"Once There Were Dragons (from How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World)" by John Powell

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Soundtrack out now! In theaters February 22, 2019!
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31 січ 2019





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#Readers23 MARVEL fan
#Readers23 MARVEL fan 2 дні тому
I cried... Oh I cried....
Diego Umberto Martínez Alpuche
I'm so proud that Hiccup and Astrid are parents now! And I just love their kids!
JNeumy 10 днів тому
5:14 that final time we hear this theme is so powerful because it serves as a sort of farewell to everything as the story ends. Everything that's happened in these 10 years of HTTYD, the movies and the shows, wrapping up that one big story.
AnGrYvpanda 12 днів тому
such a beautiful piece of music
Sofia Lopez
Sofia Lopez 13 днів тому
I loved this it sounds so beautiful
ELIJAH NOCON 13 днів тому
the song look kinda of sad
Aktazy 17 днів тому
This is when "forbidden friendship" becomes "forgotten friendship"
JayJay Llamacorns
JayJay Llamacorns 17 днів тому
It needed with test drive’s reprise. It couldn’t be more perfect!
JayJay Llamacorns
JayJay Llamacorns 17 днів тому
What happens in this scene: Hiccup and Astrid tie the knot and I cry Toothless and hiccup reunite and I cry The family rides on their dragons and I cry The movie ends and I cry
Isidora Méndez
Isidora Méndez 20 днів тому
5:16 GODDDD 🥺
Britt 20 днів тому
when toothless jumped on the boat, i nearly got scared to death. anyone else?
gabriel senpai
gabriel senpai 23 дні тому
Am i the only one who used to hate this movie but know feel sad about it because this movie is a part of your childhood
KKES Місяць тому
Holy smokes. I have actual chills rn. I cried throughout the entire movie, but this song hit hard. Just the looming thought that we might never see Hiccup and Toothless again was just too much... I love this movie and soundtrack, I’d never ask for anything else than this. Bravo to everyone who worked on this masterpiece of a movie franchise. ❤️❤️❤️
Dóra Iharosi
Dóra Iharosi Місяць тому
I just can't believe that I was so lucky to know these movies and to be a part of them. I love this trilogy and. and I just can't belive that httyd is real because it's like... like the God made these movies... They are perfect in every way... and when I watched the third movie in the theatre, I cried... but not because of sadness... I cried because I was so happy, so so happy and grateful for these movies because they are everything I need in my life. I will watch them till death do us part.
Икингл Карасик
Икингл Карасик Місяць тому
Песня даёт радость и грусть врывается в самую душу и режит как нож
Sridevi Sudhahar
Sridevi Sudhahar Місяць тому
4:01 that's it. that's the comment. also I'm leaving this here just incase I need to cry or something. 😬
School Account music
School Account music Місяць тому
It gives me the strong feeling treatment I love it >w
Liam Brant
Liam Brant Місяць тому
The oscars really ripped this franchise off!!
Everest Canyon
Everest Canyon Місяць тому
There were movies when I was a boy.
Cecilia Rigal
Cecilia Rigal Місяць тому
Dont cry dont cry .... too late
Antoine Lambert
Antoine Lambert Місяць тому
so we have this great music about dragon riding vikings, how do we make it better? mix it with church songs? this... is... UNHINGED SCIENTIFIC BRILLANCE!
Seliyah Місяць тому
I was going good until 4:07 then the tears started flowing 😔
Samuel Stalder
Samuel Stalder Місяць тому
Supernatural Preternatural Transcendent Other-worldly Mystical Divine Exalted Sublime Ethereal Numinous Transmundane Ineffable
TheGlaceon Thomasfan
TheGlaceon Thomasfan Місяць тому
The only reason I didn’t cry. I was on a plane and crying is too loud. But yes, there was much much internal crying.
Ran Sherman
Ran Sherman 2 місяці тому
anyone knows what the choir is singing? i would love a translation.
DragonFan05 :D
DragonFan05 :D 2 місяці тому
Those 27 people that disliked must've been those defeated, ruthless, dragon killing, villians all throughout the httyd trilogy. Along with others who just failed to train a dragon
Julia Krupa
Julia Krupa 2 місяці тому
I remember watching first HTTYD movie on every family gathering at my great grandma's house. This was one of many movies my uncle had on DVD but me and my cousins would always want to watch How to train your dragon.
Maya Bauer
Maya Bauer 2 місяці тому
I love this trilogy so much. We’re all sad it’s over, but I think there’s something out there waiting for us, we just have to find it, like Hiccup and Toothless did.
Valeria Lemus
Valeria Lemus 2 місяці тому
I carring this moment for the rest of my life. All this movie shows is love
AlphaIkaros 2 місяці тому
4:05 I'm not crying... you're crying...
OmZ Crisp
OmZ Crisp 2 місяці тому
If you guys listen closely the moment where Hiccup tames toothless again it plays the 'Forbidden Friendship' theme from the first movie.
tweepy123 2 місяці тому
John Powell saying goodbye the best way a composer can T-T You can hear the reprise of the first movie OSTs, like it's a summary of the events that led up to this point. I cried listening to it 3:11 Forbidden Friendship 4:04 Test Drive 5:06 Coming Back around (aka End scene)
Jamie Thomas
Jamie Thomas 2 місяці тому
Reminds me of Super Mario Galaxy!
Julie Kazdová
Julie Kazdová 2 місяці тому
3:10 - 4:45 from HTTYD 1 😄
Quyền Nguyễn
Quyền Nguyễn 2 місяці тому
virginiasmiles☺ 3 місяці тому
This track fills me with SO much emotion.
Lucy Parker
Lucy Parker 3 місяці тому
2:44 is my favourite part
Krystyna Kokot
Krystyna Kokot 3 місяці тому
So pretty a song "Once There were Dragons (from How To Train Dragon: The Hidden World)" by John Powell 👌👍👍
Spider-Man 3 місяці тому
How to train your dragon: There are dragons. How to train your dragon 2: we have our dragons. How to train your dragon 3: Once there were dragons when I was a boy.
leona jasz
leona jasz 3 місяці тому
it hurts so much 😭😭😭😭😭
L0kz 3 місяці тому
Senpaija 3 місяці тому
Autoplay got me here, I have not seen the third movie, so this movie sounded unfamiliar and I first noticed half way into the video xD
Eclairecat 3 місяці тому
When Toothless hugs Hiccup, I cried so hard
SZ_Courage :3
SZ_Courage :3 3 місяці тому
3:41 my favorite part uwu
Goggles Tigerkhan
Goggles Tigerkhan 3 місяці тому
considering they could have left it at "toothless leaves, they never meet again" this was about as good as you could get
DRAGON DARK 3 місяці тому
Why they just can't continue the thrilogy?😞
Martyn McMurray
Martyn McMurray 3 місяці тому
Give this movie the Oscar! The franchise deserves it!
Martyn McMurray
Martyn McMurray 3 місяці тому
John Powell, DreamWorks would be lost without him.
CYBER2.0! 3 місяці тому
Man, I used to be huge with this trilogy, and I sure will miss it, it helped me find a love for dragons and other amazing things like Kaiju (Godzilla, obviously). I do know for sure that this franchise will always be loved, even in death... I may not be a huge part of this franchise anymore, but I still have a spot in my heart for this content, and I don’t care how small it large it is now, I know the fandom still exists, and always will.
Zack Best
Zack Best 3 місяці тому
Happy one year anniversary HTTYD HTW!
Lexter Joestar
Lexter Joestar 3 місяці тому
Thank you HTTYD franchise. Thanks for my childhood. I'll never forget you. Any of you. I'll see you all in Valhalla. Goodbye.
Sarfaraz Ahmed
Sarfaraz Ahmed 3 місяці тому
I can't believe that it came out over a year ago but I'm still listening to this...
Giselle Lopez
Giselle Lopez 3 місяці тому
Hey there bud. Remember me?
Zack Best
Zack Best 3 місяці тому
When you realise that this is a mix of 3 separate scores
Silver Eevee
Silver Eevee 3 місяці тому
So my friend and I made a stupid theory after we watch the movie. So you know the Bermuda triangle, yeah my friend and I think that maybe that the gate to the hidden world, so that's why people can't pass it, the dragons are protecting their home and since the movies take place in the time of the Vikings, so it makes sense that time pass and dragons are basically forgotten and only a myth that was left by our ancestors, like there once were dragons. I know our theory is really stupid but I also think it's pretty cool!
carlijn sikkens
carlijn sikkens День тому
I really like your theory ❤
super mule
super mule Місяць тому
Welp guys..... who's in those who stay will look after Hiccup
sentrogaspers9813 3 місяці тому
God.... I hate you T_T C'mon, guys pack up, we're going to the Hidden World!
Oh Boi
Oh Boi 3 місяці тому
Crossing my fingers 😖🤞
Tea King
Tea King 4 місяці тому
corline vibes
Ryan Toth
Ryan Toth 4 місяці тому
There are 2 seasons a total of 40 episodes produced by DreamWorks called Riders of Berk Parts 1 and 2 and then Defenders of Berk parts one and two. Then Netflix made a series that follows that Called race to the edge seasons 1-6 which have some heavier themes but still light heated/ there are also the dragon shorts such as Gift of the Night Fury, the Book of Dragons and Httyd Homecoming. so there is more to the universe that can be expanded. plus there is a mobile game.
Silver54ful 4 місяці тому
Congratulations to everyone involved with these films!!!! Every single one in this trilogy is an Oscar nominee. That's awesome! So well deserved. :)
Milche Sarreal
Milche Sarreal 4 місяці тому
My children: Dad, what's this about?? * shows my butt load of artwork about this franchise * Me: Sit down kids, Pop's gon tell you a story..
Jasmine Armstrong Grillo
Jasmine Armstrong Grillo 2 місяці тому
there were dragons when i was a boy from great gril sky dragons that rested on the rooftops like giant scary birds to brown scuttle dragons that hunted town the mice and rats...to preposterously huge sea dragons 20x the size of the big blue whale.
Ayiro Mnss
Ayiro Mnss 5 місяців тому
Let's just take a piece moment to this soundtrack....not the reunion....but Hiccup's and Toothless' kids.
Juliana 5 місяців тому
SmaIIz 14
SmaIIz 14 5 місяців тому
2:44 best part hands down
huba buba
huba buba 5 місяців тому
Anyone crying their eyes out with me?
Silver54ful 4 місяці тому
BABY BEYKAN 5 місяців тому
pls lyrics
jotaro kujo's whore
jotaro kujo's whore 5 місяців тому
Alle 5 місяців тому
I love 2:45 ...
toothless Dragon
toothless Dragon 5 місяців тому
Who else cried while they married
mizuki chan
mizuki chan 5 місяців тому
anyone here after httyd homecoming?
MultiGamer369 5 місяців тому
Me: Great conclusion to the seri- Dreamworks: How to Train your Dragon: Homecoming! Me: Are you f****** kidding me
Silver54ful 4 місяці тому
@Balnazzardi Please for all that is good and pure we do NOT have any live action re-makes of this incredible trilogy! If anything has been proven. While they are money hogs at the box office. They rip every last ounce of soul from it's animated counterpart. HTTYD is too special to be shredded from the inside out they way Disney has done to it's beloved titles. I truly hope DreamWorks is smart enough to cherish it's quality.
Balnazzardi 4 місяці тому
Well technically Homecoming takes place before the final scene in HTTYD 3... Also more often than not these franchises ARE being revived sooner or later... so dont count out on the possibility of that there will be more of these movies in far future But for now it was definitely right time to close chapter in this franchise atleast
Bug Catcher Jacky
Bug Catcher Jacky 4 місяці тому
It was a cute way to end it, imo. Though hopefully, this time for real.
Wolf Storm Studios
Wolf Storm Studios 5 місяців тому
I was the same. When I watched Homecoming, I wasn’t a fan of it.
Bilahari Aryat
Bilahari Aryat 5 місяців тому
Fuck... Now I am crying reading all the comments
Aichi Sendou
Aichi Sendou 6 місяців тому
4:04 i get the chills down my spine every time i hear this.
yukira michi
yukira michi 6 місяців тому
When you realize that this is the last soundtrack you'll ever heard from httyd
Silver54ful 4 місяці тому
@Balnazzardi For the love that is good and pure. I really hope DreamWorks does not tarnish this wonderful trilogy with a live-action remake!
Balnazzardi 4 місяці тому
Dont count on it...while ofc there is chance that this franchise will never get another movie, just take Toy Story for example....everyone thought that TS3 would be the final movie...
yukira michi
yukira michi 5 місяців тому
@David R. B. Whoops sorry
David R. B.
David R. B. 5 місяців тому
don't make it harder than it already is :'(
Moon Day
Moon Day 6 місяців тому
I cried when I was watching httyd 3
DailyDragon Trainer
DailyDragon Trainer 6 місяців тому
2:15 my favorite part starts
Luke Hirshberg
Luke Hirshberg 6 місяців тому
2:44 . Best part
juan esteban restrepo
juan esteban restrepo 6 місяців тому
2:45 . My god if this soubdtrack i'snt dominated to an Oscar, i don't what the academy are thinking
InfiniteAJ 4 дні тому
Unfortunately the 'Academy' only listens to Disney songs with famous singers. Not that Disney or those songs are bad, but it's very biased. It really sucks.
Fleet Moonツ
Fleet Moonツ 6 місяців тому
Why isn't anyone talking about "Forbidden Friendship" at 3:08 ?
Treecko the Gecko
Treecko the Gecko 3 місяці тому
I don't know. It's so beautiful
Raoul Fa'ique
Raoul Fa'ique 7 місяців тому
It almost make me cry when I hear this....
NorthernStal The famously unknown penguin
"I'm sorry, for everything." "I'm proud to call you my -son- favourite trilogy"
leaf selvi
leaf selvi 8 місяців тому
Still crying
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