Our First Street Race!!

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This is my life as a Father to my sons Noah and Kane and our new baby girl, along with my Wife Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on UKvid since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun! I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!



7 лют 2019






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Roman Atwood Vlogs
Roman Atwood Vlogs 6 місяців тому
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aero racing
aero racing 6 місяців тому
The Atwoods you should get R32/R33/R34 for the GTR babies
Neelma Dhanes
Neelma Dhanes 6 місяців тому
Luis g g blogs
Luis g g blogs 6 місяців тому
The Atwoods I don’t got Instagram
Tristyn Forde
Tristyn Forde 6 місяців тому
Shout out to Roman! You inspired me to bite the bullet and make my own channel after watching all these years! SMILE MORE!!
Nancy Hicks
Nancy Hicks 6 місяців тому
You got to make the best videos that was ever made where do you guys live I want to come see you guys
D Charles
D Charles День тому
you'er good with the drums wow!!!!!!!!!!!!
Huey Freeman
Huey Freeman 11 днів тому
U copied that gray hoodie from wolfieraps, why can’t u come up with a hoodie that’s creative and not use one that other UKvidr already used
Coleton Arbaugh
Coleton Arbaugh 20 днів тому
This was 5 mins from my house
Kyle White
Kyle White 29 днів тому
My dad also has a gtr and also a mclaren 650
Hassan Alarjani
Hassan Alarjani Місяць тому
من عربي لايك
RandomFun05 Місяць тому
She’s not Torreto she’s Paul walker
Nathaniel Noll
Nathaniel Noll Місяць тому
Roman atwood and tanner fox shoulg get back togother but with bolth of there gtr
clearedthelobby 1
clearedthelobby 1 Місяць тому
Roman when u said do u hear this thing it rattled my ear drum
Master Haroon
Master Haroon Місяць тому
We all got clickbaited
Jonathan Wahono
Jonathan Wahono 2 місяці тому
You should meet Damon Fryer
AxelAlex Trajkovski
AxelAlex Trajkovski 2 місяці тому
Axel 🤑
Lewis Renton
Lewis Renton 3 місяці тому
What’s the two gtr numbers or both the exact same
val k
val k 3 місяці тому
Remix epic songs dude your awesome
Denno Benson
Denno Benson 3 місяці тому
you are one beautiful family!
Mariano Mendoza
Mariano Mendoza 3 місяці тому
Where is ur gtr now
Shane Somwaru
Shane Somwaru 3 місяці тому
You need a better spider on that beast bro 🚘
Maria Gallardo
Maria Gallardo 4 місяці тому
I like your videos☺🙂😁😘😗
Robert Davis
Robert Davis 4 місяці тому
Your hand move away way to much for a guy.. Just saying.
EhComplish 4 місяці тому
Roman Atwood, your pretty impressive at playing the drums man! Holy pigs
Danielle Baskerville
Danielle Baskerville 4 місяці тому
Whoop whoop that's on the
Danielle Baskerville
Danielle Baskerville 4 місяці тому
Whoop whoop that's the sound of the police
DatRadiantFilly 4 місяці тому
You should get Noah a 370Z like a baby gtr LOL
Mirza singgih
Mirza singgih 4 місяці тому
Roman said she was all daddys girl but he spent the whole time brit was out playing drum😂😂
nai saetern
nai saetern 4 місяці тому
Roman Atwood father knows how to play the electric guitar really good
Jeffreyblanchet Ky youth fishing Love bass fishing
I love how my dad was working for you and said nothing 😂
kaeleigh Miodov
kaeleigh Miodov 5 місяців тому
do you know fast and the furios
OscarAHG 5 місяців тому
They forsure took this thing for a few drives😂
Reginaldo Zandominigi
Reginaldo Zandominigi 5 місяців тому
Great family Man, congratulations!!
Mohammad Mohammad
Mohammad Mohammad 5 місяців тому
How old is this baby ??
Jose Alex
Jose Alex 5 місяців тому
You should put the wing tanner had on guaczilla 1.0
Carrie Bowlen
Carrie Bowlen 5 місяців тому
You change your name of your vlogs. I love it. I love you!
Sean 5 місяців тому
Why does the videos get flaged like your just doing what you like
Johnathon Torres
Johnathon Torres 5 місяців тому
Roman You Should Of Gotten A Hellcat Or Scatpack!😁Or Even A Demon!...Lol
Austin Norflet
Austin Norflet 5 місяців тому
when you started playing the drums i just started rocking out to it hea dbanging and stuff it wass sick it just over powered my whole entire body....i just let roman take control of my soul and body.
Michael Silva
Michael Silva 5 місяців тому
Send me one please!!!!!! I'm from Brazil been watching you since you started from scratch! I love to watch people who thinks and lives in a positive way ! I start my day watching your vlog good stuff bro! Smile more !
Morgan Walker
Morgan Walker 5 місяців тому
Roman is one of the best motivational speakers I know, he's so humble & relatable!! I feel so much better after watching his vlogs. I just love him & Brit ❤️
dylan ouimet
dylan ouimet 5 місяців тому
Who wants more more updates for SMILE inc
K Syntax
K Syntax 6 місяців тому
Roman is the next Travis Barker he sounds incredible for the snippet he played
Amelia West
Amelia West 6 місяців тому
Are you still daily blogging
Mattburr817 6 місяців тому
Please more drum content!
Larry Safford
Larry Safford 6 місяців тому
How many times does he say “SICK”?
Automine Wizard
Automine Wizard 6 місяців тому
I just came back from 2 years. Who’s the children and where’s the other dog
Matt Duncan
Matt Duncan 6 місяців тому
3 words Fuck the police
😬the cringiness of cold start revs
Noah Danner
Noah Danner 6 місяців тому
You should buy Cora a mini GTR
Sander Sørensen
Sander Sørensen 6 місяців тому
Din aka Brendan And Camera guy
Din aka Brendan And Camera guy 6 місяців тому
You should pay for the school to have an updated playground just a thought great job Roman
Tyler Fowlkes
Tyler Fowlkes 6 місяців тому
Thanks for being a great inspiration roman
Darwin Valenzuela
Darwin Valenzuela 6 місяців тому
U should make a channel of u playing the drums Like if u agree 👍🏽
Halo Fan
Halo Fan 6 місяців тому
Hey the trumpet is pretty beautiful too 😄
Joshua Aranguren
Joshua Aranguren 6 місяців тому
Roland is the best drum kit 💯
Jeffrey Ray
Jeffrey Ray 6 місяців тому
Thumbs Up I love your family
tjsofun gaming
tjsofun gaming 6 місяців тому
Omg your really good do more and plz post an on yt
Jordan Conrad
Jordan Conrad 6 місяців тому
It sounds like a Lamborghini
PBurst 6 місяців тому
*Want to break the law and post it online?*
I like food
I like food 6 місяців тому
Brayden Capozzoli
Brayden Capozzoli 6 місяців тому
Love you
Joe V
Joe V 6 місяців тому
Props to roman for not beating on the new motor
Yoit and Muffins
Yoit and Muffins 6 місяців тому
Roman your better at drums than me!!
Anaya 6 місяців тому
You won’t see this but still gonna say it Livestream your drum sessions
Terry Guthrie
Terry Guthrie 6 місяців тому
Blast Cora through the wall (lol)
DolbyPlayz 6 місяців тому
for cora my dad took out my brother binke for a a little bit a day and slowly made it longer and longer then they dont want it anymore
Universal Fight League
Universal Fight League 6 місяців тому
Roman I just wanted to let you know there is a beer company here in Michigan using the logo smile more on your beer cans
Tracy Holloway
Tracy Holloway 6 місяців тому
I want one to put in my guitar shop
Jaime iz Real
Jaime iz Real 6 місяців тому
Aw, hey Brit? If your legs are always sore (I know why they're sore, it's because you work out a lot and do calorie restriction. I do too, so I know what I'm talking about here), have you talked to your trainer about taking micro doses (1/10, up to 1/5 of the directed amount) of bcaa's (Branched Chain Amino Acids)? This helps your muscles feel 10x better after an intense workout. It's amazing. You can also try taking beta-alanine (but please make sure you buy a contaminate/lead-free brand, by avoiding Allmax products). Beta-alanine buffers muscle acidity by increasing carnosine (an amino acid) levels in your blood and delays fatigue and pain in muscles. It really works, I use it. Ask your doctor and trainer about these. K? :D
I like food
I like food 6 місяців тому
Emmanuel Rego
Emmanuel Rego 6 місяців тому
I’m seeing some Twenty One Pilots covers in the future
LS Jaboodee
LS Jaboodee 6 місяців тому
I bet they took ur gtr on a joyride 😂
William Cronic
William Cronic 6 місяців тому
U should wrap it
Logan Lee
Logan Lee 6 місяців тому
Hey, Roman, I have a question for a school project, when did you first start youtube. and yea I am doing you has a school project, because like watching you and you always make me smile too. Love you Roman.
Logan Lee
Logan Lee 6 місяців тому
1:43 you so smart Roman
Eloise Glover
Eloise Glover 6 місяців тому
You can send Cora's pacifier to santa clause in france and the pacifier is then turned into one meal for kids in Africa
Dioriz Santos
Dioriz Santos 6 місяців тому
Please play some on the video
🤘😛🤘 6 місяців тому
Man I would love to buy one of them Neon signs for my room
Olivia Armand
Olivia Armand 6 місяців тому
I noticed you have a bag of Blue Buffalo dog food by your door. I'm a licensed veterinary technician and want to reach out to let you know that Blue Buffalo is not a healthy choice of dog food. Their marketing team does a fantastic job at making their food seem like a healthy and great option of food. But I promise you there have been many deaths and medical issues for thousands of dogs from their brand of food. They are owned by a Chinese company that has no animal laws or regulations or safeties! I personally have worked with over a dozen dogs who have had significant urinary tract systemic diseases and gastrointestinal/metabolic issues. Their brand has been recalled several times. Please do some research and talk to your veterinarian about better options for Flash and any other dogs in your care. I'm not trying to tell you what to do, I just would hate to see something unfortunate happen due to something avoidable.
D NE Philly
D NE Philly 6 місяців тому
@7:31 i just wanna see her get pulled over, HAHAHA
Wendy Bockover
Wendy Bockover 6 місяців тому
Go subcribe to ty bock studio he is a small channel help him grow his channel
Kenny Brown
Kenny Brown 6 місяців тому
BlinkinSniper 6 місяців тому
You said you were quitting didn’t you
Sweaf Dog
Sweaf Dog 6 місяців тому
So your called the At woods now dang
Elliott Lee
Elliott Lee 6 місяців тому
I love that sound of the GTR reving
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