Mean Tweets - Music Edition 5

Jimmy Kimmel Live
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Music fans can be very passionate. Some love to express their enthusiasm and lack of it and from time to time we like to shine a spotlight on the unpleasant things people post on social media and tonight, we’ve done it again in an all music edition of #MeanTweets featuring: Gwen Stefani, The Chainsmokers, Tyga, Imagine Dragons, Halsey, Jason Mraz, Luke Bryan, Jason Derulo, Dua Lipa, The Strokes, Pink, Elvis Costello, ScHoolboyQ, G-Eazy, Luke Combs, Korn, Nickelback and more.
Mean Tweets - Music Edition 5




10 жов 2018

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Hello everyone 💓
APHRODITE Diannea 2 години тому
whoever put yoneia on that white sofa will b killed ...whoever hired her will b killed...donna willl own that sofa and...donna will own that place..OK...whoever inro yoneiato ath white sofa place will b killed....oh..at VTS ..who was the gal w 5 prostitutions charges ..thats funny maybe more .now idk...didnt keep tract just seen it posted.....yoniea had on marrron botoms and whitetop ok....uglya ass face......noone hires her face or personality or race...dumbfuck.....when donna owns it....youll b in for a surpirse..closed foreve.r..no can do...all places yoniea taped in donna name soon..also ook.
CiaránTheMan 2 години тому
KoRn's one was funny 😂😂
Corrie De Beer
Corrie De Beer 3 години тому
The strokes is the worxt thing since nickelback.
Book Movies
Book Movies 3 години тому
Gwen...wtf happened to your face... you look COMPLETELY DIFFERENT
Ian Beuttel
Ian Beuttel 4 години тому
Who is korn?
UnsetTheMindset 5 годин тому
I just realized I've never actually seen Gwen Stefani.
King Cobra
King Cobra 5 годин тому
The Pink one cracked me up 🤣🤣😂😂😂
Fancy Boy
Fancy Boy 5 годин тому
Pink has always looked like a pig.
Fancy Boy
Fancy Boy 5 годин тому
Where's the mean tweets on jimmy Kimmel? I'd love to hear about 20 or 30 of them.
Jack Doyle
Jack Doyle 6 годин тому
Is Pink crosseyed?
justin williams
justin williams 6 годин тому
What did Skynet do to Gwen Stefani xD they nabbed her and transformed her into whatever she is now.
Bobloblaw624 6 годин тому
lol does Tyga think he's relevant?
garaga Srividya
garaga Srividya 7 годин тому
0:17 - 0:24 andreww😘
Elizabeth Rikinoi
Elizabeth Rikinoi 7 годин тому
😃🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣laughing out loud
Houd Ammari
Houd Ammari 7 годин тому
halsey and geazy at the same place?
TheKimiko16 7 годин тому
The hate and jokes on Nickelback is getting old. Just stop
V M 7 годин тому
What is the name of song in background ?
alone redrover
alone redrover 7 годин тому
The Imagine Dragons clip is like 3 years old, you can tell by their hair
LAdwv7495 8 годин тому
Pink's reaction was amazing.
Carol Driehorst
Carol Driehorst 8 годин тому
Love those mean tweets, they aren't true but very funny do people, don't take them seriously.
Justin Krichbaum
Justin Krichbaum 8 годин тому
The Luke combs comment was hilarious
Chanel Oberlin
Chanel Oberlin 8 годин тому
Gwen is a Queen.
Grim Terry Sechler EDM
Grim Terry Sechler EDM 9 годин тому
I would just said she like hookers and has false teeth in.
Oivalf Music
Oivalf Music 9 годин тому
Imagine if Imagine dragons was actually a good band
Lemon Ninja
Lemon Ninja 9 годин тому
Nickelback is funny because its true
ZSizzy GT
ZSizzy GT 9 годин тому
plot twist: jimmy kimmel the one that tweet all that
Dark Angel
Dark Angel 9 годин тому
Lee Williams
Lee Williams 9 годин тому
lol c jason derulo look around like how he know that lol
John Lee
John Lee 10 годин тому
Come on, really..The Strokes?! I'm just gonna take that as a sarcastic tweet!
apple girl
apple girl 10 годин тому
I want more of them it's so funny
patricia taylor
patricia taylor 10 годин тому
Pink omg 😭
Nicole 10 годин тому
Why do people hate Nickleback so damn much ??!! Lol😂😂😂
B C 10 годин тому
When Gwen Stefani dies they will have to cut her up into little pieces so that birds don't die.
Jessica Castaneda
Jessica Castaneda 11 годин тому
Gwen Stefani is the best how could anyone even think bad thoughts of her? Shes adorable!
Ben Asslick
Ben Asslick 11 годин тому
Why does Miley Cyrus have a huge ass Adams apple?
David Hernandez
David Hernandez 11 годин тому
how is Gwen Stefani aging that well!?
Moon Tide
Moon Tide 12 годин тому
Well that was boring
David DiMuzio
David DiMuzio 12 годин тому
The "Mean Tweets" series proves that the best part of watching Jimmy Kimmel ...is not watching Jimmy Kimmel.
MrJeebusWalks 6 годин тому
jimmys gonna start a "mean youtube comments" segment solely because of you
Orssidia 7 годин тому
Accurate af
Chanel Oberlin
Chanel Oberlin 8 годин тому
Eri 10 годин тому
Dresha802 12 годин тому
JASON MRAZ IS STILL AROUND!?!😂😂 Also, Nickleback making fun of their own songs is my FAVORITE thing😂😂
cammer ammer
cammer ammer 12 годин тому
1:54 Anyone remember 2007 Miley Cyrus? I miss her too.
Gamer George
Gamer George 12 годин тому
Gwen is so hot af. Crazy she's literally more than twice my age 😮
Lailah Amirah
Lailah Amirah 12 годин тому
Those mean tweets were WEAK ASF😡😠😠
Michael Penland
Michael Penland 13 годин тому
Chris Sierra
Chris Sierra 13 годин тому
Halsey always does that jaw thing
Paula Londono
Paula Londono 13 годин тому
ahhh the strokes yay!
anny chua92
anny chua92 13 годин тому
It surprised me at how P!nk is compared to a pig. 😬😠
mattronimus 13 годин тому
How does Gwen Stefani look like a younger hotter Gwen Stefani?
Andy 14 годин тому
Gotta love P!nk
Andy 14 годин тому
Gotta love P!nk
T.Z. Rogan
T.Z. Rogan 14 годин тому
When did Gwen Stefani get so much surgery? She looks almost urecognizable.
a human
a human 14 годин тому
"my god Halsey sounds like a dying goat being f****d in the ass" where's the lie
chai wali
chai wali 14 годин тому
Damn what happened to Gwen Stefani? I didn't even recognize her at first. Plastic surgery completely changed her face...
pdubya 14 годин тому
These tweets are weak as hell. Way to cherry pick the least funny things.
Faceless Man
Faceless Man 14 годин тому
Not funny, not edgy, not interesting. Mainstream media is dumpster fire these days, and a lame one at that.
Laura Kichler
Laura Kichler 15 годин тому
Hey, not The Strokes!!
Banshee Queen
Banshee Queen 15 годин тому
NOTHING AGAINST HALSEY, she's a precious cinnamon bun that has to be protected at all costs
aztec warrior
aztec warrior 15 годин тому
I'd like to lick Gwen stefanis star and I'd like Hannah Montana to hide under a rock
Cinemachine 16 годин тому
Any Imagine Dragons fans here??
Marius Claus
Marius Claus 17 годин тому
Schoolboy q tweet was a Kendrick Lamar quote from an old song, so probably a fan tweet
I have no name
I have no name 17 годин тому
Aww Gwen
I have no name
I have no name 17 годин тому
Chainsmokers was the best one.
C Hewitt
C Hewitt 17 годин тому
Halsey is pretty and the insult for Miley was from Anchorman
Scott Coach LIFE
Scott Coach LIFE 17 годин тому
these aren't funny b/c the funny people have all been banned on twatter.
Jens9807 18 годин тому
ayy the reference to Look out for detox on the ScHoolboy Q tweet
Sweater & pearls My cats
Sweater & pearls My cats 18 годин тому
Wolf1898 19 годин тому
that look dualipa gives at 1:11
Bobbi G
Bobbi G 15 годин тому
Wolf1898 YES!
Brian Place
Brian Place 19 годин тому
The secret question made public how to get easy sex from Stormy D. Ask if has change for a penny? She drops "woohoo"!
Aldrin Dinglasan
Aldrin Dinglasan 19 годин тому
It's weird to see gwen stefani with different color of lipstick. She looks good 😲❤❤
WhatsHappening783402 19 годин тому
WOAH! Jonathan Davis looks super young here, did be go back in time?
Retro, Rhythm, Repeat
Retro, Rhythm, Repeat 19 годин тому
Ngl Korn low key know where it's at
jajceboy 19 годин тому
Yah, this one was pretty boring!
Gianna Nigro
Gianna Nigro 20 годин тому
Everybody hurts playing in the background 😂
debbie Akadely
debbie Akadely 20 годин тому
but schoolboy q's "diss" is a kendrick lyric.....anyways
Will Serrano
Will Serrano 20 годин тому
"Stab myself in the taint"--⚰️
John Metzger
John Metzger 20 годин тому
Dua Lipa make it a double!
Derek Jones
Derek Jones 20 годин тому
I like the stokes.
Zeno Planets
Zeno Planets 20 годин тому
Gwen Stefani is kinda hot guys
Karina Mendoza
Karina Mendoza 20 годин тому
The Jason Mraz one is so true !! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Joseph Krebaum
Joseph Krebaum 21 годину тому
There should be a drinking game for how many times "Nickelback" is misspelled in the UKvid comments section.
Isaiah Martin
Isaiah Martin 21 годину тому
I’ve always liked Nickelback
Theo 21 годину тому
Am crezut ca in thumbnail e Alina Eremia lol ...😂👌🏻
Payge 22 години тому
i wish bts was here
DocRunaway 22 години тому
So who's that woman and why is she reading tweets written for Gwen Stefani?
abcun17 22 години тому
Why is Gwen Stefani turning into Kesha?!
Zenmasterme 22 години тому
@2:06 That Exactly how I feel about Jimmy Kimmel!! Jimmy Kimmel is exactly like a whore and butter!! They both bread for bread!
Evil Queen
Evil Queen 22 години тому
Pink lmao 😂
Tres Den
Tres Den 22 години тому
Dude Gwen...you look gross just get old.
Yxng E
Yxng E 22 години тому
1:11 I low-key agree with that
Bathna33 23 години тому
My pinkyyy
S. Blanco
S. Blanco 23 години тому
Screw you guys, I love Nickelback... Come fight me 🤣
L M3
L M3 23 години тому
Gwen Stefani is not funny, is annoying, desperate. The only thing she has in common with her fans and the general public is the love for herself.
JoeShit TheRagMan
JoeShit TheRagMan 23 години тому
What the hell happened to Gwen Stefani
bxby xeus
bxby xeus 23 години тому
Had to check when this was uploaded, why tf Jason Durelo dressing like he’s still in 2009 🤦🏽‍♀️
Fa Lala
Fa Lala День тому
Omg the strokes!!!!
Fa Lala
Fa Lala День тому
Lol p!nk
Tzamo Lamo
Tzamo Lamo День тому
kalinka 918
kalinka 918 День тому
Why does Gwen Stefani doesn’t age and even looks better the older she gets? Scary!
Doug Judy
Doug Judy День тому
Agreed with most of these
Steam Gamer629
Steam Gamer629 День тому
Gwen is so unrecognizable now.
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