NBA teams should tank for Zion Williamson - Stephen A. Smith | First Take

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David Smith
David Smith 4 години тому
Make him a laker
LegionSlaughter 5 годин тому
Yeah but shooters are more valuable now.
Étienne Gauthier
Étienne Gauthier 9 годин тому
Zion gon land in cleveland.
Phiinx 91
Phiinx 91 11 годин тому
if the suns are getting zion they gonna be a threat with ayton booker and zion
Umesh Natesan
Umesh Natesan 11 годин тому
gsw will find a way to get zion XD!!!
Ricky Urban
Ricky Urban 12 годин тому
Imagine Zion on the 76ers. That would be scary
Vip Glacier
Vip Glacier 12 годин тому
If that dude goes to the lakers I might crap myself
Mush Tacular
Mush Tacular 13 годин тому
If the Phoenix Suns gets Zion that would be a GREAT team in the making. Booker might get MVP if that happens
Joseph Soriano
Joseph Soriano 14 годин тому
the system promotes teams tanking
Willie Williams
Willie Williams 16 годин тому
Zion Williamson reminds me of Zach Randolph of his early stages so if he continues to ball the he balls we're talking a few injuries after he joins the NBA I believe it will take Les muscle and more running due to the NBA you don't really see most guys coming off the ground the way a lot of big men are doing they're taking more jump shots than regular let that just be a bow and arrow to all these Zion Williamson fans he's still got to develop once he joined the NBA
Zac Sniezek
Zac Sniezek 23 години тому
Captain Easycore
Captain Easycore День тому
Didnt Stephen A shit on the Sixers for tanking? And now he’s saying teams should tank?
Johnny Ontiveros
Johnny Ontiveros День тому
Zion come to PHX
stoic romulan
stoic romulan День тому
That would be awesome. Booker,ayton,Jackson, and zion....best group of young talent since okc
Eric Kershner
Eric Kershner День тому
Right now he has the potential to be maybe Charles Barkley, not Charles Barkley plus x, y or z. NBA legend. For those of you who just know Charles as an announcer watch this and think about anything you've seen this kid do. ukvid.net/video/відео-mu3vkwP3GHQ.html
stoic romulan
stoic romulan День тому
Idk he has more handles than barkley and jumper(still needs work tho) at 19 yrs old. I hope he is more disciplined than sir Charles in nutrition,gym work and dont party as much...barkley was my fav power forward but he lost 3-4 yrs due to lack of nutrition and gum work.
Soccer City My City
Soccer City My City День тому
stoic romulan
stoic romulan День тому
Plz no Chicago....the jordan shadow is too much,same with cavs
Awesome .Vanna
Awesome .Vanna День тому
Zion to Hawks‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️
stoic romulan
stoic romulan День тому
Nope....hawks will find a way to fuck it up....just like picking marvin williams ahead of Chris Paul, trading luka for trey young. No faith lol
ObamaisnextLincoln День тому
Zion isn't even the best player on his own team (Barrett)...
church love
church love День тому
I’m buying his sneakers and jersey !! Hope it’s a Knick Jersey tho
Nate McDonough
Nate McDonough День тому
How about the Atlanta Hawks?
James Paul Serafin
James Paul Serafin День тому
Zion is 6'8" and he said 6'6"-6'7" SMH
Jazztine Latoja
Jazztine Latoja День тому
Let's be honest here the lowest team will chase zion this coming nba draft trust me zion is a type of caliber and can win a game through the league and can get the playoffs 🔥😎
Don’t like that molly bitch. She’s annoying.
Chris Evans
Chris Evans 2 дні тому
Isnt Stephen A the same guy who said he would never say it's ok to tank & steal money???
Huaiyu Qiao
Huaiyu Qiao 2 дні тому
The best line is the last one which wasn't fully played Tank! U r doing it by accident anyway
justin kongolo
justin kongolo 2 дні тому
Molly needs to SHUT UP
Daniel Clayton
Daniel Clayton 2 дні тому
now I aint no religious mf but them 6s were to close together
Ken Powers
Ken Powers 2 дні тому
Even if it's about Coke vs Pepsi, I would still agree with Max, and never with Steven A.
cheeze1102 2 дні тому
Shit I wud tank too but I think its time for the Knicks to get a franchise changer like Zion.
D boy 11milesavage
D boy 11milesavage 2 дні тому
So when are we going to talk about u of m??
Alex Sanchez
Alex Sanchez 2 дні тому
Bro where’s fuking d’lo
David Willingham
David Willingham 3 дні тому
Anywhere but the Cavs. I’m a Lakers fan, but we all know he gonna be miserable there.
Cody Frazier
Cody Frazier 3 дні тому
The end was some of the best stuff I've heard come out of max
GodIsreal 3 дні тому
Tank you Stephen keep on tanking my Chicago Bulls good job!!! Tank you
Chosenxeno 3 дні тому
I'm a Philly dude. Hoping the Knicks get him. East Coast shit lol
Money Chaser
Money Chaser 3 дні тому
I think the the teams that end up in the finals should be two of the teams in the lottery. Its only right. Then they could get rid of some decent players that teams would love to have or give the pick away. Either way they earn the right to stay a force. That'll stop teams front tanking so much. Then it would become a more competive league
Matthew Eliah
Matthew Eliah 3 дні тому
Bulls please fucking lose!
Kessel Bloxk
Kessel Bloxk 3 дні тому
The lottery rigged so Ik my Knicks gettin the first pick
Kessel Bloxk
Kessel Bloxk 3 дні тому
That’s what luka was last year yet 2 teams passed and another traded him
Star Life
Star Life 3 дні тому
Zion just another giannis
MrFuchew 3 дні тому
love a seinfeld reference
Eerhan Big ears
Eerhan Big ears 3 дні тому
Bulls bulls bulls bulls bulls bulls bulls bulls Zion if your reading this come to the greatest city in America we need you be the next Michael
Roger Roomes
Roger Roomes 3 дні тому
Chicago needs to step up and take Zion and form a great team around him. BUT, they need a good coach to do that as well
UNCOMMON TV 3 дні тому
Steph Like ... Uhuh Uhuh Uhuh
Xavier Biggerstaff
Xavier Biggerstaff 3 дні тому
I pray the bulls get Zion lol
lolhahah21 3 дні тому
"Zion: I kind of hate being classified as a dunker." Then FUCKING STOP DUNKING SO MUCH. LOLLL like even Michael Jordan didn't dunk that much.
Rahaman Awelenje
Rahaman Awelenje 4 дні тому
Wow😑😑this mad is beyond a Hypocrite , a Sellout & just Delusional, This SAS same man that blasted teams for Tanking just wow
Dave Wray
Dave Wray 4 дні тому
New yolk?
Dave Wray
Dave Wray 4 дні тому
Why is George Jefferson sitting in for Smith?
O Dogg
O Dogg 4 дні тому
rj is nothing special barret
Joku Sekou
Joku Sekou 4 дні тому
300 lbs . 67 vert Big dick balls touch the toilet water .. Stephen A . Everyday
Leezy 4 дні тому
As a Pels fan we would like you to strongly consider us as the worst team in the NBA. Anthony Davis does not factor into this as he is a team by himself and should not be taken into consideration when discussing the matter. We will gladly accept the number 1 pick in the draft this year. Thanks.
Raul Diaz
Raul Diaz 4 дні тому
Imagine if Zion was 7'2 😰😰😰😰
Eric Dupree
Eric Dupree 4 дні тому
I see Zion like a Shawn Kemp
Crypto Dwayne
Crypto Dwayne 4 дні тому
He has Blake Griffin written all over him..Hows that NBA career going so far? Out there in no mans land Detroit Michigan. I rest my case.
Kori H
Kori H 4 дні тому
Greg Mercedes
Greg Mercedes 4 дні тому
Watch the Celtics end up with the number 1 pick lmao
eksentrysyti 4 дні тому
6'6" - 6'"7 and weighs 285 lbs? That screams weight problems leading to injuries and a fast decline in athleticism. Shaq in his rookie year was that weight... with several inches in height advantage.
MajIn TB
MajIn TB 4 дні тому
Im just saying he’s going to be the best
Doctor Doom
Doctor Doom 4 дні тому
He will be a Charles Barkley type of player.
Julius Coates
Julius Coates 4 дні тому
Shaq was over 300 lb and how many titles he ended up with, set him up with a good point guard who can break down the defense and one shooting guard and you got yourself a title....
Shu Jiang
Shu Jiang 4 дні тому
Love this guy, but very worried about his knees... 🤦🤦
larry jones
larry jones 4 дні тому
Teams that tank fans should stop supporting that team, fans want to see their team win not lose.
blaide waters
blaide waters 4 дні тому
Let me be perfectly clear......lmao
playboi e
playboi e 4 дні тому
Stephen A talkin bout the Nets and aint even mention the best player on they team, D’Angelo Russell 😤😤😤
oo70mar 4 дні тому
john Carlos
john Carlos 4 дні тому
Max is an idiot! You want James Dolan to say they tank?! Does he not know the nba fines owners who say publicly that they tank?
Resist & Oppose Globalism
Resist & Oppose Globalism 4 дні тому
He needs to go to the Knicks.
vishnu sekar
vishnu sekar 4 дні тому
Check Phoenix Suns spelling in description
specos4 4 дні тому
Stephen A. i am sick of your “markets” promotions.
Linda Kettrick
Linda Kettrick 4 дні тому
Rj Barrett the next Kobe tho
Bullet Ignacio
Bullet Ignacio 4 дні тому
I don't know but this kid ZION, is a bust once drafted in the NBA. :) there is nothing special with this guy. just my opinion. :)
Ill blahzay Ill
Ill blahzay Ill 4 дні тому
The way the NBA is set up. Unless ur team is holding major money they are just stepping stones
Anthony Wea
Anthony Wea 4 дні тому
Why would you want to live in COLD ass New York or Chicago if you can make your money in like a LA, Phoenix or Miami
Jutas Jutas
Jutas Jutas 4 дні тому
lol what was that?
Bow Hunter
Bow Hunter 4 дні тому
Zion is another Blake Griffen. Not going to win a Championship with him.
asterisk911 4 дні тому
Who's going to laugh when there are sudden worries about his health, teams sour on him, and he slips all the way down to 26 or so where the Warriors get him? (And then he turns out to be just as good as people are predicting right now).
Geert Matthys
Geert Matthys 5 днів тому
Everything Stephen A. says doesn't come true so don't draft Zion, he'll be injured bust
Chester Mcbadbitch
Chester Mcbadbitch 5 днів тому
So his vertical went from 40 to 45 to 46 now?
Kha'len McCoy
Kha'len McCoy 5 днів тому
If you're a team and you wanna tank your whole season to take the risk of one person you're a joke
Jack Wong
Jack Wong 5 днів тому
Why you gotta yell tho
Lorenzo Alonzo
Lorenzo Alonzo 5 днів тому
Zion Williamson is overrated! I am not overly impressed! Hes a decent player not a great player! Perhaps he will prove me wrong when he make the NBA.
Jake Lamoreaux
Jake Lamoreaux 5 днів тому
The cavs would be the worst place for him to go, too much expectations can kill a man! If I were to root for teams, I would say the Bulls or the Knicks
brandon hooks
brandon hooks 5 днів тому
Just like how Stephen a just exclude Druss for the reason the Brooklyn nets are a factor
Gonna be breaking down Zion film check us out
Dillon K
Dillon K 5 днів тому
Max secretly likes Stephen A. That smirk isn't rehearsed. Hes holding in a smile xD
Johnny Blade
Johnny Blade 5 днів тому
Should tank? They definitely already are. This could be a legendary draft.
Camo Watson
Camo Watson 5 днів тому
I’m a okc fan but I’d love to see Zion in NY honestly. Any other team would destroy him. NY give their rookies a chance look a knox and the unicorn. They can teach Zion how to play under the spot light
Zion is like a faster more athletic Shaq dare i say stronger
KoOLKiddo313 5 днів тому
Every time analyst predict the future stars I always wonder who is going to be the hidden gem.
Jeff Assassin
Jeff Assassin 5 днів тому
Why do people get so hyped up about these college players just because these kinds of players like Zion Williamson are really good dosent exactly mean they will be any good once they play in the NBA its much harder than college ball.
Carter Dees
Carter Dees 6 днів тому
Imagine Lebron and Zion on the same team
Erik Bernard
Erik Bernard 6 днів тому
The Knicks are terrible
Ryan Bogan
Ryan Bogan 6 днів тому
Then this dude says he can live up to lebron hype....you talking g about on and off the court Stephen A...and I'd so remember we are talking about a 18 year old kid...everybody ain't like lebron and if they are then credit lebron for molding the next breed of college and professional athletes....#GREATTEAMMATES
Ryan Bogan
Ryan Bogan 6 днів тому
Zion is a man in a kids league right now dont be fooled these media people quick to put these young dudes up high on the pedestal but if your fault when these kids let you down let's not forget about Kwame Brown...the great Michael Jordan thought he was a number one pick I have to believe that he was listening to Stephen A and Skip Bayless when he made his decision lol
Ryan Bogan
Ryan Bogan 6 днів тому
Quick to talk bad about lebron but also quick to compare the next man to him and put the next young dude on a pedestal... was awww you love KD but you always talking about Lebron....#shutupstwphenA
Ryan Bogan
Ryan Bogan 6 днів тому
Lol Stephen A think again did you see the game tonight the zone was too much and at home you should be able to shoot...but could he...and secondly stop trying to compare everyone who is athlete to Lebron James you Nut...you should be commentating chess or checkers young bull...come out here and see me if you feel otherwise lol
Liam 6 днів тому
Quit talking hairline.....
King Rod The Trainer
King Rod The Trainer 6 днів тому
Hypocritical to say they should thank for Zion and saying Sam Hinkie's strategy was not viable
MetalFace MovieReviews
MetalFace MovieReviews 6 днів тому
Future Jazzer . It’s destiny. Zion National Park is in Utah
Farquad Shmoogle
Farquad Shmoogle 6 днів тому
He is so far being so hyped up. You gotta wonder, is he all hype??? Is he a player or is he just so damn athletic??? Only time will tell, but you know there have been many high flyers before, nothing came much of them.
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