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Nacho cheese exists in two states: the melted cheese state and the powdered cheese state*. When it comes to the powdered cheese state, all pale in comparison to Nacho Cheese Doritos, continually perfected by science and consistently beloved by the masses since 1972. Join pastry chef Claire Saffitz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she attempts to take Nacho Cheese Doritos to the next level and make them gourmet!

*The third state of nacho cheese, cheese sauce, is controversial in the nacho community and for our purposes we are disregarding it. For more reading, see the studies ‘Nachos in Nature’ (1983), ‘Dormant Doritos’ (1992), ‘The Quest for Queso’ (1999), ‘This Powdered Chip’ (2001) and ‘The Health Benefits of Nachos and the Search for Immortality’ (2007).

Check out Claire's Instagram: instagram.com/csaffitz/

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Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Doritos | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

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22 тра 2019

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Alec Klassen
Alec Klassen 8 годин тому
Gotta start with whole field corn to get that texture right. Dry masa is too fine a texture.
Cindy Wasser
Cindy Wasser 9 годин тому
Please give Claire a permanent dehydration station! I hate seeing her lug that machine all around every episode!!
Omar Abu Asad
Omar Abu Asad 15 годин тому
Gourmet Coke, like for claire to see
Elizabeth Logan
Elizabeth Logan 17 годин тому
Once you have sweet and spicy there is no going back
Chiari Warrior
Chiari Warrior 19 годин тому
Me: laying in bed in loads of pain with an awful headache and joints that hurt so bad. UKvid: BA has new video. Me: aw it's not Clair. Goes to find Clair videos and finds this. Now I'm a little happier.
AJ 23 години тому
27:50 dance while claire making break thrus :)
wholahayy День тому
Can u make gourmet gardettos? Even tho they're already gourmet.
Penny День тому
"This is your biggest challenge yet." *laughs in pop rock video*
David Geisler
David Geisler День тому
Claire why did you never try it like the factory does it? Bake them first then 1 minute in the fryer?
TheManInTheBox66 День тому
You'd think the cameraman would understand what overexposure is.
Jaq F
Jaq F 2 дні тому
can we like have a boom mic so I can hear what people who are not Claire are saying
Jackson Catlett
Jackson Catlett 2 дні тому
“I found a patent on how to make the chips!” *completely ignores what the patent says*
RedstoneGuy929 Gaming
RedstoneGuy929 Gaming 2 дні тому
oh no its el dorito
david elliott
david elliott 2 дні тому
Claire, you made the wrong flavor- Taco Flavor are the BEST Doritos!!!!
chuck sellers
chuck sellers 2 дні тому
Claire and Brad have a lot of chemistry. Sometimes it's like get a room.
chuck sellers
chuck sellers 2 дні тому
Tatum Hanny
Tatum Hanny 2 дні тому
We need some gourmet liquids up in here....;)
Athens Bailey
Athens Bailey 3 дні тому
Doritos are baked with the seasoning in the chip dough, then the same seasoning is put in the chip post fry because the powder is considered part of the experience of eating a dorito.
Stacy Byrd-Everett
Stacy Byrd-Everett 3 дні тому
I love that even BA chefs love Doritos
Duncan Urquhart
Duncan Urquhart 3 дні тому
chris tested, adam approved
Ashish Dhingra
Ashish Dhingra 3 дні тому
Hey what if Claire tries to make gourmet Coca Cola.!?
Mel B
Mel B 3 дні тому
Claire's laugh at 26:51 lol I love it
spin999 3 дні тому
I am now feeling the dread of realising I spend 46 minutes and 49 seconds watching someone try to make doritos
John R
John R 3 дні тому
I feel like I’m the only one that doesn’t like Doritos
Lan 3 дні тому
Maybe powder, and then bake in the oven, rather than vice versa.
Paula Tepasse
Paula Tepasse 3 дні тому
Does anyone else loooove the way Claire and Chris phrase their thoughts? So freaking accurate but cool and elegant at the same time, I could listen to them all day long!
Cheyenne Meepster
Cheyenne Meepster 3 дні тому
Claire looks like a good person to hug. Like some people dont look huggable. Claire looks huggable.
Alexys0706 3 дні тому
The best Doritos are the zesty cheese Doritos. Don’t @ me
Justin Davis
Justin Davis 4 дні тому
Holy overexposed as a mofo video. eyes have been burned alive.
jeffery jeffery
jeffery jeffery 4 дні тому
Clair's hair is dope
mia a.s.m.r
mia a.s.m.r 4 дні тому
My favorite flavor of Doritos is the popping jalapeño 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤 Leave your favorite in the comments
Lucy LaBrasseur
Lucy LaBrasseur 4 дні тому
Every time a magnum ice cream commercial comes on during a ba video, with its jarring music and crunching noises, I feel like that guy in the black mirror episode whose room is tv screens, and he can’t skip unless he pays every single time, which is exactly what UKvid does with their 15$ a month subscription charge.
Andrew McQuade
Andrew McQuade 5 днів тому
Dorito flavor is sprayed on to the chip and I don’t know if that moisture has anything to do with the flavor hitting you all at once as opposed to the stages that your flavor powder had.
Phoebe Meredith
Phoebe Meredith 5 днів тому
In the uk the red ones are chilli heatwave. The blue ones are cool original. The orange ones are tangy cheese x
liger zero
liger zero 5 днів тому
Do Cheeto next
Mahdi Family
Mahdi Family 5 днів тому
Now I will forever sniff my Doritos before I eat them
2_welve 5 днів тому
You having a snack while the rest of your group have an actual group study at the back 1:40
X 5 днів тому
I like chips, but tbh I'm not a huge fan of doritos, except for ranch my god... ranch doritos are amazing, not a huge fan of every other flavour, atleast the ones I've tasted, some of them taste so similar I'm australian, and my favourite is smiths salt and vinegar chips
Amber Holland
Amber Holland 5 днів тому
Romano¿? EXcuuuSE me
rsfarris86 5 днів тому
I feel like they fry them, season them, bake them, then season again.
Anthony DeJesus
Anthony DeJesus 5 днів тому
coat them as soon as they get out of the oven... its the oil that makes the coating flavors marry together
Angela Brett
Angela Brett 6 днів тому
It seems kind of weird at this point to call Claire a pastry chef. She’s an everything chef!
Scott R
Scott R 6 днів тому
I'm surprised that Claire, being a professional chef, doesn't know that 'flavor' is a combination of 'taste' (tongue) and 'smell' (nose), and that a large portion, some scientific research shows somewhere between 50-90%, of 'flavor' is actually olfactory/smell. Most people know this intuitively based on how bland things 'taste' when one has a cold/stuffy nose, or even if you just pinch your nose while eating. Chris obviously understands this, and that is why he is a legendary 'super taster'.
lovesick 6 днів тому
i ate a whole bag of doritos in one sitting even though it has gluten in it, and honestly? even though the day after i had to call in sick, it was worth every little crumb of that forbidden fruit
GAZArts 6 днів тому
Well this is a rabbit hole I never saw me following, I have zero interest in cooking and I can't stop watching these.
XmeX 6 днів тому
I can taste the dorito through the screen
Elmo Hoe
Elmo Hoe 6 днів тому
Nobody: Chris: *intensely sniffs chip*
Stircrazy1969 Gmoney
Stircrazy1969 Gmoney 6 днів тому
When did alex and claire start dating
Por Tee
Por Tee 7 днів тому
MFW Claire choose nacho cheese over cool ranch (-_-)
David McCoul
David McCoul 7 днів тому
The only thing missing was the food coloring to give it more of that artificial firey appearance. The eyes eat first!
SunHead 7 днів тому
Please do Reeses peanut butter cup..
laserspark123 7 днів тому
Omar Martinez
Omar Martinez 7 днів тому
Maza ha-rina? Oh boy lmao. The ‘h’ is silent 😂
Maggie Mae Crawley
Maggie Mae Crawley 8 днів тому
Chris is the persona I aspire to be. He’s got such a good attitude about life it seems like and he’s always uplifting everyone else in the kitchen. Why can’t I be a Chris?
Ryland Sorensen
Ryland Sorensen 8 днів тому
Why did she cut the pepper that way?
Brad 8 днів тому
what if you put them in the fridge lol
StayClassy 8 днів тому
porkjunhee 8 днів тому
26:52 the noise she makes pLEASE
Catherine De Abreu
Catherine De Abreu 8 днів тому
I want Gabby to be my guardian angel, she’s such a precious soul and y’all, we GOTTA protect her. I mean, just look at 27:50
Christopher Szymanski
Christopher Szymanski 8 днів тому
as a drummer, i love this series.
Mandi Boo
Mandi Boo 8 днів тому
Am I the only one who tastes paprika when I eat Doritos Nacho Cheese?
Ceroluthor 8 днів тому
I almost want to say, before putting them in the oven to dry you should've tried sprinkling them with seasoning or at the very least for the final few minutes in the oven sprinkle them that was the sugar in the seasoning doesn't brown and instead just helps the seasoning melt
Angel Williams
Angel Williams 9 днів тому
I'm thinking gourmet star crunch should be on her list
Chris Stavro
Chris Stavro 9 днів тому
27:48 I totally didn't hear anything they said BA: ruining Claire's favorite snack foods one at a time
Sammie Cormier
Sammie Cormier 9 днів тому
Woah woah woah the way Claire cut that bell pepper just blew my mind!!!
Bailey vlog's And more
Bailey vlog's And more 9 днів тому
Why didn't she use ramano cheese ? Itbwas the cheese on the ingredients label.
Christian Rae Reselosa
Christian Rae Reselosa 9 днів тому
i love how rhoda's just so supportive of her
Callum G
Callum G 10 днів тому
Love Gaby!!
Joe Cockerline
Joe Cockerline 10 днів тому
Rhoda is the unsung hero of Gourmet Makes, for real
Gene 10 днів тому
Maybe you should put the powder on before you put them in the oven.
Alfonso Cardoso
Alfonso Cardoso 10 днів тому
Why is everyone one in this damn kitchen so iconic??? I’m so jealous of this work environment! 😭
Dean O.
Dean O. 10 днів тому
This video is not unlike a 47 minute commercial for Frito Lay. All these video's BA produces are nothing but good publicity for the corporate brands. If I was Frito Lay I'd cut a deal with BA and Clair and call her gourmet chips Clairito's. You could sell her chips at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods. Put a picture of Clair in the upper right hand corner of the bag and they would sell... That is... If Clairito's are not priced at fifty seven dollars a bag. :-I
Howard Key
Howard Key 10 днів тому
The purple bag is easily the best flavor
Magdalena Reisenegger
Magdalena Reisenegger 11 днів тому
I'm 90% sure Doritos in Chile have different ingredients... weird (correct me if I'm wrong)
jianhong lin
jianhong lin 11 днів тому
Cheetos is the better cheese snack but nothing compares to cool ranch Doritos
Sally Face
Sally Face 11 днів тому
I’m craving Doritos now :)
Carlysins 11 днів тому
Unpopular opinion: Doritos aren’t that good, if it’s the only thing to eat or if I’m really hungry I’ll eat them but otherwise I won’t
Dennis 2
Dennis 2 11 днів тому
Is not MSG a problem (allergies) and can you remove it.
Elmir Seyfullayev
Elmir Seyfullayev 11 днів тому
27:48 this is the type of content i’ve subscribed for
Rachel Loe
Rachel Loe 11 днів тому
The description box is the best thing I have read this week.
Charles Hanson
Charles Hanson 11 днів тому
real doritoes are tumbled with oil and the flavor mix to adhere it to the chips. Also, I bet you could blend/process the flavor mix with orange coloring to get it more like the original.
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