My Video Went Viral. Here's Why

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My hypothesis is that the algorithm, rather than viewer preference, drives views on the site. As the algorithm shifts, various UKvidrs experience burnout (as what used to work no longer works) and right now click-through rate is the key metric. So clickable titles and thumbnails are the only way to get a lot of impressions and hence views - they are the only way to go viral. This leads me to wonder which audiences will become most prevalent on the site and if there will even be a place for educational content. In the long-term, hopefully UKvid is able to measure satisfaction through surveys and other metrics to ensure an optimal experience for everyone on the site.
Flipchart artwork by Maria Raykova
Filmed by Raquel Nuno
Thumbnail by Ignat Berbeci



19 тра 2019





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Sci FAD 4 години тому
If he is making such video then what are the chances for a small UKvidr 😅
Lorna Levi shoeswomen
Lorna Levi shoeswomen 7 годин тому
i lost the will for a quick question
Age of Listening
Age of Listening 16 годин тому
I've found my followers just dont understand that they have to click the bell twice. And I dislike asking them. But then they ask why I'm not appearing...🤦🏼‍♀️ it's frustrating.
আইরিন Ireen
আইরিন Ireen 19 годин тому
Joseff Zerafa
Joseff Zerafa День тому
I wish that my videos had more than 5 views.☹️
jolo toompie
jolo toompie День тому
Under this video that video was recommended 😂😂👌👌👌
Kumar Seetharaman
Kumar Seetharaman 2 дні тому
After watching the entire video I understood .....how cleverly n meticulously He missed making me understand what exactly made his video Viral.....
yaplayedyourself 2 дні тому
I have nothing to say other than 👏
Interregno 2 дні тому
Curiously or not, this video just appeared to me, thanks to the algorithm
Chida Ambrose
Chida Ambrose 2 дні тому
ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-4sazZJwQAnw.html Plz increase my views youtuber a youtuber should help another youtuber plz subscribe me and inceease my views as u also came here for that only
Al Alo
Al Alo 2 дні тому
We watch the videos we want, not the ones we need.
1 Subscriber Before December
My comment went viral here is how: 👇
Bolkya Kavita
Bolkya Kavita 3 дні тому
Jesper Franck Larsen
Jesper Franck Larsen 3 дні тому
Rang the Bell just now! :]
jellypeanutbutter321 3 дні тому
How can I replicated his authenticity for more views?
Movies Roaster
Movies Roaster 3 дні тому
Sir what about audience retation
IceCrasher 3 дні тому
Or if people would start to go to the Abo section instead only the home section - in the abo section you still see every video of channels you‘ve got an abo :)
FaFin Creation
FaFin Creation 3 дні тому
I have only 700 subscriber😭
FaFin Creation
FaFin Creation 3 дні тому
Nice bro
vikram koodoye
vikram koodoye 4 дні тому
I was off the Internet for a while(no subscription) so there came a time when i was wondering what potentially interesting videos I’ve missed, from you. I had forgotten name of channel(memory loss due to extreme overworking myself) but i remember few of your videos cause i really enjoyed them; i used the search & since i have been putting views on. Fret not 😏
ø 4 дні тому
You convinced me to click on the bell for the first time.
Арсеній Барзелович
waiting for your videos the most.
BEST OF TECH 4 дні тому
Very good made video! :D
Ali Kılıç
Ali Kılıç 5 днів тому
Thank you so much. Hi from Moscow from a Turkish man))
click bait
click bait 5 днів тому
4:30 Blue shirt kid but older: *The Algorithm*
SUMIT MANDAL 6 днів тому
just did
InteliJencia Rara
InteliJencia Rara 6 днів тому
What if we have a site like UKvid, but just for educational content? (Just like there is a UKvid Gaming)
izul 6 днів тому
I hated that vid bc i already knew it and it was everywhere
Great Channel
Great Channel 6 днів тому
I want grow my channel, viral my video you help me please.. I am from india. My name is Prashant
Sarah Ali Hasan
Sarah Ali Hasan 6 днів тому
Maybe burnout is knocking youtubers' growth curves down ... But as humanity become "grown up" enough to start being selective and "elegant" about the content they choose to watch, believe me this burnout will work in favor of all creative and useful content like yours, thanks for the presentation 👍 btw.. i clicked the bell before seeing this video 😇
Horus314 6 днів тому
Keep doing good work, please and thank you.
hkocoglu 6 днів тому
I watch youtube maybe >4 hrs everyday, and it is the first time that I ring the bell...
Matthew Bizzarri
Matthew Bizzarri 7 днів тому
I was against the bell and only subscribe to interesting channels, though you convinced me. How do I get rid of the non relevant recommendations like prepper videos when the end of the world happens?
God Is One For All of Us
God Is One For All of Us 7 днів тому
Excellent Explanation in a Creative Way...! 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
ophello 7 днів тому
Please don’t choose content based on “clickability.” Just choose stuff that is true to your channel. Don’t chase clicks. That will undermine your cause and attract dumber viewers.
The Hype Snails
The Hype Snails 7 днів тому
6:51 scared me cuz I made a video about snails recently I-
Phil Wilson
Phil Wilson 7 днів тому
This situation really makes me sad. Derek makes amazing content and he should be able to make whatever he finds most interesting to share. I'm a subscriber to Veritasium. Every day, I go through my subscription list and look for the blue dots indicating new videos and when I see them, I watch. Pushing all UKvidrs to create over sensationalized content and click-baity titles just cheapens everything. Keep it going, Derek. You have a lot of fans who love what you create.
Gansta Ras
Gansta Ras 7 днів тому
Love these info channels
Пётр Кустов
Пётр Кустов 8 днів тому
As for algorithms - I'd like to have some options like "stop showing things I've watched already", "mark channel as quality-driven", "search for videos with views~likes". Users are prisoners too, it seems...
Пётр Кустов
Пётр Кустов 8 днів тому
Thanks for the info, for sincerity, unique content...
ThePainkillerDemon 8 днів тому
The best about YT nowadays is thats your YT, if you click on educational videos, and only them, it would recommend you only educational videos. If you click gaming videos, it would recommend them. If you click through clickbait, reactions and trash content, it would recommend you right that, because all the YT algorythm wants is your watch time, and on you is what you are watching and what you get recommended.
Celso Sá
Celso Sá 8 днів тому
Awesome man, I'm trying to get motivation to make video since 2010, but I never did, Now I'm working on It a few days, i hope my video could be a bang in Brazil xD, because I work as youtube editor, and I prefer being the content creator, btw I like to edit too. So, I hope everything goes right.
cecil236 8 днів тому
CLICKABLE DOES NOT EQUAL QUALITY.. please don’t lower the level of our learning in your class to reach every possible lowest level mind..McDonalds will always make exponentially more Money than a world class chef... what do you want to be remembered as...... ??
Andrés Penella
Andrés Penella 9 днів тому
The bell has been rung. Thanks for the honesty.
Cover With Aayush
Cover With Aayush 9 днів тому
J J 9 днів тому
I just wanted to say that i like the way you make videos. You make quality videos and doesnt care about how often you upload. That makes them so much more fun to watch :).
Jason Price
Jason Price 9 днів тому
video on going viral goes viral with 2.8 million views man in the comment section comments about this going viral, secretly wanting that comment to go viral
Habeeba Sultana
Habeeba Sultana 10 днів тому
21:44. That silence here is literally more scary than any horror movie
Tina Newton Backlund- Animator & Modeler
I clicked the bell. Lol Touching on educational content watchers. That's about the only reason I come to UKvid. Science or tutorials.
Davin Harianja
Davin Harianja 10 днів тому
DUDE, the 23 minutes feels like 5 minutes, HOW DID YOU HYPNOTIZE ME?!
Nezzero 10 днів тому
I rang that bell
Luke Shannon
Luke Shannon 11 днів тому
Any update on how UKvid works now? Same same but different?
Apoorv Gupta
Apoorv Gupta 11 днів тому
Maybe that stage is starting to show up. I watch lectures from Stanford, parties and DJ sets like from Cercle etc., so many people listen to long podcasts (by watching the folks speak!). UKvid algorithm does seem to have advanced now.
shasherazi 11 днів тому
Wow a Veritasium video, see you in 6 months
ItzVolc 11 днів тому
This is why I actually go to the uploads page of channels I'm interested in. I don't want to *not* know my favorites are still making videos.
Zane A
Zane A 11 днів тому
What UKvid needs to optimize for: 1- Habitual video watching (similar repeatable time, or better yet, similar situations such as watching it while in a moving vehicle or while moving bowels) 2- Sustainable relationship between viewers and creators (not forcing creators to create videos too often; instead leave time for other creators to show what they have made). 3- Making profit (ad revenue, and selling services such as insights about trends) What creators need to focus on: 1- Making videos that make them happy; otherwise you should find another job. 2- Optimizing for habitual watching, sustainable relationship with viewers, and to allow UKvid to make money. What viewers need to do: 1- Stop clicking on clickbates 2- Utilize the buttons available to express yourself (like, dislike, subscribe, bell, flag, comment, search bar, and clicking other videos and links) and make sure you only click on buttons if you feel like it, and not because someone asked you to. 3- Often search for new things you want to allow the algorithm to show you more diverse content.
Zane A
Zane A 11 днів тому
If you want to watch more boobs, then click on more boobs. the algorithm should get the hint and see if you want to see more or less by recommending both. but if after watching some boobs you want to watch Tom Staton, the algorithm should get the hint and stop showing you boobs that day.
Official Channel
Official Channel 11 днів тому
Veritasium: The algorithm Me: Sees it in recommended after 10 videos
Siti Sakinah
Siti Sakinah 11 днів тому
I want to save everyone's time and tell you that most of the websites in the comments are fake. Only *THEFLYINGTUBE* works for me.
BLABLABLA_ CIMUMUT. 11 днів тому
swagath chitra
swagath chitra 11 днів тому
i love how my girlfriend did everything right for instant youtbe grwth through realsubs.best
Jonwell 11 днів тому
My friend was trying really hard until he found realsubs.best
SR Slide Show
SR Slide Show 11 днів тому
TEE Vhurumuku
TEE Vhurumuku 11 днів тому
I want to save everyone's time and tell you that most of the websites in the comments are fake. Only *THEFLYINGTUBE* works for me.
Dhanraj Sundaram
Dhanraj Sundaram 11 днів тому
Everyone needs to know about realsubs.best for instant youtbe grwth.
Mr-Tech YT
Mr-Tech YT 11 днів тому
i love how my girlfriend did everything right for instant youtbe grwth through realsubs.best
adem tube
adem tube 11 днів тому
Everyone needs to know about realsubs.best for instant youtbe grwth.
Yene Entertainment
Yene Entertainment 11 днів тому
My friend was trying really hard until he found realsubs.best
Mando Mendoza
Mando Mendoza 11 днів тому
No never seen that
Héctor Robla
Héctor Robla 12 днів тому
I was subscribed for about two years or so to your channel. Now the bell too ;) Keep making such good quality videos.
robin malik
robin malik 12 днів тому
He has just given me a unique idea of representing info in this manner on paper..Must thank him for that..👏
robin malik
robin malik 12 днів тому
It is just unbelievable that i subscribed and clicked the bell just a few seconds before he revealed that bell icon slide...js goes to show ..this man is convincing with his content and absolutely talented..What a beautiful video.. I do recommend you watch his video abt the young's double slit experiment..it is a humbling video..i never thought that learning something new could be so satisfying..
Saulo Vallory
Saulo Vallory 12 днів тому
What if we created a website where people can see the videos from creators they’ve subscribed to on UKvid as TV shows and mark which episode they’ve watched or not
Hoda Bahmanoff
Hoda Bahmanoff 12 днів тому
Great good luck 👍
Myka James
Myka James 12 днів тому
9:52 When I heard this, my thoughts immediately went to the Cargo Cults that would occur during the wars when alien peoples set up a temporary base (usually an airstrip) and locals around them watched as the people at these places had resources fall from the sky on parachuted boxes until they left. The locals thought it was a ritual that would let them obtain resources by mimicking those from the war by creating their own airstrips, watch towers, and sometimes false planes.
Talon Greenlee
Talon Greenlee 6 днів тому
I thought of The House of Stairs
cgi arch
cgi arch 13 днів тому
with over 27,000 comments here now it's very unlikely you're going to read this one, but if you didn't have over 2.8 million views there would be more of a chance. Anyway, I just came over here from your video on fast Gun and lazy Drew, and how universities are changing their style of education to get the lazy Drews involved and stop being lazy. Giving us the things we want to watch en masse seems to be something that would appeal to lazy Drew, and I'm not sure how much of that you would want to do as an "educational" channel. I understand you'll be shooting for a compromise, a smoothing out of the content to accommodate for greater viewability, which may ultimately get uninteresting with no meaningful feedback to draw from, but then again you don't really need to look in the comments to find a way out if you already know the decisions that got you there. You can always try to tip the boat one way when there's too much balance.
Manikanta Rapolu
Manikanta Rapolu 13 днів тому
Please don't feel coz, I can feel the pain in your heart, while you were asking to turn on notification🥺🥺
Gyan Vyan
Gyan Vyan 13 днів тому
Tyllis Xu
Tyllis Xu 13 днів тому
I feel that we are now unfortunately reaching a Nash equilibrium of sorts. Everyone seems to be making the best choice possible, and we are ending in arguably the worst-case scenario. I can now see why we need to ring the bell. I also worry about SmarterEveryDay's channel.
Zane A
Zane A 11 днів тому
I started avoiding veritasium because I thought he was trying too hard, but now I feel bad about it. Same with Smarter everyday.
MasonMC 13 днів тому
when your ego gets a little too big but you end up helping people to get bigger on youtube
Kevin Verstegen
Kevin Verstegen 13 днів тому
This is the first Bell I've ever ringed. And he deserved it
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