Meet The Guy Who Wraps Celebrities' Luxury Cars

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Celebrity car customizer Yianni Charalambous specializes in incredibly rare and expensive cars. Ferrari, Aston Martin, Porsche, McLaren, Bentley, Rolls Royce, he's wrapped them all. Among some of the celebrities he has worked with are KSI, Harry Styles, Rupert Grint, Gordon Ramsay, and Anthony Joshua.
For more, visit: yiannimize.com/
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Meet The Guy Who Wraps Celebrities' Luxury Cars

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8 лют 2019





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SuperBrownie Biscuit
SuperBrownie Biscuit Годину тому
No one understands me because i speak poor...🤐
Locktaill 5 годин тому
Oh yeah and then an idiot scratches it a little and its all gone
Mo Hak
Mo Hak 9 годин тому
**jefree star would like to access your location**
Dziugas Pi
Dziugas Pi 10 годин тому
ikill fh
ikill fh 13 годин тому
lol all of 1d except the guy that kys
Maiesha Akhand
Maiesha Akhand 13 годин тому
Imagine being able to work with such expensive cars, goodness
Sasha Aridegbe
Sasha Aridegbe 15 годин тому
I wanna learn
TheEveCalledEbe 19 годин тому
i have never felt more poor and ugly in my life lmao
Rita Cho
Rita Cho День тому
Can I wrap my equinox? #whynot
Crafty  Gal
Crafty Gal День тому
The wrapping is so cool i wouldn't want to ever remove it.
Elaine Clarke
Elaine Clarke День тому
Will he wrap my 2005 Honda Odyssey?
Practice and Repeat
Practice and Repeat День тому
Most likely leased cars 🤔
Enas Allos tou EidouS M.C
Enas Allos tou EidouS M.C 2 дні тому
He is greek or maybe Cypriot ....but its the same ...i feel proud for both of em
T. Upton
T. Upton 2 дні тому
Is it scratch proof?
A Estrada
A Estrada 3 дні тому
I would like to take my Honda Civic there
Dennis J Conroy III
Dennis J Conroy III 3 дні тому
Why is he wearing a skirt?
Salutations Boi
Salutations Boi 4 дні тому
does he look familiar to anyone else or just me...
Nicole Palmer
Nicole Palmer 4 дні тому
Why would you have a Vulcan wrapped? It's original paint is gorgeous enough on it's own.
Nicole Palmer
Nicole Palmer 4 дні тому
+J Mart There's clear one's too which protect the car and don't change it's colour at all.
J Mart
J Mart 4 дні тому
Nicole Palmer paint protection
Jrad Israel
Jrad Israel 5 днів тому
Pounds of what?
Volt 5 днів тому
I swear the first one was ksis lambo
DOUk MoDZ 5 днів тому
Leonardo Lopez
Leonardo Lopez 5 днів тому
Im looking at all these supercars and im noticing that most of them have really bad tires, there all mostly bald, how are you going to afford a car like this and not take care of it smh
WonkOfAllThings 6 днів тому
A humble joe
Museums Eleventh
Museums Eleventh 6 днів тому
Lol just like dbrand
Museums Eleventh
Museums Eleventh 6 днів тому
*Meet The Guy Who Riced Celebrities’ Luxury Cars.
K R 7 днів тому
wagwan: Da Ali G Show
JoeSpideyJoe 8 днів тому
7:35 When you have to convince reality tv is real
Naeem Wicomb
Naeem Wicomb 8 днів тому
Looks really difficult
BintKhadhir 9 днів тому
Wrapped up so tight, i wonder what it is!
lothean 10 днів тому
I never was a fan of chrome, till now. Great job
The Original Gasser
The Original Gasser 11 днів тому
Can you wash the car with the plastic wrap on it?
Electro Skull
Electro Skull 11 днів тому
Isn't this the lamborghini of KSI?
Hani 11 днів тому
Wrap your car like a sandwich. Wtf is this guy talking about
MnosliWax 12 днів тому
"Porsche Cayman 718" Srsly
K.F.C Chicken
K.F.C Chicken 12 днів тому
I hope they didn’t wrap Gordan Ramsay’s car RAW
Trapz - Blob傳說
Trapz - Blob傳說 12 днів тому
4:45 looks like a turismo from gta 5
oinopoieio dam
oinopoieio dam 13 днів тому
Γιαννης Χαραλαμπους?
Kim Ødegård
Kim Ødegård 13 днів тому
Thanks for your time to look at my brother's car's!
Saad Nabil
Saad Nabil 13 днів тому
Why not for Ford and Toyota?
Edgars Nezinu
Edgars Nezinu 13 днів тому
Come on man at least 2 k quality video?
jeesu 13 днів тому
1:25 what bird is that ? vulture?
AnFista 15 днів тому
wow,he is a damn Greek guy
The Grin Reaper
The Grin Reaper 15 днів тому
But why thou?
Barack_N0DRAMA 15 днів тому
Lol I’m the person who has problems putting on a screen protector 🤦‍♂️
Amina Khan
Amina Khan 15 днів тому
lol I watched this today
kul singh
kul singh 15 днів тому
Adonis Top of Men
Adonis Top of Men 16 днів тому
cool ......
HoneyChai 16 днів тому
Can a former rapper become a wrapper?
Modern IRIGATIE 16 днів тому
1:24 huh, i have this in Forza Horizon 3 lmao
GxFinity 17 днів тому
I rather go to los santos
Stephen Norman
Stephen Norman 18 днів тому
Video should read: how to ruin exotic cars 101
AiNoMijo XD
AiNoMijo XD 18 днів тому
I dont like wraps i think they are kinda ricey
Quality Sound Records
Quality Sound Records 19 днів тому
Hype is now done?
Andrew Shay
Andrew Shay 19 днів тому
U wrapped cars for Gordon Ramsay !? I'm pretty sure he said "It's hideous" 😂😂
Triple_A 19 днів тому
Why does the thumbnail look like a zentorno from GTA 5
Deepak Raja
Deepak Raja 20 днів тому
Drag race with a McLaren p1 pls
Nobody Tsiorvas
Nobody Tsiorvas 20 днів тому
Is he Greek??
Parryson Chan
Parryson Chan 21 день тому
They all looks rice
Adari Debi
Adari Debi 21 день тому
Just buy a Tesla model 3 fancy it out will be much better than these shit cars haha. Anyways Tesla is much faster than any of these cars. I mean it
V 3214
V 3214 19 днів тому
Crazeesnake gaming
Crazeesnake gaming 21 день тому
Isn’t that KSI’S Lamborghini at 0:08
Lea Faye
Lea Faye 22 дні тому
The chrome turquoise is literally the best one right after rose gold.
George Hayabusa
George Hayabusa 23 дні тому
My last name is charalambous. Yianni are you a cypriot ?
GimmeYour Cookies
GimmeYour Cookies 23 дні тому
Gonna come into there with a 97 Honda Odyssey... See what I get
Bat Mann
Bat Mann 24 дні тому
Wouldn't that confuse the police dept if they gets pulled over since it isn't a same color on insurance company?
Marco Martínez
Marco Martínez 25 днів тому
That KSI guys must be a pain in the ass to hang out with
Francis Lee
Francis Lee 25 днів тому
Oh yeah!
mohaimen bandong
mohaimen bandong 25 днів тому
r some of the staff members filipino?
Kostas g
Kostas g 25 днів тому
Are Ellada !!!!!!!!!
Harmon Okinyo
Harmon Okinyo 25 днів тому
Hold on a minute before before you wrap things up, is it Yianni or Laurel?
Abbas Sarwar
Abbas Sarwar 26 днів тому
Thumbnail is of ksi's car..
Filman Lamina
Filman Lamina 26 днів тому
I bet, two of his crews are Filipinos. Nice.
Amay Agarwal
Amay Agarwal 26 днів тому
Hey will you guys wrap a Honda City for free
n0xxm3rcyxx 26 днів тому
If its wrapped... and gets a scratch does it keep tearing... if not fixed, cuz the wind and stuff getting in it? Or how does that work
troy boody
troy boody 26 днів тому
Before he was wrapping cars he was wrapping gifts at the mall, this is stupid
Fuck That
Fuck That 27 днів тому
New Fortnite Wraps
UNiCoRn PeGaSuS 27 днів тому
That lambo is like out of cartoon movies
Random Gamer
Random Gamer 27 днів тому
Ελλάδα 🇬🇷
Phoenix 14
Phoenix 14 27 днів тому
This is literally los santos customs in real life
isaiah p
isaiah p 27 днів тому
La Lambourghini La Lambourghini jj crashed his goddamn lambourghini
werric silvermist_
werric silvermist_ 28 днів тому
GTA vives
barry dingle
barry dingle 28 днів тому
Today we have Larry David's prius. Woooo
Xx_l-sameeray16. exe-l_xX
Xx_l-sameeray16. exe-l_xX 28 днів тому
Benny's original motarwork
Gilbert Henri
Gilbert Henri 28 днів тому
If you own a million dollars car, why would you have it wrapped and not painted? Lack of money? Paint job too expensive? Can't do the same designs with paint?
Elements 29 днів тому
Why does he sound like it went terrible 1:19
Elia Can
Elia Can 29 днів тому
Can someone tell me which car that is at 0:53
maurizio will
maurizio will 29 днів тому
Finally a wrapper better than all these rappers on the radio today
Rafael Carbajal
Rafael Carbajal 29 днів тому
This guy got talent
Fitness Tips and Trick
Fitness Tips and Trick 29 днів тому
Your staff are filipinos
MC Wongster
MC Wongster Місяць тому
Gordon Ramsey????????? Damn
weissseG Місяць тому
Max Sweater
Max Sweater Місяць тому
Why wrap cars that already look so good....
AO Vonali
AO Vonali Місяць тому
If driving a lambo wasn’t enough evidence of your douchery, we’ve got just the thing for you.
Garda Tube
Garda Tube Місяць тому
Where is this place I want to wrap my lamborghini My toy lamoborghini
Muhammad Farhan
Muhammad Farhan Місяць тому
its porshe not porsh
Trooper Місяць тому
Yo! Wrap my car too! But first I have to have money to buy one..
Σ. Φ.
Σ. Φ. Місяць тому
+1 if you are greek ειμαι Έλληνας παίδες i am greek like yiannis haralambous
Anonymous Місяць тому
I need them to wrap my christmas present. loll.
Lux IMO Місяць тому
Now I just want a rich car and just ask to repaint it. But, I’m middle class.
EK Місяць тому
damn I want those vibrant wraps for bedroom wallpaper
Dan hanna
Dan hanna 29 днів тому
What can i do to get your number?
SkipPlayz Місяць тому
Can you wrap my gold?
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