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Scott was robbed in more ways than one.

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"Opening" from Super Smash Bros.
"Acorn Plains (Map)" from New Super Mario Bros. U
"Power Ride" from Sonic Runners
"Battle Theme" from Final Fantasy VI
"Cut!" from Cut the Rope
"Main Theme" from Angry Birds
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"Main Theme" from Fruit Ninja
"Main Theme" from Jetpack Joyride
"Choco Mountain" from Mario Kart 64
"Main Menu" from Part Time UFO
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"Main Theme" from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
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19 вер 2021





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Alejandro Schnettler
Alejandro Schnettler 10 годин тому
3:31 I said that unironically when I was a child xD
cool video ,you can try our first mobile game Cube Hunters Arena,but we warned you its realy hard after lvl 20 :)
Buzzlitebeer 19 годин тому
You need to do a Video about Gatcha games on smartphones
zindayn День тому
I was expecting at least a mention of Genshin impact as soon as he made the robbery joke.
AetsyR 2 дні тому
Pokémon go on console?
Glizzy Chungus deluxe
Glizzy Chungus deluxe 2 дні тому
Console angry birds had some exclusive content
Edgy slayer
Edgy slayer 6 годин тому
Still not worth it
Shadynut 2 дні тому
Scott said the exclusive content was dumb
Sarim 3 дні тому
Half the time I was going on a nostalgia trip because of the memories of playing these games...
Aiden Hoffmann
Aiden Hoffmann 3 дні тому
Fire emblem works surprisingly well on phones
NotArmani 3 дні тому
Cut The Rope on DSi is still a great combo.
Jastus Vilbum
Jastus Vilbum 4 дні тому
Cut the rope was NOT as good as angry birds.
Samuel Allen
Samuel Allen 4 дні тому
Part time ufo is good tho
Genra 4 дні тому
The start of the "Scott got robbed" filler arc
BuilderBosc 4 дні тому
Ive Been robbed! *Checks toilet to see if chibi robo is gone* Dammit!
Buchi Ugwu
Buchi Ugwu 4 дні тому
This is why pes sorry efootball is struggling
Bad Dragonite
Bad Dragonite 4 дні тому
I would prolly play Dragalia lost on switch tho Nintendo developed rpg, only on mobile
water44 4 дні тому
I owned angry birds star wars 1 on the 360 ages ago and I loved it
Spidered-Man 4 дні тому
I have Angry Birds Star Wars for Ps3 and let me tell you: It is stiff to control in certain times and were I got stuck on most levels because of the controls and what do you know! There's an achievement for restarting a level 100 times!
Jon Mcintyre
Jon Mcintyre 4 дні тому
6:41 Scott turned into Gilbert Gottfried
Crokobos 4 дні тому
I love how Angry BIrds Star Wars on PS3 claims to be "only on Playstation!"
Sonata Games
Sonata Games 5 днів тому
Being tired of soulless mobile games, i as a game composer, decided to make my own oldschool game : LUNI WAR 2 - AI TAKE OVER for Android and PC. With a great soundtrack and old school feel to it. Check it out if you want to play a REAL game on mobile for a change.
Parabellona 5 днів тому
Fascinating that you mentioned two halfbrick games one after the other and didn't put two and two together. It's no surprise that JPJR went to the PSP if fruit ninja did.
Gromit Cheese and cracker lover
When I was a kid my older brother got angry birds star wars for the wii I scratched the disc so they could really think about how much money they wasted.
Mortis 5 днів тому
Why is your vita so dirty
odnetniN 5 днів тому
Lol. I remember when the iPhone came out, no, not the iPhone 1, it was iPhone. Anyway, went to a concert and my buddy pulled out his new phone, my first glimpse. Then he flicked it like a lighter and the zippo lit up. I bought one the next day. Then the 4s, 6s, xr….
Ismail 5 днів тому
Someone 6 днів тому
SixCylinder YT
SixCylinder YT 6 днів тому
Ryker Cide
Ryker Cide 6 днів тому
Oh look it's my childhood nomnom Wow I really grew up
tiffa elesis
tiffa elesis 6 днів тому
Gta San Andreas is my fav gta too.
SHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6 днів тому
"Nine year-olds see this game and go, 'OH MY CHILDHOOD!'" Underrated joke.
deathwished13 6 днів тому
I was excited for angry birds on the Wii u...why? I didn't adopt a smart phone until like 2015 but I did have a wii u 🤪😂
Andres L
Andres L 6 днів тому
I was hoping you would talk about Chinatown Wars, there are several differences between console, Android and Iphone versions of that game.
Johnny Watts
Johnny Watts 6 днів тому
I got angry birds Star Wars for 10 dollars on Nintendo 3ds xl
Alex Alvarado
Alex Alvarado 6 днів тому
5:08 The Bonus Stage's In Angry Birds Trilogy 10:47 Fruit Ninja For PlayStation Vita
Philip Valenzuela
Philip Valenzuela 7 днів тому
There this one game that could use a port on COnsoles.. the Space Marshalls Franchise
WurmpleGod 99
WurmpleGod 99 7 днів тому
Im still wondering if he actually got robbed or if it was a joke...
cudlebear64 7 днів тому
13:43 cod mobile is a thing as well, if you want a call of duty experience on mobile, you have multiple options that are call of duty and one of them is free
John Plushyverse
John Plushyverse 7 днів тому
Cant believe you didn’t mention the fact that the first set of versions had 2 dlc packs, each costing 4.99 usd When if you had the apps those would be free updates Totally worth that price tag guys
Mr. Stuff Doer
Mr. Stuff Doer 7 днів тому
The fact that he thinks FF15 could run on the switch is adorable.
XgamerdaveX 7 днів тому
San Andreas is still my favourite GTA as well.
Z Avior K
Z Avior K 8 днів тому
Wait was scott actually get robbed??
RAPTOR REVIEWS 8 днів тому
Somebody please what is the game at 2.30🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
mahhdik 8 днів тому
HOLY MOLY angry birds was removed on my 12 birthday WHAT
Marcel Swyter
Marcel Swyter 8 днів тому
Oh C’mon Part time Ufo deserved to be on console it’s so much better with a controller. :’( it’s good I promise
OB2Kenobi 8 днів тому
6:41 -Me, never
Michaels Lab
Michaels Lab 8 днів тому
"who would buy this?!?" whilst holding a physical copy *realization* *queue existential crisis*
M. Yousaf
M. Yousaf 8 днів тому
How do I toggle a variable in Python?
Savage Gamer
Savage Gamer 8 днів тому
Of course they would leave chibi-robo ziplash
SuperSpamGuy 9 днів тому
I dunno if this counts but before I got a phone I paid 15 dollars for Plants Vs. Zombies on my DS and I'm still salty about it lol
Eel 9 днів тому
My thoughts on console releases of mobile games: The console versions are guaranteed to be outdated because mobile games constantly get updated with content and unnecessary graphical changes
AdvisorIncarnate [Lukas]
AdvisorIncarnate [Lukas] 9 днів тому
Anybody ever heard of Orcs&Elves? The Mobile Game ported to DS? Just me? Alright.
Joseph DaDan
Joseph DaDan 10 днів тому
The beginning of “The Robbed Arc”
J0 53
J0 53 10 днів тому
kinda wanna see scott play cod mobile
Connor Dyck
Connor Dyck 10 днів тому
Kinda sucks that most of the older angry birds games are discontinued now, they were fun to play on the go
Hysandel 10 днів тому
Mfw asphalt 9 is on the most powerful console in existence: 🤬
IshtheWall 10 днів тому
I will fight anyone who says sky doesn’t belong on a console
TwoPi360 10 днів тому
Shout out to the Thrivent shirt! About half of my wardrobe consists of those comfy shirts.
Jürgen raven-fang
Jürgen raven-fang 10 днів тому
Homie really robbed you and left a copy of doodle jump for 3DS at your place
Patrykplayz 10 днів тому
I need subs
James T.
James T. 10 днів тому
The Room was a really great mobile series. I've never seen anything else match its quality. They also came out with a VR entry that is pretty impressive as well.
Shreyas Raghunath
Shreyas Raghunath 10 днів тому
I love that Scott was planning to get robbed
jacob orork
jacob orork 11 днів тому
Did he really get robbed, like I'm serious worried about Scott
seggs 11 днів тому
No, it's a joke
Tanooki 11 днів тому
Doodle jump? 3ds?
Jesus Barrera
Jesus Barrera 11 днів тому
how funny, complaining about 2D game being worth $60 but mobile games are not worth that
WayOfTheFist 12 днів тому
18:07 I recently downloaded an APK file for Flappy Bird on my modern phone and my high score is 96.
John Winslow
John Winslow 12 днів тому
It's simple. They are moving them to console because female are more likely to buy mobile games. It's their way to get more females into console gaming because most gamers don't count mobile gamers as actual gamers. The press keeps trying to tell everyone that most gamers tend to be female but they fail to point out is that female gamers mostly play mobile games not console games. So there is no point in Xbox, Sony, Nintendo in targeting them. unless they releasing games via phones.
Gavin Fox
Gavin Fox 12 днів тому
This just has me thinking of the potential of a massive, actually worth $60 angry birds game, with 3D, tons of levels, and more stuff that would make it worth more than a buck.
RaiOn 12 днів тому
To this day I still can't believe I bought Angry Brids the trilogy for wii I literally played it for like one hour and never touched it again
Joshua Chacon
Joshua Chacon 12 днів тому
I remember playing Angry Birds Star Wars back then. Those were the days.
Koopa Troopa
Koopa Troopa 12 днів тому
Rest In Peace Jelly Car
AgentMoo 13 днів тому
At this point I’m confused if Scott got robbed or not
Jnite 13 днів тому
It's sad to think about how mobile gaming hasn't just gotten worse, but any evidence that it was ever any good to begin with - and that you could buy high quality, ad-free, 1-time-purchase, console (or at least handheld) equivalent versions of games to play on the go - continues to get swept under the rug.
Gradientzz Yt
Gradientzz Yt 13 днів тому
Like asphalt nine how can they screw up?
Olga Mandagi
Olga Mandagi 13 днів тому
Can you go make even more Originals Later Please?
BLKBRDSR71 13 днів тому
Mobile games are boring! I removed all my games from my phone. That's why I have a PS Vita.
Mark Erikson
Mark Erikson 13 днів тому
remember fallout shelter?
G M G 13 днів тому
Never played cut the rope and never played Doodle Jump
Jojobyte 13 днів тому
Need for speed had a mobile game ported to Xbox 360 and it ran at 12 frames a second it was unplayable
RS232 14 днів тому
Jebidiah Bushwell
Jebidiah Bushwell 14 днів тому
scott is just now realizing the switch is kind of a mobile dumping ground? also 15:15 do you really think the real ff15 can run on a switch?
Austini Davini
Austini Davini 14 днів тому
did he actually get robbed lmao
Expelleddux 14 днів тому
I watched an old guy playing angry birds for hours on the plane without realising he could tap to use a special bird move.
bearr 14 днів тому
If PC is so good why isn’t there pc 2?.??
WaffleToast215 14 днів тому
I thought Scott being robbed was just a one-off joke for this video. But now I saw this week's video and I can say I was not expecting this to be a serious contribution to Scott the Woz lore
Haku 301
Haku 301 13 днів тому
Im fairly sertain he actually got robbed.
TomoDan 14 днів тому
I had an angry birds themed birthday party
GbmbRnmf 14 днів тому
Fun fact: Doodle jump was published on consoles by the same company that published Big Rigs over the road racing (best game ever made btw).
Gamer Marx
Gamer Marx 14 днів тому
I emulate my games on my phone
Ya Been GNOMED!!!! Gaming!
Ya Been GNOMED!!!! Gaming! 14 днів тому
"All because grandpa bought the bird app for a dollar" My favorite Scott Line.
Angelo Luna
Angelo Luna 14 днів тому
GTA on 18:44 makes me laugh!!! The FUCK?!?!?!?😂😂😂
shinobody 14 днів тому
Angry Birds isn't even an original idea - it's literally a ripoff of a free flash game Crush the Castle and Crush The Castle 2. They just changed the controls from a timing release on a trebuchet to a slingshot.
shinobody 14 днів тому
@‎CUBE industries ...Flash had its heyday before the smartphone boom on sites like Miniclip, Newgrounds and Kongregate.
‎CUBE industries
‎CUBE industries 14 днів тому
@shinobody after*
shinobody 14 днів тому
@‎CUBE industries Literally what are you talking about? Flash was still around for literal years after introduction of smartphones.
‎CUBE industries
‎CUBE industries 14 днів тому
i don't think anyone used flash in the time of the ipod touch
a channel
a channel 14 днів тому
When company make console game into mobile The multi-platform game has some abilities some may consider to be profitable
Julien La Londe
Julien La Londe 14 днів тому
i feel like we forget that mobile gaming is absolutely huge in china. even though the target audience for a game may be console in the US, in china this isn’t the case. AAA studios releasing a game for mobile instead of console may seem stupid, but they end up making more money off of sales in china.
Vishal .R.N
Vishal .R.N 15 днів тому
He didn't... actually get robbed.... Right? I mean I know it's like "not true" but those shelves take alot of space.... Where would he keep all those shelves?
Mad PONY Media
Mad PONY Media 15 днів тому
Did he really get robbed?
nintendokings 15 днів тому
It’s kinda nostalgic, these games on my old iPod Touch. But it’s pretty trash nostalgia and I feel bad for kids that grew up with this as their nostalgia gaming. My earliest gaming was getting stuck in Ocarina of Time or Super Metroid. Actual good games
The great Bean slayer
The great Bean slayer 15 днів тому
I still can’t tell if he was really robbed
Krystel Zen 2
Krystel Zen 2 15 днів тому
TwinkletoesNZ 15 днів тому
Fruit Ninja Kinect was a great party game
ZetaStreaker47 15 днів тому
Scott: I was supposed to get robbed tomorrow! Me: Why were you going to get robbed at all?
PiousMoltar 15 днів тому
Dude I'm 36 and Cut the Rope gives me nostalgia
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