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Mel Kiper And The Crazy Feud That Changed the TV Draft Forever | NFL 1994 Draft Story

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During the 1994 NFL Draft Indianapolis Colts GM, Bill Tobin, passed on Trent Dilfer to the dismay of Mel Kiper Jr. From there one of the most memorable feuds in NFL Draft history ensued.
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23 кві 2018

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Michael Stone
Michael Stone 3 години тому
None of the talking heads on ESPN are very accurate on draft picks
Donald Dopierala
Donald Dopierala 22 години тому
ya they just drafted one of the best rbs ever
Brent Caldwell
Brent Caldwell 5 днів тому
I wish people would still call out media folks like this.
LEE KONDRAS 5 днів тому
Mel Kiper, your FIRED
Ronald Holley
Ronald Holley 6 днів тому
Little Known Fact: Bill Tobin is wearing a bengals polo, is because his son Duke is the Defacto GM for the bengals, who's drafting history includes AJ Green, Geno Atkins, and others...
Richard Ortega
Richard Ortega 9 днів тому
Dilfer sucked more than freddie mercury
Owen3 11 днів тому
He is is still a hack. How does he still have a job? Well ESPN will employ anyone, even after losing millions of sub's
Supa Nova
Supa Nova 12 днів тому
So, they were both wrong on the 5th pick. Obviously, Faulk was a homerun.
Johnny Rogers
Johnny Rogers 15 днів тому
That's why his ass got fired
Johnny Rogers
Johnny Rogers 15 днів тому
Mel kipper is good the gm was crazy trent dilfer won a Superbowl
Ryan Leslie76
Ryan Leslie76 15 днів тому
Happened the same year that cobain died
Jacob Carlos
Jacob Carlos 17 днів тому
Who in the hell is Mel Kiper
Dan Crews
Dan Crews 18 днів тому
IND was right about Faulk, but wrong about the LB. Peyton is the GOAT of the REGULAR season, but he sucked in the playoffs. When he won, it was mainly because of his defenses. In 4 SBs, he has 3 TDs and 4 INTs. Dilfer was a solid QB, not great but he won games. I think Kiper was just saying that Harbaugh alone wouldn't win in IND, that they needed a QB to groom, and Dilfer was definitely better than the LB that they picked. Faulk was OUTSTANDING, but would he make the Hall if he had stayed in IND? Who knows. Edgerrin James was almost in the top 10 in rushing ALL-TIME & didn't make the Hall. There's a reason why Kiper still has a job, and this particular GM doesn't. I'd say that Kiper won this particular feud
thelastjohnwayne Місяць тому
Bill Tobin "Who in the he__ is Mel Kiper" Best NFL quote ever.
thelastjohnwayne Місяць тому
Mel Kiper is the worst a picking.
Dennis T
Dennis T Місяць тому
Look into my crystal ball and make a buck. Pleaseeeee. Can’t stand the HYPE.
Matthew Conway
Matthew Conway Місяць тому
Who the hell is Mel Kiper 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
S. Chris T.
S. Chris T. Місяць тому
Lol, this never gets old, Bill Tobin wasn't in the least bit concern about being "politically correct", he spoke his mind. As for Mel Kiper Jr, I have to say that whether you like him, or loathe him, he'll be forever associated with the NFL Draft, because of this moment. Many people were glad that he sort of got put in his place, this infamous April day in the spring of 1994...
Don't Matter
Don't Matter Місяць тому
He's not qualified (in beanie Seagal voice)
Travis Bartow
Travis Bartow Місяць тому
I miss boom!😔
Robbie Місяць тому
A below average qb over a franchise rb lol...joke is kiper
Robbie Місяць тому
Kiper is trump...self promoting fraud
Trevor Philips
Trevor Philips Місяць тому
"Who in the hell is Mel Kiper anyway?" A question we still struggle to answer in 2019.
Sean McLain
Sean McLain Місяць тому
If I were as bad at my job as Kiper is at his, I'd be escorted out by security on the grounds of gross incompetence.
The Crimson Knight
The Crimson Knight Місяць тому
Sometimes things need to be said that everyone agrees upon but getting someone to say it and also at the right time is critical. Bill Tobin, did just that. Bill Tobin has a huge set of balls for telling it like it is about Mel Kiper, that the whole league felt the same way.
Sean Stewart
Sean Stewart Місяць тому
It’s entertainment and it’s what has helped the NFL become as popular as it has, like it or not!
K.C.O. JoUrNeY!!
K.C.O. JoUrNeY!! Місяць тому
James Leffel
James Leffel Місяць тому
To be fair -- Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl; Harbaugh still hasn't, unless you count as a QB coach.
Tarryl Rosier
Tarryl Rosier Місяць тому
Jon Gruden was more accurate than Kiper. Kiper is a joke.
Praxton-de-Nouveau Місяць тому
Mel took those picks personally. That wasn't an opinion or an analysis. He was pissed his advice was not being taken seriously.
Warunchai Vathanasin
Warunchai Vathanasin Місяць тому
Tobin swung and missed on Trev Alberts but absolutely nailed it with Marshall Faulk. Harbaugh became Captain Comeback as in 1995 they played Pittsburgh in the AFC Championship. Shuler is an all-time bust. Dilfer became a prototypical game manager, not someone you'd waste a first round pick on. I actually watched that draft live and remembered that moment. Shows my age, I guess.
88ntil Місяць тому
Trent Dilfer the most overrated NFL player of all time smh
26michaeluk Місяць тому
Who overrates him? Everyone knows he only has a ring because of an all time great defense.
zeke 11
zeke 11 Місяць тому
Dilfer doing bad analysis before even being drafted
Xxrage yo
Xxrage yo Місяць тому
Trent Dilfer lol
Xxrage yo
Xxrage yo Місяць тому
Kiper is horrible and has no credibility. He's wrong 90% of the time and gets paid by agents to hype up their prospects
bull frogger
bull frogger Місяць тому
And Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl with Baltimore by simply not doing anything stupid .
Theodore Bierbauer
Theodore Bierbauer Місяць тому
Kiper? Who? Oh yeah that guy
Bruce Leroy
Bruce Leroy Місяць тому
Haha that was classic
Ralphie Cifaretto
Ralphie Cifaretto Місяць тому
Tampa Bay screwed themselves for years by picking him.
kumomi ayahua
kumomi ayahua Місяць тому
Just realizing media analysts are there for entertainment
sweendawg1984 Місяць тому
The very last line “He was fired in 1997 after going three and 13” ha ha ha. Dilfer won a Super Bowl.
sweendawg1984 Місяць тому
Jason McDaniel, my point was the guy was fired in 3 years and the linebacker was done in 3 years. I did not say “they should have taken dilfer” harbough was so competitive he would have beat dilfer out for the job. But if harbough got hurt you had same guy next man up. Or they take Issac Bruce that year!
Jason McDaniel
Jason McDaniel Місяць тому
@sweendawg1984 Dilfer was not better than Harbaugh, either. They were pretty evenly matched, though Harbaugh had a better completion percentage, better qb rating, and a lower interception percentage. Dilfer did have a slightly higher touchdown percentage and yards per game. Obviously Trev Alberts was a bust, but what would be the point in taking Dilfer if he was no better than the guy they already had on the roster?
sweendawg1984 Місяць тому
Hey Jason. I never said a word about Faulk. He was great. He also went to a team with the highest powered offense ever by the way. I said the guy who picked the linebacker instead of dilfer. Linebacker was done in three years and Gm was fired. Harbough was not better then dilfer.
Jason McDaniel
Jason McDaniel Місяць тому
Marshall Faulk won a Superbowl as well and went to another. Dilfer had one decent year in Tampa and won one playoff game, then went to the Ravens and won the Superbowl thanks to one of the best defenses of all-time. Faulk went to 7 Pro Bowls, Dilfer went to one.
GetFuckedUTube1 Місяць тому
What happened here is, Kiper, who makes a living off of selling his 10 cent opinions needed to back-fill so his opinions remained valid and thus worth 10 cents. Problem is, the only people willing to pay Kiper 10 cents for his opinions was ESPN. Meaning, no one in the NFL was willing to give Kiper 10 cents. Talk is cheap and Kiper has been wrong so many time I lost count.
G Mac
G Mac Місяць тому
Trent dilfer was trash on pro level it show how much Mel kiper don’t know about football
G Mac
G Mac Місяць тому
Mel kiper have no business on TV his job is so not needed but privilege wins
Bryce Armstrong
Bryce Armstrong Місяць тому
"Got my Irish up". So drunken stupidity...
hewitt52 Місяць тому
Who in the hell is Mel Kiper anyway? How many job offers has he ever received from an NFL franchise within their scouting and player development areas? I'd like to see someone punch him in the face.
Corey Robinson
Corey Robinson Місяць тому
Who in the hell is Mel kiper. Classic. Mel Kiper made a carrier that day. Funny how thing's work out Bill Tobin made Mel kiper.
Sean McCarthy
Sean McCarthy Місяць тому
Isn't Kiper from Baltimore? I'd wager a lot of this Colts bitterness was relocation-motivated!
Hunter Cox
Hunter Cox Місяць тому
They both have a good point
jovon  self
jovon self Місяць тому
4:51 what happened to Theismans finger?? 🤔
R A Місяць тому
If I'm not mistaken indy went to the title game that season.
Mr Hodges
Mr Hodges Місяць тому
Has Mel Kiper ever been right?
cmillertime7 Місяць тому
Kiper has been right sometimes but.... when he's wrong, he's so goddamn wrong, and he's so goddamn unlikable when he's wrong.
TinyT0ez Місяць тому
7:00 when you're telling a story to your parents and you realize you slip that you did something illegal
WhiteRyno27 Місяць тому
So Tobin got fired cause of a 3-13 Peyton Manning? That sucks ass lol
JeepinPeter Місяць тому
Mel Kipper is a clown. No freaking credibility what so ever. All mouth all BS. A joke
Nick Pangburn
Nick Pangburn Місяць тому
4:52 Joe Theismann have frost bite or something?? WTF
Keyser Soze
Keyser Soze Місяць тому
Mel Kiper looks like a vampire from some 1950's horror movie.
Joe Hackel
Joe Hackel Місяць тому
So Tobin is not good at his job obviously. Alberts only 3 years? Lmfao so Kiper was right
elvistwatty Місяць тому
Mort chuckling is the best thing in the video
T Will
T Will Місяць тому
ESPN should do a 30 for 30 on how Mel Kiper still has a job after all these years. "What if I told you, you could suck at your job and still have a voice on ESPN"
T Will
T Will Місяць тому
@Joe Hackel Wow, embarrassing. You are just showing everyone what's on your mind right now. Stop, you're getting worse!
Joe Hackel
Joe Hackel Місяць тому
@T Will LMFAO Go back to scouting men's gay figure skating. Your biggest strength.
T Will
T Will Місяць тому
@Joe Hackel Just stop, you're an embarrassment to your family.
Joe Hackel
Joe Hackel Місяць тому
Your mom sucks when she is with me and i still give her the job
1daddy57 Місяць тому
4:22 - wtf did you just say dude?
Fernando Herrera Martínez
Fernando Herrera Martínez Місяць тому
Wow, Noam Chomsky was the NFL's commissioner
TebowTheNextKilmer Місяць тому
Kiper was always bitter that the Colts left Baltimore and was just looking for anything bad to say about them.
Joe Hackel
Joe Hackel Місяць тому
BUT waht he said was true...Picking 2nd all the time...Trev Alberts in top 10 was a huge bust
Hijos de Gaia
Hijos de Gaia Місяць тому
No really who the hell is Mel Kiper?
Malcolm DuBose
Malcolm DuBose Місяць тому
I mean he isn’t wrong. Mel Kiper is/was kind of a joke. The best part is that all these years later he can’t admit it got to him. Mel Kiper in a nutshell I tell ya.
Malcolm DuBose
Malcolm DuBose Місяць тому
Wow Mel Kiper got torched. Why he sucks is on full display here.
Randy TYSON Місяць тому
I love it when guys say Montana's a better QB than Marino "because Marino never won a SuperBowl." Oh, so by your logic, Trent Dilfer is a better QB than Dan Marino?
D Porter
D Porter Місяць тому
Never trust a Qb who’s jersey number is in the 20’s. That should of been a major red flag
Travis Watson
Travis Watson Місяць тому
Tobin had the last laugh here
teranmm Місяць тому
That old GM got his feelings hurt. What a baby.
MrYouarethecancer Місяць тому
Mel is a South bawlmore dope fiend who's wrong 90% of the time and mad the colts left without hiring him
Joe Hackel
Joe Hackel Місяць тому
Tobin too Trev Alberts or Mr. Bust as many call him
Christian Burrell
Christian Burrell Місяць тому
Why Mel is respected as some kind of a guru is a total mystery. He totally guesses and missed just as much as he is right.
Brian Farkas
Brian Farkas Місяць тому
The world is filled with mel kipers these days, and its not good.
M Brower
M Brower Місяць тому
Mel Kiper is just another guy with an opinion who's getting over like a fat rat.
thepolacek Місяць тому
Mel Kiper is the Dave Meltzer of the NFL. A fan that thinks he is an expert, yet never played a down. In his defense, Alberts played about 30 games in his career. Dilfer was an average qb.
Jeremy Stillwell
Jeremy Stillwell Місяць тому
I'll take Jim H over dilfer anyday
George Vreeland Hill
George Vreeland Hill Місяць тому
Who the hell is Trent Dilfer?
George Vreeland Hill
George Vreeland Hill Місяць тому
Fact ... mock drafts are as stupid as the people behind them.
Johnny Ballgame
Johnny Ballgame Місяць тому
How did that Trev Alberts pick go...maybe he should've asked his neighbor before he made that pick.
Harry Engel
Harry Engel Місяць тому
To be fair to Alberts, he got hurt.
Big Ragu
Big Ragu Місяць тому
Ah, the draft days of yesteryear, when Chris Berman would give away every pick before it was announced.
David Gregory
David Gregory Місяць тому
Alberts is a head scratcher in retrospect, but neither Shuler nor Dilfer were first round talents in 1994. Washington learned that the hard way when Gus Frerotte supplanted Shuler, and Trent Dilfer was a great second stringer...a serviceable QB. At the time, I thought Dilfer would be better than Shuler, but I didn’t have much expectation for either. Looks like even I was better than Kiper on that one. 🤣
David Dillard
David Dillard Місяць тому
432 peolpe dislike this video. They must all be Mel Kiper lovers and want-a-be's...LOL
David Dillard
David Dillard Місяць тому
I stopped watching ESPN years ago, because I can't stand Mel Kiper! He doesn't know his head from his ass about players! He's like a blind squirrel, who just finds a nut every once in a while...oh, and he was wrong about that pick also! Yeah! Who the hell is Mel Kiper! He has no credibility in my book, and wouldn't make a pimple on a real draft analyst's ass, as if their are any...LOL
L3GENDARY 3DITS Місяць тому
5:15 you're welcome
Rollo Tomassi
Rollo Tomassi Місяць тому
Let's also remember that the Colts trade HOF rb Marshall Faulk to the Rams, where he did most of his HOF work.
Rollo Tomassi
Rollo Tomassi Місяць тому
Colts got a 2nd and a 5th for a young Faulk. Pretty weak.
Dread Pool
Dread Pool Місяць тому
Mel kiper is an idiot
jmd2789 Місяць тому
This is one of those cases where looking back with the benefit of hindsight, you realize that everyone here was wrong lol. Kiper was an idiot because Trent Dilfer was ass, and had the Colts taken him, they probably wouldnt have landed Peyton manning 4 years later. Tobin sucked as a gm, with the colts at least, which is why they had top 5 draft picks like 6 years in a row lol. But again, because Tobin sucked, it allowed Bill Polian to take over and turn the Colts around with Peyton Manning. Still funny though haha. Cool vid.
ron raygun
ron raygun Місяць тому
Mel had this same exchange in 1992 with Colts Steve Entman pick - Kiper was correct!
Jack N
Jack N Місяць тому
Kiper is an idiot, but Tobin was not a good GM.
Joe Hackel
Joe Hackel Місяць тому
Jack off is an idiot
RD S Місяць тому
Kiper disagrees with something ?? Who cares.
Devin LeJeune
Devin LeJeune Місяць тому
What is that song at the end?
Jason Lee
Jason Lee Місяць тому
70humdinger Місяць тому
Where's Bill Tobin today? Out of football. Where's Me Kiper today? Just finishing day 3 of the 2019 NFL draft in Nashville on ESPN. And where will Mel Kiper be in 2020? Out in Las Vegas doing the 2020 NFL draft on ESPN.
Stephen Dre
Stephen Dre Місяць тому
1994. A good year. 49ers were good then. Lol
Clumsy Waffle
Clumsy Waffle Місяць тому
Did the postman ever get season tickets?
T Tommytom
T Tommytom Місяць тому
In defense of Kiper, the whole episode is not shown. He went on to say (and I paraphrase, it's been awhile) that picking Alberts was insult to injury, especially trading up for him. That he was a one dimensional LB'R, worst pick he'd ever seen, not because of the QB need but because Alberts was terrible. He actually raved on more about how bad Alberts was than what a mistake it was to not take Dilfer. HOF RB that the Colts traded away. E-James should be (will be) in the HOF too. Kind of funny the QB of the future for Washington was picked in the 7th round. History repeated itself (different rounds) with RG3 and Cousins. PS: I couldn't believe Cousins lasted that long and there is proof that some teams actually do draft BPA (besides Faulk over Shuler because Shuler really did look the part).
Milansauce Zdunic69*
Milansauce Zdunic69* Місяць тому
I'm not racist at all, but Mel Kiper is only on because he's Jewish. His family is obviously connected with some one in media.
Milansauce Zdunic69*
Milansauce Zdunic69* Місяць тому
@Blake Gordon I love you all btw, but you did it as well. The holocaust museums (again saying it was very very bad) had the red star from Russia up, which was responsible for 20 to 40 million deaths (lenonism logic; he was half Jewish), a lot white Christians. This side of the war was almost completely covered up.
Blake Gordon
Blake Gordon Місяць тому
Milansauce Zdunic69* we Jews do not control anything. If we did, then how do you explain all the genocides and dis domination we have to face. Wouldn’t you think that the people who control everything would be better at not allowing that?
K Mula
K Mula Місяць тому
Saucy McSqueeze
Saucy McSqueeze Місяць тому
Todd McShay has Benjamin Button disease. He looks older back then than he does now.
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