My Mom Wants Me to Get Plastic Surgery

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My Mom Wants me to Get Plastic Surgery
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Hi, my name is Rachel and I’m just like every other girl my age, except for one thing…and well, that’s what I want to talk to you about today. I’m 16 years old, and OK…I don’t really know how to put this…I’m ugly! Not like hideously ugly, but I’m no beauty queen. My mom’s a beauty queen though, well at least she was when she was younger. She was the beauty queen of our state, but now she just helps run the beauty pageant. And she looks wonderful for her age. She’s super slim and has long straight hair. Ever since I was a little girl she’s always tried to make me look prettier. She used to buy me expensive pink frilly dresses and tie my frizzy hair up in cute polka-dot hair bows, but she still never seemed satisfied. She never registered me into the cutest baby competitions and never ever let me participate in any of her beauty pageants. I mean it’s not as if I even want to take part, but she’s my mom and she runs it, she could at least ask me if I want to join, right? Or at least invite me to attend!
For my thirteenth birthday, she bought me a make-up set and said I should start wearing make-up every day if I ever want to have a chance at being successful! Can you believe it? A few of the girls in my year at school are participating in the upcoming pageant, and their moms are there at every rehearsal cheering them on. My mom’s there too, of course, seeing as she’s in charge of it.
One day, my friend Marissa asked me to come over to her place after school. As we walked out of the school gates, her mom came running over to us telling her she’d be late for the special beauty pageant ceremony. She’d completely forgotten it was today! I told her I’d just see her at school tomorrow, but her mom insisted I come along too. I knew my mom was the guest speaker at this ceremony, and I’d offered to come along and support her, but she went really quiet when I said that, and told me I should probably just stay at home and do my homework. I didn’t argue with her because she really didn’t seem to want me to come.
I got in the car with Marissa and her mom and decided that maybe my mom was being modest and would secretly love me to be there. As we arrived at the venue, Marissa headed backstage to join the other beauty queen contestants, and I took a seat in the front row with Marissa’s mom. Before my mom was due to go on stage, she came out to check that everything was in order, and that’s when she spotted me. I waved and smiled at her, but she didn’t wave back. She looked upset with me. She asked me what I was doing here and why I wasn’t at home? She told me to go wait in the car or I’d be in big trouble. I didn’t even reply to her. It didn’t seem worth the fight. I grabbed my bag and said bye to Marissa’s mom before running off. Marissa’s mom looked at me with tears in her eyes.
An hour later my mom climbed into the car and we drove home in silence. I went straight to my room and locked the door. I just felt so alone. My mom came to my room and I opened my door because I thought maybe she wanted to apologise, but instead, she said she’d booked me an appointment with Dr. Reynolds to see if he could fix my face, and with Dr. Smith to discuss my diet. Again, I didn’t even argue. I’d just given up. It had been like this my whole life. The next day we were sat in Dr. Reynolds office and he looked at me in confusion. He asked my mom why on earth we were here. He looked at me and said I have one of the most beautiful faces he has ever seen and that there’s nothing that needs alterations on my face! My mom interrupted him and said she thinks I am ugly and that it’s affecting my school life and my social life. When I heard her words I ran out of Dr. Reynolds office and burst into tears. Why was my mom so cruel? Why couldn’t I have a mom like Marrisa’s?

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8 лют 2019





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Laaibah and Ifza amir
Laaibah and Ifza amir Годину тому
What kind of a mother is that?!
Keri ann Bridgeman
Keri ann Bridgeman 3 години тому
Keri ann Bridgeman
Keri ann Bridgeman 3 години тому
You not ugly
Gašper Glavan
Gašper Glavan 5 годин тому
So they went to the doctors even tho she thouht she was pretty??????? I think not
Satyra Hillgrove
Satyra Hillgrove 9 годин тому
Rudest mom ever.?.?.! Your mom should tell you look beautiful everyday no matter what you look like plus looks don't even matter!!!! That mom needs help.....?
Samantha 13 годин тому
"her mom looked at me with tears in her eyes". *smiling as a plastic tear slides down her cheek*
Long short Kitty
Long short Kitty 15 годин тому
That’s really sad
Bethany Jackson
Bethany Jackson 16 годин тому
This mom is so mean she is just so rude and disrespectful
Miranda McCall
Miranda McCall 17 годин тому
Hell naw girlfriend I've seen the worst people who are ugly on the inside and out who found spouses to match. If that taught me anything it's that 1. Being a good person comes first 2. You will always be more beautiful than someone else 3. There is truly someone out there for everyone. Just make sure you love yourself just as much as that person loves you and then suddenly you find that crap like other peoples negative opinions don't matter.
Super123 Crafty
Super123 Crafty 17 годин тому
Someone has been watching to much Netflix
Super123 Crafty
Super123 Crafty 17 годин тому
Sorry but this the exact plot of dumplin a Netflix film like the exact plot 🤔
María Estrada
María Estrada 17 годин тому
Don't say your ugly your a pretty Queen
Nan Willo
Nan Willo 19 годин тому
2:55 what's the soundtrack name please ?!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Trina Lu
Trina Lu 23 години тому
I could never enter a beauty pageant. I just don't have a slim body. It's quite sad really
Twilight Moon
Twilight Moon 23 години тому
If only I had a mom in the first place.......
777 Razzel 11
777 Razzel 11 День тому
I feel ugly cause back then I had a friend that had a crush on me we wernt friends back then but after a while she isnt like that anymore (one time I put my sweaty towel at her cause I dont like romantic stuff cause I think its embarrasing
Zuri Is A Gurl
Zuri Is A Gurl День тому
Why does her Mom have GRAY skin?
Zuri Is A Gurl
Zuri Is A Gurl День тому
Just asking..
MaskedOperations День тому
Me and my mom boxing and why didnt the other mom say anything
MaskedOperations День тому
The cassie from the I'm to pretty
EvalunaLindura 12
EvalunaLindura 12 День тому
I looked up and it was my mom I 4:20 “WANTED TO HIT HER “ 😂 sorry i know the story is sad but that was funny for me.
Laila Made
Laila Made День тому
If this was my mom then I would legit report this idiot.
Polarbear_ gaming
Polarbear_ gaming День тому
Her mom: Go get plastic surgery ugly child Her: Oh hunny have you looked in the mirror yet
Awesomecatjazz День тому
She's more beautiful than her mom
sade6220 sade6220
sade6220 sade6220 2 дні тому
0:48 she has -long, straight hair- short curly hair
Megan Espiritu
Megan Espiritu 2 дні тому
Mom:you need plastic surgery Me:ok sure but since I'm really kind do you want to go first?
Khin Yu Lwin
Khin Yu Lwin 2 дні тому
no you are beautiful
Maya Glitchs
Maya Glitchs 2 дні тому
Mom: Your ugly Me: But your one the who made me
Rami Kaddour
Rami Kaddour 2 дні тому
Why dose ur mum look so pale or if people don't know what that means then why dose she look so grey
Monbebe - Monsta X /Kihyun's Wifu
My mom also tells me always that I'm ugly!!! But I don't care!!! Because I AM UGLY!!!!😟
equine equestrian
equine equestrian 2 дні тому
If your mum didn't want people to compliment you on your good looks then why did she buy you nice cloths and makeup and send you to get plastic surgery. That would make you look better. I don't understand? So does she think your pretty you does she think k your ugly. I don't understand?
anonymous675 1
anonymous675 1 2 дні тому
Wtf is dumplin
Livy LouBox
Livy LouBox 2 дні тому
So her mom was going to get her plastic surgery so she would be ugly
P5B20林文琇 3 дні тому
The mum is jealous of her daughter what a terrible mother
Milk and Cœkies
Milk and Cœkies 3 дні тому
3:06... WT**** smiling and crying is a thing 4:27 / 4:54 AGAIN
John Bregasis
John Bregasis 3 дні тому
i want to say one think WTF
Cloudy UwU
Cloudy UwU 3 дні тому
My mom says I'm ugly and stupid ;-;
Catherine Li
Catherine Li 3 дні тому
what a narcissist mom
Catherine Li
Catherine Li 3 дні тому
my mom has long straight hair *animates her as having short curly hair*..
lol logan
lol logan 3 дні тому
😥😭🤯😨 who cares who cares who's the best beauty pageant
comedy indi
comedy indi 3 дні тому
Good ☺
Rin FNC 3 дні тому
If my mom ever said that to me i would honestly just say this Mom : wow your ugly Me : mom check the mirror and look at yourself hopfully the mirror doesn't shatter and when your done looking at yourselt then you'll see where i get the uglyness from
Cristalyz Santos
Cristalyz Santos 3 дні тому
What a selfish ass mom
Tenelle Goodwin
Tenelle Goodwin 3 дні тому
She look better than her mom
Thatdudekenny 3 дні тому
I would never forgive
Michael Henkel
Michael Henkel 3 дні тому
What a mean and cruel mother.
Loise Porlares
Loise Porlares 4 дні тому
0:47 "LONG STARIGHT HAIR" *shows short blonde curly hair
May Blossom
May Blossom 4 дні тому
My mom was also very beautiful when she was young, and she still is. Whenever my friends or someone else sees my mom, they say that she is very beautiful. My mom is in her early 40s. She thinks that i am ugly, and almost says that everyday. Once i remember while i was sitting with my cousin at someone's wedding, my mom entered the room and was talking with someone else. One of them suddenly said that "Maria is looking very pretty", and i sweetly smiled at her. But my mom argued that i am not beautiful at all. She says the same thing to almost everyone, that everyone's daughters are beautiful except me, and that no one will ever love me and i will never get married. She passes comments on my looks, and constantly reminds of my face. Because of her, I feel like i am loosing my self confidence and whenever i look at someone, i feel that they also think that i am "ugly" and that is why i dont make eye contact with anyone i talk. She says that i dont have a nice figure, i am not pretty like others, i look like a monkey and else, and the worst part is that she says that infront of everyone, and almost everyday. I feel so ashamed sometimes. Whenever i look at my beautiful cousins, i feel jealous, because my mom reminds me that they are more beautiful than me. I even cry sometimes alone, because i just cant take it anymore. There are tears in my eyes right now even when i am writing this. My situation is more worse than Rachel's. I just wanted everyone to know that Rachel is not alone. And trust me guys, i pray to God each day for not giving anyone a fucked up mom like mine, not even to my enemies. If u hate ur mom, then just think about me, and you will realize that how lucky you are to not have a mom like me. I know i am not beautiful, i am ugly af, but i am a human and i have feelings too. Even the stray dogs that we see on the roads are better than that bitch. I just wish the same thing, i just want that whore to die soon, because even while having her alive here, i feel like i dont have any mom, because she is DEFINITELY not like other moms in the world.
yeeting Chow
yeeting Chow 4 дні тому
sNazZy Tv
sNazZy Tv 4 дні тому
"I'm no beauty queen" Sis same here I can be spotted at 7n eleven with yang tans and pringles with coke
Yojin Offered battle game to game
I hope the mom dies
ana lopez
ana lopez 4 дні тому
sorry Mama's a b****
THE Derp
THE Derp 4 дні тому
Just don't listen and move out,away from the cage!!!!
freddy saunier
freddy saunier 4 дні тому
The mom:says your ugly to rinda Me:wtf THATS IT YOUR GOING TO BE PUT ON MY PEOPLE TO RIP APPART LIST!!!!
Gabby 4 дні тому
These stock photo cartoons are so-
Jordin S
Jordin S 4 дні тому
the doctor looks like a crack baby
Morgan Battaglini
Morgan Battaglini 4 дні тому
"My mom's hair is long blonde and straight" bro that's not curly
Tshilidzi Bongwe
Tshilidzi Bongwe 4 дні тому
Weird story, not believeable, doesn't add up
n a k e i t a g r a n d e
n a k e i t a g r a n d e 5 днів тому
her: i thought she had come in to apologise. mom: *i bOoKeD you An AppOinTment wiTh DoCtoR RenOldS to Fix YouR FACE!* i-
Emma Armstrong
Emma Armstrong 5 днів тому
lol I’d put myself up for adoption
Nova_ Gacha life
Nova_ Gacha life 5 днів тому
This is the worst animation in my life why did they make the people smile when they cry
Kwaku Brown
Kwaku Brown 5 днів тому
3:03 wtf why is she smiling
LazySunday !
LazySunday ! 5 днів тому
Mom: your UgLy Me:So are YoU yA dusty Dorito Mom:go to ur room Me: dies
Möchii 5 днів тому
This sort of reminds me of the movie dumplin’
Tae's Drink
Tae's Drink 5 днів тому
Who saw this after the "I'm too pretty story" and said this would be more relatable
Tianah Simpson
Tianah Simpson 5 днів тому
How to make a Five Nights at Freddy's when I'm serious like a 3D one Shaniqua faysal Jesus
Gabby Reyes
Gabby Reyes 5 днів тому
Did you get this from Dumplin’ on Netflix?? True Netflixers will know
FaZe RaKes
FaZe RaKes 5 днів тому
I would’ve killed myself if that was me
Nani K
Nani K 5 днів тому
Is this dumplin
SlytherinPotterGeek 5 днів тому
Rachel: she had long straight hair **shows woman with short frizzy hair**
Enn La Rush
Enn La Rush 5 днів тому
I would never forgive her
Maria Gonzalez
Maria Gonzalez 5 днів тому
She has long straight hair they drew her with short curly hair
Ocean_Eclipse 5 днів тому
This mum kind of sounds like the mum from “dumplin’”
God Puppy
God Puppy 6 днів тому
fck her mom
LittleFlyingAnimationMV's 6 днів тому
3:02 Just ignore that her original screen is smaller than 1920 x 1080 and therefore the right of her hair is cut off :’)
kuniichan 6 днів тому
her: *long straight hair* me: *is that a curly hair?*
Red Queen
Red Queen 6 днів тому
lm ugly :3
Sebastian Salazar
Sebastian Salazar 6 днів тому
Sebastian Salazar
Sebastian Salazar 6 днів тому
Life with Lila
Life with Lila 6 днів тому
You should never feel ugly because your beautiful in every way so don’t let anyone else tell you differently your beautiful on the inside and on the outside
sumayyah jahan
sumayyah jahan 6 днів тому
What your mom did is unforgivable and does not have a good excuse
Frenzii MeLLoW
Frenzii MeLLoW 6 днів тому
""…¿¿ wops I got the question mark rong
Frenzii MeLLoW
Frenzii MeLLoW 6 днів тому
Why is your mom gray
Helen Patino
Helen Patino 6 днів тому
Garden Jesus does not make junk you're pretty
Frenzii MeLLoW
Frenzii MeLLoW 6 днів тому
Frenzii MeLLoW
Frenzii MeLLoW 6 днів тому
But I’m 7 srry😭😭😭😭🤯
Frenzii MeLLoW
Frenzii MeLLoW 6 днів тому
I will love the way you are
Frenzii MeLLoW
Frenzii MeLLoW 6 днів тому
You are not ugly look girl if. I was your BFF 👯 I am going to think 🤔 your pretty and I’ll be Jealous and I’ll not do something bad to you
Nicholas Ganavas
Nicholas Ganavas 6 днів тому
The Mom and the daughters faces are pretty much the same, so I don’t know what there talking about
Sorian Rapson
Sorian Rapson 6 днів тому
I wonder what she looks like
Shrek boi
Shrek boi 6 днів тому
PkMsoccer 22
PkMsoccer 22 6 днів тому
Question: if her mom thought she was too pretty, why did she buy her a makeup set??? Exactly
TUXKER INC. 6 днів тому
She should have NEVER FORGAVE her STUPID MOM
Allycat54 Gamer
Allycat54 Gamer 6 днів тому
Anyone else think the daughter is super pretty.❤️
Fifi Playz
Fifi Playz 6 днів тому
3:06 *_When your pizza rolls aren’t ready_*
Army once
Army once 7 днів тому
When I feel ugly and upset I just run to my mom and then I tell her: Mom, Do you know who is the most beautiful girl in the world? Mom: Yess! It's U♡ Then I feel so good😂❤️
ღiiSkye ღ
ღiiSkye ღ 7 днів тому
Mom: get plastic surgery Me: ur the one who gave birth to me
Stargàzing- 7 днів тому
Why is Rachel’s hair neon yellow and not blonde
QueenMoonlight QueenMia018
QueenMoonlight QueenMia018 7 днів тому
This is actually kind ok similar to the movie Dumplin
FortniteGamer Spencer
FortniteGamer Spencer 7 днів тому
Looks don’t matter
Hardie Aquino
Hardie Aquino 7 днів тому
No body is ugly except if your mind is ugly
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