Multi-Agent Hide and Seek

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We’ve observed agents discovering progressively more complex tool use while playing a simple game of hide-and-seek. Through training in our new simulated hide-and-seek environment, agents build a series of six distinct strategies and counterstrategies, some of which we did not know our environment supported. The self-supervised emergent complexity in this simple environment further suggests that multi-agent co-adaptation may one day produce extremely complex and intelligent behavior.
Learn more: openai.com/blog/emergent-tool-use/

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17 вер 2019





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Jay Dun
Jay Dun Годину тому
If i wanted to build a rig and participate in data grathering and ai learning, where would i start looking?
BehindDesign День тому
Why they don't learn to trap the seekers before they unfroze?
BehindDesign День тому
All is fun and games until this AI is conected to a terminator and you try to hide from it.
Kerberos panzer cop
Kerberos panzer cop День тому
"The hiders learned to lock as many boxes as they can before constructing their fort, in order to defend against box surfing", lol.
LudiTheUber День тому
Apart from box surfing, in the first map the seekers actually exploited ramp collision and were able to do this super funny thing where they got tremendous vertical height and could breach the shelter from above. The hiders' counter? Abusing the physics by simply shoving the ramp into a corner, where the walls would push the ramp out. Take that, seekers!
The Real Starlord
The Real Starlord 2 дні тому
Once again...... the point of the story seems to be "ai is scary :(". Such a boring and stupid concept. Whoopty fucking do if they scare you. People have been saying it for years, and yet these companies still spend lots of money trying to improve ai. Shut the fuck up about ai, and then you'll FINALLY be able to say "ai isn't scary:)". If ai is so damn scary, stop investing money into it. Common fucking sense.
Matt Bergman
Matt Bergman День тому
That wasn't the point at all. Comprehension issues...
SideNote 3 дні тому
They're training to find you when you hide from an AI invasion. What are you doing?
Monkey Robots Inc.
Monkey Robots Inc. 3 дні тому
youtube comments are worthless. youre all idiots.
Matei Panturu
Matei Panturu 4 дні тому
Ivan Romero
Ivan Romero 4 дні тому
they said and they
Movies xp
Movies xp 6 днів тому
Tristian Bangert
Tristian Bangert 7 днів тому
I would watch quite a bit of this.
Gitansh Garg
Gitansh Garg 7 днів тому
One more possible idea is *Blocking the red into a shelter*
Bungie's Busted Bugs
Bungie's Busted Bugs 8 днів тому
This video left out where the seekers learned to glitch out of map and re-enter where the hiders were.
Siferon 9 днів тому
today i began thinking about the jump thing in class and then this comes in my reccomended...
Big Scrub
Big Scrub 10 днів тому
Can we make a playable multiplayer version of this?
roan6903 10 днів тому
Can AI play Minecraft?
Athaya Ihsan
Athaya Ihsan 10 днів тому
how do you do the simulation
Furia_Roja 12 днів тому
I want this to be a videogame
Michael Miller
Michael Miller 13 днів тому
hiders: "but it appears 6 seconds is my current limit. how will you find me now, jotaro?" seekers: "good grief... *box surfs*"
The black cube
The black cube 13 днів тому
how about lock the seeker
Dfzoz 13 днів тому
Meanwhile I cant even create a decent AI that doesnt use the learning algorythm :/
Sovereign Brand
Sovereign Brand 16 днів тому
That’s how RACISM is beyond mosts comprehension, even though its all they ever new. A FEW SIMPLE RULES, YRILD COMPLEX BEHAVIORS, #REPARATIONSADOS \-_-/
Matt Bergman
Matt Bergman День тому
Not really.
Aakarshit Jaswal
Aakarshit Jaswal 16 днів тому
Skynet has entered the chat
ПКРФ 17 днів тому
Симулятор военкомата.
Memes n Shet
Memes n Shet 18 днів тому
Yeah but does evolution exploit freaking glitches in the matrix?!
Doggo Boi Hour
Doggo Boi Hour 18 днів тому
It’s all fun and games till you get killed by a box sliding robot.
Shouvik Dey
Shouvik Dey 19 днів тому
please go for plants vs zombies Survival Mode: Endless We will see how many flags it can survive (for ppl who don't know it, it's a strategy game)
Simulation 20 днів тому
This is such a profound milestone for humanity, thank you very much OpenAI!
Gabriel Jose
Gabriel Jose 21 день тому
I wish you could actually play this as an actuall game vs online people or ai
Glen Alen
Glen Alen 21 день тому
That's what all life on earth has done over millions of years.
Finn Shearer
Finn Shearer 21 день тому
So... the Age of AI domination begins with Hide and Seek.
Mesa Player
Mesa Player 21 день тому
This shows that if we try to fight robots we will lose
Shish World
Shish World 24 дні тому
Humans: AI will change the world AI: box surfing
JayR_ 25 днів тому
this is awesome to watch
Mysterious Robloxes
Mysterious Robloxes 26 днів тому
Box surf can also be used the other way to get to other shelters if one is breached
Annemarie Humble
Annemarie Humble 28 днів тому
Imagine this being a payable game.
SuperSight 29 днів тому
Fancy a few million rounds of Hid N Seek?
Parker Wilkins
Parker Wilkins Місяць тому
Everyone's gangster till the red bots start box surfing
Ryan Williams Jr
Ryan Williams Jr Місяць тому
Who’s here from Mrwhosetheboss
lol Місяць тому
Guys,just accept that AI is a next link in evolution.Humans are like dinosaurs and have to extinct.
Driftliketokyo34 Ftw
Driftliketokyo34 Ftw Місяць тому
Is no one going to mention how heart meltingly adorable the agents are?
sη 7sukyomi
sη 7sukyomi Місяць тому
Who is here from Mrwhosetheboss??? Like if you do :P
Boris Radev
Boris Radev Місяць тому
This looks like a game Why is there no game like this
Mohammed Saddam
Mohammed Saddam Місяць тому
MrWhosetheboss brought me here...!
GT_ 810*
GT_ 810* Місяць тому
Here from Mr.Whosetheboss
BMK Місяць тому
Damn this is scary
PhantomKid Playz
PhantomKid Playz Місяць тому
coot bots play hide and seek is all I need
Xx Sree xX
Xx Sree xX Місяць тому
MrWhoseTheBoss anyone?
Prit Patil
Prit Patil Місяць тому
Who is here from Mrwhostheboss.
Dalinar Kholin
Dalinar Kholin Місяць тому
Anybody here from MrWhoseTheBoss?!
Abid Ismail
Abid Ismail Місяць тому
Who’s here after mrwhosetheboss video?
I LOVE CATS!!!!! Місяць тому
Why didnt they just use everything they could to build a wall
TTT Dr.Rabbit
TTT Dr.Rabbit Місяць тому
This looks like it could be a fun competitive game
jy s
jy s Місяць тому
영상요약: 언리얼로 인디겜을 만들때 생기는 일
OXMOND Tutorials
OXMOND Tutorials Місяць тому
Amazing! Machine Learning rules! 👍🤓❤️
Koahlah Місяць тому
maybe thats a dumb question but is there a way to download this and run this simulation myself?
Noyz Productions
Noyz Productions Місяць тому
Here's an idea, it will probably get lost in the comments but hopefully somebody sees it and actually tries to do it: Step 1: Set up several hard-code agents and a couple of AI for each role in Hide and Seek. Step 2: Randomly match them all up with each other. Step 3: Play out 4096 or so games with that pairing. Step 4: Eliminate the worst-performing agent (if you wish, you can give the AI agents immunity) Step 5: If only 2 players remain, pit them against each other and find a champion. If not, go to step 2.
Dylan Yt
Dylan Yt Місяць тому
This looks like one of those videos with a slightly scratched audio that they use in one of those “ai has taken over” movies
Nichonite ‘
Nichonite ‘ Місяць тому
That is amazing they learn by they selg!!!! It’s like they have real brains!!!
Multi-Agent Hide and Seek
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