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24 лис 2021





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Bribe Місяць тому
The conference league is the gift that just keeps on giving
Veddi inspires
Veddi inspires Місяць тому
Ya like that Roma result.
dulce rivas
dulce rivas Місяць тому
Wow so this is why spurs wanted to play in a super league so they wouldn't face power houses like Mura😃
K. P.
K. P. Місяць тому
haha 😅😂😂
teammelli91 Місяць тому
Michael Flores
Michael Flores Місяць тому
Frankie2Gats Місяць тому
assorted johnson
assorted johnson Місяць тому
Spot on 😂😂😂😂
Chris Flores
Chris Flores Місяць тому
As a Spurs fan, I'm so glad this league was built, to allow smaller clubs their opportunity to shine. So good for the players and their respective leagues.
AxlDM124 Місяць тому
Smaller clubs like Tottenham . Sorry mate couldn’t help myself; you set yourself up.
AI Snorky
AI Snorky Місяць тому
@Paul Young and who they gonna beat in the SuperLeague when they can't play conference 😂
Paul Young
Paul Young Місяць тому
@Chris Flores Funny enough you make a very good point. Let's be honest about it, in the last 30 years, Tottenham are not a club known in Europe for anything apart from one really good season in the champions league. A club that has won one or two league cups in the last 30 years. The only thing Tottenham has going for them is money. There is no other reason why Tottenham was included in the doomed super league other than economic reasons.
Jake Goodyear
Jake Goodyear Місяць тому
@CopiumFallout I thought I had a hair on my screen
Chris Flores
Chris Flores Місяць тому
@Paul Young Tottenham will always be on a big stage no matter how bad they are, money will always keep them in the game, not necessarily win trophies, but in the game, Mura will never have that.
Kevin Hernandez
Kevin Hernandez Місяць тому
Harry Kane’s agent has got to be the worst in history. What a way to waste a great career...
Fguito Fayh
Fguito Fayh Місяць тому
Armando G
Armando G Місяць тому
He could've been great for Man City no cap
Mario Mejia
Mario Mejia Місяць тому
It’s his brother, so useless
HarvEY SpEcter.
HarvEY SpEcter. Місяць тому
Commentator: " it's a competition Spurs should be winning" Spurs: We are Allergic to TROPHIES 🏆
WorldIsFilledB Місяць тому
@Alxamy you’re right, I’m so mad regarding a team I don’t even support lol
Alxamy Місяць тому
@WorldIsFilledB your veryyyy maddd
Ali Mohamoud
Ali Mohamoud Місяць тому
WorldIsFilledB Місяць тому
@AI Snorky I’m a chelsea fan but keep on thinking I’m a totty fan lol
AI Snorky
AI Snorky Місяць тому
@WorldIsFilledB cry baby salty Tottenham fan they ain't 🏆 winning and it gon stay 😂 DEAL WID IT
Tax Evader22
Tax Evader22 Місяць тому
Spurs, the gift that keeps on giving
Andrew Gayle
Andrew Gayle Місяць тому
They didn’t really have to beat Tottenham, they just beat Davinson Sanchez🤣
Mezgebu Fentea
Mezgebu Fentea Місяць тому
Tottenham play poor performance But you show poor mentality
Pan Bread
Pan Bread Місяць тому
You really have to question the defense for watching Sanchez get played out the park
Lenny Vapner
Lenny Vapner Місяць тому
A cone placed somewhere on the field would do a much better job than that clown.
smurfyday Місяць тому
Win as a team, lose as a team.
Raj Ridoy
Raj Ridoy Місяць тому
What an assist from Sanchez. I thought the United defense was bad. Sanchez asked us to hold his beer.
Jacob Aldridge
Jacob Aldridge Місяць тому
“They fielded a second string team here today and they’re behind” 20 minutes later….. “Here’s Kane for Spurs” 🤣🤣🤣
Wang Motions
Wang Motions Місяць тому
Son comes on
Matthew Hamill
Matthew Hamill Місяць тому
The conference league is the gift that just keeps on giving
RK Football
RK Football Місяць тому
We went to the UCL finals. Now we are getting knocked out of the conference league. The amount of curse in this cesspit of a club, is real.
RK Football
RK Football Місяць тому
@Majin Vegeta Cry more, Lucas Moooouuuraaaaa! Lmfao, remember that miracle in Amsterdam buddy? I bet you do! ;)
Majin Vegeta
Majin Vegeta Місяць тому
@RK Football the 2019 ucl final was one of the worst in UCL history, mostly because tottenham is trash & literally didnt do anything 😶
RK Football
RK Football Місяць тому
@Majin Vegeta wdym?
Majin Vegeta
Majin Vegeta Місяць тому
@RK Football & the final you played was also one of the worst in european football history bro 😆
Tides Місяць тому
@RAYÁNO so you think barca didn’t deserve it more? What would’ve happened if barca had to play spurs and Ajax played liverpool? Cmon don’t be stupid. Spurs were never world class.
Evan Medcraft
Evan Medcraft Місяць тому
Can't wait to see Tottenham in the super league
Vulpes Inculta
Vulpes Inculta Місяць тому
@Claggz it's a joke mate also keep the blue flag flying high
Claggz Місяць тому
Super league isn’t gonna happen
Andrew Gayle
Andrew Gayle Місяць тому
He scuffed that shot off target sooooo bad and the deflection took it in🤣🤣🤣
Meester_James Місяць тому
I didnt even realize that live. What a trashcan Sanchez is. Always in the wrong spot all game
gamblingbuddha Місяць тому
That was the funniest part. Shot was going was going wide, it showed in the replay. He actually was gonna end up missing pretty badly
HRT - Gaming
HRT - Gaming Місяць тому
Antonio Conte is probably gonna leave the Spurs early after this.😂😂😂
Partha Sur
Partha Sur Місяць тому
He will leave in January - and Tottenham Stadium will be purchased by NFL to promote American football in Europe.
Malek Tubaishat
Malek Tubaishat Місяць тому
the referee is the man of the match. he hit the season record for yellow cards
Jay Jay
Jay Jay Місяць тому
Underdogs don’t always win!!
HZS1 Місяць тому
Vulpes Inculta
Vulpes Inculta Місяць тому
Jason Takhtadjian
Jason Takhtadjian Місяць тому
If Skip Bayless was a soccer fan, he say things like, “it was at the moment Bryan Gill missed that early chance that Spurs LOST the game! Kane had no help!”
sixfiftychris Місяць тому
@Therret yup and cleats instead of boots. Field instead of pitch. Jersey instead of shirt, and uniform instead of kit.
TheMaskedMagic Місяць тому
He’d say something like the way kane can score in big moments is something LeAnkle could never do
BlueFacondor Місяць тому
@SWZLBZL dont be so triggered, it's just a word.
McDowell's Human Resources Department
@Therret 🤣🤣🤣
Therret Місяць тому
@SWZLBZL That’s just what it’s called here in America. Relax. It’s like getting mad at us for calling them ‘fries’ instead of ‘chips’.
Matix-Fifa Ultimate Team
Matix-Fifa Ultimate Team Місяць тому
They were founded in 2012 😂💀
smithwesson89 Місяць тому
@Ana Ta lol might as well be.
Ana Ta
Ana Ta Місяць тому
@smithwesson89 Is this excuse written by Conte?
smithwesson89 Місяць тому
Their predecessor NK Mura was actually founded in 1924, but had to be dissolved because of financial problems which eventually led to bankruptcy. Because of legal issues the 2012 founded club couldn't use the same name so they used NS Mura. Despite the name change it's still considered the same football club with the same fan base.
SG11 Місяць тому
This club isn't old enough to have seen spurs lift a trophy
Yeon Lee
Yeon Lee Місяць тому
As a wise man once told us, "It's da history of da Tottenham"
Jeo 47
Jeo 47 Місяць тому
This, this is real passion for football 🤌🏽
Andrew Fournier
Andrew Fournier Місяць тому
Spurs would struggle in the MLS at this point
Kenzo de Loren
Kenzo de Loren Місяць тому
Tottenham just lost to a team who was founded in 2012 and is only worth 7 million, which is 1/100th of the Spurs squad value. What a banter team
Liam Lake Day
Liam Lake Day Місяць тому
I'm a United fan and there are days that I find it hard to support my club. But then I remember that there are Tottenham fans and I suddenly feel better.
Samuel Finkelstein
Samuel Finkelstein Місяць тому
7 million vs 700 million Gotta love football. Kinda sad. Levy has got to go
The Language of Movement
The Language of Movement Місяць тому
This is the comment I came to see!
JosPa Місяць тому
Take jogger Dier with you
Vio SeVen
Vio SeVen Місяць тому
“Mighty Spurs…” that’s a little rich there 😂
Deepak NR
Deepak NR Місяць тому
@Drew Kimble 9th richest club in Europe. First European team to win the European double, etc
Am Місяць тому
Drew Kimble
Drew Kimble Місяць тому
He called them European giants too man's smoking some good hash
MP RACE Місяць тому
Damn it I wanted the underdogs to win
Andre Sayabalian
Andre Sayabalian Місяць тому
11:10 Shot wasnt even on target😭 I was dying to see a Romero Davinson partnership before. But this game was example of Davinson not using his head. Both goals so preventable. Idk what Sanchez needs
nicholas maille
nicholas maille Місяць тому
Tottenham… A European legendary team… Mate I’ll have some of what your on!
Nicholas Filardo
Nicholas Filardo Місяць тому
Granted they did make the Champion's League Final, but had to come to the comments to see if anyone else thought Spurs were a "European Legendary team" lmao... "The mighty Spurs" lol, only an English announcer.
qashteen Місяць тому
2nd best joke of the night, right after Tottenham
Dila Folay
Dila Folay Місяць тому
Let's go RENNES!!! Top of the group!! 😁🇨🇵🇨🇵🇨🇵
Ana Ta
Ana Ta Місяць тому
LOL!!! Commentary at the end was terrific! Post match Conte is even better “After three weeks I am starting to understand the situation. We are feeking sheeite “.
goshogun Місяць тому
@10:30 Didn't expect to see Korean fans in Slovenia though. They must be going there for Son but even Mura scores they still enjoy the moment.
andreas zeus
andreas zeus Місяць тому
I made 540 on a 20 dollars bet thank you Tottenham
Mar C.
Mar C. Місяць тому
Where did you bet?
david l
david l Місяць тому
"Has beaten the 'Mighty' spurs" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
John Hakzmn
John Hakzmn Місяць тому
Imagine to lose against The Club founded in 2012🤭😁
JogaBonito Місяць тому
Felicitaciones Mura!
Andrew S
Andrew S Місяць тому
If I had an extra 7 million, I could slap a team together to beat Tottenham. Mura is almost semi-pro.
Tyler Aven
Tyler Aven Місяць тому
I am now convinced the conference league was only founded to give people even more reasons to laugh at Tottenham.
Peace Zone
Peace Zone Місяць тому
Tottenham confidence level at this moment📈
Asking As King
Asking As King Місяць тому
"A European legendary team" wtf is the commentator talking about..
Maria Soto
Maria Soto Місяць тому
Spurs really went from UCL final to conference league 💀
Steven Herndon
Steven Herndon Місяць тому
11:11 if you look at the shot right before the deflection, you can see it was actually heading out of bounds.
Jasson Li
Jasson Li Місяць тому
Secret Місяць тому
Wow, the spurs losing to an unknown team. They must be getting really popular global-wise. Only Man U, Arsenal, and Chelsea could do such a thing.
Michael Bruce
Michael Bruce Місяць тому
The joy of the single commentator. Like the old days. Congrats to Mura. Sanchez burned on both goals with the same move. Brutal.
Henri Afari
Henri Afari Місяць тому
10:35 I chuckled when he said "mighty spurs" LOL I know what he meant inn comparison to Mura but come on mighty and Spurs shouldn't be in the same sentence
Blake Kraft
Blake Kraft Місяць тому
It is the history of the Tottenham
Therret Місяць тому
This was like watching a concacaf game with all the challenges. Big oof.
JackAllstarTT Місяць тому
"It is the history of the Tottenham" 😂
Antuan Місяць тому
Idk who would win between Spurs and Barca at this point. Both teams having trouble with their defense.
Samuel Finkelstein
Samuel Finkelstein Місяць тому
It's painful being spurs fan
SG11 Місяць тому
@Lorric Logging 3 1 m8, ur lucky we didn’t try in the second half and make it 6
James Porter
James Porter Місяць тому
It costs $0 to become a Chelsea fan
Lorric Logging
Lorric Logging Місяць тому
@Hunter Deverian put on your jersey and look in the mirror
Hunter Deverian
Hunter Deverian Місяць тому
@Lorric Logging even in our worst season we still won the fa cup. Can’t imagine anything worse than being a spurs fan
Chace Atkinson
Chace Atkinson Місяць тому
@Crispy _ I was a spurs fan when when we played chamipons leauge and were a bog team. That changed but I also cant just change my favorite team
Heber Місяць тому
Let's just hope Conte gets backed in the transfer window
Wynn's World
Wynn's World Місяць тому
"it is the history of the Tottenham"
Diego Medina
Diego Medina Місяць тому
Tottenham Dont need new managers, it’s problem is the low quality players they have. They need to invest in the transfer market.
Sean Yiu
Sean Yiu Місяць тому
Why did Son only come in so late in game? He has clearly been the best player since Kane’s pout. Maybe Conte ain’t so great manager. In the post game conference he blamed the players. His middle name might as well be Mourinho
MEERA AUDIO Місяць тому
It must be excruciating to be a Spurs fan lol. Conte probably ripped them after the game.
Stop Playing The Game
Stop Playing The Game Місяць тому
Harry Kane’s yearly salary is worth more than the entire club of NS Mura. Tottenham have absolutely no depth and Sanchez + Sessegnon were absolute embarrassments. I’m a Liverpool fan but I feel bad for Conte.
Willy Skallz
Willy Skallz Місяць тому
Thankful for Spurs this Thanksgiving
JakeNTheBox1 Місяць тому
lmao Tottenham is such a meme
tnductai Місяць тому
sessegnon's 2nd yellow card, the lad clearly touched the ball first. The fouling rule needs to be changed!
Brian Han
Brian Han Місяць тому
spurs don't need attacking players, they need to go buy some quality defenders & some one who can pass the damn ball to kane & son.
Risakov zuzu
Risakov zuzu Місяць тому
Both sides didn’t surprise coz it’s fair results 😂🤣🤣
Lord Figo
Lord Figo Місяць тому
When did spurs became a European legendary team! A team that never won a championship! Commentator bugging!!
LethaL Місяць тому
“Mighty Tottenham” 😂😂
Raz Місяць тому
Sanchez stealing a living 🤣🤣🤣 Spurs finally found there level 🤣
Avak Місяць тому
Wow imagine betting on this match 😂
mister sir
mister sir Місяць тому
Mura played a rough match.DO they always playlike this?
MCHO Title
MCHO Title Місяць тому
Tottenham needs new defend.
ooo 1
ooo 1 Місяць тому
This might be Tottenham's biggest bruh moment ever
Timothy Park, MBA
Timothy Park, MBA Місяць тому
Defense are horrific. .. what are they doing Lads... u have to try to block the shot, Tottenham.
Redd1t Football Memes
Redd1t Football Memes Місяць тому
It's the history of the Tottenham.
Eric H
Eric H Місяць тому
1:53 really... i know running volleys aren't easy but holy shit
Black Film Guild
Black Film Guild Місяць тому
7 million dollar team beat a 700 million dollar team... Amazing
DiggaD Місяць тому
Gotta feel for conte, can’t even bench his best players for the league when the players he puts in to play the conference league are shit that he has to sub in his best players.
Talmadge76 Місяць тому
Mura is so good at diving
Paul Okeeffe
Paul Okeeffe Місяць тому
Yeah, it's called a goal celebration 🍾 😀
Bandwidth Місяць тому
Beaten by the “Mighty Spurs” 😂
Bin Affleck
Bin Affleck Місяць тому
Nice way to end my thanksgiving
Josue Saavedra
Josue Saavedra Місяць тому
Brooooo, no coach can bring this team to a trophy victory 😩, they really cursed fr
Frank Xiang
Frank Xiang Місяць тому
Mourinho had a chance last season, but Levy took it away.
zoo stupormundi
zoo stupormundi Місяць тому
Legend has it that the referee also gave himself a yellow card.
Jason Lee
Jason Lee Місяць тому
tottenham is unfixable
Suyo Begna
Suyo Begna Місяць тому
Guys, this is the team that played in UCL final 😂
Andrew S
Andrew S Місяць тому
I feel like I could score on this squad. Tottenham looks worse than my local soccer team, but are paid millions a week.
br0ke Місяць тому
Ofc we get on the trending page for this 🥲come on you spurs 😔
Prolific Hussler
Prolific Hussler Місяць тому
A team that value 7 million against a team that value 770 Million😅😅😅
wrld2bk Місяць тому
i’d quick sell sanchez after this …
Benedict Chinweuba
Benedict Chinweuba Місяць тому
Davison Sanchez had a stinker of a game. Allowed the opposing team to cut inside of him far too easily
Han Soh
Han Soh Місяць тому
Been saying for 2 years now… Sanchez is a liability when he steps on the field.
Leo Kwak
Leo Kwak Місяць тому
"Tottenham Hotspur, a European legendary team"..?
Juan Leiton
Juan Leiton Місяць тому
Being Colombian and knowing that Davidson is a starter for the Colombian NT terrifies me.
dotfortune Місяць тому
the end is actually the most spursy thing I have ever witnessed. A trip and lost possession, leading to a shot deflected onto goal.
paul lee
paul lee Місяць тому
a shot going out of bounds, deflected onto goal
The Theatre Of Dreams
The Theatre Of Dreams Місяць тому
After the first goal the commentator says mura lead Tottenham in the premier league
Kim Daddy
Kim Daddy Місяць тому
Honestly though, its hard to ignore that both of the goals Mura scored involved spurs player slipping/falling. Not saying Mura won the match by luck, but Tottenham did have a solid performance overall, especially during the second half, not to mention they were playing with one less player.
Yoshi Knows It
Yoshi Knows It Місяць тому
@Kim Daddy exactly... Idk what's been going on with dele, the last 3 managers have said thing about him. He still looks the same
Kim Daddy
Kim Daddy Місяць тому
@Yoshi Knows It yeah first half was for sure hard to watch. Cringy… Dele was playing his own game, and it was not soccer. Obviously im not a pro player so I know its easier said than done but…Dele seems to have completely lost his form
Yoshi Knows It
Yoshi Knows It Місяць тому
They were horrible!!! Especially with dele's ass...... Did you see how wack they played. 2000 fans traveled just to see them lose to a unknown Slovenian team and now they are known as the "spur killers" but trust me I love the the team
Quinton Grady
Quinton Grady Місяць тому
The mighty spurs doesn't really fit anymore does it LOL
Adrian B
Adrian B Місяць тому
don’t think it ever did
LIVE FREE OR TAI - calico found after 1,938 days
let me guess. Sanchez is wear some.BS nike boot that cuts and slices the turf...as an inventor and a footballer there is a limit to stud shape and size. you'll see it some time when they cut and plant with the heel studs. there is a limit also he underestimated his man.
Myron Young
Myron Young Місяць тому
I think it went wrong when commentator called them "Mighty Tottenham"
Kartik Venkat
Kartik Venkat Місяць тому
Wait what? Tottenham Hotspur? A European legendary team? 😂😂😂
Chris Gaming
Chris Gaming Місяць тому
I wish Spurs were like this in FIFA 22....
Tom Hoffmann
Tom Hoffmann Місяць тому
The problem clearly is the players.
Jay Jay
Jay Jay Місяць тому
Has beaten the mighty spurs. What? Mighty? Said no one ever. 😂😂😂
Adam Santley
Adam Santley Місяць тому
Straight into my veins
Falko Falko
Falko Falko Місяць тому
Who is this Tottenham ??? What league are they playing in ??? Probably for amateurs 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jdf Leo
Jdf Leo Місяць тому
The mighty spurs!?
Off Grid Cabin In The Woods....Start to finish
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