Mike Sigel vs Loree Jon Jones $150,000 Final Match (First Set)

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Final match tour between Mike Sigel and Loree Jon Jones. Two sets race to 9. $150,000 prise money. Second set - ukvid.net/video/відео-7GFl7QvNU00.html




11 жов 2016

Mike SigelLoree Jon Jones





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kon urb
kon urb 6 годин тому
Little lady no clue how to play pool
kon urb
kon urb 6 годин тому
what the sheet comments
Mitchell Jordan
Mitchell Jordan 9 годин тому
My old man beat LJJ in a nine ball tournament.
Philip Engelmann
Philip Engelmann 12 годин тому
this is like snooker for 3 year old...
electric776 16 годин тому
she is top model horny milf does she have natural tits maybe? if yes she is top
Alex Ramos
Alex Ramos 22 години тому
Nba vs wnba
Alex Ramos
Alex Ramos 23 години тому
A woman lol.
Muddy Funker
Muddy Funker День тому
😂 Can you miss, the pockets are like buckets, what a joke.
Julian Boyd
Julian Boyd День тому
This is some of the worst commentary I've ever heard for anything ever.
Meadow Apple
Meadow Apple День тому
I just love when a jack ass commentator tells their audience that a pro, who could kick his ass all day, is playing xyz. Here they laud Sigel for his breaking ability and the pressure mounts after rack one and he scratches on the break. This is like the jack ass commentator up in the booth at a football game who does not have to look through players to see players yet constantly says "That guy was wide open!" Asswipe might make two balls in a row. He also sounds like he hates to see a woman who is as good as a man. Listen how he constantly puts her down. Because of those three balls near the side pocket in rack two I might pick solids. But would not put a quarter on the table if Loree was in the bar...It is not "He can make this shot in his sleep" it is how well can he leave himself. He is looking at his next shot where these commentators can't see a-z with 7 balls on the table. Sad they have such idiots at the mic. "He just talks to anybody..." That is his wife you dumb ass...
Tan Tran
Tan Tran День тому
hall of fame players Efren Reyes :” Hold my beer”
bobby rosso
bobby rosso 2 дні тому
Олега Мирошниченко
this fucker is bitching too much... wanna punch him in his rotten teeth
TheWorlds Greatest
TheWorlds Greatest 2 дні тому
She sure does know how to hold a stick
Andrew Grenville
Andrew Grenville 3 дні тому
Sigel looks like he lost his suitcase and bought an entire outfit in the nearest discount store.
flashman V
flashman V 3 дні тому
Tough set
Kaxi Kalaxi
Kaxi Kalaxi 3 дні тому
Cabe um abacate grande nas caçapas da mesa, e mesmo assim ainda erram as bolas, como pode!
Alexander Myhill
Alexander Myhill 3 дні тому
Siegel is so bombastic, narcissistic, and rude. Can't even finish watching this game - he ruined it. The Siegel fans commentating aren't much better.
Alexander Myhill
Alexander Myhill 3 дні тому
Perfect example of how commentary can be ruined by a personal bias. When a commentator is coached by one of the players, you're going to end up with this kind of lame drivel. How about you take a cue (pun intended) from snooker commentators, and let people enjoy the game?
Spursrule 3 дні тому
Two of the worse pro players i've ever seen.
J Rent
J Rent 3 дні тому
I think she needs to chalk up a little more..
Len Vincent
Len Vincent 5 днів тому
I wouldn't play pool against her, I would miss just to get her back on the table 🙄😉
Good Moaning Vietnam
Good Moaning Vietnam 5 днів тому
I wish they commented on the game and not on everything else.
Trinketorium 5 днів тому
$150K for a game? Thats nothing - Ronnie O'Sullivan won almost $200K just for getting a maximum break in Snooker a few years ago!
R i C K Y _ G A N G S T E R
R i C K Y _ G A N G S T E R 6 днів тому
David Robertson
David Robertson 6 днів тому
God he's annoying
David Robertson
David Robertson 6 днів тому
Lmao, i read some comments bout the slow nap cloth. 30 min in im lol every time i hear nap
demon shadow
demon shadow 6 днів тому
19:44 Did you have an orgasm sweetie? 😏
Bill D
Bill D 7 днів тому
This match was a joke. This lady is no match for any male pro player. How did it rate $150,000.
Bill D
Bill D 7 днів тому
Sigel voted all time best player? Who in the hell voted? I think Efrin might have something to say about that.
Gleidson Gomes Cavalcante
Gleidson Gomes Cavalcante 8 днів тому
Locutor infeliz, cala a boca!!!
TTundragrizzly 8 днів тому
These commentators are really annoying.
Antonio Acevedo
Antonio Acevedo 9 днів тому
Three are too many commentators. Two is enough.
Spotted Bullet
Spotted Bullet 9 днів тому
uh oh! looks like it's back to the kitchen for Loree!
Jayden Lawson
Jayden Lawson 3 дні тому
Thanks for ruining the result
slide4180 9 днів тому
Loree Jon "Bones" Jones
Xerra 9 днів тому
Average snooker player would have swept them clean.
Adam Annony
Adam Annony 10 днів тому
im confused i kept hearing the announcers talk about the greatest living player but i didnt see Efren anywhere?
saeed mohammadi
saeed mohammadi 10 днів тому
These two are called Unprofessional Amateurs. After being 8 times world champion and still makes mistakes like someone who just started playing pool!? And the man circle an open table 6 times before he makes shot. what waste of time, data and battery...
Gina Tafferty
Gina Tafferty 10 днів тому
Asmr with Mario Lopez @37:00
Gina Tafferty
Gina Tafferty 10 днів тому
Cocky ass guy.....😒
mack river
mack river 10 днів тому
if he is the greatestt why did efren beat him fot $ 250,000
Neddy Henare
Neddy Henare 8 днів тому
He's not Efron Reyes is
Rob Re
Rob Re 11 днів тому
who kept watching this just to get a good shot of loree bending over hitting a shot jmo
Oliver Heneghan
Oliver Heneghan 11 днів тому
14:08 Ronnie O’Sullivan
Fabian Gherasim
Fabian Gherasim 11 днів тому
why the bad video quality ?
The Daily Compilation
The Daily Compilation 11 днів тому
Everyone in this video annoyed me
Stuart Lawson Beattie
Stuart Lawson Beattie 12 днів тому
What a terribler commentary, nay shot, any mistake there is an excuse, most people watching this can play pool so why the idiot talk??? Secondly both players are rude, interruptive and spoilt, is pool usually so derogatory to the opposing player when they are forced to wait whilst the player addresse3s the crowd. This is horrible, cruel and unwatchable.
Ralph Williams
Ralph Williams 12 днів тому
Who's looking at the pool not me cor
T&C Rogers
T&C Rogers 12 днів тому
This commentary makes this match unwatchable... continuing on mute ffs.
Chris Hood
Chris Hood 13 днів тому
MIke couldn't wait to go out and get a smoke.
Ronaldo Silva
Ronaldo Silva 13 днів тому
Essa mulher enrrola demais aff
Saitama 13 днів тому
omg..just shut up and play
Yufu Mo
Yufu Mo 13 днів тому
These are the best pool players in the world? Come on.
SectionF4 14 днів тому
Chill with the golf analogies. You obviously don't play.
Dante 18 днів тому
The commentators are kind of annoying, but everything they said was factual. No need to do difficult combinations unless you are forced to, and she isn't
nrainfidelforlife 18 днів тому
I'd knock the dust off that pussy.
Russell Notestine
Russell Notestine 19 днів тому
That's what we in Ohio call "Getting it in the throat".
SÉRGIO Fernandes
SÉRGIO Fernandes 19 днів тому
Joga demais esse cara. Tá louco viu.
superapple4ever 20 днів тому
This guys a bit do you sexist for me. Women are excellent players and I’m a man. My girlfriend can beat my ass any day.
s1dest3p 20 днів тому
Can we just call her Lori? Thanks.
장우창 20 днів тому
여자분 진짜 못하네
Michael Rexrode
Michael Rexrode 21 день тому
I like donuts
wes 21 день тому
Who plays eight ball anymore
sound13 21 день тому
Yikes, Mike is annoying and backward thinking-"I'm not doubting women, but men are just better." like wtf that ain't it chief
American Man USA
American Man USA 21 день тому
What kind of cues are they using?
jose mendivil
jose mendivil 21 день тому
Como le echa tisa don Ramón al taco jaja
Brian Welling
Brian Welling 21 день тому
Rumor has it these commentators are STILL talking to this day
Mike Hubbard
Mike Hubbard 22 дні тому
Tensions are high for Loree Jon.
Aaron Mills
Aaron Mills 22 дні тому
And i can't even win a game of 8 Ball Pool SMH
Craig Eillison
Craig Eillison 22 дні тому
When they say... Great shot... Have these guys ever watched snooker? they'd be jizzing in their pants.
Super Shaun
Super Shaun 22 дні тому
Mike Sigel and the commentators are sexist cocks who need sorting out. It’s 21st century not 1900s. He may play decent sometimes but what a twat he is the way he laughs when he’s winning like saying, this is a mans game and I’m the best, but when he’s losing what a face he has on him. Loser
Allen Schneider
Allen Schneider 22 дні тому
Would love to see these two play straight pool!
jam par
jam par 23 дні тому
she needs a tramp stamp
Andy Satch
Andy Satch 24 дні тому
You gotta love these yanks! If these are some of their best players, I think I need to move there and be a pool player...... With pockets like buckets, it's harder to miss. A below average snooker player from the UK would clean up.
Tom Simpson
Tom Simpson 25 днів тому
Takes no skill to play American pool sorry not sorry. Try English blackball
Ronaldo Coelho
Ronaldo Coelho 25 днів тому
Caçapa dessa até eu mato todas
Los Nutters
Los Nutters 25 днів тому
Mulder in peru oh my god doplegengar
Derek Bond
Derek Bond 26 днів тому
These commentators have no idea what pool is. Why are they commentating?
LamborghiniGold 27 днів тому
Do they commentate all this talk after the tournament ends...?
Enrique Sanchez
Enrique Sanchez 27 днів тому
What a beautiful woman!
John deneau
John deneau 28 днів тому
That was Pauley from goodfellas...
Carlos Alberto Gonçalves da Silva
Tamanho dessas caçapas..nessa mesa eu também sou show...
Efrain Angel Campo Campo
Efrain Angel Campo Campo 28 днів тому
She is really really beautifull 😍😍😍
Rationalthought83 28 днів тому
What is the point of lagging? It makes no sense if the competitors don't have to begin at the exact same time. I can stand there and wait for you to go to observe how hard you hit it, then just do it softly to gain the break.
Robert Dunn
Robert Dunn 28 днів тому
This guy plays pool like a neurotic psychopath. If anyone acted like this in their local club, they’d kick you out on the assumption you just snorted a kilo in the bathroom.
RaJoChi 29 днів тому
asi cualquiera.en el juego 4 la bola negra tiene que ir a la esquina,no al medio que pasa aqu si coo aficcionado e juega asi ,no tiene sentido muchachos es muy facil ganar asi,vamos hay que cambiar la cosa me hacen reiir.
RaJoChi 29 днів тому
a donde se a visto .asi es muy facil. la negra va en donde entro la ultima bola de cada jugador,por lo menos asi lo entiendo,que divino e jugar asi.
Alf 1
Alf 1 29 днів тому
Wenn ich das so sehe, erinnert mich an Kinderbillard. Da hab ich vor 35 Jahren besser gespielt.
Paolo Benedicti
Paolo Benedicti 29 днів тому
I definitely don't like this man
OrlandoORC Місяць тому
She’s such a sexy milf...😋
Виталий Мануйлов
Виталий Мануйлов Місяць тому
Пиздец , ну тупые . ТУПЫЕ
B. Julian Faden
B. Julian Faden Місяць тому
commentators should shut the _ _ _ _ up
Luigi Geiser
Luigi Geiser Місяць тому
Dennis Schell
Dennis Schell Місяць тому
Hey commentators: STFU!!!
Mark Abela
Mark Abela Місяць тому
that's called bullshit game
Paulo celio
Paulo celio Місяць тому
Para os dois parabéns 🎱🕊
Dave Wild
Dave Wild Місяць тому
Sigel is such an arrogant clown
dan li3 3
dan li3 3 Місяць тому
Es tiempo de chiviar 🎱
Grahamhg Місяць тому
A childs game
AndyRoo2 Місяць тому
What am I missing? It's just like watching two guys at the pub play! It seems as if any snooker pro would thrash them one handed! The table is 1/4 the size with bucket pockets!!!
Oh yeah yeah
Oh yeah yeah Місяць тому
These people are definitely not the best
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