NLE Choppa & Clever "Stick By My Side" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

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Watch the official music video for "Stick By My Side" by NLE Choppa & Clever.
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Spotify: spoti.fi/2Hpg7nI
Directed By Karltin Bankz & Wikid
Animated By Checkz
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17 тра 2019





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WøŁfY 5 годин тому
Rip to people who can’t find this
Brian Baker
Brian Baker 13 годин тому
Dam this was going in the right direction 2019 wtf 2020 we going backwards smh🤦🏼‍♂️
That Wasn’t Needed YT
That Wasn’t Needed YT 22 години тому
What’s up with the condom???? Tf 😂
Doggo День тому
When the theater kid and the black af1 kid are put together for a project in music class
Marcos Yan
Marcos Yan День тому
1:05 nle dissed 6ix9ine 😱
Sibahlesonke Mkhize
Sibahlesonke Mkhize День тому
the fuck is this song so short and its fire
Marko tik toks Is cool
Marko tik toks Is cool День тому
Old nle is why better than him rn
CanaanTheKidd День тому
I’m an underrated 13 yr old rapper, can y’all judge my music???, any type of criticism please 😁
FEBBY SETH'S 2 дні тому
Whoever this white dude is, his sound is🔥🔥🔥
Ape Shiit
Ape Shiit 3 дні тому
Clever with a dynamite stick by his side.
Roland Hegedűs
Roland Hegedűs 3 дні тому
1:06 thekasi 6ix9ine
Roland Hegedűs
Roland Hegedűs 3 дні тому
happytroll gamer
happytroll gamer 3 дні тому
To much auto tune
braedon macdiarmid
braedon macdiarmid 4 дні тому
remove clever from this
Dale D
Dale D 4 дні тому
Nle choppa did not belong in this song..
Sickopoopie Butt
Sickopoopie Butt 5 днів тому
that boiiii clever
Vedaant Krishan Bali
Vedaant Krishan Bali 5 днів тому
I like NLE more man :/
Holy_ V3rsity
Holy_ V3rsity 5 днів тому
I need more 🔥 🔥
Marcos Yan
Marcos Yan 5 днів тому
Where did they filmed it?
Yhair E
Yhair E 6 днів тому
Nle choppa saved the song lol
Candy Boss
Candy Boss 6 днів тому
Ugh why does Choppa put that dirty ass money in his mouth?!
Reach Ice
Reach Ice 6 днів тому
What shoes is clever wearing
shelove julian
shelove julian 6 днів тому
Stick by side 😩
Flawless Rae
Flawless Rae 7 днів тому
Okay Clever, you can sing to me anytime💦 I wish the song was longer‼‼ Definitely need to collab again‼‼ 😍😍😍❤❤💯💯💯👏👏
Sol Battaglio
Sol Battaglio 7 днів тому
When the one who’s song it is doesn’t have a verse
Jessica Mears
Jessica Mears 7 днів тому
I bett he never even killed no body
Marstan Brown
Marstan Brown 7 днів тому
Clever kill it nle he got a lil good part but clever is best
Ya Tupac27og
Ya Tupac27og 7 днів тому
Some say to this day he keep his stick by his side
Lars Benton
Lars Benton 8 днів тому
Is it just me or is clevers bit rlly annoying
Lars Benton
Lars Benton 2 дні тому
II-YUNGTRUSTISSUES-II honest wtf do u want
@Lars Benton 💀
Lars Benton
Lars Benton 2 дні тому
II-YUNGTRUSTISSUES-II omg no way I had no idea but let’s be honest I’m not here for beef bro. Have a good one
@Lars Benton lmfaooo u changed it im dead 💀
Lars Benton
Lars Benton 2 дні тому
II-YUNGTRUSTISSUES-II I mean was I talking to you also ur pfp isn’t even that cool either
Esplicticz Music
Esplicticz Music 9 днів тому
clevers ass
ScumbagJefrey 9 днів тому
you know it's a payed feature when the featured artists mentions how much a feature is
Aymaan Khan
Aymaan Khan 9 днів тому
These ****** be snitching i call him tekashi
Mayson C
Mayson C 9 днів тому
0:47 nle part
Doge 59
Doge 59 9 днів тому
Clevers voice make my back hurt
Squirrel 9 днів тому
Wonder how NLE CHOPPA got Tommy Wiseau to be in his vid? An wonder if Tommy hit him before they were done filming this?!?!?!
toxic bub
toxic bub 9 днів тому
I sould proble were a vest wolith all the stress am under
akaNick06 gamez
akaNick06 gamez 10 днів тому
Song Name:stick by my side What I searched up: 'these nigga be snitching,we call em tekashi`
Tsuki Wolf
Tsuki Wolf 10 днів тому
i swear nle be finding all the good white rappers
kayla rock
kayla rock 10 днів тому
😂😂the singing is fye but idk y im laughing
Moe 23black
Moe 23black 10 днів тому
Imagine how much clever had to pay for this feature
Js thuger
Js thuger 10 днів тому
did anyone notice that my boi nle has a pack of rubbers at the end of the music vid
Js thuger
Js thuger 10 днів тому
clever sucks ass
Hunter Broughton
Hunter Broughton 10 днів тому
Clevers voice though
Ritmun _R2
Ritmun _R2 11 днів тому
Clever is just so trash
secter 11 днів тому
lets me honest we instantly skipped clever verse
Leon Tho
Leon Tho 11 днів тому
God as my witness, I just caught a bond I should probably wear a vest for all the stress I'm under But shorty never scared 'cause she stick by my side And I stay with that stick by my side Bitch, I'm rich 'til I die (Yeah) Bitch, I'm rich 'til I die Shorty never scared 'cause she stick by my side And I stay with that stick by my side (Yeah) Tired of fighting charges, swiping cards (Yeah) Bitch, I'm rich 'til I die (Yeah) Ayy, rich 'til I die Pull up on me and get hit with that fire That Draco in my hand but the Glock on my side And just like the sun I put him in the sky, yeah Ay, I'm a rich nigga with a wife beater I'm in the coupe cruising with four heaters I got a bad bitch she a meat eater If you want you a verse I need five for a feature I'm fresh out that can like a Vienna sausage I pop me a Perc then I pop me a Roxy These niggas be snitchin', I call 'em Tekashi If he tell on me you know he get bodied I point him out then my shooter gon' get 'em Cheerleader bullets because they gon' split 'em Ain't doin' no playin', I don't fuck with you niggas Drop yo' location get up wit' a nigga God as my witness, I just caught a bond I should probably wear a vest for all the stress I'm under But shorty never scared 'cause she stick by my side And I stay with that stick by my side Bitch, I'm rich 'til I die (Yeah)
Damon Thomas
Damon Thomas 11 днів тому
Rocky Dennis killin the hook!!!
red bro
red bro 11 днів тому
call takichy
Ryan reanna
Ryan reanna 12 днів тому
It's sad this song is so short
DaBeatz Official
DaBeatz Official 12 днів тому
Choppa part is the only good part I’m surprised he would be on a song like this
S Leveneo
S Leveneo 12 днів тому
Clevers voice sounds backwards
gary 10 larson
gary 10 larson 12 днів тому
Why only a min and a half
Kyo 2004
Kyo 2004 13 днів тому
Cant belive this song is a year old already
Xd Omor
Xd Omor 13 днів тому
lil bullet
lil bullet 13 днів тому
clever's voice is fire as 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Iverson De la Cruz
Iverson De la Cruz 13 днів тому
Nigga be snitching I call him tekashi
TY GAMER 13 днів тому
Clever ruined the song faxxx no cap🧢
13 днів тому
5 foe a feature that is whort it
13 днів тому
Worth it
phunkassassin 2231
phunkassassin 2231 13 днів тому
Who else thought this was like 30 seconds
Sir. World
Sir. World 13 днів тому
“These niggas be snitching I call em tekashi”
Doge 59
Doge 59 14 днів тому
Clever is the definition of weird and cool white rapper
Martin Garcia Garcia
Martin Garcia Garcia 14 днів тому
Nathan Sorba
Nathan Sorba 14 днів тому
I'm not going to lie I search for the song without nlechoppa in it
Nicole Torgler
Nicole Torgler 14 днів тому
Maybe the boys grew up best friends? I think it's awesome young kids stop living in the past and have friendships since middle school or elementary no matter what race. Now as young adults have to be weird about everything. I'm sorry but I'm white and so is my son and his best friend is black since 5th grade. Why can't we live together. Instead of erasing monuments leave them alone create new ones to show how far united has come.
Yeah I Know
Yeah I Know 15 днів тому
I’m sorry but I think this was a waste a time
Yeah I Know
Yeah I Know 13 днів тому
1 freestyle and him staying stick by my side
FaygoSZN 14 днів тому
Collaide 15 днів тому
Why does clever look like he's a 40 year old single mom?
0008 C. Win4UF4Ueildei
0008 C. Win4UF4Ueildei 15 днів тому
BeilTon,,,,MO Uand 2008 ::::
highland cream
highland cream 15 днів тому
They should really go feed Nle choppa I don't think eating money is healthy
Ryker Scheer
Ryker Scheer 16 днів тому
We all know that NLE is the best teenage rapper
DON DOPE 16 днів тому
Dis tune should be play in this white house
Death's Melody
Death's Melody 16 днів тому
Clever? Nah thats 21 Savage with no auto tune
Aiden Weiser
Aiden Weiser 17 днів тому
This song soooo good
Dayven Smith
Dayven Smith 17 днів тому
I just love cleavers voice
Yam_dbot 17 днів тому
Me waiting for the beat:👁👄👁 Me when it dropped:🥳🔥
WHOxMEE 17 днів тому
Taytrice Richeme
Taytrice Richeme 17 днів тому
clever reminds me of post malon
Ahmed Zayaan
Ahmed Zayaan 12 днів тому
Taytrice Richeme this guy sounds somewhat like him
Taytrice Richeme
Taytrice Richeme 13 днів тому
@Ahmed Zayaan i haven't seen the guy who song once i was 7 years old
Ahmed Zayaan
Ahmed Zayaan 13 днів тому
And the guy who sung once I was 7 wears old
Geovahni Walker
Geovahni Walker 17 днів тому
YRN Yafi
YRN Yafi 17 днів тому
This still slaps
Migatron1 17 днів тому
God as my witness, I just caught a bond I should probably wear a chain mail vest for all the stress I'm under But Lady Guinevere never scared 'cause she stick by my side And I stay with that Jousting stick by my side
akeel mathias
akeel mathias 17 днів тому
Can we make this hit longer please!!!!!!!!
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