Nick Wright react to the Cowboys offense after reportedly signing Randall Cobb - First Things First

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20 бер 2019





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Ronald Moore
Ronald Moore 21 день тому
Cowboys biggest weakness is coach
loo rawlz Thomas
loo rawlz Thomas 19 днів тому
Ginger 🍞 has to go
Rick Kloek
Rick Kloek 19 днів тому
All ways blame the head coach Every year there is the super bowl winning coach. And 15 loseimg coaches . Jason g. Is a good coach. J
John Heredia
John Heredia 22 дні тому
Brad Mundie's
Brad Mundie's 22 дні тому
Cobb can run? Yeah, sure...just not very fast. I am sorry man he's not FAST not at all...his injuries have robbed him of his speed.
Serrick Williams
Serrick Williams 24 дні тому
Beas played good while he was here. Just Add us to his NFL resume. Good luck
Ian Osorio
Ian Osorio 24 дні тому
As a Bears fan, I couldn't be happier to have Randall Cobb out of a Packers uniform. He was always the final blow in some of our devastating losses to the Packers. Like that 4th and 8 play to eliminate the Bears in Marc Trestman's first year...or the play that completed the comeback against us in week 1 of this past season. Cobb is a Bear killer! So glad he's with the Cowboys now.
Mark Bulger
Mark Bulger 24 дні тому
Cobb had someone that consistently put the ball on him though..
SOLOistheNAME 24 дні тому
Dak is working on his arm this offseason. Watch! He’s gonna be throwing deep down the field this year.
SOLOistheNAME 23 дні тому
Go Tribe! 😂😂😂 bruuuuh
Go Tribe!
Go Tribe! 23 дні тому
and missing
Matthew McCauley
Matthew McCauley 24 дні тому
I called this last year. I said dallas needed to sign either Cobb or Tate
Anthony johnson
Anthony johnson 24 дні тому
I love what Carter said about Cowboys weakest position and he is 100% correct it’s tight end why why in the world would cowboys bring back Jason witten this is what Jerry Jones continues to do hurting this team bringing back players that don’t have it anymore previous players smh 🤦‍♂️ need to draft tight end cowboys need a blessing to fall to them in the draft concerning several positions.
Mark Bulger
Mark Bulger 24 дні тому
Anthony johnson he will have limited snaps. Locker room presence..help the youngsters and win a ring .
summer18 25 днів тому
biggest weakness is Dak!
Jaylon Salazar
Jaylon Salazar 25 днів тому
What to expect from the Cowboys, they're going to always be the same team they've been the last 20 years, which means that they will play in neither the NFC Championship game or Super Bowl.
Lokeni Siuta
Lokeni Siuta 25 днів тому
Let's not forget about Jason Witten!! Cowboys going to the Superbowl
Jaylon Smith’s Recovered Knee
Jaylon Smith’s Recovered Knee 25 днів тому
Jason Witten is BACK. This offense should be crazy as long as Dak progresses like he should. Also throw in our new offensive coordinator and we should be looking like a different beast.
Justin Moore
Justin Moore 25 днів тому
That whole "Dak can't throw pass 15 yards or Deep down field" is boring and has been proven a Lie, time and time again. They should find something else to whine and pout about because that's not it captain. 🤔🤷🏽‍♂😂
Aldo Gonzalez
Aldo Gonzalez 25 днів тому
Stats dont lie if it wasnt true they wouldnt be saying it
Aldo Gonzalez
Aldo Gonzalez 25 днів тому
Stats don't lie if it wasnt true they wouldnt be saying it
Cell Cell
Cell Cell 26 днів тому
Cell Cell
Cell Cell 26 днів тому
They need a real Qb like kap from the 49ers
Tyler G
Tyler G 22 дні тому
Cell Cell dude no way. Just stats alone dak will surpass all of kappa numbers except rushing next season. He’s only had 2 3000+ passing yard seasons. Daks first 3 seasons are all above that. Dak is a mediocre QB but Kap is barely Good enough to be a backup
Cell Cell
Cell Cell 22 дні тому
+Tyler G well kap is way better than dak
Tyler G
Tyler G 22 дні тому
Cell Cell ahh so troll gotcha. Kinda sad. Was hoping to hear if anyone actually thought he was still good enough to play.
Cell Cell
Cell Cell 22 дні тому
+Tyler G kap is here to stop the corruption
Tyler G
Tyler G 22 дні тому
Cell Cell what are you even talking about?
john moreno
john moreno 26 днів тому
Wrong biggest problem is safety
ThePhillyeagle420 26 днів тому
The cowboys are still trash dak isn't Aaron Rodgers remember that
Rick Green
Rick Green 23 дні тому
+Tyler G comparing what Dak is doing only a few Hall of famers have done in there first four years in the league!! Ppl lie but numbers never do! How good would Dak be of he sat behind a hall of Fame QB and a Head Coach Like Mike Holgren!? Just saying look at Daks numbers head to head against Rogers,Big Ben, Russell, Eli, Wentz, Cam, Goff etc.
Tyler G
Tyler G 23 дні тому
Rick Green ohh wow so you compare 4 years where 3 of which Rogers didn’t even start? And the first season Rogers started he beat Daks first year in every category except passer rating. Now if we take Rogers first 4 years starting he absolutely destroys Dak in the stats department. I’m a cowboys fans but man you aren’t even being fair to dak comparing him to a future HOF like Rogers.
Rick Green
Rick Green 23 дні тому
+Tyler G he's been in the league for just 4 yrs and if you compare his numbers overall to AROD in his first 4 yrs..not even close. Again, he was a 4th round pick and he plays for the most important sports franchise in the world at the most important position in all sports!! Dak is a leader and a winner! AROD IS DEFINITELY not a leader!!
Tyler G
Tyler G 23 дні тому
Rick Green are you seriously making the argument that dak is better then Aaron? Or just the few games they played against a pretty bad packers offense?
Rick Green
Rick Green 26 днів тому
That's why Dak outplayed Aaron every game they played..check the Stats!
Trevain Achusky
Trevain Achusky 26 днів тому
Fuck cowgirls nation!!! Yall lucky got my boi cobb hahaha GOPACKGO MADAFAKAZ!!! 💯🤙🙌
Amateur_Stargazer 26 днів тому
She is an outright cowboy hater.. i hear it in her voice and every word she says when they talk about the cowboys... just stfu
Jonathon Seltzer
Jonathon Seltzer 26 днів тому
Good move
Robert cekay
Robert cekay 26 днів тому
The packers are a train wreck
Austin Wilburn
Austin Wilburn 26 днів тому
Oh look! The complete offense Romo never had...
Brad Mundie's
Brad Mundie's 22 дні тому
+Mark Bulger Jesus christ this is stupid...Romo had a team with 13 pro bowlers...13....He had great defenses, he had great offenses, unfortunately he and the team didn't get it done. Romo had his chances and the guy is retired because his body couldn't take it anymore. Romo never won squat. Multiple seasons were ended in win and in situations where he threw the season crushing interception but all everybody wants to remember is 2014 when the offense changed to be more run oriented.
Mark Bulger
Mark Bulger 24 дні тому
We would win several ships if romo had teams like dak has had so far.
Austin Wilburn
Austin Wilburn 24 дні тому
+Hedge Carter omg stop. Terrance Williams was just a cheap player on the payroll. And an awful one too!!
Hedge Carter
Hedge Carter 25 днів тому
Gerry Stevens Romo never had a complete offense?
Hedge Carter
Hedge Carter 25 днів тому
Austin Wilburn well this will also be 1 year. Witten 1 yr deal , Cobb 1 year deal. And Terrance Williams was a great #2 when he was playing with Romo. Do you not remember how he did in the playoffs against the Lions?? Stop acting like Romo didn’t have good teams
Damarea Robertson
Damarea Robertson 26 днів тому
Our biggest is back up RB and back up qb maybe safety
Axelaro 23 дні тому
DT AND DE. How did you forget those??
Damarea Robertson
Damarea Robertson 26 днів тому
Thank you cowboys you actual got some one
MIKE_ GAMER360 27 днів тому
Don’t forget cowboys still have cedrick Wilson keep that in mind🤔
Michael Harrison
Michael Harrison 24 дні тому
Noah Brown is better
The Shield
The Shield 27 днів тому
Chris Carter, is the most Accurate, Honest, Direct Commentator, that He is never bias whether he likes the teams or not, that gets deep into the needs and strengths of Players & Teams. You can also say yeah Tony Romo does the same with His Pre Play Calling before the snap. But Carter has been doing this a lot longer.
Metal RocksOn
Metal RocksOn 27 днів тому
Cowboys fan but they are never going anywhere with Jerry in charge! almost 25years since Barry won with Jimmy's team and they haven't done shit since! Garrett is a terrible coach,proved that as recently as the pro bowl, Jerry stick to oil and get some football people in there or sell the team cause you suck even more than Jason!
Carlo Garcia
Carlo Garcia 27 днів тому
Who can they get to replace Chris Carter? Please find someone.
austin murray
austin murray 28 днів тому
He'll miss Rodgers...dak sucks
Exec Hitter
Exec Hitter 28 днів тому
Exec Hitter
Exec Hitter 28 днів тому
Trust me doggy I know football.... Cobb is a hitter... Can play any receiver slot... And has jokes!
Andres Lopez
Andres Lopez 28 днів тому
As soon he gets injury they will releace him becouse of $$$ perpuse.
LLQ 4Ever
LLQ 4Ever 28 днів тому
Gonna be 29 before the season starts , is basically strictly a slot receiver, is injury prone, and has 1 good year and 1 above average year under his belt. I’m not understanding what there is to love about this lol should be looking at d line but cowboys gonna cowboy. Stay average hahaha
Michael Campbell
Michael Campbell 28 днів тому
FOLLOW ME REAL COWBOYS FANS 🔥🔥🔥twitter.com/Dallasfanindc1
Miguel Suarez
Miguel Suarez 28 днів тому
Damn shame that Jenna is a carpet muncher.
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones 28 днів тому
Wow man i wish the eagles would have gotten him
ThePhillyeagle420 26 днів тому
Hes trash like the cowboys players go there to fuck up there careers
Tony K
Tony K 28 днів тому
Cowboys biggest weakness is safety
none ya
none ya 28 днів тому
they could get Antonio brown and it still wouldn't matter it's their philosophy thats the problem
Larry Gilliam
Larry Gilliam 26 днів тому
I think bassoonman, you Robert and me been watching the same team play
Lucius Buckley
Lucius Buckley 28 днів тому
Beasley to New England
L D 28 днів тому
Randell is about to be the best WR on their team watch
L D 27 днів тому
Neon Nemesis agreed
Neon Nemesis
Neon Nemesis 27 днів тому
+L D I don't know if I'd place Cobb's route running skills above Cooper's. Either way, the Cowboys may have gotten themselves a solid steal *if* Cobb remains healthy.
Smack Ish
Smack Ish 27 днів тому
+L D carry on as u were nerd 😂
L D 27 днів тому
Smack Shit I’m done with you, go about you day please.
Smack Ish
Smack Ish 27 днів тому
+L D and u said in big sutuations he might because amari is gonna be drawing alot of attention. They will be double teaming cooper not cobb.
Rachel Lindsey
Rachel Lindsey 28 днів тому
He’s slow
Lyric X
Lyric X 28 днів тому
They signing Aaron Rodgers too?
Aletha Williams
Aletha Williams 26 днів тому
exactly dude couldnt produce with Aaron the past 3 years but dak sopposed to save his life gtfoh
DC Derek
DC Derek 28 днів тому
Witten will help with speed
Max Moreno
Max Moreno 28 днів тому
I think Jerry should have Cobb rest through the whole preseason and have some reps in practice. Kind of the same as KP in Dallas.
Jack Woods
Jack Woods 28 днів тому
They probably took him because of all the misery he's caused them in games. Beasely is more of a 1 or 2 key catch a game receiver but Cobb can go out there and hurt you all day.
JagSTR Guy
JagSTR Guy 28 днів тому
Gallup, Cooper, Tavon, Randle. We stacked but can Dak get them the ball
eudy Maverick Mentor
eudy Maverick Mentor 16 днів тому
Well, that hasn't been a problem in the past. Prescott is the second most accurate passer in the NFL behind Drew Brees.
John Bellamy
John Bellamy 21 день тому
+Guero Delgado no
Guero Delgado
Guero Delgado 21 день тому
What happened to terrence Williams yall is he still wit us
Sammie Collins
Sammie Collins 23 дні тому
Yea if it's not over 20 yards!!!!!! Good question tho.
ratattack12 24 дні тому
You forgot witten
subjektproductions 28 днів тому
Truth be told, unless Cooper and Cobb are WIDE open downfield, I don't trust Dak to throw beyond a certain amount of yards. And this is a good move for Dallas offense because now defenses can't just double one man, you have two solid WR's and Cole Beasley probably wasn't a big scorer but he was agile, fast, smart and consistent! Cobb might not even play a full season but I'm dying to see how this season turns out for the NFC east, especially because of all the moves that were made! NFC east will be a problem for every team
Larry Gilliam
Larry Gilliam 26 днів тому
your right about C.Beasley he is all of those things, but Dallas is sayin we gonna try something a little different this year. Sorry bee but you can go to another team and show us we made a big mistake by gettin some TD's.
Calvin Adams
Calvin Adams 28 днів тому
The first words out of your mouth is Yea for the price C'MON Cowboys Haters Cc an Nick....
Trump 2020
Trump 2020 29 днів тому
Fuck jenna is so hot
Bj Boykin
Bj Boykin 29 днів тому
G allop is not a #2. He is a gimmick
Smack Ish
Smack Ish 28 днів тому
Check this out BlowJob u know Gallup was open alot but getting the ball over thrown by prescott Gallup will get a 2nd contract after his rookie contract I garuantee it
bobbytatum84 28 днів тому
You must mean Tavon Austin.
ulphil08 28 днів тому
Wrong. You clearly don't know football.
Josh 29 днів тому
I hate the cowboys, but this is a good move. Cobb has injury problems, but him being the #2 receiver instead of the #1 is very good for him.
Smack Ish
Smack Ish 28 днів тому
He won't be the 2nd receiver. Gallup is the second receiver Cobb is gonna be in the slot
The Freaky Robber
The Freaky Robber 29 днів тому
😂😂😂 Cowboys fans are delusional. Who's going to throw him the ball?? Dak??? 😂😂😂 Cowboys fans got the nerves to diss Cole Beasley now 😂😂😂
Smack Ish
Smack Ish 26 днів тому
+The Freaky Robber i aint hating on him but its funny u cant answer who ur team is 😂
The Freaky Robber
The Freaky Robber 28 днів тому
+Smack Ish nobody said he was the main reason but he was a part of the offense that helped em get to said playoffs. Yall aint hate him til he left tho.
Smack Ish
Smack Ish 28 днів тому
+The Freaky Robber the haters are crqzy as if beasley was a the reason we went to the playoffs. Whos ur team?
Smack Ish
Smack Ish 28 днів тому
+The Freaky Robber have u seen his playoff stats ?? U must be smoking dick
The Freaky Robber
The Freaky Robber 28 днів тому
+Smack Ish yall put yall faith in Dak?? 😂😂😂 Man fan base crazy af
Jim H
Jim H 29 днів тому
Between Wittens age, Cobb's and Sean Lee injury prone this team is soon gonna be marketing Geritol!
dallastexas78 26 днів тому
Jim H 😂 😂 this my team too but this ish was hilarious 😆
paul conaty
paul conaty 29 днів тому
The catches shown in this video are real nice but did anyone see who's throwing it to him?? Dak has got to be more accurate with his throws or it won't matter who's there to catch it. This was a good signing. Reason he was available is health concerns. Now let's get Lawrence signed!!! Lets HOPE we can work out trade with Dolphins for Quinn. He would be a nice fit in this defense and be a perfect replacement for Gregory. Draft: 2nd Round: Best available DT , 3rd Round: Best available Safety, (2) 4th Round: Best available RB and WR (Slot)
Smack Ish
Smack Ish 28 днів тому
I think dak proved he can make those throws just like any other qb sometimes u miss throws
Edward Wells
Edward Wells 29 днів тому
Is Nick starting to get on the Cowboy train now after they won the NFC East with a 3-5 start and being ranked 14th out of the 16 teams in the NFC? He wasnt nearly this positive about the Cows last year!
Chas Ball
Chas Ball 29 днів тому
How she gone leave Gallup name out. Y’all better wake up my man Gallup ain’t playin no games.
Andre' Freeman
Andre' Freeman 21 день тому
Shit dey betta wake gallop a beast down the stretch
Joshua Traffanstedt
Joshua Traffanstedt 23 дні тому
Right. Cc knows though.
Vintage Vinyl
Vintage Vinyl 29 днів тому
Biggest weakness is TE? WTF...the Cowboys may have more depth at TE than any other team in the league! And one of those guys is a future HOFer! The Cowboys' biggest weakness is the defensive line and safety. And I hate to say it...but with Tyson Smith getting up there in age, we'll need to address LT at some point.
Budd B
Budd B 26 днів тому
Hes only 28
Jesse Sherman
Jesse Sherman 27 днів тому
Nah eagles errz an goedert or whatever it is
Derek Roberts
Derek Roberts 29 днів тому
Biggest weakness...Dak.
perttyboy Tommy
perttyboy Tommy 29 днів тому
Cowboys offense Gunna be scary 👀😈🔥 dak zeke cooper Gallup and cobb and Witt!🔥🔥🔥
Jesse Sherman
Jesse Sherman 27 днів тому
Hurns makes plays to let us not forget
Tracey Rollins
Tracey Rollins 28 днів тому
Tavon Austin will make some big plays for us to
Johnny the strong arm Johnny the strong arm
C.C great job guys love watching your show🤙🏽
Lavon Davis
Lavon Davis 29 днів тому
Should have kept beasley n got rid of tavon austin n sign randall cobb as they did. I believe randall n cole n cooper n gallup would be a good WR if they had did it right n paid beasley
TWENTY EIGHT 23 дні тому
Beastly wanted too much. Tavon isn't getting that much.
JECO OFFICIAL 28 днів тому
They couldn't have paid cooper and sign cobb...cole wanted too much
AARON B 29 днів тому
Cobb’s only 28 years old still in his prime
ForeverDC 29 днів тому
A couple of things Chris said that I didn't even think about. The field at Lambeau compared to AT&T. Could make a big difference in Cobb's health and performance. Also, staying in the NFC with all the knowledge he has about other NFC teams and to hear he has a good football IQ is a big plus. Could be an exciting year for the Cowboys, especially if we bring in Quinn & sign Tank...just need a Safety to top it off.
donald deluxe
donald deluxe 29 днів тому
the cowboys are scheduled to go to Lambeau next season.
Johnnyboy200406 29 днів тому
Gotta dump Tavon Austin, been another no show
Smack Ish
Smack Ish 28 днів тому
+David McKee sweeps didn't work at all last season for him teams knew it was gonna be a sweep
David McKee
David McKee 29 днів тому
Take it to the house punt returner and kick returner he's got rocket boosters!!! They need to use him on returns and sweeps to keep defenses guessing then get a little crafty and feed Zeke! Oh baby I'm so excited for this season
AARON B 29 днів тому
Got him on a cheap contact he’s dangerous as a kick and punt returner
ILLeagle Alien
ILLeagle Alien 29 днів тому
#18Cobb is a BEAST!! 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪*Does it all** Slot, wide, RB,Kr,Pr
ILLeagle Alien
ILLeagle Alien 29 днів тому
I can start .. pay me 500k 5 years
Aden McArdle
Aden McArdle 22 дні тому
Smack Ish
Smack Ish 27 днів тому
+Demetrius Middleton u don't pay to train when ur on a team lmfao
Demetrius Middleton
Demetrius Middleton 28 днів тому
Your medical bills, diet, and training will cost three times that much. It ain't worth it bro
Don John
Don John 28 днів тому
+Ty Ty 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ty Ty
Ty Ty 28 днів тому
Heck I would start if they pay off my student loans. Lol
ILLeagle Alien
ILLeagle Alien 29 днів тому
#Nickwright says 5million bucks like it's flipping pennies... Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Bout time you get it once.. {Cole Beasley assessment}👏☝ first one ... Bout time#Nick
Joe G
Joe G 29 днів тому
so CC gets 2+ mins of yapping & CC couldn't make it 10 secs before having to interrupt Nick's turn to talk....and just how uninformed are you CC when Dallas clearly has over 50 mill of cap space this year...This dude is so full of himself
Nick shah Bradenton
Nick shah Bradenton 29 днів тому
Agree with everything but keep in mind Aaron Rodgers was the Qb throwing the ball to Cobb in tight spaces and quickly and was able to capitalize and run few yards after the catch. Do you think Dak can make the same throws ?
subjektproductions 28 днів тому
hell no lol ..only if its a 10 yard or less...AR was throwing them darts 15 yards plus lol
Tristan Andrews
Tristan Andrews 29 днів тому
At the slot position period Could u put cole Beasley n a green bay uniform n make a presence NO but Randall Cobb can cum to Dallas n play cole Beasleys position better than HANDS DOWN FACTS
Rico Perico
Rico Perico 29 днів тому
Don't get me wrong cuz I luv our Boyz, but we are hurtin with the amount of salary gap we have to invest with, but this has us resulting in settling for these has been playas with health concerns ( Eric Berry- Randall Cobb) straight up Band Aid approach for what we need but cannot afford to fill... Keeping my fingers crossed...
Smack Ish
Smack Ish 28 днів тому
They ain't signing these guys to big contracts tho
Curley Brockman
Curley Brockman 29 днів тому
Oh y'all forgot Travon Austin who is the fastest guy on the team...
Jorge Chavez
Jorge Chavez 29 днів тому
Jorge Chavez
Jorge Chavez 27 днів тому
MIKE LAWRY 29 днів тому
jeremy x
jeremy x 29 днів тому
Dallas is thinnest at safety Therefore With the return of JWitt, & the most probable progression of Schultz & Jarwin ..... .....the most glaring need remains safety Noah Brown can be a bridge to the TE dept as well for what he already brings Safety is one injury away from catastrophe If Woods goes down in preseason Heath & Frazier would look very bleak We actually still need a FA safety signing AND drafting one high for quality depth & future needs
jeremy x
jeremy x 28 днів тому
+Hugh Jass Agreed But he's better as a rotational piece than no tightend I actually wanted a FA TE & draft one to groom Now We can draft best player vs need & still get one
Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass 28 днів тому
jeremy x I love Witten but I think he will be more valuable in the locker room than on the field this season.
Isaiah Moseley
Isaiah Moseley 29 днів тому
I gotta stop watching these segments, they only make me want the season to start immediately.
Juan Alvarez
Juan Alvarez 25 днів тому
Lol same
Alex A
Alex A 27 днів тому
There’s AAF 🤣🤣🤣
bassoonman2000 29 днів тому
We can have all the top WRs in the league, unless our playbook changes, it doesn't mean anything.
Henry Hawkins
Henry Hawkins 20 днів тому
+bassoonman2000, yes Sean Payton is the guy I want. And you made a good point that really makes sense. Tony Romo could be the OC that would put this offense over the top. Great idea! Go Cowboys!
bassoonman2000 20 днів тому
+Henry Hawkins say it again! SAS said it best, Garrett plays to not lose, he doesn't play to win. Garrett is a joke, no one is following him anywhere. I would get Sean Payton at any cost or at least bring Romo in at OC and get the team together. They would rally around him
Henry Hawkins
Henry Hawkins 20 днів тому
With the new OC hopefully play calling will change. But I still think Garret needs replacing also, he will not be the Coach that lead this team to a super bowl. We are only filling positions that we lost, or were lacking of. Garrett is not a leader of men, but Jerry's puppet!
The Dude Abides
The Dude Abides 24 дні тому
*Playcaller which it has
Larry Gilliam
Larry Gilliam 26 днів тому
Truer words have not been spoken! That's like buying a new car with the same old man driving behind the wheel it's the same old thing all over again.
D Nation of One
D Nation of One 29 днів тому
It's rare that I agree with cris and nick. Cobb is overall better than beasley. Not hating on beasley but for most to say he is better how? He could make that kinds of plays cobb has. His return skills are below average, can't play the 1st or 2nd option nor can he be put in the backfield so he doesn't have a bigger upside that cobb also for those who say "yeah but cobb is 28 ok keep in mind that beasley will be 30 when the season starts.
Wendell Koger
Wendell Koger 29 днів тому
The Cowboys' biggest weakness is at the safety position. Randall Cobb will be a fantastic signing, and I expect a major rebound of their offensive line. Prescott and Gallup will improve, along with Cooper, and the young TE's learning from Witten. Cowboys could be real special if Kellen Moore opens up the playbook, with that nice defense. I see a nice season 12-4, NFC Championship game, at least. The commentators were spot on, in their assessments as well.
Jimmy Greer
Jimmy Greer 29 днів тому
Will someone PLEASE put me on this show so I can school these fucktarded idiots? Go watch their video on DeSean Jackson. It's all "glory glory halleujia" without a single mention of how DeSean isn't a reliable player....he's like a ferrari that's always in the shop, I guess it's great to have for Instagram, but what's the point when you can't drive it...hasn't played in 16 games since 2013. Or how he's been a 50/50 receiver since 2013. And now in this video. Cobb is hurt, look at Cobb's numbers, his numbers are on the decline because he's always hurt. Since 2015 he's had 2 years of 16 or 15 games and 2 years with 13 and 9. But that's not the full story. Who else has been hurt and banged up since 2015? That would be Aaron Rogers. Could that be a reason why his numbers haven't been all that? And also, Cobb isn't a 50/50 receiver. Most of his career he's a 71% catcher.
Gator and Naps
Gator and Naps 29 днів тому
Sometimes Jenna is funny
Not My Problem Brah
Not My Problem Brah 29 днів тому
The biggest weakest isn’t TE you kidding me. Jarwin and Schultz are 2 young TEs that will become Dangerous in these next 2 years. Jarwin is a young Gronk. And Schultz is a young Witten type of player. So those 2 will be big time for the cowboys. You’ll just talking shit about them cuz they didn’t do much their first year but a lot of players don’t do much their first year.
Demetrius Middleton
Demetrius Middleton 28 днів тому
So let me get this right, y'all have a young grunk and a young Witten on your roster? You have two Hall of Fame tight ends on your roster right now, without Witten? LMAO. I love people that think Hall of Fame players just grow on trees
Stevie Mac23
Stevie Mac23 29 днів тому
Yea I never get why people thought TE is such a huge weakness even before Witten came back. Play calling hurt the tight ends alot and Dak also missed Jarwin 3 three times when he was wide open as well. Once Schultz puts on muscle he'll be solid!
Brendon Leet
Brendon Leet 29 днів тому
hurns can do everything cobb can except play out of the backfield.
Edward Wells
Edward Wells 29 днів тому
except he is costing us more!
Eric  Middleton
Eric Middleton 29 днів тому
The Cowboys don’t limited cap room - Cowboys got unlimited cap room well over $51 million in cap room
Eric  Middleton
Eric Middleton 29 днів тому
The Cowboys got the money to extend the contracts of all of them - Zeke, Dak and Amari Cooper- D. Law too - Cowboys cap room double next season
Eric Gethmann
Eric Gethmann 29 днів тому
Eric Middleton yeah but they have to save cap space to pay dak, zeke, cooper etc. all those guys need cap next year
Jason Richards
Jason Richards 29 днів тому
That's a really good solid pick up. If he can stay healthy of Course.
Juan Carlos Delgado Moreno
Juan Carlos Delgado Moreno 29 днів тому
The Cowboys bigest weakness now is defensive line, mostly DE
adrian aguilar
adrian aguilar 27 днів тому
+Jordan Carroll nah im not sold on berry. He's played like 4 games in the past 3 years or so,Quinn would be this teams 2nd best pass rusher,lets not forget Dallas is really good at drafting 🤷🤷
Jordan Carroll
Jordan Carroll 27 днів тому
+adrian aguilar I hope we get Robert Quinn and Eric Berry
Jesse Sherman
Jesse Sherman 27 днів тому
Heath. Greatest weakness
adrian aguilar
adrian aguilar 28 днів тому
Lmao not really,we just have to replace Gregory's production,Irving was never on the field,thats why they are trying to trade for Quinn. they certainly could use a little bit of help at the 3tech.
JECO OFFICIAL 28 днів тому
Cowboys working on getting quinn on and brigging back dlaw
8BeNjY8 29 днів тому
Cowboys are losing their good players, im a browns fan
Smack Ish
Smack Ish 28 днів тому
Who did they lose? Beasley? Lmfao
Truthtruncheon Місяць тому
If the Cowboys biggest weakness is tightend they are going to the Super Bowl next year.
Joseph Місяць тому
Mvs and St Brown better learn to get on the same page with Rodgers quick. The great thing about Cobb is that he had a connection with Rodgers on the field. He might not be the best receiver but he's made a lot of big plays due to that connection. It's almost like he, Jordy and Adams know exactly what Rodgers is trying to do when the play breaks down. I think Allison might have a little bit of a connection hopefully he stays healthy.
Josh Benton
Josh Benton Місяць тому
You haven’t seen this guy play much apparently
Chris and Nick are right ! If Cobb’s healthy Speed is deadly on this team ...
Justin Harmon
Justin Harmon 29 днів тому
+ALVIN SANTA-ANA nice stat. Cobb still isn't a speedster
ALVIN SANTA-ANA 29 днів тому
+Justin Harmon Beasley never took a single pass to the house that was 20 yards or more!! Cobb took 13 in his career over 30 yards.. :)
Justin Harmon
Justin Harmon 29 днів тому
Cobb is not that fast
SloppeyJoe 6D9
SloppeyJoe 6D9 Місяць тому
Cole Beasley was a decent guy at best. Randall Cobb is a good player at best but will most likely be a decent player, but at cheaper money than Beasley, thats how you find value.
SOLID G Місяць тому
Jenna lookin like a whole meal!!
Smack Ish
Smack Ish 28 днів тому
You'd fuck anything lmfao
Cisforclassified 29 днів тому
SOLID G Ewwwwww!
John Edvards
John Edvards Місяць тому
I can say that Cobb got a lot of hate that I think was unwarranted from my fellow packer fans. But I think that's mostly due to the fact that he didn't fit what GB needed from he lately. That said, I think this is good for him. It's a shame he only got a 1year deal but I truly wish him the best in Dallas and I hope that he does an amazing job to get a new contract with someone else next year. The bad part is that all my favorite packers with the exception of Mike Daniels has now left. Jordy, Cobb, Matthews. Going to be an interesting year.
TheNrat Місяць тому
I swear no matter the player . They always show high lights against Atlanta teams
Jay Schipp
Jay Schipp Місяць тому
Dak. Still. Can’t. Make. The. Throw. He holds onto the ball way too long.
Smack Ish
Smack Ish 28 днів тому
+Lil T-Jones he might be better
Lil T-Jones
Lil T-Jones 29 днів тому
Who says he gon be the same this year? I bet money he wont be
Cesar Belle
Cesar Belle Місяць тому
What throw can’t he make
Super_Duper_ Saiyan
Super_Duper_ Saiyan Місяць тому
Randy Lahey
Randy Lahey Місяць тому
Dak will be just fine. Cooper got over 700 yards in his short time with Dak it's all good
Coach Dude
Coach Dude Місяць тому
Don't matter Jerry still the owner
Coach Dude
Coach Dude Місяць тому
+Cesar Belle really
Cesar Belle
Cesar Belle Місяць тому
Coach Dude you act like jerry don’t got rings to his name or in the HALL OF FAME. just ignorant!
Black Like History
Black Like History Місяць тому
Jenna know she wearing that dress!!!
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