MMA Community Reacts to the Super Weird Fight Diego Sanchez vs Michel Pereira,Reyes on Jones

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Tyron Woodley on Corey Anderson vs Jan Blachowicz,
Andy Foster on MMA Scoring system,
Checkout Ariel Helwani Show Pod- www.espn.com/espnradio/podcast/archive/_/id/16787314
Henry Cejudo wants Waldo next,
Courtesy ESPN MMA-instagram.com/espnmma
Shevchenko feels bout with Calderwood next makes sense,
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Reyes on Jones rematch,
Checkout 'Ariel Helwani's MMA SHOW'-itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/ariel-helwanis-mma-show/id1131739506?mt=2
MMA Community Reacts to Diego Sanchez's DQ win over Pereira,
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🔥🔥🔥🔥 fair fight 1:54 🔥🥊🧡 👇💯
nate cote
nate cote 23 дні тому
Soooooooo Woodley just admitted he cant sell a fight hahaha
Chris Bam
Chris Bam 24 дні тому
i just feel bad for sanchez, its kinda what rousey went through
🔥🔥 fair fight 1:41 🥊💯 👇👇👇👇🥊
ses ii
ses ii 29 днів тому
Sanchez is big bitch
HayabusaJudah 29 днів тому
Why does Cejudo have a tiny wbc belt?
Karl Jan Contado
Karl Jan Contado Місяць тому
I didn't like how cejudo became cocky and arrogant. I used to like him but when he became successful he became a fool
Danielle Hampleton
Danielle Hampleton Місяць тому
Lol Connor trying to get another tune up fight 😂 he needs to leave Diego alone and fight Justin Gaethje.
Mrs. Petrov
Mrs. Petrov Місяць тому
Woodley broke spend all his money now he going fight sorry you won't win again boom roasted
Gianflavio Місяць тому
Video starts at 1:38
Matthew Besson
Matthew Besson Місяць тому
Another lengthy video from Tyron Woodly another bunch of babble. I am done listening to this guy. Blah blah blah blah,
Chade Hogan
Chade Hogan Місяць тому
*Reyes sees another fighter take his thunder challenging jones and shits his pants*
Iam Legend
Iam Legend Місяць тому
It's sad to see UFC caliber fighter perfotm Bullshido
Ben K
Ben K Місяць тому
T wood can't shut the fuck up. Go fight ! Bitch !
countsmyth Місяць тому
Tyron does more taking than fighting. If he was a politician he'd be president of the world!
Hatchie Місяць тому
savagiz lol
Saverio Pulsinelli
Saverio Pulsinelli Місяць тому
Conor pushes for a Diego Sanchez fight .what the fuck He is straight up undoubtedly ducking Justin gaethje
Jacomus Tuedam
Jacomus Tuedam Місяць тому
May the force be with you Diego hahaha
Ed Tom
Ed Tom Місяць тому
Dominick it’s like a little bitch that can’t accept that he lost period makes so much trash talking I don’t think he did enough to get the belt accept to destiny abb no d embrace it like a man
DontLookBack Місяць тому
Its clear Diego is over thinking literally everything. Just like when fighters need sports psychologists and all this other crap. He needs to go to American top team or somewhere legit and tried and true and go back to the basics of what made him a successful fighter in the past. He's too far gone in his career to try and completely change up what worked for him for so many years....in my opinion I think Diego is going through a crisis. His career is coming to a close. He doesn't have any type of work but fighting. He's been losing. Dropped his trainer and got a bunch of weirdos. There's something wrong with him mentally.
Colt Benbow
Colt Benbow Місяць тому
Awww I miss tyron I’m about to fight woodley
vyber Vybin'
vyber Vybin' Місяць тому
"McGregor vs Sanchez" lmao imagine And why yal had to do Michael chiesa like that 😂😂
unknown user
unknown user Місяць тому
Lmao I'd love to see him fight McGregor
Joel Tardieff
Joel Tardieff Місяць тому
Why does Wood have to go to London for a lower ranked fighter?
Y Picard
Y Picard Місяць тому
Nothing to react to really. The guy got hit in the head too many times and thinks he's a Jedi now... Funny and sad at the same time...
But Why
But Why Місяць тому
the brunson dude too, whats with them brows?
But Why
But Why Місяць тому
why this meghan gal always here for, she's "wack", also, has she won a fight yet?
Jos Kuki
Jos Kuki Місяць тому
Some one explain what Michael Bisping Says,.. he loss twice but still Chessing the Man who knock him down.... Is that what he mean?! Haha
Rhaegar Snow
Rhaegar Snow Місяць тому
Woodley is garbage. He's had his time. He wasn't good enough to keep it going.
Yosiyas Desta
Yosiyas Desta Місяць тому
Yoel Romero at the end😂
PickledPunk Media
PickledPunk Media Місяць тому
Now that's what I call a dirty Sanchez.
Heather Chandler
Heather Chandler Місяць тому
We all know Diego is a beast so now he's a smart beast!
Chetan K
Chetan K Місяць тому
What is the deal with Connor
roger Місяць тому
Jose can probably finish cejudo.
DRealFatguy Місяць тому
Bisping for the win.
A Real One.
A Real One. Місяць тому
What you didn't see is Diego fulfilling the dream of a special needs man to fight in mma. he let him win via arm bar then he picked him up on his shoulders, and gave him a victory lap. Then he gave him a trophy. The guy was so happy! What a class act!
James Stinnette
James Stinnette Місяць тому
Bisping is such a fucking gangster.
Santi Lezcano
Santi Lezcano Місяць тому
Cub swansom tweet hahahahahaha
brindlebriar Місяць тому
1:39 . This guy sounds like he has brain damage. How does somebody like that become an executive director of anything? He makes no sense, just keeps contradicting himself. Rambling. Talking like an insane person. Gibberish.
Cayce Wolfe
Cayce Wolfe Місяць тому
Bisping burried chiesa omg lol 😂
minkyu lee
minkyu lee Місяць тому
Michael bisping is crazy lmao! Damn his funny as fuck I think he just to fight and argue with people and when he use to fight I was hater but damn now I want him back haha
John Caudill
John Caudill Місяць тому
How can the refs n judges get shit under there belt exp etc if the keep getting the same ones to do u have to take a chance I'd say yes big fights use the ones u know but otherwise no
John Caudill
John Caudill Місяць тому
Woodly is crazy as fuck lol
Spoiler Alert
Spoiler Alert Місяць тому
@ 9:55
Jason Mavis
Jason Mavis Місяць тому
6:57 y'all, God bless🙏
B Lee
B Lee Місяць тому
Honigdachs Місяць тому
Funny to see people mock Diego's weird defensive hand position. It's the same one Jon Jones uses all the time, so likely a Jacksonwink product.
b metrix
b metrix Місяць тому
Bryce Mitchell is a twit.
Stormcrow Місяць тому
Diego Sanchez is the Naismith of the UFC. Love and respect him. But let’s be real though.... Today’s fighter has out evolved him in every aspect. He is the Dodo. I think his Connor beef after the last fight... was respect. They want to give him a red panty loss into the sunset....... Probably never happen though. Even though fans would pay to see that fight.
Alfonse Klyne
Alfonse Klyne Місяць тому
Dude the decisions shit should be this your the champ and the challenger isnt. His job the challenger is to win if it goes to decision you didnt win too fucken decisively did ya?
Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones Місяць тому
Woodley does get a lot of shade for the stuff he says but I genuinely think he is somewhat smart and a good person, his mother is absolutely lovely too that definitely had an impact on him, you can see the same traits in Wonderboy Thompson (just less bitching obviously)😂
shinon kim
shinon kim Місяць тому
Bisbing keeping it real lol
John Baisden
John Baisden Місяць тому
Ugh.... that is a hell of a start to a video. I would rather watch paint dry than to listen T wood give his opinions
Clav D
Clav D Місяць тому
Judges should be former fighters
Swaggin Goat
Swaggin Goat Місяць тому
Diego has cte
Karnij Guzman
Karnij Guzman Місяць тому
From someone who saw that fight diego is 100% right to accept this hard earned DQ win not once did he run away from his opponent he went to round 3! Got an illegal knee on the forehead the blow that gave him stars and birds btw and if he continued already concussed he would have forfeited not only the bout his health.
Joshua Cortes
Joshua Cortes Місяць тому
Mr Foster is right
flyingchimp12 Місяць тому
Fucked up to quit when you’re getting your ass beat
Wilberto Casillas
Wilberto Casillas Місяць тому
I buy every JJ right. Won't be buying unless it's a rematch with Dominick Reyes
The Місяць тому
Still this Shite Music, when are you going to realise it's utter Pish!?
lj koots
lj koots Місяць тому
It's pretty cringe they have so many active fighters as commentary panellists it's really awkward
Justin Bryant
Justin Bryant Місяць тому
lj koots
lj koots Місяць тому
Tyrone the mental breakdown existential crisis victim woodley
Chad Mulligan
Chad Mulligan Місяць тому
I love Michel bisping! He is fast with the burns!
Chad Mulligan
Chad Mulligan Місяць тому
Diego's a wizard, his focus face was the same same before and after, he willed that win from the universe! Saw a path to victory and took it!
razzle dazzle
razzle dazzle Місяць тому
Ahahaahah the ending
codee comah
codee comah Місяць тому
Diego Sanchez... beezy! Ferreira was dominant... I don't respect a bitch win. Put a (*) on that one... he wack. World knows it now.
PowWowChicken Місяць тому
Diego didn't do shit but call it what it is. A ass kicking alongside with a illegal blow from a moron who didn't know he was winning 🙄. If anyone needs to be yelled at, it's not Diego 👌. The victim always gets the blame when it comes to DQ in the UFC 🤨
SuperBBN // NatBrandBen
SuperBBN // NatBrandBen Місяць тому
at most a draw...Jones got lucky again...only way to beat him fairly is a K.O. dnt take much, just right spot
Big Body Slim
Big Body Slim Місяць тому
Hating Pereira is a bandwagon wow. "illegal knees" are everywhere, honestly deserved a point being taken not DQ. It was becoming a great fight
samsungsamurai Місяць тому
you need to put McGregor image or name to get people attention right?
Michael Schnell
Michael Schnell Місяць тому
Lol, Conor only callin the easy fights he knows he can win. Wants a win streak and easy pay days (don’t blame him)
Bry D.
Bry D. Місяць тому
It should be Jones fighting to get his belt back.
DMG Products
DMG Products Місяць тому
Yoel: savages? 😂😂😂😂😂
S P Місяць тому
Diego is such a pussy
David Apodaca
David Apodaca Місяць тому
That end clip with Joe and Yoel, needs to be put to more use
Zach M
Zach M Місяць тому
"savages" "SADBITCHEZ"
Nicholas Marcum
Nicholas Marcum Місяць тому
Henry acts like he dominated dj 😂when he barely pulled it off
Joseph Kelley
Joseph Kelley Місяць тому
it was "The Force Field" that confused Diego's opponent SO much that he gone and did an illegal head kick. That's what the Force Field does, it confuses y'all. .
Joseph Kelley
Joseph Kelley Місяць тому
came-to when they were RAISING Diego's hand !! . .
Joseph Kelley
Joseph Kelley Місяць тому
Me I was confused just watching it - felt like I'd GONE into shock. .
Notorious Місяць тому
I didn't know Jim corrnet was moonlighting as Andy foster
Fernando Mendoza
Fernando Mendoza Місяць тому
Joel at the end : Sabitches
Brent Knight
Brent Knight Місяць тому
Man thugnasty with his woman's makeup on
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