My Official House Tour! 😯

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My Official House Tour! 😯
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Music Used:
Crack On - Dylan Sitts
Up Here - Blue Steel
Words - Dylan Sitts
Add it Up - Nbhd Nick
Ten X Tenn - Nbhd Nick

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4 сер 2020





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jordan yao
jordan yao 13 годин тому
is it just me or does he kinda sound like Adam Sandler
knifin_ur_ ass87
knifin_ur_ ass87 13 годин тому
Dude that is a sick house 🏠
Steven McCallister
Steven McCallister День тому
Dude, I fucking love the vibe of this guy! Its fucking amazing. Mad props to you Nick, ever since I found your content here, I cant get enough. Hopefully you habe many more years like this to come!
Marty Flipper
Marty Flipper День тому
Showing off that flex in metro detroit!
Mont.614 День тому
That’s crazy all for gaming😂🔥
Slaze День тому
you deserve all your success. I hope you continue to grow
Captured 2 дні тому
Mike Inca
Mike Inca 2 дні тому
Sick place bro! Congrats on your new home! Hard work pays off! Awesome gym! Get swole!!!!!!
Mr Wolfz
Mr Wolfz 2 дні тому
Does nick blink
Etivey Design
Etivey Design 2 дні тому
with what was this video recorded ? iphone 5 or something like that ?
HiddenLipp 2 дні тому
a lot of work to be done to a million dollar move in ready home lol
Lil L
Lil L 2 дні тому
Man your swole as shit NickMercs
Rayandthings Acea
Rayandthings Acea 3 дні тому
Imagine having to take that many shits
hi im cool recovery account
hi im cool recovery account 3 дні тому
Ninja: I have the best streaming room in the world Nick: *hold my g fuel*
ckennedy90 3 дні тому
What monumental douche does a house tour to show off what he has, all the while stupid kids tip him parents money while he plays a video game?? Wtf is 2020
Sergio Flores
Sergio Flores 3 дні тому
I love that hallway! 3:06
Greensky02 4 дні тому
2010: "That guy must be a doctor! His house is HUGE!" 2020: "That guy must stream video games live! His house is HUGE!" 2030: "What the hell was 2020 about eh? Like what was the deal?"
evan labonte
evan labonte 4 дні тому
Ahhh another UKvid showing off all that “hard work” you tubers do 😫
Sammy Hess
Sammy Hess 4 дні тому
Very nice home..doing big things..just getting started..!!!
Morra Di
Morra Di 4 дні тому
the goat, great house man
AB Capone
AB Capone 4 дні тому
Nd ur only goin farther💯
Jet Tipzy
Jet Tipzy 5 днів тому
Imagine did a good job :)
ImaMuskyFreak 5 днів тому
Amazing what other peoples money can buy
Saussinati Beats
Saussinati Beats 5 днів тому
Brandon Lankford97
Brandon Lankford97 6 днів тому
Your man cave is saf!
Fabrizio 6 днів тому
This man has his own mini mansion and a pool from playing video games... that's the American Dream right there
K_R1CE 6 днів тому
nick looks like tilly from tiktok
CxMyBOMBz ok
CxMyBOMBz ok 6 днів тому
All dat money jus by playin games
Prey 6 днів тому
You say guest bedroom i say room for me to move in wth
Jackson Gaeng
Jackson Gaeng 6 днів тому
Congrats nick that’s a dope ass house man
Beau Pisch
Beau Pisch 6 днів тому
“Really Vibee”
zeco 6 днів тому
Dude reminds me of Adam Sandler 🤣🤣🤣
Tony B
Tony B 7 днів тому
Man you have an incredible and beautiful home bro. 😍✌❤
mister president
mister president 7 днів тому
Typical American rich kid house
Jan Rojas
Jan Rojas 7 днів тому
This is a American Dream...
m0t0wnfilly 8 днів тому
Great video Nick! And all of that from a career in gaming! Keep gettin' BIG Nick!
Shikar Sham
Shikar Sham 8 днів тому
did nickmercs turn into an Adam Sandler overnight??
phantom 8 днів тому
Are the shorts you are wearing with the ODU logo from old dominion university?
Christian Remular
Christian Remular 8 днів тому
Yo man, I'm happy for you & your wifey! Goals 100%! Stay grinding, it never stops!
Maddox Bordelon
Maddox Bordelon 8 днів тому
To be honest tour gaming room is the best that I ever saw I love our vids and love your house nice house and love your warzone vids and all your videos love your videos ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥❤️❤️
The Man
The Man 8 днів тому
That's crazy that fucking playing a stupid video game can get you all of this I hate society
David Trace
David Trace 8 днів тому
Warzone got him this house.
Bryce Lobb
Bryce Lobb 8 днів тому
I wonder how much is his electric bill
Taylor Rico
Taylor Rico 8 днів тому
Just love to see nick so happy as he brings so much joy to everybody who watches his vids W
Harrison Wright
Harrison Wright 8 днів тому
Yeah can I have it please
Michael Rector
Michael Rector 8 днів тому
You can tell how excited and humble he is
MrSports 8 днів тому
Nick taking head and shoulders to a whole other level🤣🤣🤣
I Hxryzon l
I Hxryzon l 9 днів тому
Nicks house is now my dream house tf
Skizzy Marz
Skizzy Marz 9 днів тому
I am happy for you man
Anthony 9 днів тому
Nick got the cleanest game room i’ve seen
Jesse Cracks MTG
Jesse Cracks MTG 9 днів тому
What’s the school district like?
愛Blame 9 днів тому
Dude game setup is godly
Ham 'Housekeeping' Sarris
Ham 'Housekeeping' Sarris 9 днів тому
u could buy a new mic with some of your money
Alfonso Del Manzano
Alfonso Del Manzano 9 днів тому
Beautiful home...it’s very damn classy looking.
Killu47 9 днів тому
Wait, he is Rich? what is he working ?
Bulvine420 9 днів тому
1k haters so far!
Lil Sleep
Lil Sleep 9 днів тому
10% of this house belongs to faze
ImSpazzi 9 днів тому
This man literally doesn’t have a neck lol look like he is permanently shruggin his shoulders
SSG Playboy
SSG Playboy 9 днів тому
lay off the roids
Anthony Sengchareune
Anthony Sengchareune 9 днів тому
Adrian Schneider
Adrian Schneider 10 днів тому
That annoying music
Yashraj Khandagale
Yashraj Khandagale 10 днів тому
Why is his intro looks like he has a gun to his head
joe peggie
joe peggie 10 днів тому
The hallway/stairs look like the house in paranormal activity 😬
Kelso_O 10 днів тому
Camera guy needs to clean his sensor. Nice crib though!
J S 10 днів тому
official steroids tour?
dirtbike zack
dirtbike zack 10 днів тому
Hole shit bro the down stairs tho u got it made grads bro hope u love it
Billy Silva
Billy Silva 10 днів тому
Thx to the game heads
Josiah James
Josiah James 10 днів тому
it’s a wood hood btw in the kitchen
Johnny Sins
Johnny Sins 10 днів тому
God damn bro I love you but at least just say you’re tryna hit that 10 minute mark kid
jacob earehart
jacob earehart 10 днів тому
That man cave is dope asf bro what a dream
Nick Agnelly
Nick Agnelly 10 днів тому
A lot more money than if you would have been a SEAL. Shit really works out in the end!
xSprillexYSL 10 днів тому
On Today’s episode of MTV Cribs ..
Frankie McCumbee
Frankie McCumbee 10 днів тому
Must be nice to sit and play games and do what you love all day and make lots of money while lots of us are struggling out here yea must be nice.
VJBang 10 днів тому
Sick! Congrats man. I know where to go if I ever need a Sh*t
Sri Ram
Sri Ram 10 днів тому
3:18 Stove and a big chimney (exhaust)
This is very epic
This is very epic 11 днів тому
Bro for some reason nick looks like a buff 4”10 guy in the intro
loganfancypants3975 !
loganfancypants3975 ! 11 днів тому
Why you mcsrkd?
Tattofear Fear
Tattofear Fear 11 днів тому
Wow your home is amazing bro I love home gym I would be in there all the time. Keep up great video 😎👍
Trxgc 11 днів тому
20k take it or leave it
sakar 47
sakar 47 11 днів тому
This had to be rented but still congrats
LAUCHA 11 днів тому
hello a mi amigou se le rompiou el mandou me lpo prrrestas pour favourcitou
LAUCHA 11 днів тому
si bro no pasa nada
Steven Bluewater
Steven Bluewater 11 днів тому
Nick your living a life people dream of but in reality never get it. My parents would never let me pursue UKvid. Lol they get mad when I play for more than an hour. Glad to see it’s possible tho man. Very inspirational.
lia rebelo
lia rebelo 11 днів тому
[ Nightmare ]
[ Nightmare ] 12 днів тому
Hey nick is your dad big ed
Steven Whitaker
Steven Whitaker 12 днів тому
Reppin Ol Dirty U ODU (class 2012)
Austin Cummings
Austin Cummings 12 днів тому
i see those ODU shorts!
Tyler Pierce
Tyler Pierce 12 днів тому
Nice house man you deserve it you put in the hard work just for us to enjoy!!!
Miguel Soto
Miguel Soto 12 днів тому
Dope, keep it up mane.
small town racing
small town racing 12 днів тому
And he says this house needs what again ?? He said he's only dented what agian??? I'd die for something like that
CHUCKBALLER 12 днів тому
My Dream Too
DezzyD 13 днів тому
7:30 , thank me later
Ant Torre
Ant Torre 13 днів тому
Nick mercs comes out of the closet in this video 😂🤣
tr3yzle 13 днів тому
Sure would be a shame if BLM started marching in this neighborhood
Sebastian Ossa Uribe
Sebastian Ossa Uribe 13 днів тому
Relax your neck bruhhh
Ryan A's
Ryan A's 13 днів тому
Sponsored my the grey tac
jimmyjayden17121998 13 днів тому
My god beautiful
AcidicJazz 13 днів тому
This is ssundees house
Runar Olsen
Runar Olsen 13 днів тому
Do you ever blink?
Daniel Swaneveld
Daniel Swaneveld 13 днів тому
U ever get lost?
Crimson Slayer
Crimson Slayer 13 днів тому
Could someone tell me why the thumbnail looks like Minecraft ❤️
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