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6 лют 2019

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Nicolette Gray
Nicolette Gray 15 днів тому
who wants more of bethany??
Melissa Alexandra
Melissa Alexandra 8 годин тому
Hi Nicolette, I would love you to do more video's with Bethany in them, they are very fun to watch x x
Black Jack
Black Jack 3 дні тому
Bel Tapia
Bel Tapia 6 днів тому
Nicolette Gray perhaps you do not know that the proper name of a person must be written with a capital letter?
Briana Playzs
Briana Playzs 9 днів тому
Melissa Alexandra
Melissa Alexandra 8 годин тому
Hi Nicolette, this was fun watching this video, I think you should do a challenge like shopping as Bethany for a whole day, or going out to Rodeo, or shopping malls as Bethany only talking to people as if were are Bethany, would be fun x x
Gatcha Mini Movies
Gatcha Mini Movies 13 годин тому
Karina Kumar
Karina Kumar День тому
I love ur videos and ur mom and sister when there in them ❤️❤️❤️ addicted to watching 😂☺️
Tallulah Darling
Tallulah Darling День тому
“Get in the car, I have ALOT to say about Nicolette” 😂😂☠️☠️😅😅
Tallulah Darling
Tallulah Darling День тому
Take a shot every time they say Bethany
Bethany Sackor
Bethany Sackor 3 дні тому
When she kept on saying Bethany I thot that she noticed me bc my name is Bethani
habitualharmony 3 дні тому
That hair color 😖
Story Platt
Story Platt 5 днів тому
Right as she said Bethany I got a Snapchat from a Bethany 😂
Amelia Goold
Amelia Goold 5 днів тому
It’s ‘Nut’ella not ‘Noo’tella Cos u don’t pronounce nut ‘noot’
Hayden Peyrard
Hayden Peyrard 7 днів тому
TheKris 7 днів тому
i don't know why i like these mother and daughter hahaha.
Antics with Alyssa S
Antics with Alyssa S 7 днів тому
Your hair looks so cute like that 😍
zoey. m
zoey. m 8 днів тому
You should totally get pink hair!! You look gorgeous!
T .Davis
T .Davis 8 днів тому
In the kindest way possible, you guys are so sad and pathetic. You can't buy a soul with your money. You have one life to live and this is how you choose to live it. Go do service work. Go work with abused children...anything. You have the time and ability to make a difference that others wish they could but take your plush life for granted. You may have money but you are spiritually poor and so is your enabling mother. I'm literally heart broken for you. I hope you find your way❤🙏
TheBeatDropChannel 8 днів тому
Which song was that in the middle?
vivian daka
vivian daka 9 днів тому
hi, i think you should actually film with other rich kids like do a series sort of where you spend a day with each rich kid per video.
Dominika Greguskova
Dominika Greguskova 9 днів тому
Why are they doing that embarrassing things?for what?
Andre Ferreira
Andre Ferreira 9 днів тому
rain with shorts ExDi
TheZombieZone 10 днів тому
So we just finna ignore the fact that she was on doctor phill
Migwigpee 07
Migwigpee 07 10 днів тому
Ew how do people like her she so fucking annoying
Vanessa Gaxiola
Vanessa Gaxiola 10 днів тому
I also subscribed and turned the notifications I love you so much hearts and kisses : )
Vanessa Gaxiola
Vanessa Gaxiola 10 днів тому
Hahaha and I hope Bentley is doing well at bootcamp and I really want to see more of Bethany please. i love you so much have a great day
Rebecca Morgan
Rebecca Morgan 10 днів тому
Nicolette Grey I want more Bethany she was fun loved her pink hair & love ❤️ you too Nicolette. Nina Nutella costume 😂 on Rodeo was awesome now I want to dress up as the piece of toast take pictures we have lots of fun Nina .
LoyolaTyrese Vlogs
LoyolaTyrese Vlogs 10 днів тому
Honestly like 17:16 makes me happy I don’t know why my mum dose not understand why I like it my friends don’t know why I like this dance part but I love it it’s so like innocent 😇 yasss also somone make this a gif and send it to me
Katherine Hill
Katherine Hill 11 днів тому
You should do a 24 hour challenge in the Nutella costume
TheWorlds Greatest
TheWorlds Greatest 11 днів тому
She doesnt read or listen to audioble she needs money
krystal leos
krystal leos 11 днів тому
Nickolets butt is long
Dalilah jaminson
Dalilah jaminson 11 днів тому
I hate Tamara she is copying you
Mandy Ann
Mandy Ann 11 днів тому
Kennedy Walsh vibes 😭❤️
Rosequarts66 YT
Rosequarts66 YT 11 днів тому
Isn’t she from dr.phil?? Smh
Ari Ari
Ari Ari 11 днів тому
Christina Gross
Christina Gross 11 днів тому
Nicolette kinda looks like poppy with the wig 😂
The Golden Life
The Golden Life 11 днів тому
ok the pink-red pigment in food is made out of Carmine carmine is a bug that is crushed up to make dye so if it’s not vegan it has Carmine in it It takes 10,000 bugs to make 1 ounce of the dye
Owl j red
Owl j red 12 днів тому
Whatching Nina in that Nutella costume I just want to tackle her for fun. or kick. I know its a dick move but its so attempting I'm sorry.
Owl j red
Owl j red 12 днів тому
That Nicolette in that damn wig.
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez 12 днів тому
You don’t read your just sponseard
Klarenxe Blood
Klarenxe Blood 12 днів тому
23:31 Lighting so good she look like a model
Demarie Spontis
Demarie Spontis 12 днів тому
“My dog is in labor” 😂😂😂
Yara Omar
Yara Omar 12 днів тому
I love you nicollete
Matilda Smith
Matilda Smith 12 днів тому
Blue Dots
Blue Dots 12 днів тому
Omg Nicolette butt was all out in those shorts 13:12
Blue Dots
Blue Dots 12 днів тому
What if the Nutella is like a pun as in “no tellin”
Kyla Hiltz
Kyla Hiltz 12 днів тому
Anyone know the song her and Nina are dancing too ?? :) sooo catchy !
Savanna Collins
Savanna Collins 12 днів тому
yes bethany !!! but i still love you nicolette💗
Lillie Duncan
Lillie Duncan 12 днів тому
22:10 I died! ''my dog's in labor''
Rebecca Devlin
Rebecca Devlin 12 днів тому
“Am I still your mom Bethany?” “Yes” ahahahah
Miriam Bermúdez
Miriam Bermúdez 12 днів тому
We want a hoodie "the weather doesn't control my outfit" 😍😍😍 You are so lovely and funny 😊
EllanIsHere 13 днів тому
Nicolette please film a video in which you introduce us to your boyfriend😏
J Mo
J Mo 13 днів тому
“My dogs in labor”
Betty Heredia
Betty Heredia 13 днів тому
Bethany running in the rain had me rolling!!!!! 😂😂😂
Jade Arguello
Jade Arguello 13 днів тому
Caitlin Naghibi
Caitlin Naghibi 13 днів тому
This content is amazing.
Litzy Moreno
Litzy Moreno 13 днів тому
With the wig she looks like josie totah is that just me
Jesus 13 днів тому
Sounds like you there’s a man inside of you when you talk...
Carlos Ramirez
Carlos Ramirez 13 днів тому
Anyone else had that image of lil pump and Kanye dancing with the costumes when Nina had that music video ?!?!🙃
daniela sumaya
daniela sumaya 13 днів тому
This is so funny 😂😂💜
Jojo Loera
Jojo Loera 13 днів тому
I died at the music video. Where Nina is outside dancing 😂
Mountenz 10 днів тому
Jojo Loera that’s our song 🙋‍♂️❤️
Carolina Malik
Carolina Malik 13 днів тому
Nicolette & Nina’s relationship reminds me of my mom & I’s 😂😂
Dakota Chinwo
Dakota Chinwo 13 днів тому
Omg Nina!😂🤣
Iman Bhatti
Iman Bhatti 13 днів тому
Rapata Nikora
Rapata Nikora 13 днів тому
Nina's nutella costume is everything 😂😍
Jaycee Ochoa
Jaycee Ochoa 13 днів тому
i want more bethany
sarahy jimenez
sarahy jimenez 13 днів тому
I love this family so much 😂♥️
Pale Boy
Pale Boy 13 днів тому
Her bed frame gives me anxiety 😂
PinkFabzqueen101 13 днів тому
Personality disorder
Jacky Escobar
Jacky Escobar 13 днів тому
Jacky Escobar
Jacky Escobar 13 днів тому
gali Casanova
gali Casanova 13 днів тому
hello Nicolette, i am french/israeli,47years old,and i wanted to tell you why i like your videos,in this world full of hatred,it brings me a moment of joy when iwatch your videos,and don't take care about hatred comments,just juealous people,you are rich? so wonderful for you,enjoy your life,and you bring joy so it's the most imporant,you have a wonderful family ,keepon posting videos love you
jennifer driscoll
jennifer driscoll 13 днів тому
I love it 🥰
SincerelyMita 13 днів тому
Bethany should do the EATING ONLY PINK FOOD Challenge 😂 that would be fun. 💖
Avery plays Roblox
Avery plays Roblox 13 днів тому
Yeah but it doesn’t improve your reading because someone is reading to you it not like your reading it like if u agree..
Jessica Bailey
Jessica Bailey 13 днів тому
46.7 million -Nicolette. Instagram followers for Nina 😂 😂 😂
Emily None
Emily None 13 днів тому
She should have sat on the counter in the kitchen
Zouzam Luhan
Zouzam Luhan 13 днів тому
I guess I enjoyed way too much. I laugh the whole time. Love you guys. And Bethany.. Hope to see you again. 😘💕💕💕
V Pascua
V Pascua 13 днів тому
Vaishnavi Powar
Vaishnavi Powar 14 днів тому
The climate after rain during Nina's photoshoot outside with luxury stores around seems so wonderful I wanna go beverly hills right now 💜💜💜💜
oliviabudiman 27
oliviabudiman 27 14 днів тому
Crazy rich asians is amazing I love it to
This is leanna
This is leanna 14 днів тому
I feel like u change so much from now to before on dr. Phil (in a good way)
linn lala
linn lala 14 днів тому
The way Nicolette came out with the wig🤣🤣 she’s so cute
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 14 днів тому
LOL NICE NUTELLA COSTUME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD
Jezebel Medina
Jezebel Medina 14 днів тому
I love you’re mom she’s literally so funny I would hang around with her all the time if she was my mom! Love you guys tho ♥️
Alyssa Ciavarra
Alyssa Ciavarra 14 днів тому
"I'm hazelnuts about you"
Courtney SA
Courtney SA 14 днів тому
I feel like Nicolette full on mocked BH Princess 😂😂😂😂😂 loved this ep
Ivana Kirn
Ivana Kirn 14 днів тому
Nina and Nicolette need to make a music video!!! Ly guys sm xxx
Maxim Zubkis
Maxim Zubkis 14 днів тому
“Yeah I know you guys weren’t embarrassed”
soumil verma
soumil verma 14 днів тому
This channel is shit
Missy Jensen
Missy Jensen 14 днів тому
I don't like the way Nina talks to Nicolette. Drives me crazy.
Moodi Issa
Moodi Issa 14 днів тому
Awh was that ur first sponsor??? IM PROUD
Becky Siguenza Flores
Becky Siguenza Flores 14 днів тому
I thought the costume would be a nice nutella dress not a full on costume
s 14 днів тому
What song do you put at the end of video?
Mountenz 10 днів тому
s the music video portion of the video is our song “One Bit”
Laura Kutzler
Laura Kutzler 14 днів тому
NICOLETTE I just wanna let you know because I know you take things to heart, all the people saying your friends are toxic in the 24 hour shopping video are dead ass wrong! They were tired and I didn’t see them being nasty or disrespectful at all? Just acting their age? I know that has nothing to do w this video but honestly they’re fine! It’s okay to tell your friend that you don’t like something they’re about to buy etc etc. your fans are batshit.
Sarah G
Sarah G 14 днів тому
Am I the only one who thinks this episode is weird af
Gacha Teā
Gacha Teā 14 днів тому
I saw Nicolette at Beverly Hills and I didn’t know if it was her cause she had pink hair😂 well..🤷🏻‍♀️
Benjamin Long
Benjamin Long 14 днів тому
Gotta be honest...not a fan of that whole Bethany thing
Benjamin Long
Benjamin Long 14 днів тому
how much was that costume......
ItsMe 14 днів тому
You guys are so funny😹💅
Marissa Jimenez
Marissa Jimenez 14 днів тому
Christian tried so hard to cover up her butt every time. We should recognize that and give him props bc she definitely made it very complicated
Jackcity Estrada
Jackcity Estrada 14 днів тому
I love this video
Michelle Vincent
Michelle Vincent 14 днів тому
Lol that was AWESOME!!!! LOVED THE NUTELLA NINA!!! YOU ROCKED IT MAMA!!!! and Nicolette err Bethany err Nicolette lol you really would look amazing with that hair color too but either way YOUR BEAUTIFUL no matter what and Your videos always bring me so much joy! I wish that you would do another collab with bradlee...the two of you are so funny together he seriously looks likes he should be your older brother..lol with the way he is with you and your mom I would just love too see you and him do more work together again 🤗💙💜😎
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