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geometric art
geometric art 17 днів тому
When I saw the deep cherry red and texture of the meat after you cut into the first slices. I said OMG no way! Yeah dude you dry aged anad cooked that to perfection. That's a $1000 steak.
Haz Matt
Haz Matt 29 днів тому
at around 3:53 , your "raised fist of TRIUMPH" made me laugh for the first time all day. For that sir, SUB! Beautiful meat, bravo sir!
Leigh Winspear
Leigh Winspear Місяць тому
Just to elaborate. You couldn't improve on Scottish Wagyu, so what beef did you stick in the fridge for a bit instead? Also, Why are these two so called experts/business types, more important than other beef suppliers and chefs exactly?
tomas ryan
tomas ryan Місяць тому
Why didnt you cut off the dry ages edges. There horrible
kev d
kev d Місяць тому
A boner ,ooh i say 😁
M D 2 місяці тому
Has he taken the dedicated stuff of first. Doesnt seem to have much waste
M D 2 місяці тому
How come so little waste when compared to the umai bags and all the other people who dry age
jonnyronnyguy 2 місяці тому
These videos never fail to make me hungry...even if it means having 2nd dinner.
Karl P
Karl P 4 місяці тому
I get incredibly nervous when experts are looking at my stuff. Even though I know it's good. I know the feeling and the elation when you get the positive affirmation, there's nothing better than an expert saying you did well.
josh arvan
josh arvan 4 місяці тому
Looks marvelous well done!
shaun griffiths
shaun griffiths 4 місяці тому
Awesome video. Dry aging fridges are soo expensive. Can you tell me what issues you had with using a standard commercial fridge. Was the humidity easy to control?
Ruac Woensdregt
Ruac Woensdregt 4 місяці тому
Does everyone have their boners?
CarnivalDeezy 5 місяців тому
So I need to have a boner to cut steak? Nice!
Mico Mrkaic
Mico Mrkaic 5 місяців тому
If you stop using idiotically large amounts of salt, I could start liking your videos. Have you ever heard of high blood pressure and excessive consumption of Na? You are setting a terrible example.
Jarrad McCarthy
Jarrad McCarthy 5 місяців тому
You didnt trim the pellicle?
Wes B
Wes B 5 місяців тому
Great video!!
cwuzii 6 місяців тому
You didn’t even cut all the shit off it from the dry ageing process?
Max Hammontree
Max Hammontree 6 місяців тому
Yeah, I got a boner alright. Looking at that huge chunk of meat.
waiquan chung
waiquan chung 6 місяців тому
bro,you should clean the skin,its discus dude
Gym Z
Gym Z 7 місяців тому
Its been 6 months! Are u still eating these cuts!???? Because we need more contents! How are u mate? We hope your doing well. Like if your wondering where our Food Busker is at!!!!!
Lee Hammett
Lee Hammett 7 місяців тому
Oy! Where are your new videos???
Xavier Staals
Xavier Staals 7 місяців тому
Hey why do u dry aged meat?? Does it give more flavor??
Dennis Prm
Dennis Prm 8 місяців тому
You need to have a boner! Well I do now, Sir.
October Knight
October Knight 8 місяців тому
I have a beef with cow's.
Sorensenator86 8 місяців тому
You need to have a boner
TheGhjgjgjgjgjg 8 місяців тому
Dreadful! you are dreadful!
James Taylor
James Taylor 8 місяців тому
lol, this guy loves his job
SniffSnoff 9 місяців тому
He: *says boner* Me: *scrolls to the comment section*
jonrowley1 9 місяців тому
Only just discovered your channel and watched this adventure. Love your enthusiasm. Well done.
Joseph Solinsky
Joseph Solinsky 9 місяців тому
I don't salt the meat before I put it on the grill. The salt in my experience draws out the moisture and lends the meat to be dry. I save seasoning to the end.
LeQuan James
LeQuan James 9 місяців тому
He didnt trip any of the dry age off
Xi Mu
Xi Mu 9 місяців тому
If I saw this guy using a knife like that in my kitchen, they would be fired.
Ahmed Jawad
Ahmed Jawad 10 місяців тому
hey chef, just curious why you cleaned the steaks from bone marrow when you cut it, wouldn't it add another dimension of flavour or is it rancid at that point?
Day tripz
Day tripz 10 місяців тому
This was hard to watch, so bad at cutting😂
Bustin Ya
Bustin Ya 10 місяців тому
i wish i was living with your for the next 3 months! :)
Nathan L.
Nathan L. 10 місяців тому
I thought you needed to trim the air-exposed areas of dry aged beef before cooking / consumption
Ravnanger Tveiten
Ravnanger Tveiten 10 місяців тому
my favorite food channel
glenndez 10 місяців тому
Well done mate. Just found the channel today!
james william
james william 10 місяців тому
a boner? ok, i already have that 😉
dean tirmizi
dean tirmizi 10 місяців тому
I love how proud you are of it. Amazing stuff
jtpopetx 10 місяців тому
1:15 : you need to have a boner 🤣 Seriously great vid, and I agree, 6 weeks is perfect
tracey potts
tracey potts 10 місяців тому
That doesn't look as good as mine when I use dry age bags mate yours is not dark enough easy of money on that fridge
eerfevol pr
eerfevol pr 10 місяців тому
I kant believ yuv dun dis
Daryush Nadjafi
Daryush Nadjafi 10 місяців тому
I'm watering out the mouth like a dog yummy bon appetit
Marty Nguyen
Marty Nguyen 11 місяців тому
isn't it Rump then Sirloin then Tbone and last Ribeye
Marty Nguyen
Marty Nguyen 11 місяців тому
nevermind you have have different cuts in the UK
coolsam 19
coolsam 19 11 місяців тому
How bout new York strip steak
Up to my nuts in guts
Up to my nuts in guts 11 місяців тому
Why is it English people can't pronounce 'filet' properly?
WonderboyQ 11 місяців тому
Bravo!!!! Looks delicious.
M.J. Lyman
M.J. Lyman 11 місяців тому
Dumb ass....the rump is off the hind quarter. You have a short loin on your bakers table that belongs in the bakery. Also you do not have rib eye on the table......Poser.
Ramoo67 11 місяців тому
Very unmanly type of guy, and just a bad video!!
Bradley Edward
Bradley Edward 11 місяців тому
No more videos?😭 we love you food busker
devin200611 11 місяців тому
Except he didn’t trim the mold off of them
Евгений Ли
Евгений Ли 11 місяців тому
Красава 👍💪😋
Wetpaperbag 11 місяців тому
Porterhouse due to the larger fillet side. T-bone has a smaller fillet muscle group.
Fun Builder
Fun Builder 11 місяців тому
You need to have a boner.
Todd DeMann
Todd DeMann 11 місяців тому
Well done!!!!!!!
Jean Simard
Jean Simard 11 місяців тому
First cut... oblique?
Richard Davies
Richard Davies 11 місяців тому
A porterhouse doesn’t necessarily mean a t-bone it’s only a porterhouse when it has a a cut of sirloin fillet and rump on the bone
Xavier Ancarno
Xavier Ancarno 11 місяців тому
Shoutout to Jamal Khashoggi
irwin l
irwin l 11 місяців тому
C GF 11 місяців тому
It’s been a real privilege to share your unbridled JOY throughout this series. Just awesome. I’ve enjoyed every minute. To think that you were able to get two of the greatest beef masters in Europe (or perhaps the world) to be a part of your passion project is nothing short of inspiring. Your videos are AWESOME.
Delirious Mysterium
Delirious Mysterium 11 місяців тому
Really man, inspiring !
Delirious Mysterium
Delirious Mysterium 11 місяців тому
Well I've got the boner
Buck Schott
Buck Schott 11 місяців тому
This guy is an idiot. No wonder so many people ask for dumb stuff when they come into a meat market. Your “rump” is actually the “sirloin”. The sirloin is behind the porterhouse.
Sir Koux
Sir Koux 11 місяців тому
4:40 Bro, ur hand gestures plus ur accent is so "Gangsta"!! SUBBED.
Benni Traub
Benni Traub 11 місяців тому
David Johnson
David Johnson 11 місяців тому
Why would anyone want 40 day old meat??????????
legacy37 11 місяців тому
That was on another level, such passion. New subscriber.
SpaceFX 11 місяців тому
What a terrible way to cook prim beef, pan fry with butter and garlic 2min, then 8min in the oven rest for 5 min....
C. French
C. French 11 місяців тому
That's like Gordon Ramsay going in for seconds on your plate. Fabulous!
Richard Proctor
Richard Proctor 11 місяців тому
" Fuck that's good" hahaha Looks amazing!! 🐂🥩
845835ab 11 місяців тому
Brit overcooking meat...it's almost too easy!
montanadoctor Рік тому
Why would anyone cook beef and sent him a picture? How gay! It’s just food, not a baby...
John G
John G Рік тому
John, well done, er, medium rare :-). I wish you would have shown Peter Hannan your set=up and how you achieved your dry aging and gotten his take on it, I also noticed that you started with two sides of salt blocks strapped to the racks, but then only had one side. Was that because too much moisture was being pulled out or just for shooting?
Jim Durrett
Jim Durrett Рік тому
Great video. Most of us do not have a dedicated refrigerator for half a side of beef. And in tune with that could never butcher the beef the way you do. However, there is a product (UMAi aging bags) that I am going to try soon. Much smaller quantities of meat, like a full packer strip loin, etc. It goes in the bag and on a shelf in your fridge for 28+ days. I love this site, Wish I lived over the pond and could visit with you. Carry on!
Ethan Davis
Ethan Davis Рік тому
Did you trim the rind of the dry aged before you cooked it or did you leave it on?
ProjectGZ Рік тому
Overcooked as fuck
kizzzay Рік тому
It does not look like oak. But otherwise that's a wisely crafted piece of cow - cheers!
Hervey Bay Rubbish Removal
Never ever use heat beads/bricks always use lumpwood charcoal
Michael Рік тому
People don’t realise that good meat 🥩 hung and aged is the best! Supermarkets ruin it. Good butchers with 28 day plus aged beef is the best 🥩
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