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Nacho cheese exists in two states: the melted cheese state and the powdered cheese state*. When it comes to the powdered cheese state, all pale in comparison to Nacho Cheese Doritos, continually perfected by science and consistently beloved by the masses since 1972. Join pastry chef Claire Saffitz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she attempts to take Nacho Cheese Doritos to the next level and make them gourmet!

*The third state of nacho cheese, cheese sauce, is controversial in the nacho community and for our purposes we are disregarding it. For more reading, see the studies ‘Nachos in Nature’ (1983), ‘Dormant Doritos’ (1992), ‘The Quest for Queso’ (1999), ‘This Powdered Chip’ (2001) and ‘The Health Benefits of Nachos and the Search for Immortality’ (2007).

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Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Doritos | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

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22 тра 2019

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Vincent Годину тому
What does she say at 3:11 ? "I would get courage" ?
ShadowVipers 2 години тому
I don't care about the dough, I'll just take a no-name brand tortilla chips that I get Costco, and add the flavor powder to it.
Joshua Jackson
Joshua Jackson 3 години тому
She has grey hair but who cares she’s beautiful
India Blunt
India Blunt 3 години тому
Why was this important to do...why was this worth wasting 4 days time and all that food? It’s funny how everyone there took that so seriously and it was really just a complete waste of time. And it was gross to see her keep playing in her hair in the kitchen/over food. So gross
Lauren Blackley
Lauren Blackley 3 години тому
Sour patch kids
Lauren Blackley
Lauren Blackley 3 години тому
Please make takis
Lolo Rosales
Lolo Rosales 9 годин тому
"Test 29 Please don't screw this one up" I felt that
DecM 3
DecM 3 15 годин тому
Laura S.
Laura S. 15 годин тому
We don't have Cool Ranch in Europe, so that flavor is called "Cool American Flavor" here lol
MrSvinepelz 16 годин тому
Reupload with better audio and quality D:
MrJever180 18 годин тому
What, a product without palmoil 😮😮
Lady Cat
Lady Cat 18 годин тому
OKAY I NEED HELP HERE!!! So, I may or may not have just eaten like 2 servings of expired Doritos from February, 2018. I kind of feel nauseous and I don’t want to die sooooo, what do I do? Do I just take some medicine? Help. Please.
Bekah truby
Bekah truby 20 годин тому
Clair: this is going to be easy Video: 46 minutes long Me: oh I know this isn’t going to be easy at all
Tuva Emilie
Tuva Emilie 21 годину тому
gabby is so cute awh
Karen Becerra
Karen Becerra 21 годину тому
How bout gourmet hot cheetos
Derek Hartley
Derek Hartley 22 години тому
Who asked for these to get longer!?
sarahott 22 години тому
27:48 GABY!!!!!!!!! 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
mrjohnswim 22 години тому
In the final recap she didn't say bake them. I think exhaustion had set in.
wtfftw149 23 години тому
Claire i just want to say. You is smart you is beautiful you is important
Joise Avila
Joise Avila День тому
I think it would be interesting to see Claire make a softdrink!
mark sabourin
mark sabourin День тому
excellent video, I spent the first 15 minutes shaking my head and wondering why Claire did not raise the oil temp. Also Bon Appetit should buy a T-Fal fryer, maybe $100 on amazon- much better consistency than stovetop frying and safer for home cooks.
Kirstin Lankston
Kirstin Lankston День тому
Make heath bars!
Spaghetti День тому
i love amiel he's always so quirky and cute and AHHH :(
lolTaaa День тому
You did it! Yaaassssss!!!
noura alfalasi
noura alfalasi День тому
You should do takis!
Cynthia Valencia
Cynthia Valencia День тому
I don't even like doritos (unpopular opinion, I know lol) but this video makes me want to buy a [small] bag and taste the very descriptive words everyone used to describe these chips! Lol
Noran sallam
Noran sallam День тому
27:49 laughing really hard😂
Amiel Williams
Amiel Williams День тому
watching this made me get up and get taco bell
Amiel Williams
Amiel Williams День тому
also its scary that my name is amiel and i love taco bell and his name is amiel and he loves taco bell. also his go to is the crunchwrap and so is mine.
Awesome Person
Awesome Person День тому
If We Won
If We Won День тому
You forgot to temper the chocolate
Laurynn Lindley
Laurynn Lindley День тому
My absolute most favorite is salsa verde, soooo good!!!
You should do air heads!
Norea Holm
Norea Holm День тому
I also smell the food before i eat it, i think it helps to figure out the flavor?
MarshaEndeavor 2 дні тому
I love how scientific and dedicated they are to the process. Also you need a bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos to watch this video.
meep 2 дні тому
Claire whines a lot about her job.
Graciela Plaza
Graciela Plaza 2 дні тому
when chris said "👃" I felt that
Nightshade Kelly
Nightshade Kelly 2 дні тому
WOW I did not think the peppers would shrink that much lol
Cory Minton
Cory Minton 2 дні тому
Nightshade Kelly
Nightshade Kelly 2 дні тому
You should try making Coca-Cola next. Lol you mentioned it so its destiny XD
Nightshade Kelly
Nightshade Kelly 2 дні тому
Did y'all get a new Mic or something? The volume doesn't sound right in this video compared to the others
Magpie's Nest
Magpie's Nest 2 дні тому
I like this lady....just saying
Bailey Henderson
Bailey Henderson 2 дні тому
You should just let Frito do their job Pepsi stock is impacted by populism not more than papa murphy's with 6 other popular company stocks we got bought out so the investors of Amazon and mirosoft and costco could get the best rise of price for the believers of the companies
Turbanator 2 дні тому
A bottle to Appleton in the back. Chirs what you up to bud ;)
Morgan! 2 дні тому
Can you make ringolos? I feel the flavour is very unique and would be hard to replicate (idk tho i aint no chef)
Josh Carter
Josh Carter 2 дні тому
Make strawberry frosted donut from Dunkin
aki Yoshima
aki Yoshima 2 дні тому
I actually don't like doritos, I prefer original Lay's or Original Pringles
Nuttygirl 2 дні тому
By far my favorite Claire video yet! You did a great job, Claire! Chris- I'm a super taster too... How can I make that work for me?
Evan Berwick
Evan Berwick 2 дні тому
Have any of the editors ever looked at their scopes? Every one of these videos is overexposed at some point or another. This one get so bad that Claire's face loses detail at points. For the love of God please either fix it in post or tell your camera operators to crank the iris back a little.
Caitlin Capacete
Caitlin Capacete 2 дні тому
Caitlin Capacete
Caitlin Capacete 2 дні тому
Jimena Garcia
Jimena Garcia 2 дні тому
Achiote would have made them the right color and maybe better taste
michelle andreah sanchez lechuga
Clair can you make lucky charms pleaseeee
letshavetuesdayeveryday 2 дні тому
The thing I've learned most from this video? In the US nacho cheese Doritos are in a red bag whereas in the UK the red bags are flaming hot and cheese is orange.
AdaamKyle 3 дні тому
Are they ALL homosexuals there?
Singing Diaries
Singing Diaries 3 дні тому
You're so talented Claire, I love your videos.
Mrssea Sea
Mrssea Sea 3 дні тому
When I was young my dad bought a bag of Doritos, this was early 70s ish and all it had in it was a huge ball of dough........
Greywind92 3 дні тому
can i work here, cooking is my passion and you have like my dream workplace. you all seem so happy there
Brianna Gordy
Brianna Gordy 3 дні тому
I got triggers when he said yeah to it being the soft shell around a hard shell. No that's a GORDITA CRUNCH!
TheDuchess 3 дні тому
"Look how I'm touching it, Brad." 😂😂😂
Zombycow 3 дні тому
all you gotta do now is send them to chow so whatshername can make some consomme for that southern kick.
Placid Kitty
Placid Kitty 3 дні тому
omg I'm living for Gaby's space buns
TsubakiiHime 3 дні тому
Gaby is the real MVP of the team 😂😂😂😂
chloeacn 3 дні тому
Claire please make frosted mini wheats. Thank you for being you.
Nathan Montejo
Nathan Montejo 3 дні тому
Why didn’t you use msg
Mary Pham
Mary Pham 3 дні тому
Can you please make gummy peach rings??
Seenya B
Seenya B 3 дні тому
Please do Tater tots. Let’s have a napoleon dynamite moment.
Liana Bautista
Liana Bautista 3 дні тому
Gourmet goldfish
Travis Diller
Travis Diller 3 дні тому
Claire!! Cumin! You didn’t add “spices”!
shy f
shy f 3 дні тому
Can you make kiss chocolate
Andrew Elsenheimer
Andrew Elsenheimer 3 дні тому
You try and make taki’s!!
Zakiry 3 дні тому
Forgot American nacho cheese is red, in england red is chilli heatwave it’s quite nice tbh
Emily Victor
Emily Victor 3 дні тому
Claire, could you attempt to make gourmet sour trolli gummy worms?
Elizabeth 3 дні тому
I’m confused I thought Claire was leaving non appetite. Love her tho
p salad
p salad 3 дні тому
gourmet pop tarts but with the original sweet crackerish crust, no puff pastry bs
Alex Sanchez
Alex Sanchez 3 дні тому
Gourmet Sour Gummy Worms!!!
Eric 3 дні тому
just bake corn tortillas on low temp and sprinkle some cheese powder after
Ironidas ___
Ironidas ___ 3 дні тому
Gourmet Airheads... Good luck ("Taken" Bad Guy voice)
Peaches lmao
Peaches lmao 3 дні тому
Claire should try sour patch kids! I'm very interested in seeing how she'd be able to get the shape and all that jazz
A 3 дні тому
Didn’t quite follow the geometry lecture, and am not a huge fan of chips (duuuu...), but Doritos are fine.
Monet Haughton
Monet Haughton 3 дні тому
For season two can you make oatmeal cream pies and star crunch and nutty buddies 😋
Mackenzi VanCuren
Mackenzi VanCuren 3 дні тому
Gourmet Dippin Dotsss
Benjamin Beardon
Benjamin Beardon 3 дні тому
You should make pizza rolls next!!!!
julieann nguyen
julieann nguyen 3 дні тому
Rhoda is just the most precious bean in the test kitchen. She’s like “No it’s ok Claire we can do it together :D”
Trinity Brown
Trinity Brown 3 дні тому
Make a gourmet slim Jim
blanketshoe 3 дні тому
Spicy nacho is the best flavor
Laura Dieppa
Laura Dieppa 3 дні тому
His "say again" reaction When he's told they might have tacos later and is offered to come just was too funny. But is also my reaction TACO BELL RULES!!!!
shy f
shy f 4 дні тому
Can you make kix cereal please!!!
Rebecca Cook
Rebecca Cook 4 дні тому
I just ate a Butterfinger and then thought about how impossible it would be to make and how amazing it would be in an episode. New request!! Butterfingers!!!
yousifel1 4 дні тому
Such a hero for not completely losing your s**t at the end!
Crystal Solomon
Crystal Solomon 4 дні тому
Claire should try making pop tarts.
Nadine Taylor
Nadine Taylor 4 дні тому
you should make gourmet sour patch kids next 😋
KyouyaKawaii 4 дні тому
Everytime she says Harina i cringe a bit lmao H is silent in spanish. Not trying to be mean here im just laughing cuz it sounds so weird in her accent xD
Jazmine Dillon
Jazmine Dillon 4 дні тому
brad- *says something* claire- 🤔 brad-😁 claire-🤨 brad-😁 claire-😑 brad-😁 claire- “no”
anxiety incarnate
anxiety incarnate День тому
Chris: maybe if you temp- Claire: *I Literally Would Sooner Agree With Brad Than Do That*
darkypiemotica 4 дні тому
Please, pleaaase make Takis Fuego, it would be so hard but so very interesting
greta s
greta s 4 дні тому
Can you please make a gourmet kinder bueno, it is my favorite candy a eat it almost every day and a would love to eat it gourmet Like if you agre
Reut Hershkovitz
Reut Hershkovitz 4 дні тому
Krissia Emberga
Krissia Emberga 4 дні тому
Toblerones please!!!! Claire needs a challenge!!
Lolly C.
Lolly C. 4 дні тому
Do hot cheetos
nae nae baby
nae nae baby 4 дні тому
I genuinely can pin point her age
mdispenz716 4 дні тому
Can you please do nestle aero chocolate bars🙏
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