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hi angels,
this collab with noah schnapp was recorded before all of the craziness of having to stay at home and protect yourself and others from spreading the virus.
i want to remind you that we are all in this together. i know that it’s not easy but i hope that you can stay positive and stay virtually connected to your friends and family. this will all eventually end and things will get better!!
so for this collab, noah teaches me how to act and so you can be the judge if i pulled it off or not. i'll just tell you this - it’s way harder than you think it is!
i hope this video can help take your mind off of things for a few minutes and i really hope it makes you smile.
you should also check out noah’s video where i taught him how to do popular tiktok dances.
watch noah’s collab video here: ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-12JM_NXqFqM.html
Follow Noah:
TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@noahschnapp
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Twitter: twitter.com/noah_schnapp
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TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@charlidamelio
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website: www.charlidamelio.com/
Special thanks to Noah Schnapp, his mom Karine and Noah’s whole team for helping make this happen.
Thanks to Tommy Burns for filming and editing.



27 бер 2020





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Claudia Collado
Claudia Collado Годину тому
Like for who is waiting for 4th part of stranger things 💘
JULIA VLIESE 3 години тому
Stranger things
Mark Shepherd
Mark Shepherd 3 години тому
I ship Charli And Noah
Jocelyn Harris
Jocelyn Harris 4 години тому
Nana Sze
Nana Sze 4 години тому
Charli: *throws phone and somehow doesnt crack* Noah: Cmon Charli I know you can do better then that Charli: *throws phone and scream in terror*
Mina Fanari
Mina Fanari 6 годин тому
I ship.
xXSPECIALXx 6 годин тому
I’m looking for a drake in the comment section
Jabee_ C
Jabee_ C 6 годин тому
Charli's vid: starts with an aesthetic intro Noah's vid: bites sandwhich
Kourtney Drone
Kourtney Drone 7 годин тому
tiktok dances
Steel 7 годин тому
So I seen a post on Instagram about drake commenting on this video saying he will eat here booty hole wile she renagades
The Switch Scientist
The Switch Scientist 7 годин тому
U sure
Xx_ Potatoes _Xx
Xx_ Potatoes _Xx 7 годин тому
Them:CHARLIE THINGS stranger things: am I joke to u?
micahela villanueva
micahela villanueva 7 годин тому
i ship you
Daniela Corry
Daniela Corry 7 годин тому
Who else thought that they were kind of flirting 😂 Oop-
Anandi Paatil
Anandi Paatil 9 годин тому
Who thinks they both look cute together
estriaa._ 10 годин тому
Me shipping them:
Phoebe Patria
Phoebe Patria 10 годин тому
Omg its that noah or will from stranger things?
Paicu Ema Elena
Paicu Ema Elena 10 годин тому
Love you CHARLI
Karin Keller
Karin Keller 11 годин тому
Omg Charli where is this pullover from
anna the funny person
anna the funny person 12 годин тому
anyone else ships?
Rtwi Ruhc
Rtwi Ruhc 12 годин тому
I love him🥺🥺🥺🥺
Rolver 15 годин тому
0:58 rip
Marguerite Lowery
Marguerite Lowery 15 годин тому
No mean comments or nothing but I think they look like a good couple who else thinks this too??
Laila Nantambu
Laila Nantambu 15 годин тому
charli laughing when she's supposed to be crying
Capatapalipinapa Villafaña
Capatapalipinapa Villafaña 15 годин тому
yo pensando que charli ocupaba algo mas elaborado para hacer sus tik toks mdmdjd y solo puso una botella de agua para grabarlo mdkdmdk
Jacqueline Ramirez
Jacqueline Ramirez 16 годин тому
Shantel Gray
Shantel Gray 16 годин тому
I love chirle she my everything
Nicolás Albornoz
Nicolás Albornoz 17 годин тому
Nicolás Albornoz
Nicolás Albornoz 17 годин тому
Y love videos
Derin ada Orhan
Derin ada Orhan 17 годин тому
Aradığın türk yorumu benim skdkorjf
Emily Enders
Emily Enders 17 годин тому
Babe, stick to tiktok
Rebecca Wilson
Rebecca Wilson 17 годин тому
Definitely a ship🥺
Mita Akram
Mita Akram 17 годин тому
I saw your TickTock
Benslimane Benslimane
Benslimane Benslimane 17 годин тому
alicia ramirez
alicia ramirez 17 годин тому
Ship and his voice is so dead
Fernanda Paradela
Fernanda Paradela 18 годин тому
their so awkward they like eachother 100%
Amirah Adzakiyah
Amirah Adzakiyah 18 годин тому
i ship them lmao
Hafsa gacha
Hafsa gacha 20 годин тому
I love noah and charli
Andrea Estefania y su mundo
Andrea Estefania y su mundo 20 годин тому
charli things hahahaha
infinity T
infinity T 22 години тому
What about my acting!?
infinity T
infinity T 22 години тому
“Hello who is this” quote was amazing
don cangrejo43
don cangrejo43 23 години тому
Charli damelio para stranger things
Roberta Urrea
Roberta Urrea День тому
Namore com alguém q te olhe como eles se olham kkkkkkkk
natalee keller
natalee keller День тому
i couldn’t stop smiling. this is so cute
Madison Thomas
Madison Thomas День тому
This is so funny
alishas amazing world!
alishas amazing world! День тому
Charli y amazing im late the watching this but i loveeeeeeee ur tiktoc so much
Lyla Jones
Lyla Jones День тому
Mike Van Bemmel
Mike Van Bemmel День тому
Hi charli i love you i am i bjg fan and make sure that you dont let the haters bug you you are amazing you are beter then all your haters who ever hates you then i hate them you are my idol i chose you more then any body i love you
Hedieh Hajiesmaeili
Hedieh Hajiesmaeili День тому
The acting part was so cringy 🥴
Juicy Jane
Juicy Jane День тому
Hilyn Yu
Hilyn Yu День тому
Justin7358 Msp
Justin7358 Msp День тому
King Likot
King Likot День тому
Harriett’s Asmr channel
Harriett’s Asmr channel День тому
I only clicked on here cuz Noah is on here 🥴😳😚
tutorial riverdalee
tutorial riverdalee День тому
Il mio amore
yanaplay Roblox
yanaplay Roblox День тому
Omg new ship omg so ship sorry I ship eheheh 💖💖💖 shipppppppppppp ohmygodddddd.
Reallyily TV
Reallyily TV День тому
I ship!!😂💕💕💕💕💕
Ridhima Singh
Ridhima Singh День тому
This is so awkward
Onik0r День тому
Daniel fanuel Vargas Álvarez
Jajaja charli things no puedo de la risa
Daniel fanuel Vargas Álvarez
Jajajajaj no puedo con este video es súper bueno y gracioso no puede ser que dos de mis ídolos estén en un mismo video
I love you charli and I know you never answer me 🥺
Mr Baller
Mr Baller День тому
Damn Noah wanna see her cry?
Caylee Lorenz
Caylee Lorenz День тому
I feel like the reason this is awkward is bc they both see each other as celebrities and if u spent that much time w someone u never met before who’s famous 🤔
Francisco Rojas
Francisco Rojas День тому
Hi charli I’m your biggest fan and I hope you see this but I bet u won’t but I just want to say your my idol and I love u❤️🥺😪
Miranda День тому
is that the gUy from stranger thing because he looks like will...btw pls like or reply!
#Oluhle mystery of BB
#Oluhle mystery of BB День тому
Charlie I know how u feel
Step Chicken
Step Chicken День тому
They would be a good couple
art.istikk День тому
please could you like my post instagram.com/p/CATBnrzFSJ9/?igshid=1wqp9i8flwi9m
Anime Gaming
Anime Gaming День тому
7:53 the way he looks at her doe
Anna Boo
Anna Boo День тому
Jeyka Marquez
Jeyka Marquez День тому
La mejor youtuber y tiktoker 😘😘😘
Helena Ponce
Helena Ponce День тому
Comentario en español holiiii
Satürnz Halo
Satürnz Halo День тому
I really wanna say this, if your looking for HAPPY vibes you should look for Charli. She has the sweetest personality and the softest voice. During all this quarantine i've found my joy in watching Charli. And I hope all of you are feeling the same way. If your family is going through something i'm very sorry, but we have to be positive through all this. Thank you for reading this, Have a happy: night , morning , afternoon , evening. :D
Thaniha Mohan
Thaniha Mohan День тому
i can just FEEL the awkwardness through the screen
mason Chmurycz
mason Chmurycz День тому
I ship Charli and Noah
Marlia Walker
Marlia Walker День тому
Noah 🙄
lucero ambriz
lucero ambriz День тому
Keep talking to you so that’s why I miss you so much I hope you come like I always say it’s gonna be my birthday and I hoping come in my birthday it’s in January or in June I don’t know I hope you come by it was my cousins birthday Chelsea and you know who is the last birthday is Angel so yeah and he’s in first grade angel so I in there all my family are your famous all of them and I’m your first famous I was the one that it was your first famous I was the one that told everybody in there like I said ice we saw your TickTock’s and yeah
lucero ambriz
lucero ambriz День тому
Finding me again again again again and I am my name is Nelly like I always ask you yeah Melanie my name is Melanie and my brother I have a brother one brother and your sister is only me and my brother my brothers name is tony in Spanish it Joni is in Spanish and English is in Anthony so yeah am I am’s name in the saddle and my dad’s name is Lupe so yeah I know I never saw you but I miss you Charlie am I wish I can see you later bye
lucero ambriz
lucero ambriz День тому
Carly me again I just want to talk to you about a time my face I can I hope I can see her I can see your face from you too but you only have a little bit of you two things and I don’t have you to how do you do UKvid Charlie yeah I know I’m sad because I can’t go anywhere how many people come to my house I can go somewhere else but but I hope you come call me if you want just come because I really miss you Charlie I really miss you I know you never come really really really you’re famous on TickTock on your who’s your first name is in TickTock is because I like your TickTock dances
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