Painting My Nails in a Power Outage (answering the most Googled questions about me)

Simply Nailogical
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When a tornado destroys the city power grid, make a UKvid video🙃
After filming this video we decided we want to donate all the ad revenue from this video to those seriously affected by the Ottawa storm - the donation will be made to the Red Cross’ #Ottstorm tornado relief fund ❤️ Thank you guys for supporting by watching the ads!
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23 вер 2018

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Simply Nailogical
Simply Nailogical 4 місяці тому
Update! Thanks to your support in watching this video, we were able to donate $12,000 to the Canadian Red Cross' Ottawa Tornado Appeal, which will go towards helping those affected by the storm by providing shelter, relief and comfort. We also donated $3,000 to a local charity, the Ottawa Food Bank, which will go towards replacing lost food during the days-long power outage in order to provide food for those in need, including for homeless shelters, small community food banks, and school meal programs. Thank you guys so much again for your support through watching this video - it looks like many of you sat through multiple ads or at least more than normal for this one😂 so thank you again ❤️ Also life update: We got our power back at the house after a 3-day outage, had to throw out so many frozen bananas🙃 Donations made to: www.redcross.ca/about-us/red-cross-stories/2018/red-cross-responds-in-aftermath-of-ottawa-gatineau-tornadoes www.ottawafoodbank.ca/
Jesse The Kid
Jesse The Kid 4 дні тому
Simp. ly Nailogical
Jesse The Kid
Jesse The Kid 4 дні тому
S. im. ply Nailogical
Jesse The Kid
Jesse The Kid 4 дні тому
Simply. Nailogical
Livvy In Between
Livvy In Between 5 днів тому
We love a generous sister
Person Who likes cats
Person Who likes cats 6 днів тому
Simply Nailogical Q: Is Simply Nailogical the best UKvidr? A:yas
CutePengy 6 годин тому
the state isnt even common law lol
Alexandra Isakova
Alexandra Isakova 9 годин тому
charlotte sturley
charlotte sturley 10 годин тому
Just coz were British doesn’t mean we love tea Cristine 😑I hate tea and I’m from the UK 🇬🇧
Jennifer Speagle
Jennifer Speagle 10 годин тому
#simplybenlogical and #simplychristienlogical also #simplynailogical
hannah v
hannah v 17 годин тому
Tornado:puts the power out* Also tornado:what do you think? Cristeen :.......... WhAT Do YoU ThInK?!?!??! Younger cristeen: WHAT DO YOU THINK? Beyyyn:walks in * Cristeen:BEYYYYYYYYYYYN theres no tea? Beyyyn:there's no tea..... Cristeen:dies* Beyyyn:merrys a banana * ThE EnD WHAT DID YOU THINK!?!?!?!?!
Random Person
Random Person 23 години тому
I put milk in tea too KDJFJWJFJ
Cadia The Quesadilla
Cadia The Quesadilla День тому
Did anyone else notice the smoke from the candle on the left? It must be Zuzu
Liza Productions
Liza Productions День тому
Lol the British hate y’all cuz you don’t put milk in your tea (Americans mostly) which tastes FUCKING DISGUSTING. We don’t give a shit bout how you drink your green tea cuz no one likes green tea here😅 Edit: THE TEA HAS BEEN SPILLED SIS
Sarika Nalwa
Sarika Nalwa День тому
Indians also watch your videos (Me) Ridhima Nalwa
Aki Okami
Aki Okami 2 дні тому
I'm always curious about youtubers height, mainly because I am a very short woman and it makes me feel better to see other people having fun and doing well when they are of a similar stature.
Sofia Barrera
Sofia Barrera 2 дні тому
Turn captions on when Cristine speak French lollll
Hope Smith
Hope Smith 2 дні тому
Sofia Barrera 😂😂😂
awkward sloth
awkward sloth 2 дні тому
I wached this during the government shut down and yea im rewaching it but anyways my sister said omg she isn't getting paid! That sucks. I had to explain that she lives in canada...
Evan Davis
Evan Davis 2 дні тому
I live in Newfoundland and here’s 2 things that happened: 1. There was a hurricane or tornado (I forget) and a bridge in my town broke so I couldn’t go to school for like 2 weeks 2. My school burnt down (I know it’s not a natural disaster, but I felt the need to say that)
PokemonCookieUnicorn 2 дні тому
je deteste parle au français. i never want to take another french class again in my life. français est trest tres tres degoutant. no offence to anyone.
stephen S
stephen S 2 дні тому
I love how they go from goofy to serious.
Twigpalm -
Twigpalm - 3 дні тому
*_gonna give you a lil slap in the dark_*
Emily Ralph
Emily Ralph 3 дні тому
Is it weird that before this video an ad came up for how to photoshop your own holographic tears on your face. Also it was FAKE HOLO!!!!! 😵😵🥵
Hope Smith
Hope Smith 2 дні тому
Mia Pacelli
Mia Pacelli 3 дні тому
the way ben said "hey girl" lmao
Namjoon ARMY Trash
Namjoon ARMY Trash 3 дні тому
Kim and Kanye, I don’t know them The true power couple Cristine and Ben
Hope Smith
Hope Smith 2 дні тому
i dont knoe
i dont knoe 3 дні тому
Wow, Cristine is getting paid for her government job? Can't relate...
Morgan16 Bussian
Morgan16 Bussian 3 дні тому
I live in Canada (saskatchewan) and we had a tornado and my sister,Mom and I were trapped in No frills
Kelly V
Kelly V 3 дні тому
Ben should have a podcast on different topics I would listen 🤭😂💙
Hope Smith
Hope Smith 2 дні тому
For sure!!!
Ash_Life Gacha
Ash_Life Gacha 4 дні тому
Chloe Michels
Chloe Michels 4 дні тому
Ew mom and dad kissed!🤢😂
kaseyk98 4 дні тому
Peep the ILNP polish 👌👌❤️
Ashley Jean
Ashley Jean 4 дні тому
And taxes is cheaper when said you’re not married!!!! It’s better wow
ItsYaGurl Mo
ItsYaGurl Mo 4 дні тому
The trash can's shadow looked like a- yeah..
PuffleFuzz Plays
PuffleFuzz Plays 4 дні тому
Ben, I can’t roll my r’s either. Don’t worry
Alexis Ł.Å.
Alexis Ł.Å. 4 дні тому
Y’all have no natural disasters but I’m over here living on the biggest vault in the world so if a earthquake happened I could die and I don’t live in California nor do I live close to the ocean or big bodies of water....
MLP Honey
MLP Honey 4 дні тому
You have a good french accent (i am french LOL)
Rowplayzgames 34
Rowplayzgames 34 4 дні тому
ElDrago 03
ElDrago 03 5 днів тому
I just wanted to say that I love your videos Cristine and your accent isn't that bad! I'm Québecoise and I'm born in a french familly, so english is actually my second language, but it's normal to have a weird accent when it's not your first language! Keep up with your great videos!
Ash Gray
Ash Gray 5 днів тому
You have a net work 1.5million dollars your lucky!!!!
Cammilla Rose
Cammilla Rose 5 днів тому
This video is so cute 😄❤
Jaxtyn Manuel
Jaxtyn Manuel 5 днів тому
Your lucky you can speak perfect French! Ive been learning for years and there was no different from where i first began
Joella Edwards
Joella Edwards 5 днів тому
15:09 is the cutest thing ever !!!!!
Winston Tracer
Winston Tracer 5 днів тому
Is it just me or was anyone else freaking out about the open bottle of acetone by the flame that FLAMIBLE and Cristine is just like it's FINE
just lexi
just lexi 5 днів тому
we stan beynstine
madison martin
madison martin 6 днів тому
OMG!! The little hand tho!!!!!!
Seventeen Carat
Seventeen Carat 6 днів тому
Cute couple 💕
TheDuck Side_
TheDuck Side_ 6 днів тому
It reminds me of Maria :( it was I believe 2 or 3 months without water and 8 months without electricity
Sunniii Me
Sunniii Me 6 днів тому
Asterio 2004
Asterio 2004 6 днів тому
I mean In Ohio, US a lot of things require being married like the hospital thing that Ben mentioned 🤷🏼‍♀️
Golden Pearl
Golden Pearl 6 днів тому
you put milk...in green tea....
Tuscani J
Tuscani J 6 днів тому
Lol uhhhhhh should that bottle of nail polish remover be that close to those candles?
myla lang
myla lang 6 днів тому
je parles le francaiq i also live in canada
The Awful Waffle
The Awful Waffle 6 днів тому
Now, this is the kind of stuff I watch when I don't wanna study
Ray Ark
Ray Ark 6 днів тому
WHY would you put vanilla in Earl Grey? Jesus Christ.
spice the pink fox
spice the pink fox 6 днів тому
I don't hate you and i'm british
Morgan Saunders
Morgan Saunders 6 днів тому
I think I know why they thought you where bisexual because of the tinder video you chose men and women no hate im bi and I am subscribed.
Sofia Mamali
Sofia Mamali 6 днів тому
If simply is holosexual ben is holo?
xXDonut kittyXx
xXDonut kittyXx 7 днів тому
Simply: the British hate me Me: but I'm britidh
Klara Barbarić
Klara Barbarić 7 днів тому
5:18 wait, who is the other human you are married to
SMoney ._.
SMoney ._. 7 днів тому
As she said she worked for the Canadian government police sirens started going off outside😆 thought that would be kinda funny
Miyu Mu
Miyu Mu 8 днів тому
11:53 11:53 11:53 11:53 1 costs 1 like
I love cats
I love cats 8 днів тому
I saw the tornado in September it was in forunt of my house but I’m fine
Diana M
Diana M 8 днів тому
I love Ben serving tea, he says what has to be said!
Lexie K.H
Lexie K.H 8 днів тому
It’s not a problem anymore
Diana Jaile
Diana Jaile 8 днів тому
I can half understand French but i can only speak like cookie monster
Diana Jaile
Diana Jaile 8 днів тому
In florida we usually have at least one or two hurricanes per year
Zuzanna Burnus
Zuzanna Burnus 8 днів тому
The deepest simply video of all time
Zuzanna Burnus
Zuzanna Burnus 8 днів тому
❤ i love that ❤
Alyssa Bustamante
Alyssa Bustamante 9 днів тому
9:18 asmr
marie jess
marie jess 9 днів тому
No power? iTs nOt a pRoBlEm aNyMoRe
Silena Moon the Fox
Silena Moon the Fox 9 днів тому
Is no one wondering how they are charging their phones? Do they have those power bank things??????????
Kaleid Stone
Kaleid Stone 10 днів тому
0:13 I thought it said, “but Menchie, and Zyler.” I was like noooooooo not the kitties! Then I realized it said Ben.
Shimmer •ASMR•
Shimmer •ASMR• 10 днів тому
When I put on captions...IT SAYS CHRISTINE! OFFENSIVE
Andrea White
Andrea White 10 днів тому
she smokes holo
That Belgian Girl
That Belgian Girl 10 днів тому
My parents also aren't married, but my dad also went on a 19 year vacation after my birth...
to be honest I don't know
to be honest I don't know 11 днів тому
Me:*skips add* Description: we are donating to this charity! Me:wait-
lisa renthlei
lisa renthlei 11 днів тому
Chai tea literally means tea tea 😂😂😂😂
Диана Кин
Диана Кин 11 днів тому
Wow cristine got real serious in this vid😂😂😵
Alyssa Lebherz
Alyssa Lebherz 11 днів тому
i hear you its ok i hear you
Katariina Hokkanen
Katariina Hokkanen 11 днів тому
9:38 there is a spelling mistake lol
peanut mango
peanut mango 11 днів тому
i luv how u just call Ben in without him knowing whats happening but he still agrees with it
Jordyn Davis
Jordyn Davis 11 днів тому
I've got only postmates ads for this. and Ben said postmates when she asked where she could get tea if they broke up.
Mira Daher
Mira Daher 11 днів тому
S G 11 днів тому
I get chai tea lattes with coconut milk!
Charlotte Philliskirk
Charlotte Philliskirk 11 днів тому
The English don’t hate you. We have your monarch
Antoinette White
Antoinette White 12 днів тому
Ben speaks facts how come he doesn’t have a channel yet?!?
Wolfie Biscuits
Wolfie Biscuits 12 днів тому
U turned the candles on 😂
Wolfie Biscuits
Wolfie Biscuits 12 днів тому
Me and my family lived in Ireland for 9 years and hurricanes where daily fucking visitors, bitch 🤣 there wasn't even anything to be afraid of except that we all had to sleep in one room for warmth and due to the power being out my dad found a way to charge his phone. At midnight it exploded because it was defected and shit and scared the crap out of all of us, those were the times lmao, I'm 12 now btw
Noor Loogman
Noor Loogman 12 днів тому
Rosemary Alubankudi
Rosemary Alubankudi 12 днів тому
I speak French too ayyyyyye
sukidan and moonlight
sukidan and moonlight 12 днів тому
Well bye in Switzerland we have too much internet and power sometimes not
Sissy 297
Sissy 297 12 днів тому
This is sooo funny 😂
Summer Deer
Summer Deer 13 днів тому
Jenna marbles called and said she wantes her identity back and i want my spelling back!
Slime City
Slime City 14 днів тому
I am glad you are ok I know this is a lot after but I hope everyone or anyone looking at this is ok
Laura Prusila
Laura Prusila 14 днів тому
8:40 Yeah, you don’t smoke cigarettes, but what else do you smoke?
Brandon B
Brandon B 15 днів тому
How did the wifi work??
Annie and Madi
Annie and Madi 13 днів тому
Brandon B data
Paralysis Sleeps
Paralysis Sleeps 15 днів тому
I think people want u to get married cuz then its harder for you to break up, if u do
Paralysis Sleeps
Paralysis Sleeps 15 днів тому
They are like a married couple but like without marriage
Isabella Baker
Isabella Baker 15 днів тому
I am so lucky the tornado 🌪 didn’t hit us I live in Canada 🇨🇦 Canada for life
eschi 15 днів тому
1:03 aww "hey, girl" thats adorable
Zoe's Odd Life
Zoe's Odd Life 15 днів тому
When Cristine speaking French I recommend you put on English captions I'm speechless
Lina Ronke
Lina Ronke 15 днів тому
No f words why simply Nailogical?????
Isabella Sitz
Isabella Sitz 15 днів тому
I love you Cristine!!!!!!
Angel Gamer2214
Angel Gamer2214 15 днів тому
I am British and I don’t hate you!🇬🇧❤️💅🏻💄🥰😂
Lily- Megan
Lily- Megan 15 днів тому
Cristine"where would I get my tea?!" Ben "postmates" *The video cuts to the next question* 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Nail Polish Remover CREAM?! *not toothpaste*
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