Naruto Shippuden Episodes 1 & 2 REACTION/REVIEW

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Naruto Shippuden Episodes 1 & 2 REACTION/REVIEW
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Emperor Calick
Emperor Calick 3 дні тому
Did anyone else expect the dub voices
Charm Jermia
Charm Jermia 7 днів тому
This 1 of my favorite anime #naruto since 2012.
52misterman 16 днів тому
6:57 dude that Sakura screenshot tho... editing lol
Henry Jonah Tudela J.r
Henry Jonah Tudela J.r 27 днів тому
I been waiting for this shit!!!!!!
Selvin Maldonado
Selvin Maldonado 29 днів тому
sephius1999 Місяць тому
Would for you guys will do Bleach
Alyana Drua
Alyana Drua Місяць тому
Man its been a while since I've watched shippuden and not gonna lie, I kinda teared up hearing Heroes Comeback 😢😢😢 really brought back memories of my childhood
Yaw Bee
Yaw Bee 2 дні тому
Facts this show means so much to so many people Its kinda unreal
Herrera Cartes
Herrera Cartes Місяць тому
XXXANDER Місяць тому
I want Dub
Thalia Tan
Thalia Tan Місяць тому
Why u skip the op song?!!!
Leviathan 1321
Leviathan 1321 Місяць тому
This gonna take them forever
C G Місяць тому
Yo I never comment, but go job on the subs edit, making easier to follow with you.🤜
Adam Danish
Adam Danish Місяць тому
After you watch this watch boruto naruto next generation
Roberto Martínez
Roberto Martínez Місяць тому
Oh boy! I just noticed you guys started shippuden 1 week ago and I was looking for yours reactions of the ninja war :(
BrewNCode Місяць тому
I anted to see the reaction to the opening >:C
Print up
Print up Місяць тому
I love how Gaara got stronger, his the fuckin Kazekage now!
LilOne Collor
LilOne Collor Місяць тому
did they watch the episode of gaara and naruto on a mission together?
Ruth Jaquez
Ruth Jaquez Місяць тому
Did they finish Naruto already ?
Vary Місяць тому
for me netflix canada has the first 221 episodes in sub and dub which i watched for dub. then i went to a site called naruspot for the rest of the series dubbed. early on naruspot has a lot of random episodes that are the disney xd version which is censored and stupid so i suggest netflix canada by using a vpn for those 221 episodes or hulu if they have around the same amount in dub then switch to naruspot for the rest of the series if you do decide on watching the dub
sanju15able Місяць тому
"Heck if i know .... that man " this is the best sub could offer ? 😑...man ,dub is far better
Maria Torres
Maria Torres Місяць тому
i wanted to see the full reaction to the opening for the first time Q.Q
Meruem D Uchiha
Meruem D Uchiha Місяць тому
I always root for sub, but in this case do dub, must feel unnatural switching when you got to know characters in english....
Rico Senju
Rico Senju Місяць тому
Go back to Dub you fool lol way better in dub
AngelStuff3 Місяць тому
Do you guys have Naruto 132-135 on your patron? It's blocked here on UKvid.
McdonaldsSprite Місяць тому
When they finish Shippuden, the Boruto series probably will have finished and started a new series called Jaruto: Son of Boruto
Banandez Місяць тому
Not gonna lie that face cloth looking clean af
Tamara Howard
Tamara Howard Місяць тому
Subs over dubs.
Tim Sappol
Tim Sappol Місяць тому
Oh it’s sub? *sigh* never mind
wristcontr0l Місяць тому
Man, people watching this nowadays won't understand how much FIRE that opening was back in the day. Naruto had just been on hiatus for two years and people were starting to lose hope, then that bomb track hits right in the first episode, saying WE ARE BACK, BABY! Everything about that intro was perfect. It was Tank! levels of great.
Pepe Reagent
Pepe Reagent Місяць тому
12:25 Giant Sakura lol
ytbe Місяць тому
AbKat Місяць тому
Y'all are NOT ready, this gonna be a wild ride!
Nitin Ahlawat
Nitin Ahlawat Місяць тому
They shouldn't skip the opening songs of Naruto Most of the Naruto's openings are awesome
manu mudgal
manu mudgal Місяць тому
The artists are here...Deidara and Puppetmaster
Ted R Nelson
Ted R Nelson Місяць тому
Guy on the right is wearing a mask in a reaction............
pdors94 Місяць тому
Yea boii..they started Shippuden..I'll tell you this definitely..y'all about to see the greatness of Deidara Senpai...lol...(then you'll witness Tobi, the good boy...😂..soon after))..
Akhil A
Akhil A Місяць тому
5:35 madara uchiha. Who's that?? Ohhh boy... You are going to regret that...
shady Місяць тому
Intro song pls
ちゃんきぃ Місяць тому
Hello I am Japanese . I am not good at English,so I will use a translation application. Please understand that there are some places where translation is not performed well . I’m always looking forward to watching videos. I only watch videos that someone translated into Japanese,but when I watch your videos, I feel really good. I will continue to support you, so please do your best. With dearness from Japan.
Emma Noi
Emma Noi Місяць тому
guys in the comments what subscription to take on patreone? $5 or $10 ??? are there big differences?
Rayia Reikai
Rayia Reikai Місяць тому
Lol everyone crying over sub or dub. It's their channel let them do what they want. I think we would get better reactions from them on dubbed. Which is why we are here for their reactions. Not your opinion on what u prefer. If they wanna watch dub let them watch dub.
Big Blue Nation 98
Big Blue Nation 98 Місяць тому
I love how Rob and Pat went from hating on Gaara too loving him. That’s how good his character is and why he’s my favorite
Gerald Ligaya
Gerald Ligaya Місяць тому
Weakness disgust me.
CeLo -
CeLo - Місяць тому
I’m so hyped to see y’all watch shippuden. I just wanna see y’all reacting to the ep towards the 300’s
Oliver Cloezoff
Oliver Cloezoff Місяць тому
The ending song "Nagareboshi by HOME MADE Kazoku" SO nostalgic.
Prívate Sheen
Prívate Sheen Місяць тому
What exact days are you going to post the videos ?
Indra Lesmana
Indra Lesmana Місяць тому
Oooh...you're in for the ride of one of the best arc in Naruto Shippuden. Have fun
Running Місяць тому
Nah it's the other way around, when y'all watching dub i can't hear what they saying in the show because y'all be talking at the same time but when it's sub i can read what they're saying so it doesn't matter if you talking. Keep the sub, it's better anyway.
frootloops420 L
frootloops420 L Місяць тому
Yes... Subbed baby! Let's go!!
tujuhtujuh Місяць тому
that gara's man and kakashi man will get their time.. just wait.. art.... is an explosionn....!!
Agustin Gamez
Agustin Gamez Місяць тому
Even Shippuden in dubbed with no ads
Agustin Gamez
Agustin Gamez Місяць тому
This website has all of naruto in dubbed www.thewatchcartoononline.tv/anime/naruto-shippuden
Adrián Місяць тому
Just watch it in dub it’ll be better and the sub translation ur watching isn’t good
just nøbody.
just nøbody. Місяць тому
dude You don’t want the smoke from Madara just keep watching 💀
Taylor Hardison
Taylor Hardison Місяць тому
RT TV There’s a site that you can watch the whole Naruto Shippuden series English dub, it’s called www.wcoanimedub.tv, just click on Anime, click the N, then in the list of anime that starts with N, you’ll find Naruto Shippuden, btw you guys are hilarious! 🤣
Max Siam
Max Siam Місяць тому
Max Siam
Max Siam Місяць тому
Watch the english version...!!!!
Felix Antonio
Felix Antonio Місяць тому
VRV.COM has most of the dubs if not all of them VRV it's like a package deal you crunchyroll, funimation boomerang adm some other channels. It's better here because you get all that for cheap instead of subscribing to each individual channel keep up the great work.
Hunter XD
Hunter XD Місяць тому
Damn I'm excited for this!
Defyn Lyfe
Defyn Lyfe Місяць тому
Damn bruh I ain’t know this was new lmao, i was tryna find the next couple episodes
alpie Hernandez
alpie Hernandez Місяць тому
Uchiha Madara remember that name bruh. He's the shit. 👊
Ryan Gorewich
Ryan Gorewich Місяць тому
Naruto becomes Hokage and Neji dies you’re welcome
Ryan Gorewich
Ryan Gorewich Місяць тому
Obito uchiha is the masked man
Dylan Gonzales
Dylan Gonzales Місяць тому
Ryan Gorewich fuck off
Kurowscar Місяць тому
Bro what the fuck stop fucking spoiling
Hunter Freismuth
Hunter Freismuth Місяць тому
Do dub plzzzzz
pattgsm Місяць тому
No, if you stick w/ subs you'll never go back to subs for any anime again. Dubs always make characters sound goofy af. Watching reactions before watching the show? Why would anyone do that?
HanannyG Місяць тому
Muricans and their problem with reading holy shit... Go fucking watch ben 10 then... Imagine wanting Pain speech with garbage murican DUB...
Districtone_ Місяць тому
Bruh I love that you guys don’t take long to release eps
Nero Vermillion
Nero Vermillion Місяць тому
Change that gay intro
Mvkq Місяць тому
The fights in shippuden are so fire just wait
Toner C.
Toner C. Місяць тому
I ain't saying Rob got a type but... Gaara.. Todorki.. always carrying their merch around thinking it's all about them...
Peter Nguyen
Peter Nguyen Місяць тому
Lee Gapas
Lee Gapas Місяць тому
Stay on sub, the sub actors really bring out the emotions with the characters. Gets you more immersed into the show than the dub
TheGhostlv Місяць тому
Pls dont watch fillers, it is a waste of time
#MMK Zander
#MMK Zander Місяць тому
I can’t stand chinese, just use thewatchcartoononline.tv
Cory M.M.
Cory M.M. Місяць тому
Cant wait for pain. Also rob be looking extra dry today lol
RDX IXthKingz
RDX IXthKingz Місяць тому
Subs 🤔
NEOS 543
NEOS 543 Місяць тому
The akatsuki are a bunch of savages walking to villages with only to people werring cloaths that let them know who they are
Simian Kleurde
Simian Kleurde Місяць тому
Why sub? Fuck this shit! I'm done reacting to you guys.
jjohnson218 Місяць тому
There was 2 years of filler episodes b4 Naruto Shippuden aired.
Zuriel Mason
Zuriel Mason Місяць тому
I can't wait till they finish shippuden, DONT WATCH THE FILLERS
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