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Whatever it takes. Watch the brand-new trailer for Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame. In theaters April 26.
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14 бер 2019

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Blue Python
Blue Python 2 години тому
Quakex 3 години тому
Some people don’t come back to see the trailers again But not us *_Not us_*
ღChiChiKJ 3 години тому
I remembered something and laughed at Wanda's death scene...That was perfect timing
Izz904 3 години тому
Who else comes back to these trailers to get that feeling again..you know what feeling I'm talking about
Raf Bhayat
Raf Bhayat 4 години тому
Brilliant trailer.I like this one
ur local coochie collector
ur local coochie collector 5 годин тому
I wish I could re-live the day I saw endgame...I will never get this beautifull and sad expirience again...
Stark Parker
Stark Parker 6 годин тому
I Saw all these people die
Cat Gaming
Cat Gaming 6 годин тому
Blistering Barnacles
Blistering Barnacles 7 годин тому
Having the "Proof that Tony Stark has a heart" reactor and Peggy Carter's voice and funeral in this trailer were two sublime little touches in retrospect
david ramon belenguer
david ramon belenguer 8 годин тому
This movie is just awsome
Dodo M
Dodo M 8 годин тому
49 minutes into this movie, and I'm out. This is beyond average, Scooby Doo has more plot and mistery than this crap
Claudia Velasquez
Claudia Velasquez 2 години тому
I am sorry are you mental
vighnesh Peta
vighnesh Peta 9 годин тому
Miss u iron man
Tim User
Tim User 9 годин тому
Don't read my profile picture
Don't read my profile picture 9 годин тому
Nahh I remade the trailer only 10 times better you can watch it in my channel
Dhaval Harsuda
Dhaval Harsuda 9 годин тому
Tony lost his son again and this time forever 😭😭
Mufazzal Mansoor Ali
Mufazzal Mansoor Ali 9 годин тому
This movie came out 5 months ago. Some people move on but not us.
Kumari Aditi
Kumari Aditi 10 годин тому
I still come here everyday. Don't judge because you too.
Joysing Engti
Joysing Engti 10 годин тому
This isn't just a movie, it's a feeling.
Galaxy_Chan 59
Galaxy_Chan 59 10 годин тому
Yeah the peppa pig version is wayyyyyyyy better
Vanz Bacud
Vanz Bacud 11 годин тому
After this movie, it has a lot of memes about it. LOL.
That_Raccoon_Guy 21104
That_Raccoon_Guy 21104 12 годин тому
“Whatever it takes”
TheBlazeMaster4 12 годин тому
Has to be my favourite movie along with Detective Pikachu.
Gator Puppet
Gator Puppet 12 годин тому
Captain America holds Thor’s hammer: I’m now worthy
DynamiteXD 13 годин тому
Tony has left the chat...
Haze armando
Haze armando 13 годин тому
Suscribe to My channel
Beckiee Bailey
Beckiee Bailey 13 годин тому
Me when I w ached this when iron man died😭😭😭
Jake Smith
Jake Smith 14 годин тому
Dont die antman u have a child
Gourav Sharma
Gourav Sharma 14 годин тому
Rustled Jimmies
Rustled Jimmies 14 годин тому
Get Spiderman back into the MCU... Whatever it takes...
FUN MAKERS 16 годин тому
Hit likes for ENDGAME !..
Snehasis Datta
Snehasis Datta 17 годин тому
*Still getting Fcuking Goosebumps*
Naadi C
Naadi C 17 годин тому
a small price to pay for salvation... R.I.P SPIDEY
Kushagra Goswami
Kushagra Goswami 18 годин тому
"The world has changed None of us can go back All we can do is our best" These words do describe our real world. Nature is being destroyed 😭 Earth is not what it used to be
covo50 13 годин тому
"and sometimes the best we can do is to start over" so we have to move to another planet?
Ksbxksb Kwbxkwx
Ksbxksb Kwbxkwx 18 годин тому
I don't understand why we humans aren't understanding that we live in this beautiful planet and we should take care of it
Kishu Kishu
Kishu Kishu 18 годин тому
So true😥
Joanna De guia
Joanna De guia 18 годин тому
Tundere Yno
Tundere Yno 18 годин тому
My family and my friend, sugar and they died
Tundere Yno
Tundere Yno 18 годин тому
How bell lost her friend, taco
Rahul 18 годин тому
Screw Sony for taking Spidey
Ethan Loureiro
Ethan Loureiro 19 годин тому
Neato burrito
semsomify 19 годин тому
I never liked this movie. Most actors' contracts were ending with this one, so the movie was full of unhappy endings for most characters. Oh and yes, a lot of drama!
Anonymous • 8 years ago
Anonymous • 8 years ago 20 годин тому
why didn't tony use only the bot to snap ??he can fight with it so he could have done it..for sure
shima babu
shima babu 21 годину тому
Born in the right timeline to witness MCU
Guqe 21 годину тому
There's a reason for the Order they say Whatever It Takes. First Steve and Clint but then came Nat and Tony so
thanitos 257 wey
thanitos 257 wey 21 годину тому
thanitos 257 wey
thanitos 257 wey 21 годину тому
All Might
All Might 22 години тому
You!Yeah You scrolling through the comments you watched endgame and Miss Tony!
Frank Anderson
Frank Anderson 22 години тому
Goddammit I can't find the official name of the track used in the trailer :( any suggestions ?
Stogie2112 16 годин тому
Doing a simple Internet search will find it for you very quickly.
luqman hakim
luqman hakim День тому
"Bring back spiderman" "How will we do that?" "Together" "We'll lose" "So, we do that together too"
Pepto Juice
Pepto Juice 23 години тому
"What ever it takes"
Archi S
Archi S День тому
thanos: i am inevitable iron man: im boutta end this mans whole career iron man: iron man: and maybe my own thanos’ ship: *rains fire* carol danvers: im boutta end this mans whole career natasha: *finna get the soul stone* soul stone: im boutta end this mans whole career scott lang: *eating a taco* spaceship: im boutta and this mans whole career wanda: im boutta end this mans whole career thanos: i dont even know who you are rocket and carol @ each other: im boutta end this mans whole career peter quill: exists nebula: im boutta end this mans whole career no on asked but
Quality Shitposts
Quality Shitposts День тому
This movie was horrible. It had a good end but Infinity was good from start to finish. Thanos in Infinity had a purpose. Thanos in endgame was only there to kill them cuz he wanted to. He had no development. He was like Steffenwolf In Justice League. IW 10/10 Endgame 0/10
STICKLAIT 21 годину тому
@Stogie2112 Good point. But it was boring. No villain the whole 2 acts. No action. (Barely) The time travel could have been more interesting if there was an obstacle in there way from accomplishing there goal which could make it less trash. Worst MCU movie in my opinion.
Stogie2112 21 годину тому
We saw everything that we needed to know about Thanos in Infinity War. His story was told, and it was told brilliantly. What else was there for him to do or become? His obsession to play God with the Universe was all he had. Once he believed that he had won, he went to his Garden Planet to die. Endgame wasn't supposed to be about Thanos. It was about the Avengers and how they never quit, how they always try to defeat Evil, no matter what it may cost.
Chinazom Ohalezim
Chinazom Ohalezim День тому
It is amazing the movie is legit it's incredible
Mohamad Zaki
Mohamad Zaki День тому
Thanos : I want The Infinity Stone Peter Parker : But I want The Staff Job...Double the money...
그냥 День тому
Thank god we were born in the right generation
Stogie2112 День тому
Do you want to visit the actual places where Endgame was filmed? Clint Barton's farmstead is the Turin Fertilizer Garden Center, 694 Christopher Road, Sharpsburg, about 30 miles southwest of Atlanta. Scott Lang’s Van: The U-store facility is 675 Metropolitan Parkway SW, in the MET Atlanta Business Park, southwest of Downtown, Atlanta. Cassie Lang’s house is at 840 Clemont Drive NE, Virginia Highland, northeast Atlanta. Tony Stark’s rustic lakeside home is the Guest Cabin on Big Lake, Bouckaert Farms, 9445 Browns Lake Road, Fairburn, about 20 miles west of Atlanta. The Avengers headquarters is the Aerotropolis Atlanta Porsche Experience Center, One Porsche Drive, Atlanta, which is essentially a theme park for high-end petrol-heads. New Asgard is in St Abbs, a little fishing village in Berwickshire, southeast Scotland, about 42 miles east of Edinburgh. Steve and Peggy Rogers’ house is a modest wood-frame home at 1340 Metropolitan Avenue, East Atlanta Village, east of Downtown.
The Software Channel
The Software Channel День тому
If I’m going to die, I want to die like they did after the snap in Infinity War
Handful Of Loser
Handful Of Loser День тому
The peppa pig version is better
triggered krab
triggered krab День тому
Rest In Peace Iron Man
Stogie2112 День тому
Tony Stark's lakeside cabin is for rent. Fairburn, Georgia. $800.00 per night, 3-night minimum!
Tryfield Animas
Tryfield Animas День тому
hey guys trying to find the location from 1:15. does anyone know where i can find the house location ? Thanks / greets ;)
Tryfield Animas
Tryfield Animas День тому
@Stogie2112 hey grate thanks just wanna take a closer look with Google Earth from top ;)✌️
Stogie2112 День тому
It's most probably in Atlanta. They filmed many scenes there. Cassie Lang's house is in Atlanta. Scroll up to see my post on the filming locations.
Ace's High
Ace's High День тому
This version of the theme song is amazing
narutoroxanne22 День тому
It doesn't end cause Loki.....
Kushagra Goswami
Kushagra Goswami День тому
Who is here after Spiderman is no longer in MCU?
Md Shezan
Md Shezan 13 годин тому
They Say We Won. They Didn't Say What We Lost.😢 *We Love You 3000*
Steve Anderson
Steve Anderson День тому
Captain America: I keep letting everybody they should move on. Some do. Bananas 🍌 🍌
Fluffy Power
Fluffy Power День тому
Batman died by thanos and then wonder woman snapped her finger. By wearing the glove and then all the dinosaurs came back to life and killed all livings in this earth and ruled the world
Tim Merkley
Tim Merkley День тому
Bring back Spider-Man we need him, Whatever it takes.
xULTIMATEx День тому
Whatever it took. To win
Vinit Sisle
Vinit Sisle День тому
"Avengers Infinity War was the most ambitious crossover in history." Well, It's not- ENDGAME is.
Vinit Sisle
Vinit Sisle День тому
After July 21st 2019* Russos' to Cameron:- "Dread it. Run from it. Destiny still arrives." Hope we remember.
Vinit Sisle
Vinit Sisle День тому
50 years later* Grandson:- who are the avengers? Me (with tears):- "sit down kid..."
Joe Tanu
Joe Tanu День тому
Can i take the time travel ? To watch this again before know the chill
A Divine Nation
A Divine Nation День тому
JAMAICANEGYPTIAN has the best Instagram Page out of all the Entertainers
VarionGames День тому
Amelia Ansay
Amelia Ansay День тому
Amount of people who are glad they were born in this generation 👇🏻
Nk Yuvarajan
Nk Yuvarajan День тому
Jason Lee
Jason Lee День тому
And I..........watched..........the greatest movie of all time!
தமிழ் - WarlikeBroadcast
Roses are red Tony is rich Captain America said Son of a b*tch
Duy Hùng Trần
Duy Hùng Trần День тому
spiderman, hic.
Iz Just Meh
Iz Just Meh День тому
*whatever it takes*
TomaszP9SJZPL День тому
Ahmed Laiq
Ahmed Laiq День тому
Avengers left me *Amazed* Avengers:Age of Ultron left me *Pumped* Avengers:Infinity War left me *Shocked* Avengers:Endgame made me *Cry* and *Fulfilled*
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