Original 2007 iPhone Unboxing!!!

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I got this first generation unopened iPhone from 2007!
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7 тра 2018

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hatem ali for objection
hatem ali for objection 17 годин тому
She is dog for apple company .
k ly
k ly 23 години тому
i love how she turned the mac into a table for the surface xD
why somebody needs that old pise off shit
AyeitsKay ASMR
AyeitsKay ASMR День тому
I thought I was the only one who has AT&T 😂
Luca Caporale
Luca Caporale День тому
I have the iPhone 4 and the iPod u2.
Kathiana Phaedra
Kathiana Phaedra День тому
She’s not overreacting she’s just excited and I’m pretty sure if you guys got something you love so near and dear you would be acting the same way lol I love Justine keep it up❤️
Victoria Ivanova
Victoria Ivanova 2 дні тому
Why did this make me stress
Kathy Akut
Kathy Akut 2 дні тому
Give me one
Mary Brown
Mary Brown 2 дні тому
Ok it is stick in recovery mode which s hard to get a out dated phone out of but you can go to a phone store and pay them 70$ for a formula to get it out of.
Keven Gil
Keven Gil 3 дні тому
Link to the Att bill?
hasan chowdhury
hasan chowdhury 4 дні тому
U look pretty 😍😍😍😍😘😁😁😍
brandon purcell
brandon purcell 4 дні тому
Skip to 2:30 for actual unboxing
ʏs ᴀɴɪᴍᴇ
ʏs ᴀɴɪᴍᴇ 5 днів тому
It is not your baby, it's *OUR* baby.
Ashish Ambre
Ashish Ambre 5 днів тому
Did you get an orgasm at 7:08 ?
Jim joe Kelly
Jim joe Kelly 5 днів тому
You are the Amy Schumer of opening boxes
Jim joe Kelly
Jim joe Kelly 5 днів тому
I would so use this phone today, just to get an reaction
ShowtyTV 5 днів тому
It’s just a phone.
MLR 2017
MLR 2017 6 днів тому
I remember going to the apple store back in 2007 and being blown away by this device. Can’t believe it was 11 years ago!
Huan Nguyen
Huan Nguyen 6 днів тому
tuyệt vời
Ramzi Zananiri
Ramzi Zananiri 6 днів тому
silly video and silly personality and silly people let apple rip you go to hell you and i phone
Adi Suriyadi
Adi Suriyadi 6 днів тому
What tittle song of the intro?
ReyAnne Cantu
ReyAnne Cantu 6 днів тому
I was born March 27 2007
macaccofr 7 днів тому
this was a 20.000 USD phone, opened is 1000 USD
Amal Warsame
Amal Warsame 7 днів тому
U made that on my bday
owais Khan magic tricks channel
I phone not have eyarphon
Statistics 101
Statistics 101 7 днів тому
StuffWithAndy 7 днів тому
you are a pain in the ass, ill shut your mouth with my big fat cock.
Alfred Stefanides
Alfred Stefanides 8 днів тому
Hey Justine what is name of the outro song
CoolDerek_100 8 днів тому
THE ORIGINAL IPHONE UNBOXING!!! ukvid.net/video/відео-yy40nW93n5o.html
Opz Sucks
Opz Sucks 8 днів тому
Who else is watching on their IPhone 1?
Bogdan Riquelme
Bogdan Riquelme 9 днів тому
LPS Hershey’s Productions
LPS Hershey’s Productions 9 днів тому
I had that phone but I think it was the iPhone 4 🤔?
Poodles Kitchen
Poodles Kitchen 9 днів тому
Uhh...the music intro thing does not fit ur channel lol
Palidhje Discriber
Palidhje Discriber 10 днів тому
she makes the Same reaction women do when the make Sex. sory but thats stupid and wierd as f.
Emma Salek
Emma Salek 11 днів тому
I thought my 6s plus was old😂
Erin Kane
Erin Kane 11 днів тому
Lol Iphone vs Iphone X max
FunKaiJoyroom 12 днів тому
There is another youtuber : EverythingApplePro But....last time when EAP unbox the iphone 3gs, he always got scammed on ebay....And justine got an original one...where did she got the original one??
Abdul Hadi Moosa
Abdul Hadi Moosa 12 днів тому
Tania Chowdury
Tania Chowdury 14 днів тому
Laney Grace
Laney Grace 14 днів тому
Im the same age as that iPhone.. 😂
Roblox Joe
Roblox Joe 14 днів тому
My 3GS still works
Katlyn Dobransky
Katlyn Dobransky 14 днів тому
The old Apple design was my childhood! I still can’t believe that my old iPod Touch works
Rachel Enchill
Rachel Enchill 15 днів тому
who else just skipped to the unboxing part
Blake and Keegan Gaming
Blake and Keegan Gaming 15 днів тому
Connect it to your old mac
Dankadillas 15 днів тому
What is the name of the second song? I need it in my life. It’s such a smooth beat!
javier josefides
javier josefides 15 днів тому
3:57 I’m a blond and emotional.
Lxgic 15 днів тому
Watching this on my iPhone X s
Nadja Osmic
Nadja Osmic 16 днів тому
oh god she is more exited for this phone then for iPhone 8
Sudenaz Altun
Sudenaz Altun 16 днів тому
3:35 Asmr
Mia Aguirre
Mia Aguirre 16 днів тому
They still sell those?
ACIDGameReviews 17 днів тому
Teary eyed over an iPhone? Joker
Chasei Young
Chasei Young 17 днів тому
Why the box for so big but its such a small phone 😂
Notur BB
Notur BB 17 днів тому
That intro song! Pls tell me
Tudy Rudy
Tudy Rudy 17 днів тому
Hahahaaaa I got one too !!!!!
Agung wirawan
Agung wirawan 18 днів тому
She is apple fangirl maybe if apple company bankrupt and close she will dying week to week i guess wkwk
Alex Contreras Guevarra
Alex Contreras Guevarra 18 днів тому
L B 18 днів тому
U are so stupid its just a phone lol (also the overacting was terrible)
Kim Hyeon
Kim Hyeon 19 днів тому
You should go to Church
Kim Hyeon
Kim Hyeon 19 днів тому
Parang tanga sarap mo sampalin
Sree Karthik
Sree Karthik 19 днів тому
iJustine, I love your videos and you are awesome! Love you
Sarah Woodall
Sarah Woodall 19 днів тому
7:48 I know that’s the sound of a CW show, but which one?
Miyah Miyah Vlogs
Miyah Miyah Vlogs 19 днів тому
I was one yrs old when the first I phone came out
Beloved Blossoms
Beloved Blossoms 19 днів тому
Anyone else remember when Apple devices used to come with UKvid already downloaded ;-;
letthesunshineinx 19 днів тому
id be just as excited ngl
Hamdhoon Mohamed
Hamdhoon Mohamed 19 днів тому
It’s iPhone 2G
Md Moinudeen
Md Moinudeen 20 днів тому
Girl I like ur videos... Pls jst stop over reacting it just annoys me...
Richa Elizabeth
Richa Elizabeth 20 днів тому
I was born the same year as the iPhone and I have a iPhone 5s now
_. eelo
_. eelo 19 днів тому
Richa Elizabeth they still sell the 5s 😂
My life as Meli
My life as Meli 20 днів тому
Justine has so many iPhones like if you agree
Taylor Tinai
Taylor Tinai 20 днів тому
Ah the original iPhone. Those were simpler times.
AndreaLa Music
AndreaLa Music 20 днів тому
Why is she not a model for 🍎 Apple
Skleyn09 20 днів тому
Holy shit,I was 1 when that was made😱😂
Kawaii 20 днів тому
ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm im scared she loves that phone
Awesomepuppygirl2008 Holt
Awesomepuppygirl2008 Holt 20 днів тому
Wait, I had an iPhone 4 and there was no option for a passcode. And the iPhone 1 has a passcode? WHAAAATTT
Awesomepuppygirl2008 Holt
Awesomepuppygirl2008 Holt 20 днів тому
Guys stop being rude about how she acted, it probably gives her memories of when it came out. So guys please stop.
Taryn Rahl
Taryn Rahl 21 день тому
How much phones do you have 🤷‍♀️
Itsgabby boo
Itsgabby boo 21 день тому
Hey typing skills tho
LucyLooLove 2007
LucyLooLove 2007 21 день тому
It’s funny how the original iPhone is most expensive then the newest iPhone lol
Selina Chen
Selina Chen 21 день тому
Imagine what the people with iPhone XS would be thinking
xxpiecatxx AJPW
xxpiecatxx AJPW 21 день тому
Buy a apple iPad with the same button to go home on a. I pad like mine and then it will work
Leo Pivac
Leo Pivac 21 день тому
I have that phone and a ipad 1 too
Bts_forever 54
Bts_forever 54 21 день тому
Where did u get this at?
الألماني ❶
الألماني ❶ 21 день тому
am i only who ask himself, why she got a brandnew without any scratches and the UKvidr Everyapplepro don´t has?
Ani’s World
Ani’s World 21 день тому
Where did she even get that thing
Mr. Thanos
Mr. Thanos 21 день тому
I like ur videos...but this is just over acting
Sahejwant Singh
Sahejwant Singh 22 дні тому
Just insert sim card in it. It will be automatically activated
Emma Says what
Emma Says what 22 дні тому
Did you know the “iPhone” was made by a dropout?
Gurmanat Kaur
Gurmanat Kaur 22 дні тому
When I was not borne se I did not told a lie so give me like edit thanks for your likes
Cindy Xin
Cindy Xin 22 дні тому
Dose anyone know where Justine got her watch from ??
Moses Medina
Moses Medina 22 дні тому
What’s the name of the song and who sings it ?
Elior .s
Elior .s 22 дні тому
buy an iphone x and never open it.. save the charger and only open it in like 20 years... let's see what happens then.. how much would it cost tho at the time ?
Sky Cloudd
Sky Cloudd 22 дні тому
Charging brick? No way...the good charger?! Now it’s just a small box that doesn’t have good charging energy....Steve jobs is crying in his grave rn
Unique Angel
Unique Angel 22 дні тому
I can’t stand to watch Yu any longer be normal not a over reacting cow
Andrea •Nicole
Andrea •Nicole 22 дні тому
Oml I remember this phone and I could hear the unlock sound in my head though out this whole video
Zachary Costa
Zachary Costa 22 дні тому
Apple is boss
French Fry
French Fry 22 дні тому
my mom thought I was watching porn. you're so dramatic
French Fry
French Fry 22 дні тому
what an awkward intro
James Russo
James Russo 22 дні тому
Wow apple used to give you a 2 amp brick? smh progress #1ampclub
y a r a
y a r a 22 дні тому
lol that phone is older than my ass i was born in 2007 july
James Rivera
James Rivera 23 дні тому
I am currently using a 3 as my iPhone 🔨💸😢
Nate Gilcher
Nate Gilcher 23 дні тому
I don’t understand why this is so emotional for you
What's on my original iPhone?
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