My Family Thought I Was Crazy…

Will Smith
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From bad weather to bad nerves, watch what happened in the hours leading up to the biggest stunt of Will's career. SUBSCRIBE: goo.gl/BUjQW8
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15 жов 2018

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nyc 8 годин тому
inspirational...thanks Will
Luke Bottoms
Luke Bottoms День тому
I would have to pee before I got on the helicopter 😂
Adrian Fôrrest
Adrian Fôrrest День тому
This is one man I would love to have a pint with whilst chatting in a pub.
Chris S
Chris S 2 дні тому
Beautiful speech.
Chris S
Chris S 2 дні тому
I can’t believe they didn’t put a parachute on him ...you know....... in case......
Daniel Diorio
Daniel Diorio 2 дні тому
All this reminds me of is the episode of Fresh prince where Hillarys boyfriend bungee jumped into the ground lol
Kayo K
Kayo K 2 дні тому
Will had Sheree and Jada both together and all the family happy and supportive and all the good stuff. Great! By the way.. Happy B'day, bro.. God Bless. Amen.
LifeOfBeauty 3 дні тому
Omg am I the only one who started crying like at the end I really needed to hear that😭❤️
Mandipa Matt Dube
Mandipa Matt Dube 3 дні тому
23:29 jump and be free
chozen0018 3 дні тому
Amazing video,,,
chozen0018 3 дні тому
truly inspirational <3
Stephanie McMillan
Stephanie McMillan 3 дні тому
One wish in life for a meet n greet.
James Barnes
James Barnes 3 дні тому
Life is dangerous just jump and be free.😳 Big Will Happy Birthday Man!
N M 4 дні тому
ya’ll from here? 🇧🇳
Debra Harris
Debra Harris 4 дні тому
Will so freakin fineeeeeeeee😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤
Dethroned 4 дні тому
really Cool Stunt
TheManChise 4 дні тому
I would do it..just need a few millions..
Shadow Mdl
Shadow Mdl 5 днів тому
On pursuit of adventure
Kapua Abe
Kapua Abe 5 днів тому
Amazing video 😄 But damnnn Willows fine as heaven 😍 Do I have your blessing for 💍 Mr Smith?
SHYAMA VALSAN 5 днів тому
Omg it's terrific
deshaun dozier
deshaun dozier 5 днів тому
That's a beautiful family
deshaun dozier
deshaun dozier 5 днів тому
Dude, being rich seems fun
ckeller 89
ckeller 89 5 днів тому
ckeller 89
ckeller 89 5 днів тому
Tell me I'm not the only one who remembers that from the fresh prince
Chris Hobbs
Chris Hobbs 5 днів тому
Prince the brave one
Ernie Vc
Ernie Vc 5 днів тому
That Doctor was so awesome! What a nice individual!
sami7p 5 днів тому
Reminds me of Trevor lol "Hilaaaary willlll youuu marrrry m" *thud
Vince a
Vince a 5 днів тому
Wish I could do that ...
DR JAY 5 днів тому
Dont do that to ur Daughter anymore homeboy, she looked horrified.
Killerkev 5 днів тому
Why Am I crying ! haha !
Axiomatic Axiomaticc
Axiomatic Axiomaticc 6 днів тому
9:12 Look! It's an icon sleepin'!
Slapboz91 tv
Slapboz91 tv 6 днів тому
I can’t believe it he did it
Sunita Raina
Sunita Raina 6 днів тому
Omg you got yes theory with you. Yaaaaasssssss
Aarushi Megha
Aarushi Megha 6 днів тому
Even though I love love love will, money does the talking here man.
Daniel D
Daniel D 6 днів тому
16:58 look how petrified will-o looks wow she look like she was about to have an heart attack. Wow u see the love in that clip she haves for her dad u can tell she did not want him to do it even tho she said she do for the camera.
suzypie11 6 днів тому
This made me cry... good tears Inspirational 🙏👌🏻
L&L Gang
L&L Gang 6 днів тому
Aww willows face ❤️
Arakquin H
Arakquin H 7 днів тому
wow that was absolutely beautiful❤happy tears🎆
Sera-Marie Capaldi
Sera-Marie Capaldi 7 днів тому
Data..... Ha ha ha love a goodies reference!
J L Collis
J L Collis 7 днів тому
very emotional, powerful message there tho.
Dene Yung
Dene Yung 7 днів тому
Carlton is fine too. Damnnn
Daniel Sin
Daniel Sin 7 днів тому
Jada and Will’s ex wife all be having threesomes... That kiss on the cheek in front of Jada said it all LOL!!!
Cory Scott
Cory Scott 7 днів тому
Jayden, we know you can affford AirPods, what’re you doin
Jermaine Greene
Jermaine Greene 7 днів тому
Deep bruh
Code Phoenix
Code Phoenix 7 днів тому
19:31 it's rewind time
BIG NATE 88 7 днів тому
Hilary will yoouu maarryy m😂
Andres Garcia
Andres Garcia 7 днів тому
Hey Will, thank you for bringing so much Joy to people lives. and I love you and care for you Will and i want to see you in heaven with Jesus Christ and all our brothers and sister who have trusted in him. you see how you trusted on that rope, you simply did not believe on the rope but you put it on. is the same with Jesus Christ, we believe and trust him completely, not in our own wisdom or abilities but on him alone do we trust, and then you will be save, Jesus Christ said he is the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE and that no one comes to Father except through him. Will he was telling the truth believe and trust him for the forgiveness of your sins and you will be saved. you have the biggest fan in the entire universe who is the creator of us all. when you stand before him the question ultimately is going to become did you trusted in yourself to get you in heaven or in the work of Jesus and his righteousness. pleas chose Jesus, God loves you John 3:16 believe Jesus and you are promise eternal life. be bless.
Andres Garcia
Andres Garcia 8 днів тому
Will my favorite part was when you said, you know me for a long time.... you know i say things i dont mean lololol i was dying took me back to the show. you the man will. and carlton your amazing to.
Amie Espinosa
Amie Espinosa 8 днів тому
You are the man Will! That was awesome! I swear I felt that rush just watching you! Thanks for sharing your experience! Great inspiration! Love Ya! Dreamer
Madison Farris
Madison Farris 8 днів тому
willow was scared
Tawana Gaffney
Tawana Gaffney 8 днів тому
XQuizit Monroe
XQuizit Monroe 8 днів тому
Am I the only one that watches this and cries over how much Will is loved?? Oh no just me? Ok 😂
Daniel Dogic
Daniel Dogic 7 днів тому
Im there wit cha
Daniel Sin
Daniel Sin 7 днів тому
XQuizit Monroe Yea just you
NUCA 8 днів тому
I would've had to wear a Depends for that jump.
Roy M. Githaiga
Roy M. Githaiga 8 днів тому
That was simply Amazing and very Inspirational.
Saudatu Sesay
Saudatu Sesay 8 днів тому
Jaden you are really bless to have Will as a father
Plague 4 дні тому
Not everything is about money. It doesn't buy happiness just comfort
Daniel Sin
Daniel Sin 7 днів тому
Saudatu Sesay Heck yea he got money!!! 💰 💴 money lol
Owenz Arido
Owenz Arido 8 днів тому
Indubitably the most spiritually liberating video I've ever watched. Beautiful ..
Cee *
Cee * 9 днів тому
Oh my god it’s the blue genie
Las Vegas Nights
Las Vegas Nights 9 днів тому
You go boy💯👍🏾😁
Ramon Garciano
Ramon Garciano 9 днів тому
I wonder how much was he insured for that jump ? Damn that medic lady .. i thot she was gonna say i love you and kiss him !
clorox bleach
clorox bleach 9 днів тому
would’ve loved to do this listening to this song on sync 7:00
Deniz Eren
Deniz Eren 10 днів тому
18:13 look jada and his ex wife Jada cold as ice no emotions Ex wife almost cry for will thats i call a woman who make you happy...choice wisely your wife not fall for the goodlooking face..i think yada treath will not like he deserve she s so full of negative energy.
Samiga Zharykova
Samiga Zharykova 10 днів тому
Ваууу уил смит
Youcef Chebil
Youcef Chebil 10 днів тому
Your daughter 😍😞😘
جمانه مجنونه
جمانه مجنونه 10 днів тому
اني كلش احبك فنان ناجح ولكل تحبك
Morris Reviews
Morris Reviews 10 днів тому
I am only bc fresh prince of belair also yeet theres carlton
Namhla Dlomo
Namhla Dlomo 10 днів тому
im crying
Namhla Dlomo
Namhla Dlomo 10 днів тому
Gawd i love Will
Rkm1884 Gowri
Rkm1884 Gowri 10 днів тому
haiii ... sir i am your big fan
Lina Duque
Lina Duque 10 днів тому
27 K
27 K 10 днів тому
Faking shut
Chaz Fatur
Chaz Fatur 10 днів тому
Yo a crazy Mofo man! Congrats on ya! Terrifying is an understatement!
Chaz Fatur
Chaz Fatur 10 днів тому
But in all seriousness, Happy Belated Birthday, Will! Glad you'll see 51 & beyond!
Chaz Fatur
Chaz Fatur 10 днів тому
Next challenge... base jump off that same canyon!
dead memes
dead memes 10 днів тому
Yaaaa It's rewind time
gerbilkill 10 днів тому
We boycott smith products in this house. After his skank hoe, said blonde white women trigger her. that's why noone respect you jada
Primeiro #
Primeiro # 10 днів тому
Will Smith meu sonho e te conhecer um dia gosto muito de você sou Brasileiro Mas meu sonho e te conhecer uma pessoa boa e humilde que nem você merece crescer na vida mas e mas nós Brasileiros te amamos ❤
Jeria Heaggans
Jeria Heaggans 10 днів тому
Here in 2019.. lol My fav part is Carlton chilling on his trailer 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Its Abzer
Its Abzer 10 днів тому
That is terrifying to even watch. I would never do that! 😂
알럽샤커No.22 10 днів тому
wow!good luck
Rajesh nagarajan
Rajesh nagarajan 11 днів тому
Kenneth Zee
Kenneth Zee 11 днів тому
Get off UKvid Will Smith leave this for people who are not famous.
Chris Bradley
Chris Bradley 11 днів тому
meh.. get over yourself it's a bungee jump people do it everyday.
Chris Bradley
Chris Bradley 4 дні тому
+Dene Yung only jk dude I love will smith
Dene Yung
Dene Yung 7 днів тому
Chris Bradley Out if a helicopter in the Grand Canyon. You may want to check your facts.
amjad Ram
amjad Ram 11 днів тому
that's hot
Addiction 11 днів тому
Fake. It was a paid actor.
Julieta Sofia Camacho
Julieta Sofia Camacho 11 днів тому
I love you
Jorge Martinez
Jorge Martinez 11 днів тому
viva mexico smith
Maribu Moon
Maribu Moon 11 днів тому
He looked like he was bout to cry
Paulo Gualberto
Paulo Gualberto 11 днів тому
Ford kkkkkk Quem joga Free fire vai entender😂
Carlos Pereira
Carlos Pereira 11 днів тому
Esse se deu bem na vida graça a Deus
The wet desert
The wet desert 11 днів тому
That's hot that's hot
فيصل الراجحي
فيصل الراجحي 11 днів тому
ايش السالفه كلكم كفار طقاع
Amós Figueiredo
Amós Figueiredo 11 днів тому
Aee me chama pra fazer uma estalação elétrica na sua mansão.. Rssrss..... :) :) :)
E Lá Vamos Nós
E Lá Vamos Nós 11 днів тому
Um velhinho brasileiro que faz vídeo de slime, tem mais inscritos que o canal do Will Smith! Não dá para entender.
윤창현 11 днів тому
OMG!!!! I'm scared ㅜㅡㅜ
ตุ๋ย เปันตุ๊ด
C J.
The Fluids to Life
The Fluids to Life 11 днів тому
Ahhhhhahaha that's nice thaaaats nice
Karla Sifuentes
Karla Sifuentes 11 днів тому
Te amo
troy lenz
troy lenz 11 днів тому
Damn Will that was freaking nuts! Psycho Man. 😀
Everett Padgett
Everett Padgett 11 днів тому
Will Smith is Racist
mohmmed eem
mohmmed eem 11 днів тому
دس لايك
Sharinghan Saske
Sharinghan Saske 11 днів тому
Maaan you made my day!)
A tíu tv
A tíu tv 11 днів тому
support me with
Razvan-Gabriel Stanica
Razvan-Gabriel Stanica 11 днів тому
are they actually using a helicopter to film another helicopter?
Shellshocker dbsjxk
Shellshocker dbsjxk 12 днів тому
7:35 when you hit puberty
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