Painting My Nails in a Power Outage (answering the most Googled questions about me)

Simply Nailogical
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When a tornado destroys the city power grid, make a UKvid video🙃
After filming this video we decided we want to donate all the ad revenue from this video to those seriously affected by the Ottawa storm - the donation will be made to the Red Cross’ #Ottstorm tornado relief fund ❤️ Thank you guys for supporting by watching the ads!
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23 вер 2018

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Simply Nailogical
Simply Nailogical 2 місяці тому
Update! Thanks to your support in watching this video, we were able to donate $12,000 to the Canadian Red Cross' Ottawa Tornado Appeal, which will go towards helping those affected by the storm by providing shelter, relief and comfort. We also donated $3,000 to a local charity, the Ottawa Food Bank, which will go towards replacing lost food during the days-long power outage in order to provide food for those in need, including for homeless shelters, small community food banks, and school meal programs. Thank you guys so much again for your support through watching this video - it looks like many of you sat through multiple ads or at least more than normal for this one😂 so thank you again ❤️ Also life update: We got our power back at the house after a 3-day outage, had to throw out so many frozen bananas🙃 Donations made to: www.redcross.ca/about-us/red-cross-stories/2018/red-cross-responds-in-aftermath-of-ottawa-gatineau-tornadoes www.ottawafoodbank.ca/
Nooraa c:
Nooraa c: 4 дні тому
Omg you're such a good person😇.
rachie148 4 дні тому
I live in Renfrew county but my power never went out
rachie148 4 дні тому
Ya it went around where I live
Cosmic Babe
Cosmic Babe 7 днів тому
Lisha y
Lisha y 11 днів тому
Eli Morningstar
Eli Morningstar 23 хвилини тому
Yaaaasss your french is really good x3 (quebecer here x3)
LonnieLovesEverything Rabbit
LonnieLovesEverything Rabbit 5 годин тому
Q and A featuring, Beyn, Christine (aka simply),Menchie, and.....and........ZYLER???????
Tina Newton Backlund- Animator & Modeler
earthquakes, in general, are mild.
Isis Akemi Pedraza Diaz
Isis Akemi Pedraza Diaz 9 годин тому
The acetone near the candles!!
Yoongos :3
Yoongos :3 11 годин тому
I need Cristine to make a whole video in French please I’m french and I love love love your accent ;-;
Ch1sp1t4s 17 годин тому
My parents are so cute
Emily Deatherage
Emily Deatherage 22 години тому
Eral Gray tea is very popular with ciel Phantomhive on Black Butler ☕
crustycries День тому
Ben: hey girl me: *screams*
Ollie8 День тому
The only French I know is from Fall Out Boy and Hamilton
Destiny Ellison
Destiny Ellison День тому
**the power is out** Cristine: wHaT dO yA ThiNk
LadyZubat День тому
Forgive me for sounding unimpressed or unworried about the tornado that touched down whenever this video went up, I live in Oklahoma so Tornadoes are pretty common here but I am glad you guys where unhurt and save.
•guerita Paz•
•guerita Paz• День тому
When she speaks French it’s iconic
Nanosarous Love
Nanosarous Love День тому
The reason someone wanted to know if you were bisexual was because of the tinder finding a drink slave and you chose boy and girl
Chloe Zeigler
Chloe Zeigler День тому
when I looked up is simply nailogical... got married, pregnant, vegan, perfect, holosexual, Canadian, religious, and a nail technician.
Isla День тому
OMG! Ben should SOOO start his own Chanel
Mini Fish Studios
Mini Fish Studios День тому
MYKIE. Love her.
Jordan Ryan
Jordan Ryan 2 дні тому
Bad time to take a drink because the next thing I see is Cristine come up with the baby hand and say hi😂😂😂 I almost spewed koolaide everywhere. Yes I drink koolaide even though I'm an adult f*ck y'all haters👌🏼👌🏼😂😂😂😂
Jungkooks Cool Wife
Jungkooks Cool Wife 2 дні тому
Me : *has french relatives* Cristine : *speaks french* Me : *Wha-*
GG king
GG king 2 дні тому
He is a cat
Makeup God Anastasia
Makeup God Anastasia 2 дні тому
Omg great peel porn from 2:30 - 2:40
lily sings
lily sings 2 дні тому
lol my ant did not lose power
Connie Smith
Connie Smith 2 дні тому
You smoke holorettes
Vangeline Stories
Vangeline Stories 3 дні тому
_that moment when you already speak french_
samantha mae
samantha mae 3 дні тому
Why are you so freakin pretty without makeup
reese wood
reese wood 3 дні тому
i live in oklahoma this is normal 2 me lmao
prideeverystride 3 дні тому
It’s because you look like a classic case of disaster bisexual, Christine
Pingu 3 дні тому
I'm in England milk in tea normal in 2018
Rip my social life wait I never had one
Put on subtitles and go to 7:24 “frances huge pants nga athel emails your answer”
Durpy_ Meowth
Durpy_ Meowth 4 дні тому
Erika Mikus
Erika Mikus 4 дні тому
Comment s’appelle ton copain ? I no the answer but yes ❤️❤️
Erika Mikus
Erika Mikus 4 дні тому
Omg i live in Canada 🇨🇦 in Montréal and I think your accent is really good I heard worst and I speak French and I really really like your video if you can see this respond wath that want to says
Kiera Naicker
Kiera Naicker 4 дні тому
Please make a Christmas album of Ben and you singing
JolienPauline V
JolienPauline V 4 дні тому
Can you do a housetour?
ahappyplace09 4 дні тому
i hope the tea is ok lol
niekas niekeno
niekas niekeno 4 дні тому
7:45 rrrrr
The Nobody
The Nobody 4 дні тому
cristine speaking french is my new fav asmr lmao
kawaiipotato 4 дні тому
god save Starbucks!!!!!!!! otherwise ben doesn't have a job :c
Anise Ready
Anise Ready 4 дні тому
where i live we don't get natural disasters we don't have water we have mountains and no earth quakes.
Emilia Corbeil
Emilia Corbeil 4 дні тому
omg thank the nail polish gods my familys ok
Craftykids 2.0
Craftykids 2.0 4 дні тому
Ohyeah. I almost forgot about the tornado! Where I live I didn't lose power. But I was super scared.
Orla Millam
Orla Millam 4 дні тому
How could the tea spill if there was no tea
Kaylee Noel
Kaylee Noel 4 дні тому
ben should actually put a ring on it
jessica barsati
jessica barsati 5 днів тому
i love how ben goes “hey girl” low key cute
Calli-ann Fitzpatrick
Calli-ann Fitzpatrick 5 днів тому
My nails are alittle yellowish
Kendall Lockhart
Kendall Lockhart 5 днів тому
7:20 i am in l.f.i. (Late french immersion) and understood most of wut u said
Livvy Bean
Livvy Bean 5 днів тому
Luca Go
Luca Go 5 днів тому
Amène Ben en vacances et vite Cris !
Sawyer Lawton
Sawyer Lawton 5 днів тому
This is the first time I've ever heard Ben talk so much like uwu
AngelPlayzz Roblox & More
AngelPlayzz Roblox & More 5 днів тому
When Ben said hey girl it made me cringe 😤
_Alex _
_Alex _ 5 днів тому
I just about died when Ben came in and said "Hey girl"
Jenna Lee
Jenna Lee 5 днів тому
15:18 the taco sliding across the screen always makes me smile
Avery K
Avery K 6 днів тому
When is that vacation it is December😂
Emily Ingram
Emily Ingram 6 днів тому
Hey Cristine, Starbucks barista here! I know that this will probably get lost in the comments, but you should try a peach tranquility tea with some steamed milk. It tastes like peaches n cream 😋🍑
lil savage panda Schram
lil savage panda Schram 6 днів тому
she does her nails better in the dark than i do in light
Zoya Khan
Zoya Khan 6 днів тому
Can you guys adopt me 😂
Firefly 101
Firefly 101 6 днів тому
Here in South Africa we have lots of black outs....its a NIGHTMARE!!
lil savage panda Schram
lil savage panda Schram 6 днів тому
+Firefly 101 I am in gauteng ikr escom
Firefly 101
Firefly 101 6 днів тому
Were in SA? I live in the Western Cape....Escom...
lil savage panda Schram
lil savage panda Schram 6 днів тому
ikr i live in south africa too it is hell
The Zoya Factor
The Zoya Factor 7 днів тому
On 9:40 it says how much does simply nailGOCIAL instead of nailLOGICAL
Beauty queen Faithe
Beauty queen Faithe 7 днів тому
It is hilarious that I didn’t even know my neighbors before hurricane Florence like I live an a apartment with my family and during the power outage they had a big huge truck that truck drivers use and plugged up a generator to it so they were cooking bacon and eggs for breakfast and invited us over we had so much fun with them then for dinner we had ribs and a salad it was the best I kinda hate that it’s over lol
Snazzy Nightmare
Snazzy Nightmare 7 днів тому
I hear uuuuu
ashna shetty
ashna shetty 7 днів тому
man canada is so much better than america free health care no trump no natural disasters (usually but climate change lmao) and you speak french like amazing
Susan Savage
Susan Savage 8 днів тому
I watch with closed captions, please watch this with closed captions, but yea can you leave your cute words on the screen out of that space
princelyprincess 8 днів тому
I cannot believe simplynailogical and I have the same Starbucks order for both teas. Truly shook.
Shoe Lace
Shoe Lace 8 днів тому
I love you but screw statistics. I have math stats
Somalin Tea
Somalin Tea 8 днів тому
1:02 Cristine's poor face
AJ Colina
AJ Colina 8 днів тому
Did she use her iphone to film this?
Christa Shaw
Christa Shaw 8 днів тому
THAT’S WHAT YOU GET FOR LIVING IN THE SHIT-HOLE OF CANADA. (Feel free to visiting better places) (like literally everywhere else in Canada) (We still love you, we just judge you harrrrd for living in Ottawa)
sass demon66
sass demon66 9 днів тому
Its December and we still waitin on that vacay news
Guaco Taco
Guaco Taco 9 днів тому
I got a tornado alert here, I live Hanmer Ontario. You’re pretty close to me, my grandparents live in Ottawa
Reilly Trammell
Reilly Trammell 9 днів тому
I accidentally lit acetone fumes on fire one time. They only burnt right by the surface and then the acetone caught but still. That candle business was risque
Sarrowexe 9 днів тому
"Chai tea latte" MY FAV TEA 1 POINT FOR U
#singlepotatofam 4 life
#singlepotatofam 4 life 9 днів тому
She can't be a vegan because she might have milk in her tea She isn't bi she is holosexual - completely different things duhhh.
Morgan 123
Morgan 123 9 днів тому
I hear you
McKenzie Fox
McKenzie Fox 10 днів тому
Can I get some lööps brøther?
Mattie’s World
Mattie’s World 10 днів тому
mouthing “i hear u”
Anna Donwnie
Anna Donwnie 10 днів тому
Weetch? Not witch? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
slimey anniahlation decxstar
slimey anniahlation decxstar 10 днів тому
why is she wearing a sweater in a power outgae
courtney horn
courtney horn 10 днів тому
You do look like you could be a model or actor
AAAlpacaworld Happy Holidays!!!
AAAlpacaworld Happy Holidays!!! 10 днів тому
It sounded like she said a sexual dog
Lendhi Vallin
Lendhi Vallin 11 днів тому
natural disaster happens Cristine-* paints nails *
Jaxtyn Manuel
Jaxtyn Manuel 11 днів тому
Salut!! J'taime Cristine!!!
Taelynn Powlesland
Taelynn Powlesland 11 днів тому
and that is why i love canada
Malice 11 днів тому
Is all of flammable nail polish and nail polish remover next to open flames making anyone else nervous?
Shianne Marshall
Shianne Marshall 11 днів тому
Hello darkness my old friend
Aimee Harting
Aimee Harting 11 днів тому
London fog lattes are soooo good!!!
Cat broke
Cat broke 11 днів тому
15:09 😍😍
Songcolormlp Christensen
Songcolormlp Christensen 11 днів тому
Ben is so serious, so is Christine. TRUE SELF EXPOSED???
Kelly Hazelton
Kelly Hazelton 11 днів тому
I keep expecting to see the cat clock's eyes move....c😼😾
Kaitlyn Brace
Kaitlyn Brace 11 днів тому
Holo I can't hear uuuuuu
reyam alsarraf
reyam alsarraf 11 днів тому
when was the tornado
Aurora 11 днів тому
I feel you Simply Me when my computer is gone:painting nails,being still cool,trying not to kill myself,great.
Swaylynn Benson
Swaylynn Benson 12 днів тому
Meanwhile the entire state of California is aflame
Jayla Ashlynn
Jayla Ashlynn 12 днів тому
When the video starts skip back over and over again😂
Nur Pipit
Nur Pipit 12 днів тому
☁😞☁☁☁☁😞☁ ☁💧☁☁☁☁💧☁ 🌂🌂😞😞😞😞🌂🌂 🌂😞🌂🌂🌂🌂😞🌂 I feel so sad
Jordan Pratt
Jordan Pratt 12 днів тому
H Ho Hol Holo Hol Ho H
Clara M.
Clara M. 12 днів тому
I love just the open bottle of HIGHLY FLAMMABLE acetone next to all of her candles. Lol. 😂
J S 12 днів тому
Je suis habit en Texas et je parle Francais en peu.
Paytin Griffin
Paytin Griffin 12 днів тому
I Lost power too
Nia 12 днів тому
Cristine I think your job is super cool I think your super cool and I strive to have nails as beautiful, long and amazing as yours
Kaira Allen
Kaira Allen 12 днів тому
So Cristine is not only a mother to a cat AND she is married to a cat, but her wife is also HER DAUGHTER. I live in Kentucky, and that's gross even for here. Sad.
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