Mike Sigel vs Loree Jon Jones $150,000 Final Match (First Set)

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Final match tour between Mike Sigel and Loree Jon Jones. Two sets race to 9. $150,000 prise money. Second set - ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-7GFl7QvNU00.html




11 жов 2016





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TrllHezc07 TrllHezc07
TrllHezc07 TrllHezc07 13 годин тому
TrllHezc07 TrllHezc07
TrllHezc07 TrllHezc07 13 годин тому
J. E. S. Simply The Best!
J. E. S. Simply The Best! День тому
Buddy Hall would beat both of them 1 hand in 9 ball.
gpuppy1234 День тому
Can someone tell me how Loree got a chance to play for this kind of money before Strickland, Archer, Reyes, Bustamante
trumpetersp День тому
Ele a versão slim do Felipão.
Son of Baghdad
Son of Baghdad 2 дні тому
His reactions is looks like a kid..i like that , i like his soul , not like those bored ppl who looks like 😒
Son of Baghdad
Son of Baghdad 2 дні тому
His reactions is looks like a kid..i like that , i like his soul , not like those bored ppl who looks like 😒
eric martinez
eric martinez 2 дні тому
Parsce que violaron al al primero jaja
Fernando Trujillo
Fernando Trujillo 2 дні тому
La mesa es de 8 pies o 9 pies?... disculpen mi ignorancia. gracias
Michael Young
Michael Young 2 дні тому
I don't care all I know is Loree Jon Jones is looking good. I'll do a pool game porn with her. And I were voting for her anyway. And I am an Earl Strickland fan, to me he is my favorite. Loree 2nd. Loree is probably first because she is a lot prettier. Nice stroke and.
Abdul Rahman
Abdul Rahman 3 дні тому
Good game m.facebook.com/Pattern-Designer-1813147112328752/?ref=bookmarks Plz like and share
Mb 4 дні тому
Should be on her knees getting a pounding .
Adam Oliva
Adam Oliva 5 днів тому
Is there a lot of pressure? I didn't quite catch that. Also a true champion isnt this cocky so there is someone better then you Mike.
dario pena
dario pena 2 дні тому
Adam Oliva watch efren reyes whoop his ass its pretty great
Todd Higdon
Todd Higdon 5 днів тому
She's a little tight
UK Revolution
UK Revolution 5 днів тому
5:49 I think she should've just nudge the ball and nested the white behind it. that way it wouldve been more of a challenge for Mike to get a pot on his turn
Víctor Mouriz
Víctor Mouriz 5 днів тому
Juego muy sucio por parte de sigel sin arriesgar nada. falla intencionadamente al principio de cada partida para que Loree limpie la mesa y espera el fallo de esta para luego ganar el. Muchísimo mejor jugado por parte de Loree.
Ronald Strout
Ronald Strout 6 днів тому
2-7 she looks mad
drumstud4u 7 днів тому
I'd just throw the game to get it over, then bend her over the table
TheHmm43 7 днів тому
Well damn, I obviously don't chalk my cue enough
Emotional Adolf
Emotional Adolf 7 днів тому
i always hated the announcers during pool broadcasts. They always talk like the viewer has never seen or played a game in their lives. People watching pool play pool.
lockodonis 7 днів тому
She’s hot...
dai 7 днів тому
it,s not the money. liar, he wouldn,t be there otherwise
ijahman 69
ijahman 69 7 днів тому
Tête à claques ce sale con
cunty bollox
cunty bollox 7 днів тому
I'd beat these two using a fishing rod.
Storin of Kel
Storin of Kel 8 днів тому
Turning the sound off made it bearable. American commentators exaggerate so much, finding blame in other things if possible.
FIF draws cocks everywhere
FIF draws cocks everywhere 8 днів тому
Hold on I think.i think there may be a couple of mentions of ronnie o'Sullivan
horsetoothedjac 9 днів тому
This is what happens when you get old Timey Sigel teamed up w Kevin Trudeau to scam pool players.
Jasmine Weilbacher
Jasmine Weilbacher 9 днів тому
Jon Jones is good
Sebastian Watson
Sebastian Watson 10 днів тому
what year was that.
I saw big mouth sigel playing against efren reyes. And he was a crying baby all the time seating on the chair.
Damian Englert
Damian Englert 11 днів тому
nice fuckable milf
Ian Moore
Ian Moore 11 днів тому
One more thing.. we don't talk about ladies like that. This dude is a bad pool player and a prick aswell
Ian Moore
Ian Moore 11 днів тому
They should try European pool. Those big American pockets how can you miss. Rubbish
Andre Mamulya
Andre Mamulya 12 днів тому
Americans don't "know" how to play pool??!! Hello from Russia ;)
Gabriel Assef
Gabriel Assef 13 днів тому
2k feminist dislikes
Dakota Rose
Dakota Rose 13 днів тому
class is not emphasized here the way it is with snooker huh?
Stan Mendoza
Stan Mendoza 14 днів тому
She ain’t no pool player.. 🤓 shes weak big time
Neil Dohi
Neil Dohi 14 днів тому
I think the commentary was played over a p.a. at the match.
Ben Middleton
Ben Middleton 14 днів тому
Ok, I'm at a bit of a loss here, I have so many questions: 1: How in the holy hell is a chick playing a guy for 150k US? 2: Is this a tournament final or a private cash match? 3: Who in blazes hired these dipshit commentators and were they fired like they should have been? 4: can I justify watching this for any period of time other than watching her bend over, as that is clearly the only selling point of this video as the level of play is so atrocious? 5: how can the yanks justify having a world title or series of anything when the majority of the time, absolutely no one else from any other country is participating? 6: Did that guy actually say "winningest"? 7: do yanks even know how stupid they sound when they call anything other than centre ball "english"? 8: since bloody when have the IPA rules stipulated that you must break from the centre spot of baulk line, or was that rule the previously agreed to stipulation of the match or tournament? 9: how much alcohol am I going to have to consume to enjoy this? 10: exactly how stupid is this nimrod to announce that 150k is the biggest payday in the history of the sport? 🤡
frie jemi
frie jemi 15 днів тому
sexism isnt a sport! there plenty of unbiased commentators from WPBA fire the idiots on this match
Fuck YouTube
Fuck YouTube 15 днів тому
Loree's body is a solid 9/10 butter face is a mere 4/10
solitario solo
solitario solo 15 днів тому
she's gorgeous i could shoot my balls inside her pussy
Michelle Ferreira
Michelle Ferreira 16 днів тому
Pensei que ela era a cantora Celine Dion
Lula tá preso babaca.
Lula tá preso babaca. 17 днів тому
Eu queria pegar essa moça na mesa de sinuca😋😋😋
paul560ify 17 днів тому
let's hear it girls
Super Newf
Super Newf 18 днів тому
Mike is a fukin tool.Wow what an IDIOT!!!!!
Christian Harris
Christian Harris 19 днів тому
I dont think these commentators know the game... When talking about the break it is not strength and power tbat makes balls go down i play 3x a week 8 ball and snooker... It is all about velocity if you can get the ball moving with spin you dont need any power to smash the pack open and make balls.. Im 140lbs and i can break 3-4 off a rack 80% of the time. These guys need to learn the mathematics and physics of the game.
Chipper Maggee
Chipper Maggee 19 днів тому
Raghu Hallur
Raghu Hallur 19 днів тому
After watching snooker world championship this seems so easy.
Mike Harkins
Mike Harkins 20 днів тому
The whole comment section consists of 2 types of comments.. 1. critiquing the commentators and how bad they were, and 2. boasting about snooker..
Jon Focker
Jon Focker 20 днів тому
win, lose or draw she is smoking hot. ball in hand indeed. sorry, i had to lol
Umar AlFarooq
Umar AlFarooq 20 днів тому
Kevin Treudaue? Didn't he sell those "Cures THEY don't want you to know" books?? I wondered where he went.
Adnan lexus
Adnan lexus 22 дні тому
No way wait Women???
Thomas Pristaire
Thomas Pristaire 25 днів тому
She should wear a thong
Thomas Pristaire
Thomas Pristaire 25 днів тому
Man against woman, the man wins. That unless something else is going on. C'mon everyone, she should have done p0rn. No business in a man's game for Charity.
delbert osborne
delbert osborne 25 днів тому
Mike is playing at far better Iposition games than Loree, I'm not taken anything from her. That's just the way it is😐
Luis Maldonado
Luis Maldonado 26 днів тому
these guys are really annoying!!
Walte Rhoods
Walte Rhoods 26 днів тому
Commentators suck.
Fiskrond 27 днів тому
pmsl... is this a spoof documentary.... :'-D It's like 'Winnebago Man' meets 'Best In Show' meets in an oldskool frat party....
Fiskrond 27 днів тому
6:22.... are they obligated to play with sawn-off broom handles? Serious question....
Sarin 27 днів тому
Loree Jon Jones looks a lot like Lisa Kudrow
Mike Wootton
Mike Wootton 28 днів тому
8 ball is so boring compared to Snooker and no where as near as complex, I would love to see these players on a 12 foot snooker table, they would be soundly beaten by your average snooker club member.
gpuppy1234 День тому
Mike Wootton thats what every snooker player says on youtube. But Steve Davis and Ronnie have lost to pool players
Chris Coleman
Chris Coleman 29 днів тому
Shes fuckin crap..ide beat her ffs
Fred Brooks
Fred Brooks Місяць тому
I'm not quite sure why you would ever change a game by changing the cloth.
Joseph DIAO
Joseph DIAO Місяць тому
Jon Jones lets go
Jukka70 Місяць тому
Sigel is such an ass. Talk about a macho pig, just listen to this jack ass talk like he's above all women. I don't care how good he is, this is one asshole that should have been told off.
Alex Ferreira
Alex Ferreira Місяць тому
Tem que treinar mais senhora.
Cory Banket
Cory Banket Місяць тому
That guy is a misogynist asshole. Plus he sucks at pool. The commentators don't know what they're talking about, praising this twit like they do.
Ahmed Almutairi
Ahmed Almutairi Місяць тому
He talk too much ,Thanks to god he don’t play snooker
David Gillie
David Gillie Місяць тому
slow players,slow commentry,slow table,big pockets..not my kinda pool.
jim gruffalo
jim gruffalo Місяць тому
Running balls. ..she's got no chance!
Ken H
Ken H Місяць тому
I'm almost starting to think that could be the slow cloth
Brada Ovski
Brada Ovski Місяць тому
Its an american table !! nuff said.
Salvador Cortez
Salvador Cortez Місяць тому
Que preciosa mujer
GameBoy Fantasy
GameBoy Fantasy Місяць тому
Why Phoebe looks so serious
S S Місяць тому
1:11:44 BREAK AND RUN OUT amazing! Kevin Trudeau?? well there's a name I haven't seen in a few years.
Joseph Friedling
Joseph Friedling Місяць тому
Loree is a nice looking woman
Joey c
Joey c Місяць тому
Reyes is better in both hand and he is the greatest pool player of all time
Javier Gallego
Javier Gallego Місяць тому
Can these jackasses be more condescending
Gustavo A Cordero
Gustavo A Cordero Місяць тому
son demasiado malos los 2... fallan demasiado y no se ve tecnica en el juego, cualquier amateur les ganaria sin problemas... parece una mesa de pool jugada en mi barrio...
Mr Soto
Mr Soto Місяць тому
I hate when I over stroke my balls
alanmeires Місяць тому
I wish they would shut up.
rock WCG
rock WCG Місяць тому
Mike sigal is a maniac... too much of jestures
Logan Chase
Logan Chase Місяць тому
Why don't the commentators use the term "Denial" rather than saying "break & run out?"
rip van winkle
rip van winkle Місяць тому
the commentators suck they didnt even mention what type of cloth is used
OL LW Місяць тому
This Sigel looks like a child predator, he is so narcissistic...he needs a big dick in his ass
Regal Bowman
Regal Bowman Місяць тому
This guy is annoying
David Savian
David Savian Місяць тому
Why are the players staring at each other when the rules are being explained. This isn't boxing. LOL !!
Tom Winter
Tom Winter Місяць тому
I watched Sigel V Reyes, and soon learned to mute the sound. Muted the sound here, too! Heartening to see big-time pros miss the shots that I would miss!
Baldó Buczi
Baldó Buczi Місяць тому
These players look amateur compared to snooker players. I mean you only have to get 8 balls in a row... that is like a 32 point break in snooker.
gpuppy1234 День тому
Baldó Buczi not really. Just ask Ronnie what happened when he played Johnny Archer
MrSpondulik Місяць тому
Really not a spectator sport. Try snooker instead.
Vik Karode
Vik Karode Місяць тому
Although one of the three that scared Efren Ryan, Sigel is a Very Slow player
Timothy Ayungo
Timothy Ayungo 23 дні тому
did u watch efren vs siegel thats not even called a fight siegel only plays 2 rounds and thats it haha
Matt Walls
Matt Walls Місяць тому
All as I hear is chalking, im moving on now...
John Desousa
John Desousa Місяць тому
I hate players like sigel and Strickland because they run there mouth to try to get the other player off their game. I love it when a player like Efren Reyes comes around and kicks their ass without saying a word. Talking during the match should be illegal.
Carz eyy
Carz eyy Місяць тому
Get back to the kitchen
MR_DIATRIBE 23 Місяць тому
DMC is in the house!!!!!
oglocx witono
oglocx witono Місяць тому
Caline dion?
Dyaa Elyass
Dyaa Elyass Місяць тому
Mike Siegel is so silly he is likable
Dyaa Elyass
Dyaa Elyass Місяць тому
I rather watch Ronnie O’Sullivan
rock WCG
rock WCG Місяць тому
Watching someone who u cannot play like is not at all interesting. Atleast we can play like these guys in real life...
Bart De Reu
Bart De Reu Місяць тому
if this is the top talent, you should REALLY watch some snooker games. This feels like watching 10 yr old kids play a game LOL
jack tyler
jack tyler 6 днів тому
Yup....I could do this....I'm into snooker ..been playing 30 years....no problem
FreaackyFreeky 19 днів тому
Watch Earl, Shane, Efren, Jason, etc... This isn't the best game I've watched. The mosconi cup had 10x better games in my opinion. Probably many other people's opinion as well
Dixon Magister
Dixon Magister 21 день тому
O'Sullivan is Efren
Tom D
Tom D 23 дні тому
I see Thirteen Europeans agree with you. It's no contest,Snooker is a far superior skill game,it's not even an arguement.
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