Our Lives Are About To Change Forever

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21 тра 2019

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NonsensicalDexm 3 години тому
You guys can do breast feeding in public social experiment now
H_O_nest Gigglers
H_O_nest Gigglers 4 години тому
Chud baila baccha hoga.... Right boys??
TurtaFur X
TurtaFur X 7 годин тому
H3 daddy now?
the American government
the American government 8 годин тому
He did it that crazy son of a BItch he did it!
Dean Pomeroy
Dean Pomeroy 13 годин тому
Close the our eyes at 6:28 to 6:45
Ben Travis
Ben Travis 15 годин тому
The baby will use the poop as a water slide
Xpression Boy
Xpression Boy День тому
Will he become the prince of the VN ..... VN is vape nation for the uncultured ones
sparkyy День тому
Watta День тому
Bro he has man boobs
John Public
John Public День тому
ethan finally found the rite hole
WadeTHC День тому
I love how they got their kid their own merch thats awesome
Derek Holcomb
Derek Holcomb 2 дні тому
“You’re not going through anything “. Meanwhile Ethan’s face is making every possible expression every second. 🤣😂🤣😂
farufi 9
farufi 9 2 дні тому
אוהב אתכם
Atlas 2 дні тому
Is ot me or hila kinda looks like the girl from stranger things
karl m FRØ-LUND
karl m FRØ-LUND 2 дні тому
ONLY You..lol, Greetings from faraway Norway 🤗♥💜💙💚💛
evil turtle
evil turtle 2 дні тому
Hila pregnant porn
L. White
L. White 2 дні тому
Shoenice is insane
Soggy Shrimp
Soggy Shrimp 3 дні тому
June 6th is my birthday
Dj Maddose
Dj Maddose 3 дні тому
Congratulations !
Andrew Billingsley A.k.A 《Waffles》
Congrats random youtuber, new life is a blessing
Relaxing Storm
Relaxing Storm 3 дні тому
Feels like it's PeePeePooPoo's Rebirth. Very motivating
Relaxing Storm
Relaxing Storm 3 дні тому
I hope that he will be a T-Series supporter ;D Thumbs up or thumbs down... As per h3h3, I don't care to spill out facts :p
gaming with Bailey
gaming with Bailey 3 дні тому
I was never able To stop staring st the jewish elmo
H. Ar.
H. Ar. 4 дні тому
We need an update video on Teddy (aka lil h3h3)
Holly Rose
Holly Rose 4 дні тому
you’re like a milk factory bro
Mr_Cleansed Gaming
Mr_Cleansed Gaming 4 дні тому
4:10 Susan pls extra ads
Nasro Nn
Nasro Nn 4 дні тому
Why RU gay
pizza prime
pizza prime 4 дні тому
When Ethan was making hila pregnant 6:37
Mystic StarWitch
Mystic StarWitch 4 дні тому
This is real love.
Selahattin BOZDOĞAN
Selahattin BOZDOĞAN 4 дні тому
and they never come back.
BloopTamer 5 днів тому
Hila looks like John Krasinski on the thumbnail...
¡ i
¡ i 5 днів тому
Good luck, seem like an awesome couple to hang out with.
Gonzo 5 днів тому
I love watching your eyebrows reload.
Purple_Wolf 6 днів тому
Congrats! I hope you guys go through this smoothly and have a good time along the way. You two are truly amazing together! I love your content and diversity in it. You two deserve the best of the best and anyone who says otherwise is crazy. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!
ilomilo 6 днів тому
I have no idea what some people are talking about. Hila is a Beautiful woman and Ethan is a Perfect, Thiccc husband to her. Just because they have a different religion, doesn't mean that they are amazing. I love you two and congrats on the baby!❤
6 днів тому
Theo watches this video in 12 years. Sees mom talking about diapers being a turn-on. Sees dad trying to milk himself. Scarred for life! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jose Juan Gomez
Jose Juan Gomez 6 днів тому
So, you made sex to hila, right?
IG WX 7 днів тому
thought that was a tranny..she looks like you in a wig. hideous
Millie Lach
Millie Lach 7 днів тому
She probably has the baby at this point
Reflex Master
Reflex Master 7 днів тому
Its good they both took time off youtube for this special occasion so respect for being a good father and always try to improve and never stick to minimum effort of being a father
Zion Sean
Zion Sean 7 днів тому
I need more videos your podcasts get old also cool baby
blagelman 7 днів тому
will idubbz be there godfather
Violet Dusk
Violet Dusk 7 днів тому
The baby can be covered in poop if they poop inside the mother. My second kid was covered in poop when he came out and the first thing he did was pee on me.
sNstRchaOs 7 днів тому
jennifer barnes
jennifer barnes 7 днів тому
the CEO of youtube gave hila a baby spiderman outfit that hila does not approve of im dying XD.
Chise Ainsworth
Chise Ainsworth 5 днів тому
they just need an elsa one to go with it
Epic Fortnite gamer dab
Epic Fortnite gamer dab 7 днів тому
“This is not a joke.” “Pregnant like a papa john pizza”
XDOOM - 7 днів тому
Dude those breasts are actually breathing lmfao 5:31
The Golden Destroyer
The Golden Destroyer 7 днів тому
We need more non pc babies in this world
Panda Smash
Panda Smash 8 днів тому
Mmm imagine kids life with youtubers parents
curlyman123 8 днів тому
Hopefully this baby comes out pure and with all it's chromosomes, unlike his parents
Artsy Olive
Artsy Olive 8 днів тому
Why did I get a birth control ad before this 💀
Unreal Ninja
Unreal Ninja 8 днів тому
Lmao I thought this was a joke
Gone With The Nguyens
Gone With The Nguyens 8 днів тому
My due date was June 6th as well!! Our healthy baby boy was born may 17th!! Came a little early but healthy. So happy for you guys!
Veki Paz
Veki Paz 9 днів тому
I like you ethan I like your content too But i stopped watching your videos because your sound production is horrible and you cant even put a simple limiter on your audio track So you often shout so fucking hard your mic starts crying and all of our ears hurt I dont even know how you manage to watch your own videos without going deaf Sorry.
Gregory Karaguiozian
Gregory Karaguiozian 9 днів тому
Lovin’ the Jewish Elmo in the background.
Distorted Pillow
Distorted Pillow 9 днів тому
wow he put a baby seat in all haters back away
Tanner diggs
Tanner diggs 9 днів тому
13:13. thats great
J DeVinny
J DeVinny 9 днів тому
I love these guys, fucking goof balls!
Ben 9 днів тому
Literally Compares the baby to everything haha
Liam 9 днів тому
*with her boob comin out*
Liam 9 днів тому
*still interjecting papajohn jokes into your 9 month pregnant wife* keep it real h3h3 lmao
Mark Sun
Mark Sun 9 днів тому
hey look, getting over it with bennet foddy music... Foreshadowing? Foddy-shadowing!?
Spleen 9 днів тому
when ethan talks - VOLUME 40 when hila talks - VOLUME 10000000000000000000
ana 9 днів тому
i wish ethan was my dad
Salah RH
Salah RH 9 днів тому
Wait Ethan fucked his sitter wtf and congrats luv ya
Nicolás Guzmán
Nicolás Guzmán 10 днів тому
Dieser Mann
Dieser Mann 10 днів тому
I have just gotten up, had a shower, I'm having a coffee and vaping hard and now I've seen Ethen having his nipples sucked by a machine. I'll be in my bunk. Nah, seriously: hope everything went well for you guys and I hope that you are now a human trio (excluding the doggo).
cole Bruett
cole Bruett 10 днів тому
No one cares about your family. U should of had an abortion
John 10 днів тому
I know this was a few months ago, but good luck and I hope everything goes well, and you have a beautiful healthy baby.
Philip Moseman
Philip Moseman 10 днів тому
His first words will be "Poppa bless"
Anonymous 007
Anonymous 007 10 днів тому
Did she give birth already?
Egg Boy
Egg Boy 10 днів тому
Since breast feeding is allowed on twitch I can't wait to watch Ethan feeding so I can bust fat nuts
Aiden Ashworth
Aiden Ashworth 10 днів тому
How about you guys use THE enema bucket before the birth? ;)
Nathaniel guevara
Nathaniel guevara 11 днів тому
This video was made on my birthday
FatPandaGaming4 11 днів тому
Yo June 6th is my birthday on god
Everett Naylor
Everett Naylor 11 днів тому
ethan you idiot everyone knows babies and poop come out the same hole
Billy McGee
Billy McGee 11 днів тому
Jesus CHROYST why is no one mentioning how big and beautiful their house is.
ColdFlamingo 11 днів тому
Imagine him growing up to become Connor Murphy 😂
A whiteguy
A whiteguy 11 днів тому
I was born on June 6th!
a regular player
a regular player 11 днів тому
Fat bum
Glame 12 днів тому
U hAd SeX??????
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