Mars Mission Update: June 2021

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The Starship vehicle is poised to revolutionise human spaceflight. With SpaceX and NASA working together to develop Starship for the Artemis Program, our ambitions in space have profoundly changed. Aspiring Martian Colonist Dr Ryan MacDonald charts the course towards the first human missions to the Red Planet.

***** Chapters *****

0:00 - Introduction
1:20 - SpaceX Starship Overview
4:00 - Early Starship Hardware
5:00 - Starbase Boca Chica Begins
5:33 - Cryogenic Tests & Static Fires
8:06 - Starship Low-Altitude Flights
9:09 - Starship High-Altitude Flights
15:10 - Future of the Starship Program
15:50 - Super Heavy Construction
16:52 - Orbital Starship Design
17:49 - Orbital Starship Launch Profile
18:42 - Starbase Orbital Flight Preparations
19:11 - Starship Program Timeline (2020 - 2021)
20:05 - Starship Sea Launch Platforms
21:45 - Human Spaceflight Overview
22:39 - Commercial Astronaut Flights
25:17 - Artemis Program Overview
26:04 - Artemis I Updates
27:02 - Artemis II & Artemis III
29:40 - Lunar Starship Timeline (2022 - 2024)
32:27 - Starship Mars Missions
34:08 - Human Mars Mission Timeline (2024 - 2029)
34:35 - New 2021 Mars Missions
35:11 - Mars Hope (UAE)
37:33 - Tianwen-1 (China)
38:27 - Zhurong Rover (China)
39:37 - Perseverance Rover (USA)
42:31 - Ingenuity Helicopter (USA)
45:16 - Mars Sample Return
47:42 - Final Thoughts

***** Animations and media *****

Special thanks go to Owe, the SpaceX 3D Creation Eccentric, for the new Martian Colonist logo!

Many thanks go to the following content creators, whose work features in this video:

► Alexander Svan:
► BocaChicaGal + NASASpaceFlight:
► Caspar Stanley (Stanley Creative):
► C-Bass Productions:
► Charles Brothers:
► Cosmic Perspective:
► Csaba Molnár:
► Dale Rutherford:
► DeepSpaceCourier:
► ErcX Space + smallstars
► Evan Karen:
► Everday Astronaut:
► Hazegrayart:
► John Winkopp:
► LabPadre:
► Matt Ryan:
► Nick Henning:
► Owe (Spacex 3D Creation Eccentric):
► Roger Bootsma (SpaceXVision):
► Spaceport3D:
► Spadre:
► + Various animations from NASA, SpaceX, etc.

This update's thumbnail was inspired by the official NASA / SpaceX rendering of the 2021 Lunar Starship design.

***** Music *****

'The Travelling Symphony' by Savfk is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0):

***** Community Acknowledgements *****

Many thanks to Faulx and tuxer for helpful discussions during the production of this video. If you would like to join the Martian Colonist Discord community, please reach out to @MartianColonist on Twitter.

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What about it!?
What about it!? 7 місяців тому
Wow! What an update! Well done, Ryan! Far too much time between these releases! I know, you have important stuff to do! 😉
Marja Mezey
Marja Mezey 5 місяців тому
Paul Sargent
Paul Sargent 5 місяців тому
Shear info with the world.You may be surprised at a kids idea or some wisdom of the elderly
Paul Sargent
Paul Sargent 5 місяців тому
The more we involve the minds of all people will get their. No political involvement allowed
HIMANSHU DRAVID 5 місяців тому
@jujutsu 2
jujutsu 6 місяців тому
@Shrey sharma well they claim that current Starship model is Just Hype It will not go to Mars etc and they give scientific Reasons for this (also they hate Elon musk ) And another UKvid channel who is a fan of spaceX and Elon musk he also said same thing about starship and reasons behind it Maybe current starship model is the 1st version of starship There will be more version in future for Mars
CxTyler 7 місяців тому
Love seeing everything that has happened over the last year in one video. The rate of innovation in space exploration is accelerating
Mike Crownshaw
Mike Crownshaw 2 місяці тому
@juan cervantes social media and cell phones make things impossible to hide
Mike Crownshaw
Mike Crownshaw 2 місяці тому
@Shane Roberts so prove that!
Mike Crownshaw
Mike Crownshaw 2 місяці тому
@Chris King flat earther!
Slevin Channel
Slevin Channel 3 місяці тому
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Slevin Channel
Slevin Channel 3 місяці тому
@Mohamed Mikhail Learning never ends, so have a comment:
L Dewey MD
L Dewey MD 7 місяців тому
Dr. MacDonald… I am simply blown away by this video! This certainly qualifies as a complete documentary about space exploration! I’m sharing this with anybody and everybody I know! Keep up your great work!! 💕🚀💕
Martian Colonist
Martian Colonist 7 місяців тому
Thanks so much, I really appreciate you sharing the video!
Steve Martin
Steve Martin 7 місяців тому
Fantastic 20-minute Starship recap! Well organized and expertly communicated! 👍
Martian Colonist
Martian Colonist 7 місяців тому
It wasn't easy condensing all this Starship news into 20 minutes, but hopefully the summary ticked all the boxes.
Carl Franz
Carl Franz 6 місяців тому
You've answered many of my questions about SpaceX and the long range colonization challenges. Tremendous job!
Steve Lenores
Steve Lenores 20 днів тому
@Withnail1969 Not to mention the long supply chain. Amazon Prime deliver to Mars is 2 years.
Withnail1969 4 місяці тому
do you actually believe the economy is big enough to support a colony on Mars? it's not possible.
Ken Helmers
Ken Helmers 7 місяців тому
Thank you for a comprehensive time-line and coverage of the wide range of missions to Mars. Well done!
Biniam Gaming
Biniam Gaming 7 місяців тому
The amount of hard work that must have gone into this video is insane. Top notch content 👌
Biniam Gaming
Biniam Gaming Місяць тому
@Moon Gaba Game recognizes game💊 Keep up the boycott, brother ✊
Moon Gaba
Moon Gaba Місяць тому
Martian Colonist
Martian Colonist 6 місяців тому
@Chris King I include plenty of real footage in this video, intermixing on occasion with CGI for illustrative purposes. For example, all the Starship test flights (you are welcome to go down to Boca Chica and watch for yourself) and the Perseverance landing video.
Biniam Gaming
Biniam Gaming 6 місяців тому
@Chris King Copy him if it's so easy and you'll get a million views like him 🙄
Chris King
Chris King 6 місяців тому
yeah, all that CGI no real footage of anything just artist's impressions lol
Willem Prinsloo
Willem Prinsloo 6 місяців тому
Absolutely loved watching this. Thank you so much for bringing this to us!
Martian Colonist
Martian Colonist 6 місяців тому
You're welcome! 🚀
Wiley CKoyote
Wiley CKoyote 4 місяці тому
Thank you for your hard work. It is the most complete summary of the latest developments there is. Very informative.
Anthony West
Anthony West 6 місяців тому
Fantastic production of the awesome history and the future of SpaceX. Excellent narration, possibly the best so far. Congratulations
Richard Edwards
Richard Edwards 6 місяців тому
I loved every second ❤of this unbelievable content keep it coming 👏
todd krueger
todd krueger 7 місяців тому
Great coverage. Wonderful informative recap of the space programs of today!
epleace 7 місяців тому
Wow - wonderful comprehensive update on progress so far. Great work putting this 48min presentation together. Thank you, very informative, uplifting, and enjoyable.
Slevin Channel
Slevin Channel 3 місяці тому
This Channel is nice, but Anti-Science is on the Run AND Learning never ends, so that's at least 2 Reasons for me to recommend randomly good Education-Channel of various sorts (including Science-Channel)! In no particular order, i just spam them, if thats ok with you: -Oversimplified! -Doctor Dave Explains. -Veritasium. -Kosmo. -Legal Eagle -Sir Sic. -Cinema Therapy. -Sci Man Dan (maybe that one first?) -Cosmic Sceptic. -Some More News. -SEA. -Practical Engineering.
susil hewawasam
susil hewawasam 5 місяців тому
An excellent presentation on developments in recent past, present, and future plans & target. Well done!
Steve Pashley
Steve Pashley 5 місяців тому
Thank you so much for posting this incredible video. Just amazing how fast we are progressing. I think that when the earth return vehicles arrive, Starship crews will be handing the samples over. Go Spacex
Mia Kiceh
Mia Kiceh 7 місяців тому
Great graphics, great narrative, and the speed in which you explained details formed excitment! Kudos! Thanks for sharing online. Blessings
Tom Blatch
Tom Blatch 6 місяців тому
Most excellent summary of where we are now, and what's coming up next. Well done - I really enjoyed it!
krishna dhungel
krishna dhungel 7 місяців тому
Your videos are simply remarkable. Thank you for all the effort you put into your content.
Martian Colonist
Martian Colonist 7 місяців тому
Glad you enjoyed the video!
eric ackerly
eric ackerly 7 місяців тому
Thank you, Dr. MacDonald for your update. I always look forward to your most excellent presentations.
The Interfaith Shepherd
The Interfaith Shepherd 6 місяців тому
This was an awesome video my friend!!! You did an amazing job of pulling all that data together, and great footage too!! Thank you for your effort!
WOODLAND NETWORK 7 місяців тому
Very well structured video. The quality of the information presented is simply amazing.
MattiasAllring 20 днів тому
This content is awesome!!! What an amazing overview of the road to mars! Just subbed! Please, please, please make more! 🙏🏻😀
Teds Fix-it Tech
Teds Fix-it Tech 6 місяців тому
That was a remarkably well done video. I'm new here as of today, and i'm a huge fan of all things Space-X. Everyday Astronaut as well. Great info, well put together, and very well delivered. Thank you very much for being here. There is truly greatness in all the hard work you've done here.
Martian Colonist
Martian Colonist 6 місяців тому
Thanks for the kind words, glad you found my channel!
Viktor Ferenczi
Viktor Ferenczi 7 місяців тому
Very good summary. Highlighted the few things I managed to miss from the news. Keep up the good work!
Mark Ferreri
Mark Ferreri 6 місяців тому
Wow! very in-depth and never boring! I’m excited to look forward as a spectator to the future of space exploration. Currently 68, I hope to live to see permanent Mars base establishment before I die. How far will we get in the next 12 to 15 years?
dt28469 7 місяців тому
Wow! Ive been following this channel's Mars Updates since the days of the MarsOne project. I'm so glad to see how far we've come.
Slevin Channel
Slevin Channel 3 місяці тому
This Channel is nice, but Anti-Science is on the Run AND Learning never ends, so that's at least 2 Reasons for me to recommend randomly good Education-Channel of various sorts (including Science-Channel)! In no particular order, i just spam them, if thats ok with you: -Oversimplified! -Veritasium. -Kosmo. -Legal Eagle -Sir Sic. -Cinema Therapy. -Sci Man Dan (maybe that one first?) -Cosmic Sceptic. -Some More News. -Practical Engineering. All of them have my stamp of approval. Check them all out and then tell me what 'direction' you want for Future-Recommendations!
Mikolaj Zielinski
Mikolaj Zielinski 7 місяців тому
Great job, Ryan. Thank you for your effort.
SuperSMT 7 місяців тому
Excellent overview of everything this past year! Crazy how Starship is now likely going orbital before SLS. I remember when we were all speculating about whether _Falcon Heavy_ would beat it to orbit or not...
James E
James E 6 місяців тому
@Broken Soap SLS first launch will be going to orbit the Moon!
Broken Soap
Broken Soap 6 місяців тому
Willing to bet SLS launches to orbit before the first Starship orbital* launch attempt. The former is currently much closer to launch than the latter.
James E
James E 7 місяців тому
The difference is that SLS is a completed spacecraft that will orbit the Moon and be human-rated after its first flight. Starship will have no crew capacity installed and only fly a partial Earth orbit and will not perform a normal landing.
Stinger NSW
Stinger NSW 7 місяців тому
A five star update, thanks Ryan ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ Your work is truely appreciated 😀
Mark B
Mark B 7 місяців тому
One heck of a video. Excellent research and nicely put together. Great job!
AniMajik Productions
AniMajik Productions 7 місяців тому
Excellent video on SpaceX and the Mars missions! Thank you, Ryan!
Martian Colonist
Martian Colonist 7 місяців тому
Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!
Andrea G
Andrea G 4 місяці тому
I’m speechless. I just love space exploration. I’ve been an avid Sci-fi reader for decades: big fan of Simak, Asinov, Heinlein and so many other Sci-fi novelists, so yes, I love space exploration. To explore for the love of knowledge is actually one of the most important feature of what makes Homo sapiens a miracle of evolution
DigzGuy 7 місяців тому
Great comprehensive overview! Best I've seen yet! Bravo!
Muuip 6 місяців тому
Impressive presentation! This well organized information source contributes greatly towards the achievement of the Moon and Mars space exploration program. Much appreciated! 👍👍👍
Orville Harris
Orville Harris 7 місяців тому
Excellent and up-to-date as what we should expect over the next few years in space exploration and development.
peter lewis
peter lewis 7 місяців тому
John Murkwater
John Murkwater 6 місяців тому
This kind of quality informative video is why I love UKvid and it's amazing content creators. This reminded me of NOVA from when I was younger, held my interest, informed me, and entertained me. Well done, you absolutely earned my sub.
Szabolcs Járay
Szabolcs Járay 7 місяців тому
Excellent work, Ryan, as always. 👍
Febre Gundam
Febre Gundam 7 місяців тому
Thank you for this amazing video! I love your previous one and I was really looking foward for this update!
Carl Alexander
Carl Alexander 9 днів тому
It's amazing how the starship and raptor engines on their descent deploys the flaps and then thrust from the engines slows and then touchdown on the landing pad, Awesome Job
Samantha James
Samantha James 7 місяців тому
Thank you, that was really enjoyable and informative. Such exciting developments ahead this coming decade.
Samantha James
Samantha James 7 місяців тому
​@Dwayne Therock No need to be creepy.
Dwayne Therock
Dwayne Therock 7 місяців тому
Hello i'll like to know more about you.......
Attila Kovács
Attila Kovács 6 місяців тому
A very good and informative video, although the speed could be a little slower. There are so many interesting facts, that it's difficult to follow, even to stop sometimes. Thanks for your effort and for your contribution to general knowledge!
HardcoreHeaven87 6 місяців тому
Great quality content, thank you!
JOE FUEGO 7 місяців тому
I’ve seen starship be built along with a lot of you... but it’s insane to realize how quickly it all really happened
Blue2swing 6 місяців тому
Some much information and such a great recap of everything that has happened up till now. Thank you.
Gerd Müller
Gerd Müller 4 місяці тому
Awesome, brilliant update! Thank you so much for this!
Jared Greene
Jared Greene 7 місяців тому
Great work. Very comprehensive summary of tech and developments to date.
Jan De Waerhert
Jan De Waerhert 6 місяців тому
Love this system , it seems to be safe , great progress on short time
Rsiatat 2379
Rsiatat 2379 5 місяців тому
On a cosmic scale, the time interval between this video and the last one is very very small, so all is great in space and time. Welcome back! I am really happy that you made another video. Your vids are some of the best on youtube!
Tanax 6 місяців тому
Wow wow wow! What an amazing video, GREAT work! Suggestions for future topics that I would love to hear more about is more in-depth information on how we will build our bases on both the moon and mars, as well as more information on potential gateways for both the moon and mars :)
Lee Stone
Lee Stone 6 місяців тому
Thoroughly informative and entertaining video! I enjoyed it very much. Thank you.
msmirandagirl 5 місяців тому
Great video bringing Mars efforts up to date. Thanks for sharing this very well done video.
C Bruce Strickland
C Bruce Strickland 6 місяців тому
Once more I offer my highest level congratulations on a job well done. Keep it up. I look forward to future videos.
David Invenio
David Invenio 3 місяці тому
Outstanding video - THANK YOU! I couldn't look away for a single second - just fabulous - so glad I stumbled across your channel.
Datapioneer 6 місяців тому
Absolutely excellent update! Thank you.
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taleandclaw rock 6 місяців тому
Fantastic documentary. Amazing starship developments!
Dave Garaffa
Dave Garaffa 7 місяців тому
Thank you for the fine work put into this video!
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Paul Vamos 3 місяці тому
This is so cool! Thank you for the update!
The Retro Gamer
The Retro Gamer 6 місяців тому
That was an epic update! Thank you very much!
Maykon Junkes
Maykon Junkes 7 місяців тому
I was longing for your update, thank you very much for such good content.
Liz Beth
Liz Beth 5 місяців тому
Thank you so much for this really amazing video. One wonders with aliens being sighted in the past and more being sighted every day, that we haven't been able to be in contact with them and if we have indeed been in contact with them, why haven't we been able to use the same kind of technology they have to build successful space vehicles for space travel. Maybe like Star Trek, they have a prime directive not to interfere with Earth's progress. Interesting conundrum. They tried to do the quick travel time from one point on the Earth to another point by using Concorde. That was the closest thing to what you have explain and turned out to be too expensive due to low passenger numbers and high maintenance costs after the accident that killed 109 people. .
jg51ogg 6 місяців тому
After watching this I have to say. I watched the first lunar excursions with the Apollo missions. I hope that I will live long enough to see our return to the moon and even further out Mars missions.
John M. Washbush
John M. Washbush 6 місяців тому
What a monumental project this must have been. I have tried to make a video presentation and it was a lot of work and it was only 4 minutes long. Congratulations on a great job. In addition to being an excellent piece of work, I learned much from it. So, thank you very much for a great effort.
robert tatum
robert tatum 6 місяців тому
This project is super well organized.......there should be more recognition of this
Fran Leavens
Fran Leavens 2 місяці тому
Thank You for this awesome update, well done!
Dominick Gervasi
Dominick Gervasi 5 місяців тому
Thank you for your thorough reporting on humanity's attempts to reach and study Mars. How likely is it for probes sent there to unintentionally introduce life that can survive the journey and a period on the surface? Also, how are the US' current public private partnerships different from our dealings with the private sector in the 1970s and before?
Martian Colonist
Martian Colonist 5 місяців тому
Interplanetary probes undergo stringent sterilisation, especially landers, to avoid accidental contamination. The main differences between the 1970s and public-private partnerships now are: * NASA is just one customer. Space companies have extra revenue from abundant commercial satellite launches etc. * Space companies have their own independent agenda for space exploration (e.g. SpaceX wants to build a city on Mars). * They work with NASA more as equal partners than as subcontractors.
Björn Jonsson
Björn Jonsson 7 місяців тому
Very good video as usual! Especially with the graphics and schedule of starchips development and success.
jonfarrah 7 місяців тому
Epic Thank you Ryan :) Great round up of the last couple years in NASA & SpaceX Universe...oh how I've missed you & your narration :)
Ronald Ronald
Ronald Ronald 6 місяців тому
I enjoyed watching your excellent mission update. Thank you for sharing.
Baldershemlighet 6 місяців тому
This is one of the best updates of anything made by anyone. Hats off. You Bow to No One.
S K 2 місяці тому
What a great video. Put together very well. Never expected I would watch the whole thing.
Jeremy Roskrow
Jeremy Roskrow 6 місяців тому
A perfect follow to 2020 update. Really enjoyed it thank you
Anthoney King
Anthoney King 7 місяців тому
OMG Loved that well Done I'm sure that you have explained the whole Mars Part very well and what SpaceX and NASA Plan to do over the next couple of Years awesome Vlog thank you
Anthoney King
Anthoney King 3 місяці тому
@Slevin Channel I couldn't find your comment before I did look ??
Slevin Channel
Slevin Channel 3 місяці тому
Hi! King! Seen my comment? Hope a KING reads it.
Drifter 5 місяців тому
Amazing work they’re doing!
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Dennis Figliola 4 місяці тому
Very enlightening a wonderful update they should be on the front page of every news paper in the United States and in the world but we’re being distracted loved every minute of it amazing
Eriberto Acedo
Eriberto Acedo 6 місяців тому
Great to see us continuing to venture to Mars and beyond.
Chatty Walrus
Chatty Walrus 6 місяців тому
Repurposing retired sea oil rigs! Simply beautiful! SpaceX's recycling work is extraordinary!
Eriberto Acedo
Eriberto Acedo 6 місяців тому
I’m putting this video on my Facebook page for all my friends to see and read thank you this is totally amazing!
Martian Colonist
Martian Colonist 6 місяців тому
Thanks for sharing!
Jj Find me
Jj Find me 2 місяці тому
Nice video. Sir in the next update you can also include the ambitious space travel from Earth to Mars or other planets through Asteroid staging points. Thanks!
Joris Blom
Joris Blom 7 місяців тому
That's some awesome content. Great job my friend. You rock.
tamenator 6 місяців тому
Great summary! And lots of great shots of unexpected combustion events. Way better than Hollywood could dream up.
Ivica Anteski
Ivica Anteski 7 місяців тому
Great video. Thanks. Question: Will potential discovery of life on Mars influence in some way the plans for colonization? Will there be a ban of colonization because there's life over there?
Martian Colonist
Martian Colonist 7 місяців тому
There probably would be an influence, but I don't think an outright ban is ever going to fly. If anything, it would increase the need to send scientific teams to study the Martian life in detail.
Luigi R. Bedin
Luigi R. Bedin 7 місяців тому
It took me too long to see it entirely, but it was worth!!! Well done Ryan!!! Wonderful summay of all of what is going on ! good, no, ... GREAT job!!!! Thank you!
Robert 7 місяців тому
Really nice and inspiring video! Truly enjoyed and look forward to seeing your next video. Take care and have a lovely day!!!
Martian Colonist
Martian Colonist 7 місяців тому
Thanks, have a great day!
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This is the best follow up I've seen so far, great job 👍
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Summarized very well. This is a great video. I enjoyed it.
Lyn S.
Lyn S. 6 місяців тому
Being alive through this is amazing! Thank you for an excellent video😍🚀
John Partyka
John Partyka 6 місяців тому
Excellent summary. Accurate, interesting, unbiased. Subscribed... send more please!
James Donaghy
James Donaghy 6 місяців тому
The amazing achievement of Apollo was surviving 120°C for 8 days, while remaining incredibly cool. No astronauts will ever be as cool as Buzz and Neil. Today's crew will need solar shade parasols, like Skylab, or the ISS.
Madhavi Adari
Madhavi Adari 4 місяці тому
I've been reading the space exploration for a long time this was the top 5 I ever read I am speechless about your talent
Nunya _
Nunya _ 6 місяців тому
Finally, a comprehensive assessment of current space flight technology with intelligent conjecture for future endeavors. Thank you. 🚀
Maureen Hawley
Maureen Hawley 7 місяців тому
Another fantastic video. Thank you. Well worth the wait.
Jeremy W Variety of Viewpoints
Jeremy W Variety of Viewpoints 5 місяців тому
This is a brilliantly made video with fantastic visuals.
Ricardo Rojas Bedoya
Ricardo Rojas Bedoya 6 місяців тому
You are very, very good at what you do. Thank you.
Aviad D
Aviad D 10 днів тому
What a great video. I could watch this all day (in shock and awe).
Steve Janas
Steve Janas 6 місяців тому
Very cool video, well-researched and edited. One question, though: why no mention of the Lunar Gateway program? Is that still a going concern?
Martian Colonist
Martian Colonist 6 місяців тому
I didn't mention the Gateway because it has been taken off the critical path for Artemis 3. An overview of the Gateway is provided in my June 2020 Mars Mission Update (nothing new has been announced since then): ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-bmcr2FaoWoU.html
Cordell Blaine
Cordell Blaine 7 місяців тому
Absolutely wonderful recap as well as trajectory of SpaceX and Nasa in the next few years. Definitely bookmarking this one to reference again and again
Martian Colonist
Martian Colonist 7 місяців тому
The video chapters should serve as a reference guide, making it easy to jump to relevant sections.
Eri Deimos
Eri Deimos 7 місяців тому
Great, thank you! This was the perfect summary for a friend who is new to all this.
Martian Colonist
Martian Colonist 7 місяців тому
That's exactly what I was going for. Always great to welcome new people interested in space!
al man
al man 6 місяців тому
Thank you so much that was a brilliant video so informative and such an excellent presentation
UlrichVIII 7 місяців тому
amazing stuff, glad to be alive to witness all this, thx for sharing
Kicung Hartono
Kicung Hartono 5 місяців тому
this is the best video, explaining all test timeline, in simple way to understand. nice work.
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