Mike Sigel vs Loree Jon Jones $150,000 Final Match (First Set)

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Final match tour between Mike Sigel and Loree Jon Jones. Two sets race to 9. $150,000 prise money. Second set - ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-7GFl7QvNU00.html




11 жов 2016

Mike SigelLoree Jon Jones





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Scott Lindemann
Scott Lindemann 4 години тому
Why do they chalk after every shot? Is it just a nervous thing?
Boris Gofman
Boris Gofman 3 дні тому
Много шума изза ничего.
twisted logik
twisted logik 3 дні тому
Mike is good. Really good. Total pompous prick. But Reyes is better. And wow she is gorgeous.
threwlight 88
threwlight 88 5 днів тому
Sigel is an idiot
Bruce Kirk
Bruce Kirk 5 днів тому
Sammy is a lucky guy
Hamada Alobaidi
Hamada Alobaidi 6 днів тому
Dose them guys know how to play?
*nocturnallynumb* 6 днів тому
I could only watch 10min of this, the amounth of times the woman choak her cue is anoying
Mudassir Hussain
Mudassir Hussain 7 днів тому
Normal player
Mudassir Hussain
Mudassir Hussain 7 днів тому
What ur country namr u play with me i am pakistani
jayson dhaliwal
jayson dhaliwal 7 днів тому
dnbmania 8 днів тому
I can hear the pressure in the room
John Donoghue
John Donoghue 8 днів тому
what an irritating , showboating loud mouth and how many pieces of chalk do these players go throw in ONE GAME Watch the snooker players different class
Ryan Netz
Ryan Netz 8 днів тому
Can they bad loree out any more, they acting like she has no chance in hell of wining smh
Chad Hallford
Chad Hallford 9 днів тому
Did they say he was the greatest living player??
orphen2004 scion
orphen2004 scion 8 днів тому
in there club
zain zaidi
zain zaidi 10 днів тому
She is hot
Mitjitsu 11 днів тому
Commentators don't know the difference between casual and amateur players.
Henry Sanchez
Henry Sanchez 12 днів тому
28:05 ok but why does that look so distorted like a dorito..…..
Gabriel Petcu
Gabriel Petcu 13 днів тому
I had to mute the vid ... this 2 idiots who comment ... they are emanating stupidity by their mouth .. i think they've just discovered 8ball pool now ... In what cave or trees did you find them ? God daaamnnn ...
Michael Nickname
Michael Nickname 13 днів тому
Mit wechselnden Tüchern hatte ich auch immer zu kämpfen, früher in der Landesliga OÖ. Und die Taschen sind nicht so klein, wie von den Kommentatoren kolportiert. Da fällt schon viel!
Austin Simpson
Austin Simpson 13 днів тому
Dude these commentators they said amateurs dont know how to do all these things im a 4 and i know im not pro but im an amateur and i do all these things
Richard A
Richard A 13 днів тому
The game is so much better if you chose to mute the A hole contaminators. just watch these two great players play the game. I'm just sayin.
Dave Stevers
Dave Stevers 14 днів тому
Bout some sexist comentators
Cheapy 2006
Cheapy 2006 14 днів тому
These two blabbermouths should sit down immediately, and watch any game of snooker commentated on by Ted Lowe.
LEEJ 14 днів тому
I like her she's a nice person
Teodor Markovic
Teodor Markovic 15 днів тому
“Slower cloth” is like a filler for the commentators everytime they get quiet and dont have much to say the go to the cloth
farhang validoust
farhang validoust 15 днів тому
Wtf did i jus watch?! commentators gotta shut their butt up. thy be talkin straight bs
TechFive 15 днів тому
Men just break better. Scratches twice on break.
TechFive 15 днів тому
Mike autistic af.
The Abaddōn
The Abaddōn 15 днів тому
lest talk about her husband lmaoo.... nigga is ugly and old asf.
Brian Arthur
Brian Arthur 15 днів тому
You just have to wish those two commentators would shut the FU
ncsam 000000
ncsam 000000 16 днів тому
I'd let her play with my stick
sammy and jessie english staffy
sammy and jessie english staffy 16 днів тому
pockets in yanky land is way to easy ..
itzDropz 16 днів тому
Waqas Ahmed
Waqas Ahmed 16 днів тому
I wish both record porn film !!!!
Mike Saunders
Mike Saunders 16 днів тому
This guy is good but his dameiner is disrespectful to his opponent and to the game. He is a show-off and a POOR loser!
Richard Hendricks
Richard Hendricks 17 днів тому
This slow nap cloth is like shooting from the rough in golf. Amateur players might not know the pressure these slow nap golfers are under.
Joel De La Cruz
Joel De La Cruz 17 днів тому
These commentators suck balls
J3nj3nM0nsta 17 днів тому
These commentators need to stfu
Nabeel Ashraf
Nabeel Ashraf 17 днів тому
$150,000 for the final and is the biggest prize money in history Ronnie got $169,000 for just making a 147
Nabeel Ashraf
Nabeel Ashraf 5 днів тому
Yes that too...
Alex Ryan
Alex Ryan 5 днів тому
In less than six minutes!!!
Gerald Billak
Gerald Billak 17 днів тому
He's cocky and arrogant
Jay Hurst
Jay Hurst 17 днів тому
I love how they think the pockets are tight, right now the pros play on 4 ,1/4
Rekthief 17 днів тому
there's three wooden sticks in this game, their pool queues and my boner
Joshua Potter
Joshua Potter 17 днів тому
The commenting ruins this!
Malakiyah Amari
Malakiyah Amari 17 днів тому
Aaahh she's gorgeous😍😍
protopigeon 18 днів тому
does anyone know what kind of cloth that is?
ces't Sur Homme
ces't Sur Homme 18 днів тому
These guys need to learn basic skills, staying still when hitting the ball is one. Go learn from snooker players. They don't miss 2 feet balls. Hell they don't miss 4 feet balls.
mick3y abb9y
mick3y abb9y 18 днів тому
She's gorgeous..
xlxcrossxlx 18 днів тому
24:55 Umm he put no english on it. The 15 did not spin or change direction at all. Therefore no reverse spin transfer like the idiot announcers thought. It was a straight in shot. That was like the 76th most annoying thing they said too.
Robert Poen
Robert Poen 18 днів тому
Commentators are insufferable. First rack and the hype is unbearable. Out.
Taofik Lawal
Taofik Lawal 19 днів тому
These commentators man... biased out the ass
Aaron Kaminer
Aaron Kaminer 20 днів тому
Pierre-Alexis Krstic
Pierre-Alexis Krstic 21 день тому
That show is only commercial stuff, lack of concentration, and a verry poor level of accuracy compared to any middle snooker player. This "match" is more a show for brain-washed average americans who just want to fill their boring saturday with another stupid commercial soup. It's embarrassing for profesionnal sports in general.
ANTONIO Tiburcio
ANTONIO Tiburcio 21 день тому
your play is not good girl. seu jogo não é muito bom garota. Brasil.
Ron Black
Ron Black 22 дні тому
Claudia, is fine!!!!
gina1280 23 дні тому
These commentators are squares.
James Fair
James Fair 23 дні тому
Here I’ll break down the commentary. Blah blah Siegel master blah blah slow cloth not fast blah blah blah Siegel breaks so hard what a professional player blah blah blah slow cloth blah blah slow cloth blah blah blah slow cloth blah small pockets blah blah bigger pockets would be so much easier blah blah Siegel is great she gets lucky blah blah I would suck Mike’s dick blah blah slow cloth not fast makes big difference being slow blah blah blah
Joe Feraco
Joe Feraco 24 дні тому
I thought they only use a Samonas cloth.
Ray Ray
Ray Ray 24 дні тому
Omg, in the first 4 racks she makes two perfect breaks and sinks a ball each time and they go ‘oh she’s so lucky...’. He makes two crappy breaks and scratches both times because he shoots from dead centre with no spin and they go ‘oooh, what a great player, his breaks are so amazing...’. Give your head a shake guys.
Nick Graff
Nick Graff 26 днів тому
I am the most talented player looking at my monitor ........
mikemb123 27 днів тому
Don't you have to let a girl win?
Simon Reynolds
Simon Reynolds 29 днів тому
It used to be fun to watch pool - when it was quiet
Alan Simao Vitor
Alan Simao Vitor Місяць тому
Quem ganhou?
phdfxwg Fischercat
phdfxwg Fischercat Місяць тому
my first 8 on the break took out my big brother he is 79 now and still pissed !
Mahkram Saile
Mahkram Saile Місяць тому
There are just HYUGE amounts of pressure on these players here
Jaime Alvarez
Jaime Alvarez Місяць тому
Must be the pressure.
B C Місяць тому
lmfao mike is such an asshole but hes hilarious and awesome
rmcduarte Місяць тому
Who the F**k compares pool and golf? might as well compare football with soccer!!!!!!!!
เจมส์ ปรัช ผู้โดนทําร้าย
Eder Lima
Eder Lima Місяць тому
Baianinho de Mauá joga melhor
Aghata De jesus
Aghata De jesus Місяць тому
Mas essas caçapas por. Favor ste eu
Fernando Jesus
Fernando Jesus Місяць тому
Essa caçada cabe um garrafa de coca cola de 03 litros, aí é fácil.. .. Quero ver matar na mesa da sinuquinha !!
StudioRS 17 днів тому
Não é justo.. homem passa a vida toda apontando o taco pros buracos e mentendo as bola pra dentro.. Óbvio que a mulher ia sair fudida dessa.
Michael Tuckerman
Michael Tuckerman Місяць тому
I had to turn the volume off those announcers were just too much
Michael Tuckerman
Michael Tuckerman Місяць тому
I watch the first 7 games and these two characters are supposed to be the greatest in the world? That's funny!
Renan Rodrigues
Renan Rodrigues Місяць тому
what a joke this game...
Joss Cues
Joss Cues Місяць тому
Spots and stripes dang it!
aldehc99 Місяць тому
Jon Jones? I thought it was an mma fight
hans wurst
hans wurst Місяць тому
20:31 "shes just a little bit tight" thats rough language there ...
pertur bado
pertur bado Місяць тому
Coroa gostosa taca minha bolas na casapa dela 😈
Roger Місяць тому
O pessoal da torcida fica em cima do jogador igualzinho no brasil
Roger Місяць тому
A limpeza das mesas é igual as de sinuca 15 bolas no brasil
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