Michigan State coach Tom Izzo yelling at Aaron Henry is a non-issue - Stephen A. | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith gets fired up that Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo is being criticized for yelling at Aaron Henry during the Spartans' win vs. the Bradley Braves in the 2019 NCAA tournament. Stephen A. has no issue with Izzo's reaction and suggests that players that are too soft should go to schools with a mild-mannered coach.
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22 бер 2019





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Brian Thomas
Brian Thomas Місяць тому
Stephen A is a treasure for standing up to these idiots in the way that he did
Don’t eat Yellow snow
Don’t eat Yellow snow 2 місяці тому
What you got against vocational schools? Ever hear of VA Tech, GA Tech, and a lot more Tech schools? That was a stupid statement.
Don’t eat Yellow snow
Don’t eat Yellow snow 2 місяці тому
Finally, common sense.
Larri Lindsey
Larri Lindsey 5 місяців тому
So you got the audacity to yell at me and I'm not getting paid? HELL NO!(Stephen A Smith voice) plus the coach is one of the main culprits of benefitting off my labor. That is a spit in the face!!! PAY THE PLAYERS NCAA!!!!
Andres Arnold
Andres Arnold 6 місяців тому
Imagine how soft this sport will be when Tom Izzo’s generation is gone
Adrian Bredell
Adrian Bredell 7 місяців тому
In the famous words of Wesley Sniped in demolition man "the world has become a pussy whipped Brady bunch version of itself" true that
Aaron Caffey
Aaron Caffey 8 місяців тому
But if the coach doesn’t express what he wants from his team, is he doing his job?..... is he just gonna sit back and watch his players make countless mistakes?, I wouldn’t think so.... especially at a top 10 d1 basketball school... you must be a fan if you don’t understand the fire behind winning....
Aaron Caffey
Aaron Caffey 8 місяців тому
I’ve seen much worse than this....
Andrew Lin
Andrew Lin 8 місяців тому
That’s so true. When your coach becomes silent you know you messed up.
Omar Ahmad
Omar Ahmad 8 місяців тому
Isn't steven a smith a liberal?
Mladen ENPS/NKD 8 місяців тому
Izzo is a coward. He is bullying kids that cannot respond in any way. Their careers and life depend on what they do. Izzo is a bully.
Simon McGrother
Simon McGrother 8 місяців тому
Multi-millionaire white man screams in face of unpaid African-American. Just not a great image.
Ram RCS 8 місяців тому
That was a fine line there between passion and outright losing it. I think of Bobby Knight and how people initially justified his 'passionate' approach to coaching until it was discovered he actually physically attacked at least one player. Izzo had to be restrained twice by his players, which makes me wonder why. Is there some history here behind the scenes that made them think he could cross that line and come in contact with his player? Who knows - someone may eventually come forth and make accusations like Neil Reed did with Knight.
Barbara Dell
Barbara Dell 8 місяців тому
The real snowflake here is hotheaded drama queen coach. Old school examples include John Wooden, WWJWD?
Vinicius Rockenbach
Vinicius Rockenbach 8 місяців тому
5 Star
5 Star 8 місяців тому
Stephen A. Don’t agree with him too often, but he’s so right. Welcome to your 8th Final 4, Tom Izzo, and your kids love you for it.
Travis Donald Stanley
Travis Donald Stanley 8 місяців тому
Looks like his coaching style works. They just beat Duke. Final Four!
I have no problem with Tom Izzo! Coach Izzo is not only building players but he's building men!
NYYanks2003040506 8 місяців тому
The United States will be a country full of pussies in 5 years, if it's not already.
Zorcaine 8 місяців тому
Facts man
Namir Najjar
Namir Najjar 8 місяців тому
Well that’s yelling it’s paid off today when Henry drops 20 points against LSU love for izzo heart for the kids
yongscheisse 8 місяців тому
Henry responds with the game of his life against LSU. Not such a bad coach!
James Harper
James Harper 8 місяців тому
Meanwhile on Undisputed they was saying the total opposite i was I'm very surprised at what Shannon and skip said especially Rob Parker he was an analyst for Detroit sports back in the day you should know better not to talk about Tom Izzo I was very disappointed I didn't even finish the video I guess they want these kids to be soft nowadays so sad
tellthetruthg 8 місяців тому
Let them handle it
MrDub57 8 місяців тому
OK when Stephen A Smith is making a reasonable point you know mah'fkas is goin' too far with their 'outrage'
Micah Vogan
Micah Vogan 8 місяців тому
Someone remind me of anything that Shannon Sharpe coached in his career.
arnold oliver
arnold oliver 8 місяців тому
No problem with it whatsoever these kids need to be men
Myron Bledsoe
Myron Bledsoe 8 місяців тому
Jay Dee
Jay Dee 8 місяців тому
I had a coach that was worse than this. But we could also go to him for ANY problems or issues we were having. But on the court it was serious business. I imagine Izzo is somewhat the same
Oakenshield 311
Oakenshield 311 8 місяців тому
How can I like and dislike Stephen A. at the same time?
trajan hercules
trajan hercules 8 місяців тому
shouldn't we be trying to stop kids from being too soft instead of saying its the new thing? If its the new thing to be weak in a world where everyone knows that weakness is not a good survival strategy, a good parent or educator or leader will try to change that. Only the strong survive.
Andy Bailey
Andy Bailey 8 місяців тому
This comment section is literally a bunch of people from THIS generation talking about how soft THIS generation is 😂💯
Fred Maldo
Fred Maldo 8 місяців тому
This was not coaching this was an aggressive act there's a difference
Trina Sanabria
Trina Sanabria 8 місяців тому
This is exactly who Draymond gets all that yelling from lol....but it's needed and it works but people are so damn sensitive it's ridiculous. Butch women have more balls than most men these days and that is no lie smh
Brandon Ohara
Brandon Ohara 8 місяців тому
Something that shouldn't be a story, yet again gets turned into one smh
Tony Stretch
Tony Stretch 8 місяців тому
Well i will just say this lol... Idgaf who you are or where we at. But if you run up on me yelling with your fist balled up... Im swinging on you Bomb first my motto its fully guaranteed. Because imma think you must want to fight. Thats what your body language is telling me.
Tony Stretch
Tony Stretch 8 місяців тому
Lol actually im an independent contractor and i work in the pharmaceutical sales industry. Wbu?
Daniel August
Daniel August 8 місяців тому
Tony Stretch have fun working a manual labor for the rest of your life
SimManiac383 8 місяців тому
Dont agree with Stephen A. much, but thank you for this
Seth 8 місяців тому
Max saying graduate school is about finding out what you want to do, how much money does this dumbass think we have lol.
Michael Edward Baird
Michael Edward Baird 8 місяців тому
Aaron Henry don't have a problem with it. He wants to be better and Coach Izzo is pushing to be better. Arron Henry is about to be a star!
Epetrie 8 місяців тому