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Until the music video....

Recorded on 2.12.21

The beginning.

Of The Earth

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Visualizer shot & edited by Ig// @bytaedevon YT @taedevon





24 лип 2021





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Paeka Campos
Paeka Campos Місяць тому
Where you been at? tell me Where you come from Where you Where you been at Where you Tell me where you come from & where you been at Where you been at Where you been Baby tell me what’s for dinner know I’ll whip it real quick - I don’t even need the liquor to get real arhythmic It’s Just the way I am Some people got it and some doing what they can Know I don’t even like to brag So How you feelin? Only on silent cause your mind is where the healing gotta happen man what’s happening? You so appealing Know you know I can do all in minutes -fuck a scrimmage I’m revealing you you Always first place don’t get caught lackin in runner up !!! And I ain’t ever been scared bitch so what’s up now? What you think I look like living life a random? Yea that’s what I said that’s official fucking heads up now Just another day just another fucking back end Gotta get to you but I get so distracted now Always in my feelings in my head is where I’m captive but you know that & you do it for me it’s something so unexpected Funny what some dollars doing to your homies huh? Can not get enough Can not get enough Always first place don’t get caught lacking in runner up!! & I ain’t ever been scared bitch so wassup now Wassup Whatchu think I look like living life a random? Yea that’s what I said that’s official fucking heads up now So wassup? Wassup wassup wassup was up was up
Zeuskilla 5 годин тому
Ur singing is butt
rubisvz 26 днів тому
what is this bs
GeorgeWashington Місяць тому
She put the lyrics out here like we finna sing along wit her..
Fleur Dubel
Fleur Dubel Місяць тому
@areli g.m THATS WHAT I SAID!
Hailey Inez
Hailey Inez Місяць тому
Girl…. Wtf are these lyrics
Adrian Cortez
Adrian Cortez 17 годин тому
this is ass
Kevin O
Kevin O День тому
marely aranzazu
marely aranzazu 2 дні тому
shits so ass
morelikeniggalees Hehehe
morelikeniggalees Hehehe 3 дні тому
I love this fuck y’all hating in the comments
Cassandra Diaz
Cassandra Diaz 4 дні тому
Hi baby I still listen to this song like 10 times a day, just some love for yaaaaa 😚😚
kailie frates
kailie frates 4 дні тому
she’s good you guys just like to bandwagon
Spookeths 3 дні тому
No Kailie 🤪
Angelina Montes
Angelina Montes 5 днів тому
Paeka I hope this tiktok shit ain’t discourage you, the world is bigger than the ppl that come from this app that talk down upon you. This shit a bop, I need more musiccc ❤️
tok6ns! 5 днів тому
oh fuck no 💀
JrNem Mendoza
JrNem Mendoza 5 днів тому
🌽 🏀
Catman Suck
Catman Suck 6 днів тому
ashley 6 днів тому
for those who are saying it doesn’t go with her lips, ITS A VISUALIZER LMAO?
Kevin Garcia
Kevin Garcia 7 днів тому
This is the dumbest fucking song
mj 7 днів тому
this is a visualizer so obvi isn’t not gonna be synced
Daisy saucedo
Daisy saucedo 7 днів тому
Problematic, narcissistic sociopath
rainbows 1073
rainbows 1073 8 днів тому
I wanna like this but I can’t
miriam 8 днів тому
i’m jealous of youuu😍😍
Sacha Moses
Sacha Moses 9 днів тому
Jesus loves you ❤
Trix Trix
Trix Trix 9 днів тому
Tf am I watching?
barbzcult 11 днів тому
girl stfu this is literal shit
tok6ns! 5 днів тому
Yoda Bang
Yoda Bang 14 днів тому
🔥🔥🔥🔥 This Is A Vibe
Fernando Azcarruz
Fernando Azcarruz 14 днів тому
A song with her and Coi Leray would be straight GASS without the G🔥
Jordan Jones
Jordan Jones 15 днів тому
Reminds me of Jhene aiko
Montserrat Ayala
Montserrat Ayala 15 днів тому
makes it great 😻😻😻
17 днів тому
“Only on silent” yea only on silent this song is good
nicole rosa
nicole rosa 18 днів тому
Okay so I just noticed it’s literally the same shots and way that she moves over and over lmaoo
Ant 19 днів тому
Stfu give up on music
crownedone200 19 днів тому
hell nah
Lidia Duränn
Lidia Duränn 19 днів тому
Keep making music I love this 🔥🔥🔥
Giselle Pereida
Giselle Pereida 21 день тому
yall haters just being bitches cause shes prettier than you like shes proud of herself and that's wut matters if u have negative comments stfu like fr You did really good peaka i love it !
Daisy Tahay
Daisy Tahay 21 день тому
pouty baby
pouty baby 22 дні тому
K 24 дні тому
Mfs hating in this comments watch American idol in their free time & think their opinions matter
يوميات محمد ومريومة
عسووووووله اختى جميل جدا ااا
gloomy yoonbum
gloomy yoonbum 25 днів тому
the way she says “what’s happening” lmaoo
Emily Ortega
Emily Ortega 26 днів тому
period i love her voice!!
Julie Rivera
Julie Rivera 26 днів тому
Her voice thooooo
Delilah Littlechief
Delilah Littlechief 26 днів тому
I’d smoke up to this song🍃😚
Poly FNM
Poly FNM 28 днів тому
Yeh nah not a fan, it’s good, just not for me
Serena Xoxo
Serena Xoxo 29 днів тому
Love this song can’t stop listening ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
sofia betancur
sofia betancur 29 днів тому
You guys are so mean this song isn’t bad at all
KALETTY DESIREE 29 днів тому
bru this whole music video is a mess
OTBTDIOR Місяць тому
so fucking trash
Adriel Corona
Adriel Corona Місяць тому
Nooo I’m late!!!! But I absolutely love this so much paeka is going places no matter WHO tells her otherwise no matter wat these other people say. You SLAYYYY girl🤧🦋❤️
Kennedy_vlogs Місяць тому
If she wasn’t so problematic this would be decent
barbzcult 11 днів тому
bad either way.
Kenneth Somsamouth
Kenneth Somsamouth Місяць тому
This shit is trash 😂😭
Hisxka Місяць тому
this is hot ass
Christopher Moltisanti
Christopher Moltisanti Місяць тому
Paeka, you're pretty but you don't have it all. Don't ever try to make a song again. LMAO.
Ruita 22 дні тому
lets see you try
Tomo’s Garage
Tomo’s Garage Місяць тому
We need a Kendrick Lamar Ft. Paeka song
Lucky Perez
Lucky Perez Місяць тому
Where all the conrballs at
ovotony Місяць тому
Should switch the beat flow with the way you sing !!
Mandy Singh
Mandy Singh Місяць тому
No no what kind of dollarama shit is this
Elissa Larranaga
Elissa Larranaga Місяць тому
girl wtf is this
Gracie Gonzales
Gracie Gonzales Місяць тому
She’s doing her thing and y’all hating
leah Garcia
leah Garcia Місяць тому
Honestly this isn’t bad I love it girl!! Keep doing you !!
esme yamileth
esme yamileth Місяць тому
this song is so good when muted
Johanna Arriaga
Johanna Arriaga Місяць тому
y’all can’t even lie even tho we don’t like her this song kinda fire LMFAOO
D P Місяць тому
Her face carries the video tbh
Sam Rosendary
Sam Rosendary Місяць тому
I could literally fall asleep to this song it’s so good , like the beginning omg
cnicole.x Місяць тому
Not really fw Peaka rn but this song good or whatever…
christina SalazarM
christina SalazarM Місяць тому
Teamo chikaaa
It’s Kimbo Garcia
It’s Kimbo Garcia Місяць тому
this sucks ngl😭
Angel 28 днів тому
Fr 😭
Adriana Melendez
Adriana Melendez Місяць тому
Kaleeyah Douglas
Kaleeyah Douglas Місяць тому
Fireeeeee!!!!! This is sooo good
Martin Buenabad
Martin Buenabad Місяць тому
This shit ass 😭
Roni Roni
Roni Roni Місяць тому
You are beautiful
Samantha Price
Samantha Price Місяць тому
Karen Villatoro
Karen Villatoro Місяць тому
I literally did not understand one word she said what is this LMAOOO😭😭
Ruita 22 дні тому
maybe go back to school?
Jazmine V
Jazmine V Місяць тому
The beat is pretty good, but I honestly barely understood any of the lyrics lol
TheNyasiaYoung tv
TheNyasiaYoung tv Місяць тому
Somebody said it’s gass without the g
wherearetheturtles Місяць тому
this really isn’t that bad for a beginner idk why y’all keyboard warriors are hating so much 😭 paeka if ur seeing this i loved ur song bby keep riding ur own wave babe 💞
ema couch
ema couch Місяць тому
wait why doesnt anyone like it i thought it was good😭
Beyonce Pienaar 🤍
Beyonce Pienaar 🤍 Місяць тому
It’s not bad. Stop hating
グール Місяць тому
PLEASE you’re still supporting this trash after her racism was exposed? and how she bullied people not just back then but still continues to do it today? and how she also tried getting a charge on someone else innocent because she was too scared for the consequences? 😂
Lalo Palacios
Lalo Palacios Місяць тому
This shit ass
Alyssa Danielle xo
Alyssa Danielle xo Місяць тому
I fuck with this heavy ! Cant wait for the next drop ((:
Sanzs Місяць тому
This shit is trash lmao
evelynpulii Місяць тому
bitch i’m lowkey
bitch i’m lowkey Місяць тому
sick ass beat with a weak ass voice ugh what a waste
Lucille Ferraro
Lucille Ferraro Місяць тому
Instrumentals are fire. The voice seems droned by it, still beautiful sound beautiful girl
Ymir Місяць тому
Bro this is shit
Berenice Ocampo
Berenice Ocampo Місяць тому
Yesenia S
Yesenia S Місяць тому
I love your song!! 🔥
honnids Місяць тому
who hyped her shit up ??
Kim Hill
Kim Hill Місяць тому
Wtf is this
Xo Місяць тому
The whole song just sounds like a song ending 😂😂
Xo Місяць тому
LMFAOOO 💀💀💀🤣🤣🤣
Pegged Off The K
Pegged Off The K Місяць тому
She gotta whisper her own song cuz not even she wanna hear it.
Jenn Місяць тому
this shit is fireee 🔥 on mute tho...
Zoluia εïз
Zoluia εïз 5 днів тому
@Karla Zambrano u dumb😂we watching bc it’s so ass and funny at the same time
Yahaira Jarquin
Yahaira Jarquin 7 днів тому
@Jenn agreed
Jenn 10 днів тому
@Karla Zambrano yeah i came here to say how shitty this is
Karla Zambrano
Karla Zambrano 10 днів тому
Okayyy tf you hating for …..but you stay watching her shit 🤨😭
Maddie O.
Maddie O. Місяць тому
I genuinely felt second hand embarrassed 🤣😭 this girl is just trying to do anything to be famous. And no I only listened to :54 of the song. I wouldn’t anymore🤣
Randee Zires
Randee Zires Місяць тому
People are so bothered by a beautiful young girl with a pretty voice meanwhile they’re miserable enough in their own life to find time to watch this and be a critic. Next.🥴
paxk Ⓥ
paxk Ⓥ Місяць тому
absolutely ass 🤣🤣🤣
Місяць тому
lowk can’t understand a word but pur pop off 😎
paviid Місяць тому
diana schroeder
diana schroeder Місяць тому
Abróchate el botón de tu pantalón 💀
issa brat
issa brat Місяць тому
The editing is something else 😭😭
Drewwwww 1
Drewwwww 1 Місяць тому
This shit mad dooky
ritzy ronny
ritzy ronny Місяць тому
natalie ᗒᗣᗕ
natalie ᗒᗣᗕ Місяць тому
dawg this shit is ass
Brian Salazar
Brian Salazar Місяць тому
Shit is trash
Multi Stan
Multi Stan Місяць тому
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