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Mel Kiper And The Crazy Feud That Changed the TV Draft Forever | NFL 1994 Draft Story

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During the 1994 NFL Draft Indianapolis Colts GM, Bill Tobin, passed on Trent Dilfer to the dismay of Mel Kiper Jr. From there one of the most memorable feuds in NFL Draft history ensued.
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23 кві 2018





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Lawomenshoops Хвилина тому
Tobin was so confident in Harbaugh, he traded a #1 pick to the Bucs for QB Craig Erickson a couple weeks after the draft?
Alex Grigoryev
Alex Grigoryev 6 годин тому
well Mill you were wrong Trent Dilfer only won because of the Baltimore Ravens defense and the Colts didn't have a defense like that to draft Trent Dilfer
MGBillionaire 6 годин тому
FYI Mel Kiper was an NFL scout in the 80s
revsyz День тому
Yeah, Harbaugh got them to the AFC Title game a season later. Mel Kiper is wrong, yet again. Anyone that takes what this clown says seriously, has no clue about football to begin with.
Dee Ann Wilson
Dee Ann Wilson День тому
Mel Kiper has some hustle! LOL
Wes W
Wes W 2 дні тому
Joe theisman’s face at 4:24 is priceless 😂😂😂
Wes W
Wes W 2 дні тому
This is the same guy who said if jimmy clausen wasn’t a franchise qb he’d stop doin mock drafts all together
Andrew k Adams
Andrew k Adams 3 дні тому
Dude is a waste of good air
Jim Wells
Jim Wells 4 дні тому
Mel Kiper is wrong far more then he is right how he still has a job is mind boggling
Daniel Pollak
Daniel Pollak 4 дні тому
Superman Wayne
Superman Wayne 5 днів тому
Tobin made the right choice. Faulk is a HOF and Dilfer well.....you know.
MrBwincali420 3 дні тому
yea, but the colts ended up trading him for not that much.. he was right about harbaugh as he was a good stopgap till they got manning
Superman Wayne
Superman Wayne 5 днів тому
Mel Kiper is a fool. Same guy that said Nathan Peterman was the most pro ready QB his year and that Russell Wilson was to small smh.
Splitz Cinamatics
Splitz Cinamatics 6 днів тому
Kiper thought Clausen was a franchise qb, calvin johnsen was a bad pick, critsised the Seahawks 2012 draft, and so much more. Hes a joke
MrBwincali420 3 дні тому
As a lions fan he also said Mike Williams would be a HOFer, but in his defense, he knew megatron was a stud he just thought they should have went QB because thelions QB's were terrible.. in the end he was right because the team sucked so bad 2 years later they lost every game which got them Stafford.. but in the end it was the right pick at number 2 for detroit
Kevin Stull
Kevin Stull 6 днів тому
Mel Kiper needs his job so he can keep his hair looking the way it is lol😄.
bronco devil
bronco devil 7 днів тому
Too easy to pick examples of wrong picks by Kiper. He knows about every player in the draft.
AkBIGTexS 7 днів тому
They both ended up being half right. Faulk was a HOFer, Alverez was a joke. Dilfer was a joke, and Harbaugh was a stud, not HOF worthy, but a stud
Angus Beef
Angus Beef 7 днів тому
LMAO. "Who the hell is Mel Kiper" I never who for while myself.
Jacob Reid
Jacob Reid 8 днів тому
I could draft better than some NFL teams...
Cullen watts
Cullen watts 9 днів тому
Annddd Marshall faulk equals hall of fame.
Mitchell Jordan
Mitchell Jordan 9 днів тому
I like Kiper's He does his homework.
spandexmarker 97
spandexmarker 97 10 днів тому
Here's the thing, regardless of If kiper is right or wrong, he made the draft understandable for the average NFL fan. Plus back then you didnt really have access to all the information we do today so it allowed the fan to read up on teams needs and each players projections. Idk about anyone else but I look forward to him and mcshays mock drafts and profiles every single year.
Brandon Darling
Brandon Darling 10 днів тому
Kiper is an idiot. isnt he suppose to quit because Jimmy Clausen isnt Jesus 2.0?
Ivan Cruz
Ivan Cruz 10 днів тому
Ppl always talk about how wrong Mel kiper is but ppl fail to realize these are always just projections. No one ever knows for sure who will pan out and who wont
Paul Markelionis Jr
Paul Markelionis Jr 10 днів тому
Qbs were a bust and Marshall Faulk was with the team soon after bill left. Think bill was right on this even if colts traded faulk away
Supie badazz
Supie badazz 11 днів тому
Mel Kiper and Mike Mayock don't be knowing WTF they be talkin bout Mayock did actually play football though.
K Vinche
K Vinche 11 днів тому
Ill still listen to Mel before ill listen to Todd McShay
Laurentius 12 днів тому
Tbf tobin's postman had an ok run as the gm of the browns for a couple of years
New York Nick
New York Nick 12 днів тому
Well. He’s not wrong. There’s really not a difference between Mel and a mailman. He’s just a guy giving his opinion
ktgbw 12 днів тому
Kiper is overrated.
Mr Braggadocious
Mr Braggadocious 12 днів тому
Oh Mel kiper is a free mason huh
SilentBob420BMFJ 13 днів тому
I didn't even know Marhsall Faulk played for the Colts, thought it was Rams. Obviously Faulk > Dilfer, but they didn't keep Faulk.
true conspiracies that's real
true conspiracies that's real 13 днів тому
SC Garrett
SC Garrett 14 днів тому
Colts have just one super bowl in the next 25 years after this
Basiru Jabbi
Basiru Jabbi 15 днів тому
Trent Dilfer sucks
Lidickey Ball
Lidickey Ball 15 днів тому
So ppl gne ignore the fact Mel kiper been off af the past decade
silenced1029 15 днів тому
Kiper is an idiot. Harbaugh took us one bullshit play away from the Super Bowl.
MrBwincali420 3 дні тому
Harbaugh also successfully took you to the first pick in the draft a few years later
Joshthe1337 15 днів тому
To be fair to Mel Kiper here, the Colts traded up 2 spots to take a shitty linebacker with the 5th overall pick who was out of the NFL in a few years. At least Dilfer was mediocre enough to stay in the NFL longer than that and be on a super bowl team.
Joel C
Joel C 16 днів тому
Kiper actually garnered the respect from scouts b/c he does his work and grinding over the years. Unlike Toad McSHay. Kiperis gonna get the hate b/c he's on TV... how many other scouts/experts failed.
Jr Woodson
Jr Woodson 16 днів тому
So sense 1981 he's been getting information for the US government so they can see what there dealing with. That smart
Rodney Wyatt
Rodney Wyatt 17 днів тому
Zach Latimer
Zach Latimer 17 днів тому
Why is Mel Kiper considered a credible guy or that his opinion is one that people should value? He’s wrong so many damn times.
William Moat
William Moat 17 днів тому
History proves kiper was wrong
AL Forbes
AL Forbes 17 днів тому
Sorry... Mel Kiper is an Idiot
Michael Parker
Michael Parker 20 днів тому
Colts 1...mel kiper 0
Brandon S
Brandon S 20 днів тому
Do a video on all the times Kiper has been laughably wrong
Barry Super
Barry Super 20 днів тому
Trent Dilfer holds the distinction of being the first QB to be released by his team after winning the Super Bowl.
Barry Super
Barry Super 20 днів тому
I've been to several NFL Drafts and I find it to the be the most fascinating part of the game. I think it is extremely presumptuous of people like Mel Kiper to tell professionals what they need to do with their picks. The ONLY critic who knew ANYTHING about the draft was a writer named Joel Buchsbaum. Bill Belicheck asked him to be a scout for the Patriots but he turned them down because he knew his readership would be limited to Patriots personnel and so he wrote for Pro Football Weekly instead.
Owen3 20 днів тому
And ESPN keeps bleeding subscribers...They'll be gone, it's only a matter of time
Barry Super
Barry Super 20 днів тому
Thats not why they're losing subscribers.
J PR 20 днів тому
Those that can, do...., those that can’t, analyze....
jimjd1969 21 день тому
Never put on a jock strap
Alex Conte
Alex Conte 22 дні тому
Bela Ballo
Bela Ballo 22 дні тому
Does Mel ever look back on this and think about how moronic it was that he picked a no-name QB over a HoFer RB?
jsdzx 21 день тому
He is too invested in his persona. He could never admit it out loud in public.
R.L. Smith
R.L. Smith 23 дні тому
The Dave Meltzer of Football.
Ether 12:27
Ether 12:27 23 дні тому
"Mel Kiper never even put on a jockstrap"
Jake Potts
Jake Potts 24 дні тому
6:16 is that damn... Jamal anderson???? Wtf is he doin there?? Lol
kwf739 24 дні тому
I HATE the NFL draft. Every sports talk station brings in 5,000 so-called "experts" to talk about what player each team should take. 90% of the time, the experts are wrong.
William Kerfoot
William Kerfoot 21 день тому
I believe their job, like most talking heads, is to start conversations amongst fans and those interested in what they're covering.
redpepperdave 24 дні тому
Should Mel be retired after that Jimmy will be the goat prediction?
MrBwincali420 3 дні тому
or mike williams will be a hall of famer
Andy Bailey
Andy Bailey 25 днів тому
GMs watching this right now and cringing
Timothy Francis
Timothy Francis 25 днів тому
Super still seems butthurt.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Daniel Spinosa
Daniel Spinosa 26 днів тому
Draft Trent Dilfer over Marshall Faulk lol 🤦‍♂️. STFU MEL
Bern T
Bern T 26 днів тому
is mel kiper wearing white lipstick?
Cal Schmidt
Cal Schmidt 27 днів тому
5:25 Defense mechanism for people mad at logic, implying you have to play the game to understand it lmao.
Mx L
Mx L 29 днів тому
I thought it was Donald Trump.
space boy
space boy 29 днів тому
He was wrong. They end up taking Manning later.
C. Cho
C. Cho 29 днів тому
Kiper said dilfer over Faulk 😂😂
Rheinace 27 днів тому
+Tony Bautista I do again apologize for my mistake got my years mixed up while i was going over info tends to happen a bit but the rest i said is the truth the colts became playoff teams with Harbaugh and Faulk while Dilfer struggled for most of his career bottom however is that Kiper is an Idiot when it comes to drafting decisions and i would still take Faulk over Dilfer period
Rheinace 27 днів тому
+Tony Bautista ah my mistake but atlas they did make the wild card in 95 is then went the the championship game in 96 and lost in the wild card in 97 again with Faulk the Bucs in 94 went 6-10 95 went 7-9 and again wet 6-10 in 97 with Dilfer as QB while the colts were playoff teams so yes I Would take Faulk in a heartbeat here
Tony Bautista
Tony Bautista 27 днів тому
+Rheinace you have no credibility. Google 1994 Colts. They went 8-8 and not go to the playoffs. Sit down.
Rheinace 27 днів тому
+Tony Bautista see the Colts went to the playoffs in 94 and 95 because of Faulk while Dilfer suffered in Tampa so yes it was the right call come at me again why don't ya
Tony Bautista
Tony Bautista 27 днів тому
+Rheinace why would you go with Faulk if you have no O line. Does the running back no good. Nice try tho.
Michael Kovach
Michael Kovach Місяць тому
A lot of people in these comments not realizing that the draft is an inexact science all these years. Yeah, Kiper is often wrong. You know who else is? A bunch of NFL teams every single year, multiple times
TooTall Tim
TooTall Tim Місяць тому
Tobin's Colts went 3-13 just 3 years later, and Tobin was fired. Just because you have the job doesn't mean you are good at it. Tobin's postman could lead a team to 3-13.
angusrocks6464 Місяць тому
Talk about burying the lead. A postman is a neighbor of an NFL GM?!
mor7im3r 27 днів тому
That postman's last name is Soprano.
Greg S
Greg S Місяць тому
Kiper and Tobin were both wrong. Indianapolis should have taken Isaac Bruce.
Daniel Meeker
Daniel Meeker Місяць тому
Mel Kiper is terrible.
datoneman26 Місяць тому
Bill Blass
Bill Blass Місяць тому
Has Kiper ever been right? This guy said Jamarcus Russell and Jimmy Clausen were gonna be in the Hall of Fame lol
TheTeaserking Місяць тому
Heath shuler he was a winner lol
TheTeaserking Місяць тому
Kyper is the worse, how come nobody calls out all his bad picks, ryan leaf,
thegemini3rdsign Місяць тому
The final comparison should be between Heath Shuler and Trev Alberts. Schuler was given every chance and failed Albert's was injury-prone.
supremepwr Місяць тому
What’s the song around 7:30
Charles Harmon
Charles Harmon Місяць тому
Kiper is an assclown. And, why are his lips so white ?
Glenn Mcgollie
Glenn Mcgollie Місяць тому
Mel kipper freakin Coke head
Don Foley
Don Foley Місяць тому
Mel Kiper is like a Meteorologist. Still keep their job, when they’re wrong 80% of the time.
voodoochild346 11 днів тому
+Opi FiD I wasn't replying to you or you would see your name in the comment......
Opi FiD
Opi FiD 11 днів тому
+voodoochild346 i didn't say it was bs. I actually said they're never wrong. No sarcasm intended, despite the fact it's still funny imo.relqx.
voodoochild346 11 днів тому
Meteorologists give you percentages of the coverage area. That number represents the chance that YOU are going to be in the area that rains. Just because you don't understand the data doesn't mean that it's a bs profession.
Opi FiD
Opi FiD 18 днів тому
Like a meteorologist he's also never wrong, things just change xD
KCENDER Місяць тому
What do you expect from an amateur?
Stuart Crane
Stuart Crane Місяць тому
America's appetite for 24 hour "news" and pseudo "reality" television creates this type of bland entertainment. We've evolved into self proclaimed smarter, better, or fresher stars. Yet, many of them likely can't even change the oil on a push mower, but, we'll listen to them because their hair is good and they point their fingers with authority.
Bk K
Bk K Місяць тому
Glasses from 1994 LOL
Crash33 Місяць тому
Mel Kiper STILL thinks Jimmy Clausen is the best QB ever to come out of college. Christine Berman is STILL the biggest horses ass ever to grace a camera.
Googlar Місяць тому
"Nobody has ever tracked down Toben's mailman, maybe it was more of a compliment than anyone realizes" LOL
Eric Місяць тому
Mayock mocks are actually surprising accurate. That's probably why he's a GM now and now washed up Kiper.
Un Garza
Un Garza Місяць тому
Tobin had it right, "Who the hell is Mel Kiper?!!"
Un Garza
Un Garza Місяць тому
Kiper is about as worthless and irrelevant as a FAKE $3 BILL!!!
varsitytitan07 Місяць тому
Ok for real though... who the hell is Mel Kiper?
The Unsilent Majority Bigmouth
The Unsilent Majority Bigmouth Місяць тому
varsitytitan07 yes, and what’s ESPN?
David Galvez
David Galvez Місяць тому
Why does Dilfer always looking at people up and down?
John Denver
John Denver Місяць тому
Lol Dilfer being considered a franchise QB is hilarious.
justafanintexas Місяць тому
What do Mel Kiper and the $3 bill have in common? They're both phony.
Stephen Brooks
Stephen Brooks Місяць тому
Sam Gallimore
Sam Gallimore Місяць тому
Mel kiper lied to our faces. He did care about the criticism
Steve Bannon
Steve Bannon Місяць тому
D M Місяць тому
I would like to know how Mel Kiper top 10 picks, does in the NFL.
Bryan Baker
Bryan Baker Місяць тому
Kiper and everyone at ESPN can choke on a big bag of liberal dicks.
J Shaw
J Shaw Місяць тому
Kiper was right
305 Nugga
305 Nugga Місяць тому
The draft is a crapshoot so is mel kiper and todd mcshay
vanseventy Місяць тому
Trent Dilfer? I think he was related to someone high up in the NFL. He was horrible.Nice guy,but should have stayed on defense.Never seen any player pushed to the top like him.
David Plazak
David Plazak Місяць тому
Idiot > Kiper
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