purpose. That shit was calculated, you could see it in his eyes.
Corry Skylord
Corry Skylord 3 дні тому
I’m watching two grown ass men play with fucking glue. I’m happy with my life. Also, nice *NUT* hat, Dan
Lumidae 3 дні тому
Ever since I was a child, I always secretly dreamed of walking down the aisle with my significant fursona
Elated Megalodon
Elated Megalodon 3 дні тому
i feel so bad for whoever has to vacuum after these
I'm Lesbean
I'm Lesbean 3 дні тому
Me when Dan talks about making Ashley and making her a Valentine: my sweet little boy has grown up he is happy I'm going to cry.
jsheepy gaming
jsheepy gaming 3 дні тому
Lel I'ma furry
minutemarket 3 дні тому
Thomas Ballard
Thomas Ballard 3 дні тому
Anybody else think when Danny said I’ll make this for Ashley he was gonna put ass on the card
Whatever Osi
Whatever Osi 3 дні тому
I said yes to love but it said no to me, does that card still apply to me? 🤔
Addcond5 3 дні тому
Looked it up to make sure. CEO of Elmer’s is Michael V Warren. You’re good.
Nasta Likes Pasta
Nasta Likes Pasta 3 дні тому
My brother did the exact thing Arin did at 1:47
exodus K
exodus K 3 дні тому
9/11 reference at 11:09 And Dan is Jewish adding more fuel to the fire
Sour Drop
Sour Drop 3 дні тому
Legit thought Ashley was the name of Dan's favorite anime body pillow
hoguesteele 3 дні тому
This series has devolved into two grown men wrecking shit like an entire class of second graders.
Blue Balloon Network
Blue Balloon Network 3 дні тому
Shout out to my friend Joëlle Beard who actually swam the English Channel!
Kendellbud02 3 дні тому
Why does Brent look 53? But act 33?
LadyJosie 4 дні тому
Danny talked about his lady~~ im so happy for him~~
Iceee Bang
Iceee Bang 4 дні тому
You guys should do a power hour w Mark or/and(?) SwaggerSouls i think it’d be really funny, love the content please keep posting uwu
Drew Peters
Drew Peters 4 дні тому
Dan confirmed furry!
Justin Adams
Justin Adams 4 дні тому
You guys are the best feeling. My life makes me so unhappy because the people in my life lack whatever holy principal you guys supply. You two should look into cloning. I'd be down with a couple neighbors named Arin and Danny.
TheMassaCreature 4 дні тому
You ruined my damn shirt!
A moron
A moron 4 дні тому
12:45 I'm dying 😂😂😂
Comment King
Comment King 4 дні тому
SuperMegaSum 4 дні тому
Me when im scanning for men in dating sims: "Whoever gets this heart is going to have a loooot to deal with"
Pretzeled Ginger
Pretzeled Ginger 4 дні тому
they should do an episode where Arin and Danny clean up the office or the filming room.
Xeavone 4 дні тому
@ 1:56 - Shirley, you can't be serious, making a subtle Airplane joke!
Brayden Sheahan
Brayden Sheahan 4 дні тому
12:11 killed me 😂😂😂😂 "DO YOU SEE PAINT ANYWHERE ELSE ON MY SHIRT?!?!"
TemporaryFind 4 дні тому
Arin tried to make a love pun with the word lovely not realizing love was already in the name
Nicol Nova
Nicol Nova 4 дні тому
Nearly at 5M
Kisu Hashimoto
Kisu Hashimoto 4 дні тому
Brent: "you know what? It occurs to me who actually cleans this up?" Like seriously me too!😁 I've always wondered who cleans up the mess!
ShovalTheArtist 4 дні тому
Dr. Fingers
Dr. Fingers 4 дні тому
1:47 That really caught me by surprise.
Cryptic Corner
Cryptic Corner 4 дні тому
*they make the best cows*
Daniel Gray
Daniel Gray 4 дні тому
8:47 I didn't know I was in this video
KyleKatarn145 4 дні тому
"Their CEO is a cow... I hope it's not a lady." Uuuuh, Arin... about cows...
John Wie
John Wie 4 дні тому
Ashle Dan is so cute :3
John Wie
John Wie 4 дні тому
Batman in the beginning whoa
PanFriedTacos 4 дні тому
What are these guys on? And where can i get it?
PsychoKitty사랑 4 дні тому
4:10 was she eating packing peanuts?
TalynCo 5 днів тому
Sometimes I get kinda envious of all the fun it looks like they're having but then I consider the mess.
Cypherus15 5 днів тому
12:29 Is Dan trying to recreate that scene in Ace Ventura where Jim Carrey comes out of the robot Rhino's b hole??
Cypherus15 5 днів тому
11:08 Umm... is that a 9/11 joke?
AshenCrow 5 днів тому
12:27 #1 link to share Top score
Cypherus15 5 днів тому
Do you guys think that, this Valentines Day, Dan finally gave Arin that kiss he always wanted?? Or if not, do you think he should have?
Soundless Echo
Soundless Echo 5 днів тому
Is it just me or do Danny and Arin have a weird way of pronouncing each other's name?
JishwaThe LivingFish
JishwaThe LivingFish 5 днів тому
Icaruspotion 5 днів тому
Brent just addressed the biggest question in ten minute power hour history... who cleans up?
Mya Hewitt
Mya Hewitt 5 днів тому
“I’m making this for Ashley” MY HEART
QueenBee Bree
QueenBee Bree 5 днів тому
Dan that's so abstract. You're a natural.
Claire_ Doodlez
Claire_ Doodlez 5 днів тому
HEY!!! OK SO I just watched the WHOLE series of the dog island and I came here to say I WANT THAT FUCKING SERIES BACK!!! NOW (ok no force I promissssse) BUT SERIOUSLY BRING IT BACKKKK
Corey Robinson
Corey Robinson 5 днів тому
Easter themed chubby bunny with marshmallow peeps!
Joshua Hale
Joshua Hale 5 днів тому
I feel like Dan is the kid in school that tries really hard to sell, but only succeeds every once in awhile. Arin’s the kid that writes an essay 10 minutes before class and changes all the contractions to make it longer. Then sleeps in class the whole time.
ShadowJay98 5 днів тому
"It's a hat, or a boat~" 😊
Kathryn Palmer
Kathryn Palmer 5 днів тому
*I got you scissors*
tomahzo 5 днів тому
It's like arts and crafts in the special kids class ;). Jesus.
AtlasWolfe Gaming
AtlasWolfe Gaming 5 днів тому
In the cut to Allie, why is she eating the packing peanuts?
Slove 5 днів тому
What did Arin say at 6:35?
rumithal 5 днів тому
LulabieByi 5 днів тому
I teared up when Dan mentioned his girlfriend- he really deserves all the love in the world and I know Ashley is gonna give it to him
Gurobug 5 днів тому
i cackled when they poured that powder shit on the painted paint bottle
Sascha Fernandez
Sascha Fernandez 5 днів тому
a unicorn dabbing YES!
Random Person
Random Person 5 днів тому
*_Y O U R U I N E D M Y D A M N S H I R T_*
Creeper Princess
Creeper Princess 5 днів тому
I have a shirt like Dan's 😂😂😂😂
Plastic .
Plastic . 5 днів тому
KimmyKitty 5 днів тому
If you say "I've got a corn-cussion" then you probably do have a corn-cussion.
abi mayer
abi mayer 5 днів тому
Aron and Dan are like the 12 year old little brothers I never wanted😂😂😂
okay.ahjosu 5 днів тому
Valentines day 9/11 happened at 11:09
FLOOD Kevin 5 днів тому
I'ma need that unicorn dab t-shirt. Yesterday.
Jess ica
Jess ica 5 днів тому
11:08 a dramatic recreation of September 11th by Game Grumps
Iceyaceyxx 5 днів тому
Brent looks like Negan 😩😱
Misery Go Round
Misery Go Round 5 днів тому
"Neh look I have a relationship now im so happy and not lonely" *Fuck* off. Both of you. Gawd I'm so happy for Dan.
I fuck yor mam
I fuck yor mam 5 днів тому
12:22 What Arin says to his pecker after fapin with his shirt on
VideoGameDude 5 днів тому
Can we please get a TV show of this on adult swim 😂👌
Wolf Striker
Wolf Striker 6 днів тому
Dan in love is soo adorable.
The Guy
The Guy 6 днів тому
U.S please
Wonrae Kim
Wonrae Kim 6 днів тому
God I love allies laugh
Kakumba the Kuma
Kakumba the Kuma 6 днів тому
Have a makeup competition, Ross and Susie get to be canvases!
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