Original 2007 iPhone Unboxing!!!

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I got this first generation unopened iPhone from 2007!
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7 тра 2018

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Ryleigh Harding
Ryleigh Harding 3 години тому
Who was jamming to the song in the beginning of the video😂 I’m going to like my own comment cause no one else does
Daniel Jose
Daniel Jose 4 години тому
8 hours to open it
Bryn olf
Bryn olf 17 годин тому
What weirds me out most is that I’ve been watching IJustine since before 2007 and she was the first youtuber I ever really started watching
JonahSully 22 години тому
When IPhone used to be the best
Trading Squishy
Trading Squishy День тому
I have an iPod 2 an iPod 5 and an iPod 6. I’ll probably get an IPHONE 6s for Christmas
Jameshia Kirklin
Jameshia Kirklin День тому
Didn’t you already opened it
Fatima Tabassum
Fatima Tabassum День тому
Amazing video I have I phone 5c
Alan Andrews
Alan Andrews День тому
These are going for over 10k on eBay..
Aleksa Todorovic
Aleksa Todorovic 2 дні тому
You are very lucky, my dad gets that iPhone on First day (June 29th 2007)
ItzMoonDux1 :3
ItzMoonDux1 :3 2 дні тому
I was 2 years old back then (●__●)
Joby Ayala
Joby Ayala 2 дні тому
What song is this
William Braffman
William Braffman 2 дні тому
if you wanted to activate it on iOS 1.0 its really simple Use some for of vm or actual machine running windows xp. Download iTunes 7.5 and then it will activate!
A. V.
A. V. 2 дні тому
You know and realize, that this is actually..... a phone ! You know that right? ! It's no some extraterrestrial mind in box or portal to another dimension. Breed,count to 20 and just act normally.
It's Meg98NY
It's Meg98NY 3 дні тому
Im so emotional
Razvan Dumitru
Razvan Dumitru 4 дні тому
Is in 2018 exist iphone x i don't like the phone
Ty Lepicier
Ty Lepicier 4 дні тому
Fake. No plastic in the box
Gordo 4 дні тому
Pussy pink
Renee Daisuke
Renee Daisuke 4 дні тому
_girl i understand yah_
Khalid jamal
Khalid jamal 4 дні тому
The intro is amazing 😂❤️☠️🌹
Arnav Ari
Arnav Ari 4 дні тому
She looks like savannah from save and Cole
Limited Edition
Limited Edition 4 дні тому
Tbh I didn't have a phone till my first year of middle school and it was a flip phone but around that time that Iphone was very popular in my school and i was stuck using a plain slow flip phone 😂😂😂
Not ur Average girl
Not ur Average girl 4 дні тому
I remember my mom having this phone xD
Michelle 2006
Michelle 2006 4 дні тому
I miss the old iPhones 😭😭
emma loves animals
emma loves animals 4 дні тому
This Iphone was released the exact day I was born same month same day even the same year
Stacy Aguilera
Stacy Aguilera 4 дні тому
My sisture and me used to share a phone like that
Lightwave Studio
Lightwave Studio 5 днів тому
plz tell your laptop model ......shown in video plzzzzz
Mareline Ortiz
Mareline Ortiz 5 днів тому
Your crying for a super old iPhone when there is a iPhone XR
Montana 4 дні тому
Mareline Ortiz because it’s insane to see how far technology and communication has come, in the span of 11 years. Her entire career is based off of phones and tech😂😂 plus she had the phone
Tahm Pavri
Tahm Pavri 5 днів тому
I think it was a scam because there was no plastic on the cloth that you set the iphone down on.
PuggyBuggy BOI
PuggyBuggy BOI 5 днів тому
No Siri?
Dragoș 6 днів тому
What's song name? 9:29
kacy the youtuber
kacy the youtuber 6 днів тому
the camera legit cute
kacy the youtuber
kacy the youtuber 6 днів тому
omg the screen is too small and cute
Harmony Hill
Harmony Hill 6 днів тому
omg i've had one of these as a phone when i was little but my parents didn't put a SIM card in it and i didn't even know
Duke's gaming 2
Duke's gaming 2 6 днів тому
Ah, the nostalgic days
kylas world
kylas world 6 днів тому
Why is she doing this over an OLD iPhone
Little Orange Cat
Little Orange Cat 6 днів тому
I was only four years old when the original iPhone came out!
Sasha Cavallaro
Sasha Cavallaro 6 днів тому
"8 GB" wow😱
Ruth Torres
Ruth Torres 6 днів тому
iphone xs is bitter
MAZBA vlog's
MAZBA vlog's 7 днів тому
Im not gonna open it if i was u
When im super super sweat my apple watch rates 180 bpm check my small slime poking video i had the apple watch in. The back so you all believe i have the apple watch
The K-pop fangirl
The K-pop fangirl 7 днів тому
When i come to watch this video, the ad appears and its iphon Xr
Kregori Salumets
Kregori Salumets 7 днів тому
Get a life
toyla1234 7 днів тому
Jeez I don't know how people would react to the unboxing of Xbox 360 (2005). Or especially the original Xbox. I had like 7 flip phones before the iPhone even came out.. haha
toyla1234 7 днів тому
I've never seen so many comments of 11 year olds saying they were born in 2007 lol
Scout loves Books
Scout loves Books 7 днів тому
I still have this iPhone!
Melissa Alvarez
Melissa Alvarez 7 днів тому
That box is soooo much thicker
1nevermore 7 днів тому
Back then all the accessories were in ONE BOX.
Jace’s Stuff
Jace’s Stuff 7 днів тому
Life was simple
Sujin Grg
Sujin Grg 8 днів тому
I think the charging style is so good i like it The phone and i was born in same year i am also now 11 years old
Natasha Nata
Natasha Nata 8 днів тому
Omg it took her so long to open it it was annoying like sis it's just a phone
Divone Manabat
Divone Manabat 8 днів тому
actually the very first iPhone is iPhone 3. i’m not lying i used to have an iPhone 3 when i was atleast 3 years old😌
Montana 4 дні тому
Divone Manabat Nope, that’s the second.
Wolfieboy 1212
Wolfieboy 1212 8 днів тому
Giveaway an iPhone first generation
Ashraf Jemy
Ashraf Jemy 8 днів тому
why pc .. i heard that mac is better 🤣🤣😂😂😂
Lala Land
Lala Land 8 днів тому
This phone is older then me
앙겔라annella 9 днів тому
The way she reacts is like she's getting a phone for the first time in her life
Brooklyn Liddicoat
Brooklyn Liddicoat 9 днів тому
i was born in 2007
Jay Liebenberg
Jay Liebenberg 9 днів тому
Uhhhhhh, your like 12 models late.
Banana Plumbob
Banana Plumbob 10 днів тому
iPhone 5c unboxing please
Pi Me
Pi Me 11 днів тому
Wow you talked much
Марио Милчев
Марио Милчев 11 днів тому
Damn, it happened. Just like tuat.
HeyItsSeeBee 11 днів тому
2007 is the year when I was born. Wth!!
joao rodrigues
joao rodrigues 11 днів тому
People are stupid XD 😂😂😂😂 LOL
sabrinao_ _
sabrinao_ _ 11 днів тому
menina forçada da porra
Bitch #
Bitch # 12 днів тому
My mom had that iPhone now she got a 6 Plus and I’m getting a 7
Lily Qian
Lily Qian 12 днів тому
I'm actually using a iPod4 right now xD You can't even update UKvid anymore so i'm using Safari. Oof sO LaGgY!
Jaxon Dries
Jaxon Dries 12 днів тому
Destiny Doster
Destiny Doster 12 днів тому
I honestly think I had one of these 😶
DIY Girl
DIY Girl 13 днів тому
Watch her like totally destroy this after the vid lol
Cruster Master
Cruster Master 13 днів тому
I am 15 and i am getting nestalgia tf
Connor Derryberry
Connor Derryberry 14 днів тому
Can you pls do a imac g3 I’m dieing for it pls pls pls make one
Kelcie Stevenson
Kelcie Stevenson 14 днів тому
This videos so weird 😒
Ashar Anwaar
Ashar Anwaar 14 днів тому
Oh please don't over react.!!!!! 🤨
Herron Lover
Herron Lover 14 днів тому
Watching this on an iPhone XR BAHAHAHAHA
Yash Saran Funmaster
Yash Saran Funmaster 14 днів тому
Zaire Gilliam
Zaire Gilliam 14 днів тому
I subed
Miroslav Kolev
Miroslav Kolev 14 днів тому
O my god she is so annoying....
Theo and Leo
Theo and Leo 14 днів тому
Do they have the dock for the iPhone 6
Pao makayla Hang
Pao makayla Hang 15 днів тому
Dude imma just buy the old iPhone since the other new ones are to expensive then ever!😭
Lahnitra The Gachatuber
Lahnitra The Gachatuber 15 днів тому
It’s been out since....I was born.
Magdalena Landman
Magdalena Landman 15 днів тому
She is soon dramatic
ChaChaDaPanda 15 днів тому
she types soooo fasttt
Popcorn 15 днів тому
3:37 *-is that an iPhone X-*
XxTinaxX X
XxTinaxX X 15 днів тому
Who else got the chills also because of the fact that you might have an iPhone? It looks soooo different!!
LiL Nick _E
LiL Nick _E 15 днів тому
I wish I never destroyed my iPhone one. My moms neise had one and it’s an og cause she was the first in the world to buy one stg
Its Fita Channel
Its Fita Channel 15 днів тому
one word to this original iphone "vintage"
Mousty B
Mousty B 16 днів тому
i cannot believe it that iphone is real?
Christian Rodriguez
Christian Rodriguez 16 днів тому
love how your watching the flash!!
Flipseveliin a
Flipseveliin a 17 днів тому
I for real had a iphone 3G when i was little
Bryce Bigham
Bryce Bigham 17 днів тому
I love arrow
Saeyoung Choi
Saeyoung Choi 17 днів тому
7:57 what’s that sound? it sounds so familiar
Erin O
Erin O 17 днів тому
this is so stupid and dramatic 🙄
Harvey Luizen
Harvey Luizen 17 днів тому
thank god this wasn't another scam or else theres gonna be a new video the original iphone scam😂😂😂
ScytheBlader ストームペガサス
I don't really like Apple products but I love watching unboxings of tech and I love the old iPhones compared to the newer ones.
Rukhsana Syed
Rukhsana Syed 18 днів тому
Bitch my neighbor still has their iPhone 4 I tried calling my mom with it and I didn't even know how to work it
Rania Zaidi
Rania Zaidi 18 днів тому
this was published on my birthday!
Anan King
Anan King 18 днів тому
she has come a long way with her eyebrows *insert applause*
Maddie Sutliff
Maddie Sutliff 19 днів тому
I just learned the it’s called a charging brick I have always called it a fat thingy
merry elizabeth
merry elizabeth 19 днів тому
why does the original iphone have a stand for charging but all the other iphone and ipad after it doesn't have one.so sad
merry elizabeth
merry elizabeth 19 днів тому
i do think that it is true and sad at the same time
Jack Savage
Jack Savage 19 днів тому
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