MMA Community Reacts to POWERFUL KO in Jan Blachowicz vs Corey Anderson,UFC Rio Rancho,Jon Jones

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UFC Rio Rancho Results,
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Mariusz 10 днів тому
🔥🔥🔥🔥 fair fight 1:43 🖤💕💙 👇 👇 👇 👇💟
Fairley Chang
Fairley Chang 23 дні тому
1:29 what was Johnny Walker saying? Sounded like he said 50 cent at one point
Krzysztof Slipcewicz
Krzysztof Slipcewicz 24 дні тому
Jan jesteś naj
AmeriKen Optics AmeriKen Optics
AmeriKen Optics AmeriKen Optics 29 днів тому
Isnt this the same channel that fell for the mom recording the crying child bit?
Maciek Igna
Maciek Igna Місяць тому
2:25 - 3:00 lol....
Bifforn Gloop
Bifforn Gloop Місяць тому
Blachowicz will be like a girl vs Jones
NishiDaNinja 420
NishiDaNinja 420 Місяць тому
Someone should of told Cory that "there's levels to this" 😂
Just Justin
Just Justin Місяць тому
Duck duck Goose.....hilarious!
DRealFatguy Місяць тому
Fair play to Corey Anderson. He did say the fight was going to be VERY dominant. Diego losing his mind. Diego confused about reality. Diego getting owned until the illegal knee. Diego standing there like he won ... and no one comes to interview him. PRICELESS.
Christopher Correa
Christopher Correa Місяць тому
Horrible tip by Michael Chiesa, if you’re going to throw leg kicks against a power puncher set them up. Chop his legs and calfs and the power won’t be the same
Ryan Dunaway
Ryan Dunaway Місяць тому
A lose won’t stop Anderson
edit11 Місяць тому
Jon Jones: "I definitely feel like I won rounds for and five" Me: "what happened to the other three rounds, jon?" Jon Jones: "you just got to believe in yourself, I love you guys goodnight!"
Anthony DeFabees
Anthony DeFabees Місяць тому
Jones better be careful. He can't even finish fights anymore. This guy may snatch that belt in quick fashion.
john doe
john doe Місяць тому
Only casual fan black dudes care about a cheat like jones .
The mad hatter
The mad hatter Місяць тому
You know for someone that just got beat up, Jon looks untouched or he must heal fast. Or maybe none of those punches hit him clean 💯 he doesn’t look like he lost but where is the other guy 🤕🤣💯
Olaf PRO
Olaf PRO Місяць тому
The Joe Sankovich
The Joe Sankovich Місяць тому
The end though 🤣🤣🤣🤣
centralcoastpitbulls Місяць тому
Jon jones wanting to fight the #6 is him aclnowledging he lost his title defense.
centralcoastpitbulls Місяць тому
There was two dqs that night for illegal knees so why talk shit.. both cheated
centralcoastpitbulls Місяць тому
People talking shit about deigo. Deigo did not cheat, so why when his opponent does you cut him down? Deigo won fair and square, you cheat, you lose....
centralcoastpitbulls Місяць тому
The best karma jones fights #6 and loses the # 6 loses to reyes
centralcoastpitbulls Місяць тому
How many other times you see in history where a champion wants to fight a #6 contender vs defend his loss against the #1? Only in ufc
AntumDeluge Місяць тому
I just became a fan of Brok Weaver.
Nick C
Nick C Місяць тому
lol @ that ref trying to do everything he can to trick diego into keep going in the fight
Timothy Srka
Timothy Srka Місяць тому
Thought jones was doing a triple c impersonation on the thumbnail lol
Bob Dole
Bob Dole Місяць тому
Thiago can beat Jon Jones in a rematch, as long as he checks those oblique kicks. Thiago vs Dom would be an incredible fight too. Also why no Till vs Whittaker talk?
Jose TRINDADE Місяць тому
Jan is easy work for Jones I want to see a Reyes rematch
Ernie the Giant Chicken
Ernie the Giant Chicken Місяць тому
Um, no. Jones arguably lost his last 2. He rematches someone or gtfo. And enough of this goat shit
James Joseph
James Joseph Місяць тому
Very glad Jon Dodson cut his hair
Gio Sang
Gio Sang Місяць тому
Diego " wanna DQ" Sanchez
Bhelesi dlomo
Bhelesi dlomo Місяць тому
Jon cocaine Jones must stop running from Reyes nd gv him a re-match
E Riv
E Riv Місяць тому
No need..A challenger never gets an immediate rematch..Reyes LOST..move on 🤦🏾‍♂️
Bhelesi dlomo
Bhelesi dlomo Місяць тому
Coreys two seconds of fame was ended in this fight
SteelersGoingFor 7
SteelersGoingFor 7 Місяць тому
It all played into Diego's gameplan. Matrix'd his ass into illegal kneeing him. Fair play.
WCG & COMICS Місяць тому
Dam whites get extra excited when a whiteguy finally beats a Blackman!lol
LancastersDonuts Місяць тому
Fu*k Jon Jones & his cheatimg punk self!
Paul Robot
Paul Robot Місяць тому
At Least Comier is a Real American Idol & ain’t scared to Bang Out with the Big Boys!
Paul Robot
Paul Robot Місяць тому
This all just Hype! Jon (GoldenBoy) Jones is scared to fight Dominic again so he is trying to start Hype with a Fight he can win and Keep his little legacy because he know if he Get Knocked out his career is OVER. The main Reason why he Don’t want to Move to Heavyweight because he know there are people his size and will Knock Him Out Cold!
Tiger Місяць тому
Lucky punch
OrionTheHunter1000 Місяць тому
lando vannata seems like a cool dude fun to watch
Eugene Vanderwalt
Eugene Vanderwalt Місяць тому
Ole chicklet teeth got knocked out.. Sorry not sorry Corey
Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson Місяць тому
Um, hello Megan Anderson.... where the hell you been the last 2 weeks!?!?
Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson Місяць тому
Tony the type of guy to score the judges between his rounds
Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson Місяць тому
Tony the type of guy to score the judges between his rounds
Jiu-Jitsu 4 Odin
Jiu-Jitsu 4 Odin Місяць тому
Tony Ferguson is the type of guy waiters tip at restaurants!
Steven Fox
Steven Fox Місяць тому
Blacowitz is a much easier fight for Jon than Reyes. Bones would cut him to shreds ...maybe even choke him out
Charles Barnes
Charles Barnes Місяць тому
digdeep0169 Місяць тому
corey got his ass whooped. i think i'll just go to sleep in the 1st round anderson... bwahahaha
ChrischrosBelgium Місяць тому
I did not understand why Corey was such a favourite all of a sudden; He had a win over a fighter that played too much and underestimated him. He is still sub top. ANd why the gyno.... makes you wonder....
ChrischrosBelgium Місяць тому
After the Reyes Jones fight, I think DC needs to come back to 205 and fight Jones again; He can beat this Jones, and he can beat all the others. Jones had his number but this Picoless Jones lacks agression, power, strenght, explosiveness and creativity. Jones used to look a lot bigger. He is getting older too. So with legal trt he would be unstoppable again maybe; But for now, DC can still beat all these guys.
kckman52 Місяць тому
diego practicing for his WWE career
danni ragu
danni ragu Місяць тому
Lol jus fight reyes stop it
Russian Troll
Russian Troll Місяць тому
Scott Holtzman is on something. Look at him, he's a statue.
Jon Ball
Jon Ball Місяць тому
Look forward to seeing more of pereira hes entertaining as fuck,just nedds to rain his flips a bit but guess thats makes him entertaining
Jon Ball
Jon Ball Місяць тому
Diego should of said fuck it mans a savage but who am i say
Cris P. Bacon
Cris P. Bacon Місяць тому
Brok Weaver As a Big fan of all Mexican UFC Fighters. With your post fight Interview you gained respect and fans! That's the Heart of a real Champ! Let's get it!
yeahSOwhat Місяць тому
Anyone knows what was Johnny Walker saying ? Btw I thought he was American with the name like that....
jokrj Місяць тому
dai alexander
dai alexander Місяць тому
"Don't throw leg kicks against power punchers"...wtf are you talking 👄 about micheal. Stop!?
G Gianky
G Gianky Місяць тому
Diego sanchez is a quitter.. He knew he was losing so he choose the bitchboy way out.. What a fraud
Phil Pacific
Phil Pacific Місяць тому
8:52 someone explain to me what these big puffy wigs are? khabib wears one too?
Phil Pacific
Phil Pacific Місяць тому
illegal knees everywhere. something in the water in new mexico!
MystiCalBEING89 Місяць тому
they should be talking to reyes asking who he wants to defend his title against
Phil Pacific
Phil Pacific Місяць тому
you have five minutes to sulk then it's on to the next.
HOTRODRICO Місяць тому
hotsauce looks like he's on sauce...
Miami Overdrive
Miami Overdrive Місяць тому
I'm surprised Jones didn't try to poke his eyes from the front row!
Kevin s
Kevin s Місяць тому
I don't know why Jones is hyping up. He just got his ass beat
Cyrus Foo
Cyrus Foo Місяць тому
Jon better rematch reyes and avenge that "loss" before facing jan or moving to HW
Diksaca Yehovah
Diksaca Yehovah Місяць тому
Jon Jones will end up on the ground knocked the f out too. He better order more PEDs now.
Platinum Місяць тому
But i like Jan and Jon
G Місяць тому
diego vs brok weaver next
nazmul haq nion
nazmul haq nion Місяць тому
Illegal knees 😂
Muhammad Talha
Muhammad Talha Місяць тому
Massive Polish power
sunday miroslav
sunday miroslav Місяць тому
Jon 'Cringe' Jones
Ethan Richards
Ethan Richards Місяць тому
Bones gonna need a few more picograms to withstand a fight with Jan
Dennis Janda
Dennis Janda Місяць тому
He went down and it wasn't a slip, right Jon ??
zee zee
zee zee Місяць тому
bs stoppage for the main event. the ref should have gave corey a chance
zee zee
zee zee Місяць тому
"A great coach once told me if he's Polish he has power" - a great coach
NZ CREST Місяць тому
So many adds in every thing!
edwin Patassini
edwin Patassini Місяць тому
I saw Anderson loosing his feints game and Blachowitz immediately capitalizing
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