My Family Thought I Was Crazy…

Will Smith
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From bad weather to bad nerves, watch what happened in the hours leading up to the biggest stunt of Will's career. SUBSCRIBE: goo.gl/BUjQW8
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jonathan bura
jonathan bura 51 хвилина тому
This dude is good human being you can just tell
Midas van der Toorn
Midas van der Toorn 16 годин тому
23:27 nobody gonna talk about will having a boner hehehe
Sabrina Chihab
Sabrina Chihab День тому
whos Sheree?
Wato S. King
Wato S. King День тому
Increíble 👏👏👏
Quincy Brooks
Quincy Brooks 2 дні тому
I would love to spend the day with Will Smith and his family. Would love for my kids to meet him and his family
Troll_King_17 2 дні тому
Jade look like a midget.
Tina Perete
Tina Perete 2 дні тому
I have watched this like I can't even count anymore .. pure bliss.. very inspiring .. awesome.
Legoman-101 3 дні тому
Dang did I just hear Alfonso cuss?😂😂
Emilio Eduardo Gonzalez Marroquin
lo que es tener un chingo de lana alv!
Jaclyn Powell
Jaclyn Powell 3 дні тому
You could see Willow's heart drop. And then she knew he was okay. Will is such an amazing human.
Black Jordan
Black Jordan 4 дні тому
Still a hype man at 50 ✌
Lafania Rolling
Lafania Rolling 6 днів тому
Your Awesome ♥️
Tug a
Tug a 6 днів тому
He can do anytinggggggg💖Will muchLove For you and youre Fam♡
Yvonne Branston
Yvonne Branston 6 днів тому
Ive never loved a family so much i dont know these are family goals i believe with out the money they would be the perfect family so god bless the smith family well done to you all your kids are amazing and so bright and jada shes a perfect wife xxx
Exxx 7 днів тому
16:31 Willow looked genuinely concerned.
سبحان الله
سبحان الله 7 днів тому
الله يهديكم أمين.
K 7 днів тому
thought the dude from pokemon was your son.
adasda dfasdas
adasda dfasdas 8 днів тому
dayı kafayımı sıyırdın sen? yaşından başından utan otur evinde sudoku takıl lan dağda bayırda zıplıon. . .
XsweetstarliteX 8 днів тому
Black female doctors a necessary, they are so comforting while they heal you
Gardenia Chuquitapa
Gardenia Chuquitapa 9 днів тому
Mi will , siempre compartiendo con su familia
Shweta Madaan
Shweta Madaan 10 днів тому
Woww Will you r crazzyy..But 1 question though wtf is jaden so sad..i mean nothing could be more adventurous than that..i loved it man
Mauricio Jean
Mauricio Jean 10 днів тому
Who Dafuck don't like it? Please just jump like Will did... but without any kind of cables :)
Jen M
Jen M 10 днів тому
Did anybody else cry?!
Yahny's MIX
Yahny's MIX 11 днів тому
My Family Thought I Was Crazy...... Boy u r crazy lol love this Chanel!!
ፈታቲዩብ FetaTube
ፈታቲዩብ FetaTube 11 днів тому
Nice family. Teach this fucked up rapers whos life only evolve round women's and drag. I think this is better entertaining educational and connect to nature.
Kubom Ligu
Kubom Ligu 11 днів тому
He said enjoy yourself and kiss god for us ♥️♥️
Manish Chetri
Manish Chetri 12 днів тому
To anyone reading this... I pray we all get Rich one Day❤️🙏🏼
theHydra 12 днів тому
crazy sob all yall talkin bout love and kids this dude will is really a crackhead
Sherie Klein
Sherie Klein 12 днів тому
I Love you Will Smith, I grew up watching you on television
Tina Davies
Tina Davies 12 днів тому
I’m getting serious xxxtentacion vibes from jaden
Random Liam
Random Liam 12 днів тому
I bet will smiths mum must be so proud of her son I would be such a successful and great man he is 👍
Faseeh Masood
Faseeh Masood 12 днів тому
Concluding remarks proves Will's philosophical mindset. Brilliant. Someone said, Will Smith on UKvid is probably the best thing happened to UKvid. 100% agreed.
Malik Malik
Malik Malik 12 днів тому
I mean I thought he will jump off the moon 🥴
Marvin Nyakweba
Marvin Nyakweba 13 днів тому
Willow is a PYT!
Maddie 13 днів тому
i love his vlogs omg
Ella Susa
Ella Susa 13 днів тому
Ready for the next sequel of Hancock🤗😍
Laura Isabel
Laura Isabel 13 днів тому
WILL! Your messages inspire me to become the best version of me. I love watching your videos because they give me the inspiration I need!!! thank you so much for being so genuine and so full of life!!! everyone deserves this type of mindset! THANK YOU!
Jesskaaaaaa 13 днів тому
Willows face @16:58 kinda hurt my heart. It looked like she was scared and panicked. I'm sure she felt something completely different but ugh.
Joyce Bivins
Joyce Bivins 13 днів тому
Happy 50th Birthday that was freak'n "Awesome"man I Love u Will Smith Thanks for sharing just Grand as you are.
Didi Bagallon
Didi Bagallon 13 днів тому
I would've loved to be there and experience such happiness (kissing God for us!) but unfortunately we were not part of the guest list. But your sharing this video is such a great treat!! Love you and your family Will!!!
WhitTheGem 13 днів тому
Jada standing next to Sharee and stating the both of us having carried life for you...such strong, powerful words.
Storm T
Storm T 13 днів тому
Its my birthday! do as i say! lol
Irealla Natural Girl
Irealla Natural Girl 13 днів тому
Jaden was like Whoa 😮 😫
rupert parkin
rupert parkin 13 днів тому
17:50 Apparently steven spielbergs making a movie about something like this
RAYMOND SHIBURI 13 днів тому
Wow Mr Smith!!!
Michal Kipnik
Michal Kipnik 13 днів тому
Aurelio Herrera
Aurelio Herrera 13 днів тому
I was waiting for him to call Alfonso carrolton
Al Handball1
Al Handball1 14 днів тому
Damn! Will, Really went ALL OUT on this one. much props Will. When there's a Will there's a way. And I mean WAY, WAY, WAY, WAY, down. God Bless you and your family, Will. You are the tightest knit Family I've never known,. Very inspiring family.
B Noble
B Noble 14 днів тому
Carlton looking like a Slim Jim! And why is everybody hugging Will like it's his LAST jump? 🙄
Old Head New York
Old Head New York 14 днів тому
Hey Will, I think you're crazy for letting your son Jaden wear a dress! Jaden be looking like Mary Poppins! I always knew he was a little Tinkerbell lol
Ntombekhaya Zibi
Ntombekhaya Zibi 12 днів тому
Hey Old head... I would think you're crazy if you let your parents tell you what to wear after you turned 17.... they might as well tell you what to wear when you turn 79...🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄... it's 2019 OLD HEAD
Auchie Thomas
Auchie Thomas 14 днів тому
that was so Dope
depressed Thomas
depressed Thomas 14 днів тому
0:01 I first thought he would turn around and say "yaaaah"
Tommy Williams
Tommy Williams 14 днів тому
I am sure the people making this happen behind the scenes were just as nervous as Will and his family and friends. I know I would have been.
Julee-Amber Lanteigne
Julee-Amber Lanteigne 14 днів тому
Will, you've seriously been my idol since i I've been little. Fresh prince everyday, reruns after reruns & now my daughter and i enjoy the laughs together. You have a beautiful family & beautiful morals. Thankyou for installing greatness into the universe
Marquita Davis
Marquita Davis 14 днів тому
OMG!! Willow’s face and reaction had me crying! That’s daddy’s girl!!
just being honest
just being honest 14 днів тому
Your instincts won't let you just jump because you can hurt yourself. To go against that I feel is scary. To trust or put your life in someone hand is crazy.
just being honest
just being honest 14 днів тому
Will Smith is loved by many. So glad he made it threw. I did not know he has such a big family.
Paul Cinque
Paul Cinque 14 днів тому
Yes I know he was Oscar from Shark Tale but man nothing reminds me more of shark tale then the moment he hopped out the driver seat and all the cameras were on him
MissGeorgiex1 14 днів тому
why i start a will smith video and have an existential realisation by the end
Keyser Soze
Keyser Soze 14 днів тому
Its really not that deep jada.
methead lee
methead lee 14 днів тому
Mr. Will Smith you look like your in your early 30s!!!!WOW!!!!!
methead lee
methead lee 14 днів тому
Willow, you are A very, very, !!BEAUTIFUL!! young girl. You should consider Modeling, your body features are Amazing!!!
Mary Humes
Mary Humes 11 днів тому
She is a model
Yarieliz Larregui
Yarieliz Larregui 14 днів тому
Willow looks a bit scared
Toby Stepien
Toby Stepien 14 днів тому
It reminds me of the fresh prince of bel air . Trevor asking Hilary banks to marry him
Zoltán Toth
Zoltán Toth 14 днів тому
Szemfix 2 nézd meg új nem kell SASLÉZERKLINIKA BUDAPEST
La Aerial
La Aerial 14 днів тому
Very profound words, “life is dangerous and the only way to enjoy it, is to jump and be free.”
Free Dom
Free Dom 14 днів тому
Loved this!!
Jojo Saylor
Jojo Saylor 14 днів тому
ksalbrecht88 14 днів тому
16:57 Willow's face says it all... she seemed concerned.
Joshua Soto
Joshua Soto 14 днів тому
The interesting and wonderful thing about this family is the father and the mother there by there children no matter what. Great example of how we ought to live our lives as a family.
Darryl Washington
Darryl Washington 15 днів тому
Wow that was a scary jump Im just glad your ok" An i love seeing you an the family together being strong as a rock That can't never break apart.👍 An i got nothing but love for you an your family🙏
Kuhle Mujakachi
Kuhle Mujakachi 15 днів тому
You’re a boss🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jacob Cespedes
Jacob Cespedes 15 днів тому
Willow is kinda fake... just an outside view
Brittney Bookhart
Brittney Bookhart 15 днів тому
Will Smith is the man!
Momad Faruque
Momad Faruque 15 днів тому
5:00 they played a Pro evolution Soccer 15 song! I really like the guy who edited this video
Momad Faruque
Momad Faruque 15 днів тому
Jaden's face is weird, he looks like an allien! But Willow's face OMG, wish i could date that girl
Andi Santiago
Andi Santiago 15 днів тому
Your last message on the video 🙌🙌🙌
Jerry Hager
Jerry Hager 15 днів тому
It's Will's world I guess we're just lucky enough to live in it and enjoy his presence
Nozomi Faith
Nozomi Faith 15 днів тому
Belated Happy Birthday🎉🎉🎉🎉
Alyssa G-N
Alyssa G-N 15 днів тому
I started to cry near the end , his speech & them playing back the jump 😢❤️
KenRobert1 15 днів тому
I love how Will Smith and Jada Smith make each other laugh. Most of all i love how they as a family can come together on important events.
chris herring
chris herring 15 днів тому
well why dont you play Russian Roulette dummy>????????
Josiah Payne
Josiah Payne 15 днів тому
Look at Willow she was so scared
Will, DONT put ur babies thru something like that again! The look on Willows face 😫
I had all kind of different emotions inside. I cried. I saw ur baby girls face. Gosh she loves her Daddy. Trying to be strong telling u to do it but when she actually watched lil one was n terror that she might lose her Hero
Leo Getz
Leo Getz 15 днів тому
Dam thats fin crazy s0n
Xavier Mcturtle
Xavier Mcturtle 15 днів тому
Why is it I'm in tears right now?
1969mom 1969mom
1969mom 1969mom 15 днів тому
I turn 50 in 2months and I want to jump! Thx for your inspiration now will you jump with me? Plz!?
YuDprAomg 15 днів тому
His videos always making me feel inspired and wanting to just tackle the world and be happy.
Tupac Shakur
Tupac Shakur 15 днів тому
23:00 ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-Uux6tw45HBk.html
Xion Temoc
Xion Temoc 15 днів тому
Will's EX is a BANGER!!!!
MówMi Klaudia
MówMi Klaudia 15 днів тому
You have eggs man
charlies planet
charlies planet 15 днів тому
My goal in life is to be as spiritual as will smith
cheyanne learningMAKEUP
cheyanne learningMAKEUP 15 днів тому
You are GREAT! This was awesome. It made me feel some kinda way. Miigwetch Will Chii-Miigwetch. Means thank you will thank you very much. Sending much LOVE from London, Ontario CANADA
Xion Temoc
Xion Temoc 15 днів тому
Damn they fucked up Will's lineup! Badass what he does for kids.
wilfrid fred
wilfrid fred 15 днів тому
Sur he'd close his eye
soloDeak 15 днів тому
Great video
charlies planet
charlies planet 15 днів тому
Will Smith is on a new level of thinking. He's not human. He's on the gekyume of thinking
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