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16 бер 2019





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Metro Boom
Metro Boom 5 хвилин тому
Can i have some of the sweat suits and the pink bag on top
Jennifer Rodriguez
Jennifer Rodriguez День тому
I Woullddd Loveeee Those Chairsss God Blesss Yall So Much ILove Yall
Em24Bee 6 днів тому
Tour would have been best when the move was complete (ie. furniture, food, decor) ijs.
WoahDerr Netta
WoahDerr Netta 7 днів тому
I want some stuff 🤣😂
Sarath Chhoy
Sarath Chhoy 7 днів тому
Hey Queen I’m a single mother with two girls my kids in need with some clothes
Tbeezy B
Tbeezy B 10 днів тому
I’m so confused on why they didn’t rent a house instead of these basic apartments. Everybody lives in a high rise. But I’m sure they could have gotten something gated. At least a townhouse
Tiffany Griffin
Tiffany Griffin 10 днів тому
I want them chairs it will go good in my salon
Gigi Lyschaé
Gigi Lyschaé 11 днів тому
-Honestly I Definitely Need Furniture & I Don't Mind Paying For The Shipping & As Far As The Clothes What's The Sizes For The Clothes & Shoes Because I Know There's People That Needs Clothes In Africa & My Family Is Always Sending Clothes , Toys , Shoes & Food To Liberia
Maggie Moore
Maggie Moore 12 днів тому
I love you so much Queen in the baby so much 🎠😘😘🏩you can tell me 🐰🐰🐼🐼🐾🐾🎁🎁🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾
Maureen Lynn
Maureen Lynn 12 днів тому
I want the chairs 🤔 and the bag 🙌
Daniel wandakid
Daniel wandakid 13 днів тому
Id like to gt the hoodied
Daniel wandakid
Daniel wandakid 13 днів тому
Jordynn & semaj
Jordynn & semaj 13 днів тому
Who is she cardi b 😂😂😂 still love you guys
Miss Chinkk
Miss Chinkk 13 днів тому
I am truly happy for you guys.. congratulations on all your blessings.. god bless bae ❤️
dominique danyel
dominique danyel 13 днів тому
i just want to decorate.
HypeGirl D
HypeGirl D 13 днів тому
So I’m currently watching all American and the show it good if anyone looking for something to watch on Netflix!! As soon as the beat dropped on episode 11 my heart also dropped Queen I’m so proud of you Girl!!!! Been a fan/supporter/sis for some years now, I don’t clout chase I just know who has it I catch those vibes. Itz a weird gift and I still don’t know how to use it but the level you are at I knew you would be!!! Let them hate cuz they don’t appreciate 😊😘💯💪🏾(posting it on all pages want you to see lol) never give up is what I say
Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams 14 днів тому
We can really us the couch and the chairs that go to the table . I hate for y'all to throw them out
Keshiyah Williams
Keshiyah Williams 14 днів тому
I already seen the baby face they got a video
Hayley Wood
Hayley Wood 15 днів тому
I like free stuff.
Rodranyesha Colquitt
Rodranyesha Colquitt 15 днів тому
Hey is y’all still giving stuff away
Breaunagfl Bouier
Breaunagfl Bouier 15 днів тому
Hey y'all love the new apartment I just moved into my first apartment with my 2 kids and I have no furniture and I would love anything you guys have to give congratulations stay blessed
Queenbeeof 2
Queenbeeof 2 15 днів тому
I want the clothes ♥️
Tiffany Nycole
Tiffany Nycole 15 днів тому
I can use anything🤗🤗🤗 I would appreciate it
Edna winford
Edna winford 15 днів тому
queen you should see his face
no name
no name 15 днів тому
We do not need to see baby shit wtf
no name
no name 15 днів тому
10 ads is a little over the top..
Tweet 15 днів тому
13:18 He got the old daddy back already 😭
Erin Bryant
Erin Bryant 16 днів тому
All need to shut the fuck up cause she said that she well show her baby when she want to if u camt hear turn it uppppp like stfu
De'Asia simone
De'Asia simone 16 днів тому
Queen just hire a interior designer for ur house it’ll be much faster ur a mother of two n a pop star Rn I don’t think u don’t have the time to decorate everything so quick ..
Baby boo Squad
Baby boo Squad 16 днів тому
Y’all should give me those close plzzzzzz❤️
Cassidy Hall
Cassidy Hall 16 днів тому
You have a good walk in closet
iam. Rere2x
iam. Rere2x 16 днів тому
They live in the same apartment building just another apartment 💀💀💀
Ikram Kano Mai Waqa
Ikram Kano Mai Waqa 17 днів тому
Tina Davies
Tina Davies 17 днів тому
Question: did y’all have to pay for movers to move all y’all stuff ? or did y’all just take everything up on the elevator to the new penthouse apartment?🙃
Tina Davies
Tina Davies 17 днів тому
Umm maybe scratch the game/theater room Clarence, and give Cj his own room. Come on now! Ur a dad now Clarence. Ur not supposed to still be doing this selfish ish now that u have a child. Y’all need to do what’s best for the kids. Queen u gotta speak up for ur kids. Tell ur man, sorry but I think the kids need their space.
Jessica herbert
Jessica herbert 17 днів тому
I want it
QueenKee 17 днів тому
I need those boxes lmao
Jay Flogs/fun vlogs
Jay Flogs/fun vlogs 17 днів тому
I started 11 weeks ago my mom got 9,000 dollars
They Call Me Chrissy
They Call Me Chrissy 18 днів тому
Your penthouse is so big and once u get it decorated it would look so nice
Camiyah Stephens
Camiyah Stephens 18 днів тому
You are a good dad
Alexica Marion
Alexica Marion 18 днів тому
I would love to have the clothes! 😍🙏🏾
Starlet Brazy
Starlet Brazy 18 днів тому
Yall live in the same apartment building, just moved up a few floors, us Atlanta natives know what it is but I'll be quiet ☕ do better trying to hide it next time, You're welcome !
RealBxndit Bihh
RealBxndit Bihh 19 днів тому
Where cj
kaya 19 днів тому
Can’t wait till they furnish this house😩
Rosalinda Perez
Rosalinda Perez 20 днів тому
Ya don’t nit not more money
Tek Pinder
Tek Pinder 20 днів тому
ii Riahhxo
ii Riahhxo 20 днів тому
Did I just hear That right 🤣🤣🤣😭😭💀💀💀 @7:28
Indiel Motton
Indiel Motton 20 днів тому
I don’t want the furniture but I’ll take some of those clothes.
Young Keith
Young Keith 20 днів тому
Can I get some of those shoes please like those vans
TaylorSquad#13 TaylorSquad#13
TaylorSquad#13 TaylorSquad#13 20 днів тому
I love u so much n cant wait to meet u in person i am yo biggest fan ik i comt late but it is bc i want to get noticed cus nobody ever notice me😘😍😭💗
Luisana Hernandex
Luisana Hernandex 20 днів тому
Queen got some big-O feet 🦶 😂
Queen Ni
Queen Ni 21 день тому
Just moved in the area I could take some things off your hands 🙋🙋
Queen Ni
Queen Ni 21 день тому
Beautiful crib congrats to you both!! I love your family
Reb Ay
Reb Ay 21 день тому
Ur so confident queen
LadieDe Boo
LadieDe Boo 21 день тому
aweeee i love themmmmm and Queen if possible i would love to be blessed by you im a young mother of 2 boys im 21 and have a 4 yr old and 8 month old your transition is jus like mines minus the money n fame
David Esquivel
David Esquivel 21 день тому
Ya'll suck why did not show that cutie's face
mami glow
mami glow 21 день тому
And you guys said blow up the comment section and I am
mami glow
mami glow 21 день тому
I NEED SOME pls or a backpack I have been your guys is fan for a long time
mami glow
mami glow 21 день тому
away the clothes
mami glow
mami glow 21 день тому
you guys are giving
mami glow
mami glow 21 день тому
mami glow
mami glow 21 день тому
mami glow
mami glow 21 день тому
If you guys are giving away the clothes I need some
mami glow
mami glow 21 день тому
Who are you giving stuff away too I'm a teen in need in some clothes
Ivory Blake
Ivory Blake 21 день тому
I want them I want them I want them
Keke Allen
Keke Allen 21 день тому
Idk if anybody is going to read this, but I am a 18 year old Mom. I Just had my baby two months ago & decided to get more into youtube so if anybody would please support and subscribe to us that would be great my goal right now is 50 subscribers
ItsAidaaa D
ItsAidaaa D 22 дні тому
why ya always talking about his balls and shit🥴🥴
Cutey chim chim BTS
Cutey chim chim BTS 22 дні тому
When will y'all show his face I really want to see his face😭😭😭
April Myles
April Myles 22 дні тому
Queen I love you you deserve better than him I know everybody don't supposed to believe what they hear or what they see on UKvid but you deserve better than him I think you was happier when you was I lie will say it but you know what I'm talking about bae
This is L&L live & unedited
This is L&L live & unedited 22 дні тому
This is real love
Carlasha Cowherd
Carlasha Cowherd 22 дні тому
“That’s that micheal jacks- oh”💀💀💀
Beyonce Tardy
Beyonce Tardy 22 дні тому
I could use the clothes
Amoy Clark
Amoy Clark 22 дні тому
When y'all finish it's gonna be nice.
Jackie Williams
Jackie Williams 22 дні тому
Please get a interior decorator!! The penthouse is beautiful it deserves to be decorated upscale!!!!
De'Asia simone
De'Asia simone 16 днів тому
Jackie Williams period 💯👏🏽
Star Bee
Star Bee 22 дні тому
Me and my kids can really use the clothes and shoes. We’re all Queens size 👑
Corins Channel
Corins Channel 22 дні тому
They goals😘❤️.....aye can y’all go subscribe to my UKvid channel please...I’m trying to get to 200 before May
Chynaa Doll
Chynaa Doll 22 дні тому
you should of did a before and after how your house look make it look real nice
Carla’s Fabulous Beauties over 50
Queen where’s his undershirt???😳😳🙄
Nicole Ventriglio
Nicole Ventriglio 22 дні тому
I'm so happy for yall queen
Ashley White
Ashley White 22 дні тому
use the towel warmer for legends towels!!!
cHØČ A doll
cHØČ A doll 23 дні тому
They so goofey 😹💙 omgd I love them so much 😍😍😍
DianaRene 23 дні тому
Like who’s the lady of the house in his video all he keeps talking about is he could be a lip model more mirrors so he can walk past to look at him self showing boxes female clothes happy he has a microwave that opens New money makes me laugh so hard Queen I have a gift of discernment if you don’t know what that means look it up and after you look it up Run 🏃🏽‍♀️
Arlisa Franklin
Arlisa Franklin 23 дні тому
mail those sweatsuits to me
Nekas Cuisine
Nekas Cuisine 23 дні тому
I can definitely use those getting my house soon wife and mom of 3 soon to be 4 would save some money on those chairs @royalfamily
Iris xoxo
Iris xoxo 23 дні тому
Omggg that’s how I be hitting my head when I have my weave in 😂😂
Iris xoxo
Iris xoxo 23 дні тому
Omggg he has sooo much hair! That baby is bouts have a beard at the age of 1 😭😭
Janiya Sellers
Janiya Sellers 23 дні тому
I could use some new clothes.
Adrienne Wells
Adrienne Wells 23 дні тому
Girl honestly nobody wants to see your baby that bad‼️ if you think so you’re wrong! Girl if y’all got the money gets decorator , tf I’m tired of y’all showing how broke y’all are in real life cause I’m not showing shit until it I have FURNITURE ‼️
Jazzmin Knox
Jazzmin Knox 23 дні тому
Yes I would love to get them orange chair's
Adrian Smith
Adrian Smith 23 дні тому
OMG we have like no furniture, them stools ans couch is everything and would be such a blessing
Adrian Smith
Adrian Smith 23 дні тому
Need that bag and outfits you got in them boxes lol 😂
She who's different
She who's different 23 дні тому
Moriah Cox
Moriah Cox 23 дні тому
I nee thoes chirs and couch I will give you the adress
rae arguelles.
rae arguelles. 23 дні тому
Royal Family, i am a sophomore in college and work full time, i’m 20 years old and about to move into my first apartment this summer. it would be so helpful for me to get that furniture. i would be so grateful♥️😭
Kiaya Aerial
Kiaya Aerial 23 дні тому
I bout pissed on myself when Clare said "well let me see some" and Queen did that retarded ass move 🤣
Kiara Wilson
Kiara Wilson 23 дні тому
Can queen start back doing her own videos like you do your own videos geeesh🤷🏽‍♀️
Yungranza 23 дні тому
yall should do a vlog of yall funiture shopping or unboxing/furnituring the house , before an actual furnished tour, that would be cool.
Love Bug
Love Bug 23 дні тому
Nice place
Malaysia Try’s It
Malaysia Try’s It 23 дні тому
Hey queen and Clare I can use some shoes and clothes please love u guys and live baby cj and baby legend
Ty B
Ty B 23 дні тому
Queen I could really use the pink mcm bag 🥵 get me right sis
TheyluvvJuJu 1
TheyluvvJuJu 1 23 дні тому
who else saw legend shoot a bird on queen face 7:59 ?
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