Parkourse Obstacle Course Edition! (Ep. 15)

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14 сер 2019





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Wowfi 16 годин тому
Paco’s laugh has me dying
Pramegh Uikey
Pramegh Uikey 2 дні тому
Anybody love Paco's laugh?
janus matthew
janus matthew 4 дні тому
Make a ? Parkourse 17
diface 5 днів тому
Will's knee buster was pretty questionable. Why hurt yourself deliberately 🤔 I'm starting to wonder if he does that all the time🙈
RUDKYH 22 5 днів тому
lady:are you guys doing parkour ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°):NO! IT'S PARKOURSE!!! (brought to you by ninja melk)
360 Kota
360 Kota 7 днів тому
When when they fall:Oof WHEN GREG FALLS:MY KNEES!
monkeypotatostuff 7 днів тому
8:15 paco’s laugh is the BEST🤣
Carrot Official
Carrot Official 7 днів тому
8:16 what kind of laugh is that Paco?
Monkey Potato
Monkey Potato 11 днів тому
Paco the Koala Man
kabinkiller 14 днів тому
I'm literally DYING watching every parkourse vids🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Zee Craft
Zee Craft 14 днів тому
Me just being ME, I'm probably going to do everything you did
inbal 14 днів тому
so I kinda have a crush on Paco... just felt like sharing
Syed Afaq
Syed Afaq 14 днів тому
Why do Paco always need a koala
Nicola Alvaro
Nicola Alvaro 14 днів тому
" *I* *wanna* *go* *home* " -Greg
Awesome E 07
Awesome E 07 15 днів тому
I just realized that Diana never does parkourse
Dave Zheng
Dave Zheng 15 днів тому
nil tho pace sounds like he's moaning at a really high pitch when he's laughing correct me if I'm wrong 8:15
Torabisu-Chan 17 днів тому
0:57 Ryan: *Explains parkourse to newcomers* Derrick: *Dies*
Torabisu-Chan 17 днів тому
1:21 You deserve that.
Chase Godwin
Chase Godwin 17 днів тому
En La Cama
En La Cama 19 днів тому
Am I the only one that’s sees Will as a skinnier chiller Hercules?
Raj Shah
Raj Shah 21 день тому
Nice to see Derek wearing Sidemen clothing
mexichicana 21 день тому
I ♥️my ninjamelk and I don’t even drink energy drinks
Monkence 22 дні тому
If greg loses his facial hair, ill be sad...
Olivia B.
Olivia B. 22 дні тому
Ryan treats paco like David treats scotty 😂
ItsEllieson50 26 днів тому
8:38 OWWWW!! 😣
Alivia Miner
Alivia Miner 28 днів тому
Love how Greg just says he wants to go home to whole time
Lil Dab
Lil Dab 28 днів тому
Damn they fell off😭
Lu Tube
Lu Tube 29 днів тому
Parkourse quote of the decade: “I wanna go home “.
LLLTrap 170
LLLTrap 170 Місяць тому
My sisters and I laughed at Greg's face when he came down the slide on the tube
Carter Klementzos
Carter Klementzos Місяць тому
Who else was just watching them sword fight in the beginning ヽ(`д´;)/
Hey I’m Anton
Hey I’m Anton Місяць тому
Paco the try hard
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda Місяць тому
“I wanna go home” -Greg
BobaTea14 H
BobaTea14 H Місяць тому
So is no one gonna talk about the finger sword fight at 0:53
RedGearFilms Місяць тому
BobaTea14 H I saw that lol
Sparrow Izumaki
Sparrow Izumaki Місяць тому
Poor greg he said i want to go home*laughs to hard*
Juan Amaral
Juan Amaral Місяць тому
I put Paco failing the koala on repeat and showed everyone I know
Norris Chuck
Norris Chuck Місяць тому
Sidemen pants????
kyanna sumner
kyanna sumner Місяць тому
i just noticed derrick is wearing sidemen merch
Syphix Місяць тому
derrick is wearing sidemen merch ,LOL
funbuttstain butthole
funbuttstain butthole Місяць тому
2:00 says slowest time gets a strike because everybody would have done it and Ryan would have had the strike lol I love this game
DonPongs Official PH
DonPongs Official PH Місяць тому
8:07 and 10:06 I can’t stop laughing at Paco’s Laugh XD
KSJAAY Місяць тому
greg at 5:46 has me actually in tears, that was too funny
ageicorns love
ageicorns love Місяць тому
where the skirt at paco??!!!!
The Andon Game
The Andon Game Місяць тому
5:46 feel bad for Greg 1 like= 1 support for Greg
Tori Lavoie
Tori Lavoie Місяць тому
Someone needs to make a compilation of Greg saying “i want to go home”
Ronin Holmes
Ronin Holmes Місяць тому
Pacos laugh is insane
MR. SWAG Місяць тому
Derrick is wearing sidemen merch
The PK Turtle
The PK Turtle Місяць тому
I hope todays kids think of storror when they say parkour, the only parkour those guys did is jumping over a fens!
LAB LLAMA Місяць тому
Is that sidemen merch on Derick’s trouser
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)the Danger Smile//Samtds
Mayly Vang
Mayly Vang Місяць тому
Pacos laugh😂😂😂😂😅😭
Rheo Місяць тому
Play 5:47 on x0.25 speed You wont regret it trust me
Sophia Pauly
Sophia Pauly Місяць тому
Will every parkourse episode: “my life flashed before my eyes” 😂
Adrenelyn Місяць тому
5:48 Greg looks like he just shit himself lmao
Lenny. Місяць тому
have you noticed that Ryan always makes his ones timed so that he won't get striked for making it too easy
Melanie Chen
Melanie Chen Місяць тому
honestly tho i feel for will. he never gets to go to the championships
Dylan Vassilio
Dylan Vassilio Місяць тому
I don’t like paco
360 DRAGON Місяць тому
Chad and by came here
Bryan Santiago
Bryan Santiago Місяць тому
Omg, if you're gonna start with an upside down Koala, jump higher!!😬 Looked like Paco broke his neck, and it gave me a flashback to when I broke mine😖😖
Jade Luu
Jade Luu Місяць тому
No words can describe how much I love the end of parkourse when they pose for the ranking thingy. I find it hilarious.
Rye Місяць тому
Will legit prayed when he jumped 10:03
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